Papoose Disses Big Sean On "First Chain (Remix)"

Papoose questions Big Sean's credibility, says "Hall Of Fame" was "trash" on "First Chain (Remix)."

Brooklyn rapper Papoose may have called out fellow emcee Big Sean briefly on his Kendrick Lamar-centered “Control” response, but on the newly-released “First Chain (Remix)” he takes heavy aim at the G.O.O.D. Music spitter.

On “First Chain (Remix),” Papoose immediately makes his intentions know as he proclaims “Big Sean album is trash” at the start of the four-minute long, diss track. From there The Nacirema Dream creator rattles down a laundry list of gripes he has with the “Control” rapper.

Papoose seemed less than pleased with Big Sean’s numerous mentions of the late Notorious B.I.G. on “Control” and made that much clear on “First Chain (Remix)” as he rapped, “Using Biggie name, who gave you permission/You look like Ralph Tresvant from New Edition.” The Bed-Stuy emcee then went on to state, “Every time they play ‘Control’ they skip yo verse/Little bitch, how much change you got in yo purse?”

Although Big Sean is clearly the intended target on “First Chain (Remix),” Papoose does go on to mention a handful of other artists as he questions why Big Sean’s album was released before Pusha T’s and comments on Pusha possibly selling the Hall Of Fame rapper crack.

“How the fuck they put ya album out before Pusha T/I figured out why you so skinny then I got over it/Pusha must be selling the crack and you smoking it,” Papoose spits.

Papoose later questions why Big Sean would have the “audacity” to say he’s better than Drake and also comment on out rapping Jay Z. He later reveals that his popular single, “Dance (A$$),” was only hot thanks to an appearance from Young Money rapstress Nicki Minaj.

“Got the audacity to say you better than Drake and out rap Jay Z/What a level of hate/Those artists made you hot go ahead and give grace/Worst ‘Clique' verse they should spit that in ya face/Ya biggest record was called 'A-S-S,' Nicki Minaj made it hot,” Papoose raps. “I heard you ‘Ye yes man who get paid less checks.”

The release of “First Chain (Remix)” comes just weeks after Papoose released his “Control” response, a lyrical retort Kendrick Lamar found “comical.”

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  • papoose fan

    yo dont get it twisted!make no mistake ama fan, its thuga to the death of me but pap is loosing his respect with these commercial rappers/fat joe,we his fan,made an exception*it was personal* and now all these random beeefs are cramping his style...dude shud slaughter big,well respected rappers..e.g canibus,i mean he already dead ask dizaster..all pap gota do is have a diss track on that and nation of thuggacation will be back,back no respect on wayne and jiggers...u feel me????

  • papoose fan

    pap shud stop picking on small fishes....we know he can do better then that so must man up and face underdogs on smack DVD/U.R.L/KING OF THE DOTS then ill respect him again..THIS aint fair bigsaun is really a lil saun with minimal lyricksism and pap wants to get shine on that?thats just cony

  • papoose fan

    come to think of it,canibus dissed him on that captain cold crush song....where he says wheres was pap when i was giving bigpunisher dap..e.t.c,i was waiting for a response but nope,he rather go for kindric lemamar...thats bad pap..leave em jayz's alone and go back to being underground king and pick on people yo level

  • papoose fan

    i think paps is spazzing on feather waights,phat joe,kendric lammar and now big saun,pap should try people on his level*any1 from the slaughter house*croocket eye....or better yet got to U.R.L and take on arsonal since he likes battling so much

  • Anonymous

    bodied the lil bitch

  • killah_casp

    man yet again papoose continues to prove hip hop is alive defo one off the best anyone who don't agree can suck a dick. pap is doing all the shit ive been begging a rapper to do fuck big sean ive always thought he was wack and he destroyed kendrick on control i listen to control i was like what they going crazy over this? then pap stepped up and proved he 100X better than kendrick. this is dope 5/5

  • The realest

    Lol he said you cross your legs when you sit. But i aint hating though. Papoose is broke and Big Sean act like a woman. Keep it trill.

  • MyOwnTwist

    Idk bout you cats, but I just legit became a papoose fan, he got bars and took his time on this. Check out Mistah F.A.B. when you get a chance also.

  • Anonymous

    He needs to do a Lil Wayne and Drake diss! that could be great and it would get even more attention than a Big Sean diss!

    • killah_casp

      that ignorant ass motherfucka wayne needs a reality check i wish a real MC would get at him pap should off when wayne said he didn't like new york.... but for some reason no rappers get at wayne i hate wayne i wan't to knock his ignorant ass out i hate him so much. papoose please diss wayne.

  • Finally

    Finally Pap taking the time to roast these lame ass rappers. Honestly he needs to flip the whole game upside down and expose all these clowns

  • Anonymous

    someone's desperate...

  • Anonymous

    pap i feel ur spit on this shit my niggar

  • FlyQ the Anchor

    Is Papoose just going to try and pretend his album that took a decade to release didn't suck gigantic whale dick? Why do we give press time to clowns like this? K if you got a minute I'm gonna plug my music. I spit about whatever and this is a track with my homie Flatl1ne peep it!

  • xx004

  • Anonymous

    You can say he missed his opportunity since Alphabetical slaughter, you can say he flopped, you can say he's bitter, but you can't say he can't spit or that any of his decisions discredit anything he says on his records. You can only attack Pap with deflection techniques but not on the topics or with better bars.

  • crazy chain saws leather facesss

    hey bitchen theirs chain saws out the bitchen.too the bitcher

    • insane hammers and cheese slicers

      Awwwwwwwwww fuck yes! I like it when juicy ass cheeks slap together and then apart again to reveal ass lips that used to be something entirely different.

  • Anonymous

    The dude Pap can spit! dickriders need to stop watchin the charts and stop being brainwashed!!!

  • Anonymous

    FINALLY!!!! This dude Pap just read my mind....

  • SP 1070

    Papp aint shit, his opportunity passed years ago. The hottest shit he spit was the "Alphabetic Slaughter". He was hyped up for a let down.

  • Hip Hop 2013

    do people really care about diss tracks

  • Eastcomments

    Papoose is a beast,...super lyrical,... A diss track now and then is good for computition!!.. Some rappers and hip hop fans need to wake up,period..this is hardcore hip hop!!!. Lets see what Big Sean got to say!!!....he aint got bars like that!!!

  • gwap

    this wasn't anything special but it really doesn't matter because Papp is just trying to eat off other niggas... Papp aint in the power circle thats why he wasnt named in the control verse, simple because he is irrelevant and to the rest of hip-hop/rap besides a couple NY dudes he will always just be irrelevant. So the best response Big Sean can come back with is, Who? because thats right Who the fuk is this dude. fyi he is a better artist than big sean but it doesnt matter he is irrelevant doesnt have the fan base

    • rahrahrah

      Learn a new word. "Relevant". It's about talent and hard work. He has both. He's not the best song maker for whatever reason. He's not perfect. Big Sean makes bigger songs without a doubt, so does Wiz Khalifa..but is that all it's about?

  • thanks you papoose

    this wasnt the greatest diss track he's written, but its 10x better than anything sean can write, plus its good finally seein someone put this arrogant fuck in his place.

  • Anonymous

    yall motherfuckers aint hip hop. first it was all about diss tracks. then you scream its all wwe and just for attention. then Kendrick disses a bunch of wack rappers and new York and yall are like YAAYYY finally some "hip hop". so real mcs from new York speak out and destroy Kendrick and all these wack mainstream "rappers" and you still sit there and say it's for attention. go listen to beibler and Hannah Montana. hip hop is for grown folks lil bitches. papoose is a battle rapper/MC and he just fucked up Kendrick and lil sean and you jealous it seems to me that only interscope "artists" are allowed to diss people and cause controversy like they patent that shit or something Eminem talks about fags its awesome 50 cent gets shot and disses everyone, amazing dr dre disses people YAYYYY Kendrick talks shit about nyc and its art or some shit. fuck all them

  • Anonymous

    Ok at first I thought he really took offense to Kedricks line but now its pretty obvious it for attention. And he supposed to be so lyrical then why was he afraid to get on tracks with Canibus?

    • Racquel

      To be fair Big Sean dissed him this week when he was on the Breakfast Club. They asked him about Papoose and he said "who?"

  • benben

    ... Okay I got nothing to say... It was one thing when he was dissing Kendrick Lamar, but Have to give it up he was on point...

  • mom

    im glad papoose is dissing these wannabes

  • Anonymous

    "trust me he far from broke" Financial numbers needed.

  • Anonymous

    "that was an indie album he doesnt gotta pay back no advance money if he flops" He'll make next to nothing from it though.

  • Anonymous

    PAPOOSE - KING OF UNDERDOGS (DISSING MYSELF) MIXTAPE **************************************************** 01. Ayyo It's DJ Kay Slay (Intro) (Produced by ???) [Slay shouting for 3 minutes over silence] 02. Trapped In The 90's [Unpaid Nas Samples = can't perform nor sell it] (Produced by Tie Stick) 03. 1.5 Million Dollar Scheme (Produced by You-Only-Received-Advance Beatz) [a/k/a "skill can't be measured in money, but I'm not broke DAMMIT!!!" anthem] 04. Fall Off (ft. G-Unit) [50 interview intro + drunk Banks freestyle done in 45 seconds + Tony Yayo autotune hook] (Paid by DJ Kay Slay) 05. Song I Made In O-Eight (Ft. Jim Jones, Paul Wall & Grafh) (Prod. by Certifyd) 06. Brooklyn Pride (Prod. by DJ Green Lantern) [punchline collection as verses w/ repeating BK on the hook] 07. Alphabetical Slaughter (0-9 & Special Characters) (Prod. by Stay Gettin' for the third time) 08. Bunch of Unknown Ni**az (Ft. Thug-A-Cation) (Prod. by that dude Craig from KFC) 09. Streetsweepers Entertainment (Prod by DJ Kay Slay) [Papoose freestyle on toilet w/ Slay interruptions) 10. I'm Going In (Two-thousand An' Six) (Ft. Remy Ma) (Prod. by Remy's 14-yo cousin for a milkshake) 11. King of the Underdogs (Dissing [insert every name who's hot]) [actual "yo son, you killin em" song] (Prod. by GQ Beats) 12. Washing Machine Sound (Ft. Ron Browz) (Prod. by Fruit Loops built-in demo) [single for the radio, LOL] 13. 26 to Life / Mixtape God (Produced by E-Dubb) [hidden verse from Law Library Pt. 9 because everybody would skip as soon as the title pops up] 14. My Whole Career (Outro) [2 second lenght sound of flushing the toilet, cut from track 08.] ... and the bottom line is that I love Pap's music, but can't stand this attention whoring.

  • Anonymous

    I think this song sucks

  • Anonymous

    damn Papoose trying to stay relevant

  • blkmoves

    Not a fan of Pap, but he killed that.

  • Anonymous

    Talking about feminization in rap. Remy Ma is way butch than his skinny ass. I bet she carried his buck 50 ass to the alter.

  • xx009

  • xx009

  • xx009

  • bigseanGOTSHITON

    Papoose, you're the realest man. Thank you for taking out this wack ass rapper with your real ass rhymes. All the old heads with undeniable skill should be doing this. Letting Big Ghost Face take the lead with album reviews, all the honest criticism should be rhymed. Get Trinidad James, Lil B, and Tyga next.

  • chillthrillz

    i read the comments before i listened,,,uuuum!! the god pap,,,,,just pulled son son motherfuckin file,,,, niggas can hate and talk that irrelevant shit all they want,,pap is checkin niggas left and right,, see fuc boi rap fans,,just dont get it,, for niggas like pap it aint about bread he got bread,,probably more than most of us,,,,if you like rap as a sport then this should be right up your alley,,,but if you just fucking with niggas cause they get some radio spins and a video,,then more power to you,,,cause this rap shit is deeper than that and always will be peace to the gods and earths

  • Josephine R. Wilson

    my stepmum just purchased an awesome year old Mercedes SLK-Class Convertible only from working part time off a laptop... helpful site... YES the drug dealer turned rapper is over with!!!!!!! THIS is the dawn of a new age : THE GAY, DRUG ADDICT TURNED RAPPER IS UPON US! THANKS WAYNE! HIP HOP IS DEAD!

  • Anonymous

    LOL! He's wearing a trashy ass cap in that pic stating iTunes.

  • me

    one thing pap said that was real was about the feminization in rap and entertainment as a whole. No masculine figures are celebrated anymore.

    • Anonymous

      And you just one above classic evidence!

    • Anonymous

      But that's a stupid statement because you could be the toughest, baddest, man's man there is in hip hop, but if nobody buys your shit then there has to be an alternative. People don't like the hard shit anymore. It's played out, especially on the radio, so Pap Smear can cry all he wants to about Drake, Kendrick and others getting that money, but at some point it's a reflection of how much Papoose sucks as evidenced by the fact he fucked his career over years ago.

    • FOH!

      ^Fag, fags, another fag.......

    • anonymous

      jay-z, black hippy, eminem.

  • Anonymous

    LOL! Big Sean laughing his way to the bank. Touring the world, places that paps probably only sees on Kay Slays tv.

  • anonymous

    Papoose and Hopsin should get married since they have so much in common

  • me

    if you gone make a diss record make it fresh. best line was the ralph tresvant line. everybody know you got the tats on your fingers...nobody cares. If big sean comes back on this wack diss, it will b easy to say he wins. This Diss aint strong enough. look at Cassidy, Lupe, Joe Budden and Joelle Ortiz latest, these are quality diss records.

  • Smh

    Pap is crazy if he thinks this is making himsef look good. He's really embarrassing himself. Man make some fucking music and stop worrying about everyone else you look like damn hater.

    • Anonymous

      On the flip side, that's all he's good for. Lyrically he has always been nice (even if his latest songs, including this are nowhere near his A-game), but he should get his shit together. He's never going to be a successful industry artist, maybe he never wanted to be. You don't respect those who "sold their soul", okay, we get it. But what's more ... ? Why insulting somebody who made it there? Just like we know what Papoose is good for, we know that for Big Sean as well. Stay underground and make so-called real hip-hop to that few thousand people worldwide who's willing to buy your shit. Meanwhile Big Sean will drop lightweight verses over God-knows-what genre beats, feature on A-list artists songs, performing at sold out arenas and getting money like it's no tomorrow. He's built for this, and Papoose built for that. So unless it's a cheap promotion to get hype, Pap really should concentrate building himself up instead of trying to destroy others.

  • buuda

    "on your album cover u look like u taking a shit" get em pap!!!

    • Big Sean

      I'm little yall but I call myself big! I always sound like a female and think I'm way hotter than I actually as shown with my recent album sales, or lack thereof!

  • Anonymous

    imo Pap sees y'all don't give a fvck about him, why should he cater to y'all? if you like his raps, listen, if not, keep it pushing. But don't contradict yourself and diss Pap when many of you have been saying Sean's new album is wack, Eminem shouldn't collaborate with him, he flopped, he ain't top anything rapper, and out of all of the thousands of comments I read for the "Control" song, I never saw anyone say Sean killed it. Papoose is saying the same thing you have been saying. Going against it shows the weirdo in you. Bottom line.

  • Its loaded

    This shit is crack Papoose slapped this fuck-nigga sean

  • sxxx4

  • sxxx4

  • Anonymous

    I dunno why Paps is clowning big sean about sitting with his legs crossed, but yet here is paps sitting with HIS damn legs crossed:

  • Flow Joe

    You all just a bunch of ignorant sour asses in this site, Big Sean wants to act like a big pussy saying he don't know papoose in the interview ya'll want Papoose to stay quiet and don't diss this soft ass rapper, big Sean has no punch lines, no quotables, haven't had a hot song by himself ever, all his songs are big features that got him out there, Papoose just stated facts and expose him, Big Sean is garbage


    Its time for a change for years the Ja rule comments were flooding this site but that has changed now. At one point it was funny but now it got old and people automatically just disregard comments about ja rule. It has gotten to the point where its so repetitive that even hhdx moderators delete the comment. THE JA RULE ARMY IS FINISHED JA RULE HAS BEEN IRRELEVENT. Its time for a new beggining its time for the GUCCI MANE ARMY TO RISE AND ASSEMBLE. From now on i expect comments to be about BIG GUWOP GUCCI MANE. Because GUCCI MANE is the realest nigga and he deserves respect for being the ONLY nigga saving gangster rap and being a real nigga in the rap game. GUCCI MANE ARMY ASSEMBLE!!!!!!

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Papoose taking on the industry. Too bad he's BB (broke & bitter).

  • Gucci The Realest

    Gucci Mane = realest rapper ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - T.I. snitch to the feds - Young Jeezy was never bmf - 50 Cent snitch and was never in jail but a youthcamp - Game was never a banger but lived the life of his brother in his lyrics - Nas Escobar never sold drugs - Ice Cube never was a gangbanger - Dr Dre never was a gangbanger - 2pac was a ballerina and never sold drugs after he become famous he was doing some stupid stuff like beating and shooting at people because he though he could get away with it. Without Suge Knight 2pac was just a skinny motherfucker. Oh and i like his music so fuck you. - Mobb deep are the biggiest pussies in rap they are short as midgets and keep talking this g shit but never did g shit.

    • Juzt

      Hey moron, Idk how you are trying to juggle looking smart while looking like a ignorant idiot but you have not managed to pull it off. The only thing that you have proven in that comment is that you are ignorant and have horrible taste in music, if tattooing a ice cream cone on your face is "real," then my god help your retarded soul. Ti snitch to the feds? for one i can't stand TI but believing every rumor about you hear about on the net makes you look stupid AF. Stating stuff you never had or ever will have proof of makes you look like a cawk riding idiot. Were you there when Nas, Game, Cube or Pac was on the streets doing there thing? No? then how do you know whats true or not? For another thing Pac admitted himself many times himself that he was in a school for better learning which involved improve, dance, acting, singing classes, ect... Pac did sell drugs, but once again he admitted himself,that he was not a good drug dealer so he quit and the drug dealers became like his "sponsors" and helped him with whatever he needed because they seen he was REAL and was capable of better. Further more 2pac was already way famous before Suge came along. Me Against The World was topping top 100 billboard chart for weeks at a time while Pac was in prison, and yes that was before suge signed him. Not to mention he was in MOVIES that also helped with his fame. So you saying 2pac wasn't shit before suge just shows your lack of hip hop knowledge and means you need to sit your young ass down ( you are probably 16 years old or something) some where and learn something. And no, FUCK YOU, take the TUPAC off your playlist because you do not know shit about him or REAL music....fucking kids these days.

  • Anonymous

    Not too surprised that Paps is always rhyming about men in skirts, pulling skirts up etc. I mean, he is married to Remy Ma

  • president

    i wish i could just tell this nigga to just drop more albums,tapes,collabs,tours n get better production n stop dissin niggaz who dont give a fuck for attention.

    • Anonymous

      @2nd Anon Yeah, the 90s or even early to mid 2000s and he would've had the rap game in a cobra clutch. He probably could do so still, if he got a solid team behind him.

    • Anonymous

      Cosign. It's easy to be clever after all these years, but the truth is 2k5-2k6 would have been the perfect time to drop his album. (On the side not, the middle of the 90's would have been the best, but that's out of the question.) With a Gold (or with a decent radio single, Platinum) album under his belt he'd be in a better position now.

    • Anonymous

      That's what I'm saying!!!!! I'm like, I waited 7 years for your album, and that shit was maybe average at best. Paps should have been legendary status by now. But Kay Slay pimps that ass and is like "fuck that, you only doing Kay Slap mixtapes exclusively my gecko!"

  • Anonymous

    fuck what yall talking about pap went in fack status yall know big sean is wack and you know pap been rappin since alphabetical slaughter hell im from the deep south and know this much that was around 1996 when i first heard him and he has been a beast ever since. big sean maybe on good music and has an adidas shoe but that dont hake up for bars what pap say? ol ralph tresvant face ass nigga lol

  • WTF

    who cares both of them are Overrated and whatever.

  • BIG

    Keep exposing these hip hop pussy's. Papoose a real true hip hop artist, no watered down mainstream shit. Maybe Big sean should put out a diss record on Pap so we can watch this little feminine nigga get bodied lyricly

  • jjj

    New hip hop fans are such retarded little dick heads. Anytime a rapper disses a bigger rapper its dismissed as "desperate", even if the diss is truthful and sick! Thats hip hop! Hip hop is going for yours against someone bigger. Thats it! Thats beef too! Thats the essence of beef! God damn you guys are daft. No shit its desperate. No shit hes trying to get fans. No shit hes trying to get publicity by checking someone hot. Get with the program. Its called HIP HOP.

    • openurmind just got shit confused. Pap is irrelevant as fuck now he had his chance. no "new" niggaz sleepin.ur just missed that train dog

  • Big Sean

    But I work from 10 2 10!

  • cpg718

    didnt even press play, this dude corny!

  • Anonymous

    Let a man be a man, a woman be a woman; fuck outta here with that emo-gender confused shit. Good to see black folks speakings against all that fuckery. Get 'em Pap.

  • rahrahrah

    Breakfast club asked Big Sean what he thought of Papoose's remix of Control. Big Sean said "Pap..who?", and then he said it again later on in the interview. Basically saying I don't know who Papoose is. This was Papoose's response. Hip-hop. Not my cup of tea, but damned if what he says doesn't have the ring of truth?

  • Anonymous

    papoose it was iight but u lookin thirsty jus make good songs

  • Anonymous

    it was aight, papoose is overrated

  • Cole

    Dude just coming off desperate.

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