The Notorious B.I.G. Fans Petition To Rename Brooklyn Intersection After Rapper

Fans hope to have a street renamed Christopher Wallace way.

The Notorious B.I.G. clearly remains a much-loved fixture in his native Brooklyn, New York, as a fan of the late rapper has started a petition to have the intersection of St. James Place and Fulton Street to be co-named Christopher Wallace Way. has provided the contents of the petition, which is available to sign on

"Christopher Wallace 'Notorious B.I.G., Biggie Smalls, Big Poppa' is a native of Brooklyn, NY, and his success through his artistic and creative lyrical wordsmith in music has influenced people around the world," explains the petition. "This is a petition to honor Christopher Wallace with the co-naming of the corner of this childhood home at St James Place and Fulton Street in Brooklyn, NY to Christopher Wallace Way."

The request extols the Notorious B.I.G.'s virtues, and addresses the impact he had on music. "Artistically during Christopher Wallace time in music he was considered the best at his craft, so much so, he was given the highest esteem by the leading Hip Hop magazine, The Source, as King of New York."

The petition also addressed some of the themes Biggie covered in his music. "Coming from modest beginning the story of Christopher Wallace tells the story of a boy to a man accomplishing greatness, using words as his tools. The story Christopher Wallace continues to have a resounding influence on new generations although he passed away in 1997.

"Please take the time to sign the petition for Christopher Wallace Way, and ask others to sign the petition also. Thank you for your time and consideration."

"Spread Love It’s The Brooklyn Way," adds McCarthy at the end of the petition.

On March 9, 1997, Biggie was fatally shot by an unknown individual or individuals in Los Angeles, California, mere months after Tupac Shakur, with whom B.I.G. was embroiled in a high-profile beef, had been similarly shot and killed.

Below is video footage of Biggie's funeral procession, another illustration of Brooklyn's love for Big Poppa:

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  • jim jim

    give it to him he earned it he made money on that blcok both ways

  • Ricky Rozay

    Piggie was just a ross wannabe. Rick Ross haters are by far the worst They like to bring up the fact that hes fat (which means nothing), and the fact that he was a CO when he was NINETEEN while conveniently overlooking the fact that he blew up in 06 (when he was 30), so while they like to say he is the fakest rapper ever, and he never sold dope, they themselves have to no proof for that claim. Really? You were alongside him for 11 years, and you know for a FACT that he didnt slang? Doubt that, specially when real niggaz from Miami vouch for him. Theres so many real niggaz that have vouched for Ross over the years, outside the rap game Not to mention, Ross is from Carol City, the meanest part of Miami. He ran with the Boobie Boys (the gang that ran Miamis drug scene) and Ross was KENNETH BOOBIE WILLIAMS' FUCKING PROTEGE for godsakes Also, Meek is BY FAR the realest nigga in rap (this is not up for a debate). Do you think hed not only work with Ross, but be Ross' right hand man if he thought for one second Ross was a fake? Also, Chief Keef is a real nigga (how long is his rap sheet, specially for a 17 y/o), and hes worked with Ross. Bawse!!

  • Dorothy D. Tidwell

    my neighbor's step-mother makes $69 hourly on the laptop. She has been out of work for 6 months but last month her pay was $19099 just working on the laptop for a few hours. this article... Caressing Pac's back? Wtf? Are you didn't confuse that with the picture of Birdman and Lil Wayne giving each other mouth-to-mouth resuscitation?

  • Anonymous

    big pun didnt get it wonder if big will

  • Anonymous

    the notorious big much love in hell with your black timbs and black hudies we miss you boy

  • Richard

    Rest in peace to one of the Best that ever did it. Only Nas, Jay, Pac, Rakim,Scarface, Ice cube, G-rap,O.C, Krs are in Biggie's League. Anybody not on that list is just not up to scratch yet in terms of laurels. Now begin the Hating.

  • Anonymous

    what a bullshit dude only released two fuckin albums and they want to rename a street after him ?!! this is exactly why america is so fucked up. cause it is full of morons and idiots

  • 2pacfan

    Look forward to Youclaimtobeaplayabutifuckedyourwife Boulevard.

  • RapFAn

    They have to honor him in some way in that city. he means so much to a shit ton of people to just be swept under the rug.... and here's my debut tape if anyone is looking for new quality music

  • Nuff said...

    That would be dope if it happened!

  • g dep

    I hope they name the street after biggie. Just the backlash of this is that alot of the big pop star rap artist are going to be on twitter crying why they don't have a street named after them. They're probably going to pay whatever magazine off to say theyre the king of what ever city they from and mess up the specialness of getting a street named after you.

  • 2pacfan

    Fuck Biggie. It's all about Makavelistan.

  • dentaldamboy

    I visited obama this weekend and he said that he is in negotiations with Wayne to rename United States into Martian Land.

  • Anonymous

    oh hell no!!!! they gotta name it after the real king of NY Kendrick Lamar how about Kendrick Lamar Way

  • Doubl Negative

    Seeing as whites have kicked all the indigenous tenants out of BK neighbourhoods, I can't see this coming to fruition.

  • young 0 chow

    found out nasa and area 51 blew up the buildings on 9/11

  • Anonymous

    I hope they do this. Fitting way to honour a legend. Shawn Carter Way will or should probably happen at some point as well.

  • georgel

    Biggie was good im not denying that but he is overhyped because he died lets be honest. He dies before his second album was released. He didnt have enough material to be a legend. If he lived till today hed probably had died from heart attack or diabetes or some shit like that and probably would have done shitty songs with lil wayne and others like that. Money changes people and he never had long enough of a career to fall off and thats the only reason people say hes a legend. I think Big L was better than biggie at least to me. he just didnt get a chance to blow up. At least 2pac had enough material. The sad thing about hip hop and its fans are at one point everyone can love u but you get older and fans turn to haters sometimes and it only happens in hip hop this often. In rock people that loved the rolling stones usually still are fans. Anyway im not putting down biggie i liked him i just think he gets overhyped because he died and things would have been different if he lived past 40 most likely. Guess in hip hop your better off dying young cause eventually fans will hate you or think you sold out

    • Anonymous

      You forgot The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show.

    • Anonymous

      @WORD!!!! Life after death is the highest selling hip hop album in America alongside Speakerboxxx/The Love below and mc hammer's album. No disrespect to outkast or mc hammer just was talking about biggies album and where it ranked. But yes those are the three biggest selling. I think one of em's albums might be up there aswell now. Anyway the point is biggie is a legend and is considered by many to be the greatest and considered by many to be one of the greats. Eitherway he's up there. He made 5 albums worth of material and had the biggest impact on the game in the mid 90s. Especially from a east coast point of view.

    • WORD!!!

      @Anonymous^, "highest selling hip hop album of all time"???? What about Speakerboxxx/The Love Below? You Crazy!

    • tha OG

      You a bitch ass nigga!!!!

    • ^HOLD UP

      Well, as I said, Biggie is insanely dope, and was an incredible hip hop artist, however, saying he is the best is ridiculous when the Rakim's and KRS-One's of the world exist, Biggie definitely has his spot up there, but his death might have blown our beliefs about his considerable skills on the mic and with the pen out of proportion, he still has his rightful place near the top of the list, but to say he is the greatest because others have said so is fallacy when they seem to have been paying respect more than anything else. Overall, Biggie is great, no disputing that, but how great is debatable, and if I had to say so, I would say Rakim is the greatest emcee, as both an innovator and in terms of technical school. Again, taking nothing away from Biggie, but Rakim was one of the innovators that helped hip hop grow.

    • Anonymous

      What you don't realise is that biggie was the biggest rapper in America before he died. He was number 1. And when he died he became even bigger. His album became the highest selling hip hop album of all time. Eventually going diamond. So when you say he was overhyped you have to question that logic? He had the biggest impact on the game at the time alongside snoop. There was never anyone from the eastcoast as big or as popular or as respected as biggie. And most rappers would say he is the king of New York. Most rappers producers would say he's the best. The pete rocks, ghostface, raekwon, meth, jadakiss, pusha t, Lloyd banks, big daddy Kane, Nas etc have all at one point said biggie is the greatest. This is not just fans saying it.

  • georgel

    How about Diabetes Lane Asthamtic Road Cant Breath Street Fat Body Circle Cant See my penis blvd

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