Jay-Z recently spoke about Watch the Throne II, his relationship with Kanye West and life as a father. The Brooklyn, New York rapper/mogul also talked about how Hip Hop has helped race relations and described his final conversation with The Notorious B.I.G. in an interview with Los Angeles radio station Power 106

Watch the Throne II has been discussed, according to Jay-Z.  

“We definitely spoke about it,” Jay said of the Watch the Throne sequel. “We don’t have any dates lined out for it but we definitely talked about dropping solo albums and then going back to doing Watch the Throne II. So, we’ll see what happens.”  

Jay-Z Says Kanye West Is A Really Passionate Person 

Kanye West’s passion has remained the same since the day they met, according to Jay.

“We always have discussions, but the thing about him is he’s the same person he was when I met him,” Jay said. “He’s just really passionate about the things that he – sounding redundant – the things he cares about. He’s a really passionate person.”   

Jay was also asked about West’s lyrics regarding Kris Humphries on “Cold.” The song says, “Lucky I ain’t had Jay drop him from the team,” referring to Humphries. The line stemmed from Humphries’ former marriage to Kim Kardashian. At the time, Jay was a minority owner of the Brooklyn Nets, which Humphries played for. Jay said he was not worried about what Kanye said in raps. 

“Actually, on my birthday, we were on tour and he freestyled in the room,” Jay said of the West line. “He said the rap in the room and everybody was like, ‘That’s a great line.’ People have to understand that it’s entertainment as well. It’s Rap music and sometimes it rubs you the wrong way, but it’s Rap music and it’s fun.” 

Jay-Z Says Someone Called Him Regarding J. Cole’s Lyrics 

When host Big Boy said that Jay can’t be held responsible for what Kanye West says, Jay-Z said that Kanye is a grown man. Jay also added that someone has called him regarding J. Cole’s lyrics.  

“Above and beyond all that, he’s a grown man,” Jay said. “Someone called me about some J. Cole lyrics. I’m like, ‘What you want me to do? That guy’s a grown man. Ask him when you see him.'” 

Jay-Z did not say who called him about J. Cole’s lyrics. 

Jay-Z Says Hip Hop Has Helped Race Relations Around The World 

Jay-Z also said the power of Hip Hop has helped race relations. 

“It’s the power of Hip Hop,” he said. “It’s like that all around the world. It’s the same sort of thing. Hip Hop has done so much for racial relations. It doesn’t get the proper credit. It’s always demonized and people point out all the bad things about it but no one talks about how Hip Hop has brought all different races of people together.” 

Jay-Z On Blue Ivy Carter, Says Fatherhood Is “Indescribable”  

Jay also discussed the challenges of fatherhood given that he and his wife Beyonce are often on the road.

“It’s very difficult because it’s like we’re on two tours,” Jay said, regarding the time he can spend with his daughter at the moment. 

Jay was also asked if he changes his daughter Blue Ivy Carter’s diapers. 

“Of course, man,” Jay said. “That’s my child, man.”

Nothing compares to fatherhood, according to Jay-Z, who included Blue Ivy’s vocals in his song “Glory.” 

“Nothing compares to that feeling,” he said. “It’s indescribable. It’s very difficult to put words to it, an indescribable feeling.” 

Jay-Z Says Beyonce Has Matured Over The Years

After speaking about his daughter, Jay was also asked about his wife. Jay-Z said Beyonce has evolved since her early days as a member of R&B group Destiny’s Child. 

“You got to figure, she came out when she was 16 years old,” he said. “She’s not 16 anymore. You get an image of someone and it gets stuck in your mind. You’ve got to realize she was 16 years old. She’s changed. She’s matured. She’s grown up. She’s different. She’s not the same person she was when she was 16.” 

Jay-Z Describes Conversation With Notorious B.I.G. On Night Of His Death 

Jay-Z also described his final conversation with The Notorious B.I.G., which Jay-Z says took place the night Biggie was shot and killed in Los Angeles, California in 1997. 

“He was in great spirits,” Jay said. “He was like, ‘Yo, playboy! Why you not out here, playboy? I was doing something in New York and yeah, yeah, I was supposed to land before. Actually Irv Gotti was at the party and called me and put him on the phone.”

Biggie remains a part of everything he does, Jay said. 

“I take him everywhere I go,” Jay said. “I’ve taken him on every step, every accomplishment. He’ll be there in some sort of way, whether that be live in concert or on record, or some acknowledgement.” 

The interview can be heard below, via Power 106

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