Big Sean Replies To Claims Regarding Being Around The Hoods Of Detroit

Big Sean calls everyone who thinks he's not around Detroit hoods "crazy."

Inevitably in the careers of successful rappers is the questioning of whether they are actually from the areas they represent.

Big Sean has been at the butt of claims throughout his career of whether he is actually from a place of struggle in Detroit or not. Recently, in an interview between Detroit native Danny Brown and The Fader, Brown said many people from or who live in Detroit don't consider him from the area. He also said Sean "Probably was real spoiled or sheltered" as a child.

Perhaps it was Danny Brown's comments that sparked Big Sean's latest retaliation but in an interview with Hip Hop Nation, Sean wanted to make sure listeners heard his latest attempt at confirming he's been around the poorer area's of his hometown.

"Fuck whoever talking about Big Sean and don't know nothing about Detroit or the streets of Detroit," Sean proclaimed when unprompted during the interview. "I be in there. Matter of fact, not only do I be there and be in the hood, I be helping the hood and giving back to the hood."

"I'm the only one out of ya'll rappers or even new rappers who was paying for Thanksgiving dinners last year, buying Christmas gifts," he continued. "So if you ever talking shit about me like I ain't be up in the hood, nigga you crazy."

It's unclear if Big Sean's comments were specifically aimed at Brown but his latest rant comes only days after The Fader interview was published.

Listen to the full Big Sean interview with Hip Hop Nation below:

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  • Vanessa W. Sharp

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    "Some of you from the burbs but you claim you wasnt So lame you struttin, with a cain you frontin Fuck all that, if I was born rich I would rhyme about it I was born poor in a ditch, Im rhyming tryna climb up out it" Crooked I "Truth vs Truth"

  • xx004

  • xx004

  • Hip Hop


  • Big Sean

    Detroit is a shit hole word the fuck up!!! shout out to the D (Dump)..

  • nigga slim

    The fuck he talkin about? Master P BEEN doin that charity shit for years and you know damn well he aint in the hood lol. Fuck this skinny weak ass nigga. He aint FROM the hood and he don't HANG in the hood neither. Ask real Detroit niggas like Seven the general, Big Herk,Dice..if they seen this nigga around lol

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like cats just mad jelly he ain't on the corner selling nicks and dimes..Cmon Son..Bottom line he reppen your broke a$$ city, don't hate on the kid because he not strugglin with you, make some good music and get your shit in rotation..Stop being Jelly already..Damn...

    • Anonymous

      who remembers that video of him rappin in high school about saying no to drugs and not having sex?

    • Anonymous

      record show that his last address be fore the fame was in the upscale town of ypsilanti mi where some or the richest people live in the country.

    • Anonymous

      Every Artist is going to have their own perspective on their city, I'm from BK, I came up listening to Black Moon, they wasn't flashy like per se Biggie and Jr. Mafia. Everyone is going to rep they city from their own life perspective, maybe he had a silver spoon and don't know the struggle, don't hate on the kid because of the cards he was dealt.

    • Anonymous

      he aint reppin it right he makes it sounds like its all strip clubs and fancy clothes he makes the d seem like its miami or some shit

  • gok

    Hippy charity workers go to ghettos or third world nations and give out food and water. Doesn't make them hood.

  • Anonymous

    thanksgiving dinners are not high on the list of things people in the hood need...when will rappers stop this corny shit.

  • Anonymous

    eminem has more street cred then big sean

  • Anonymous

    The only reason why rappers from detroit are calling him out is because he's commercial. Most detroit artists are diversified in subject matter and content and Sean sounds like an artist from the south. Bottom line - its very hard to make it in Detroit and he probably didn't make it through its local scene.

  • Anonymous

    lil sean is like a member of the glee club there is no hood in him

  • cliff

    First, who cares where you from? Tt's where you at. Second, giving out turkeys on Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts at Christmas is NOT giving back to the hood....

  • sam snead

    He is from Detroit, plain and simple. It really does not matter where your from really, it depends on what you can or are willing to do. I think Kimbo slice proved that by getting his ass whooped. 2-pac: "was a nice middle class n*gga, but nobody knew the evil he do when he got a little bigger", now that being said Big Sean went to the nice high school in Detroit, where most of your class is going to college, jack white,lilly tomlin, and kwame kilpatrick all went there as well along with other famous detroiters. He also probably stayed in the house at night.

  • Gucci The Realest

    Another fraud exposed. Atleast we Gucci Mane i real nigga.

  • Jim

    One thing that always confuses me about these authenticity claims, be they true or false, is how rappers end up *needing* to back it up. I mean, can't you just look at his school record and see where he went for high school etc? Check and find his/her address (which I'm sure somebody wrote down at one point). I mean, how hard is that exactly?

  • Anonymous

    I'm not a Big Sean fan, but if you have a nigga repping your hood, and at the same time, he's giving back to that hood, then just shut the fuck up and let him be, at least he's paying correct homage and not just using it to sell his music. Like I said, I'm not a big fan, but I will check out his album.


    Did sm1 mention the words REAL, HOOD and GANGSTER??????????? ITSSSSSS GUCCCIIIIIIIIIIIIII TIMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEE Guci Mane realest rapper outthere: - this nigga throws bitches out his car - shoot niggas dead - beat niggas up. Gucci aint no fantasy nigga like: - mobb deep, - nas escobar lol nigga only had a ticket for parking his car wrong - 2pac never gangbanged - rick ross - big sean aint no gangster from the hood - danny brown is a wanna be

    • VizionMC

      Ha Ha hope this lil boy or girl like 14, could still get a pass for nonsensical fool worship and d-ridin'. What the fuck is wrong with you son. Gucci Mane is your h-e-r-o...??? U know how stupid that sounds...!

    • He rides the yellow bus

      Whos is this Gucci dick rider posting this on every story u sad fuck bet u sum 14 year old bitch boy pretendin u G'd up through Gucci music. Nas done had a gun charge before he made it in rap. Gucci got a scholarship in high school and went to college so he aint this super gangsta u think he is. Thing with him is hes got mental health problems that's why he gets in trouble hes fuckin dumb type of nigga that fire into a crowd to get his target miss and kill sum kid. People don't fear Gucci they just know hes retarded no one wants to mess with a retard playin wit a gun.I wouldn't even care but he cant rap for shit and u cant understand what the fuck hes saying

  • HEAT

    Sean ain't from the hood like that, but he never claim to be a street nigga either, dude always rep the D and did songs with local artist, even filmed that guap video at Bellse Island a straight up Detroit jewel

  • Gop

    Grown ass men trying to convince eachother that they be from the hood?! I'm getting to old for this hip hop shit.. And im only 21 - Grown men acting like 9 year old. Embarrising!

  • huh

    ...danny brown S a gay lame lookin for a come up ........tip use talent

  • J

    His response clearly shows he's not from Detroit.

  • ehh

    I think regardless to what these two dudes are arguing about, its pretty obvious big sean spends way to much time around the D. And i aint talking about the city

  • Anonymous

    Danny Brown is an even bigger faggot the Big Sean is, I'd rather have Sean claim my city then a dude who looks like a transvestite crack whore and sounds like a cat in heat every time he uses that screechy annoying voice


    gay sean is such a fag...danny brown is too

  • DBoy ,no surburban nigga

    Fuck with these niggas talkin! I'm trying to get out of the D ! Even tho I love it to the fullest!

  • Don't want it

    This fool DON'T want no parts of Danny Brown. He will rap circles around this fool. Danny Brown, however crazy he may dress is REALLY from the streets of Detroit and really bout that life. There's been many a rapper from there who don't speak highly of Big Sean. John Connor gets most respect from the D than this 12 year sounding punk named Big Sean.

  • yeaaahh

    He's STILL from Detroit even if he isn't from the hood, so why is he catching flack for reppin' his city??? I don't think I've ever heard him refer to himself as a hood nigga anyway, to be honest. Dude takes time to actually give back and that's WAY better than just hangin' around the streets just to say you be in the hood..

  • Bobyahed2dis

    Why is it when a rapper moves up out of the hood that broke ass niggas in it can't accept that. He gettin his bread now but that doesn't mean he isn't hood anymore. niggas been hatin on Weezy since he got out of the hood but he isnt hearing them cause hes gettin his guap like Big Sean.

  • Big Softy

    Miley Cyrus would beat his ass on the mic and in the streets.

  • Big Softy

    I use paper towels that are harder than this nigga.

  • Rap Fan

    Big Sean should have just left it alone and just kept on helping the "hood" like he already was. For him to respond to this only shows he caught feelings because maybe he wasn't in the hood. If I was helping people I would not care what others have to say and would just keep doing me. Also, what people fail to realize is not many people are saying "hey, lets make some money and move to the hood". The point is to make some money and move out of the struggle.


    Everyone knows this nigga soft as wet dog shit. Id put money on even Drake beatin his ass. You could go to any poor area and hand out food don't mean u 'be in the hood' this nigga faker than rick ross yayo tales

  • Anonymous

    lmao dude stay phony and showin skin in pictures

  • Lil Sean


  • Anonymous

    People who live in the hood are trying to GET OUT! So why would a person be criticized for not being there?

    • Anonymous

      i seen them videos of him rapping about not doing drugs or having sex LMAO corniest shit i ever seen

    • Anonymous

      so what you saying is hes not from detroit? cause all detroit is bad...and look who this is coming from a molly popping homo... come on now they got videos of sean rapping at his high school are those not real too?

    • Anonymous

      because he supposedly acts like he came from there when he didnt

  • Anonymous

    now he trying to buy his way into a hood pass i thought that danny brown interview was funny! he said no one in detroit thinks of big sean as a detroit rapper if you listen to his songs he makes detroit sound likes its miami or some shit he dont really rep the d

  • Anonymous

    You can bet your ass he doesn't live in the hood.

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