Talib Kweli Labels Himself A Hip Hop "Optimist"

Talib Kweli gives props to RZA as he credits the producer for being one of the greatest beatsmiths in Hip Hop.

Brooklyn rapper Talib Kweli may have commented on Hip Hop being “laughable” on his Prisoner of Conscious record “Upper Echelon” as he rapped, “rap been laughable over the last year or two.” But according to the Black Star emcee, he’s actually quite the optimist when it comes to the genre.

Kweli’s lyric on “Upper Echelon” is just one of a number of topics the rapper addressed during his interview with The Real Hip-Hop.

“I think rap has always been laughable,” said the rapper. “Truth be told, I’m far more of an optimist when it comes to Hip-Hop than that lyric would suggest. That’s me being competitive and taunting the competition by calling it laughable. Really, I enjoy a lot of Hip-Hop music. Is there a lot of laughable rap? Sure, I just try not to pay attention to it.”

Later in the interview, Kweli placed rapper/producer RZA, who he worked with on his album cut “Rocket Ships,” with the likes of Kanye West, J Dilla, and Pete Rock as one of the top producers in rap.

“RZA is the truth, man. RZA definitely belongs up there with all them cats you named,” Kweli revealed. “It’s a dream come true to work with him. RZA is somebody I consider a friend. I’ve known him as a friend for a while but we never worked on a record that’s been for me. I’ve done things for him on soundtracks and stuff but this was special.”

To read Kweli’s full interview, visit TheRealHip-Hop.com.

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  • OsirisMC

    Gotta say, he missed a chance for a perfect line by not calling himself a 'hip-hoptimist'

  • sssz4


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  • Anonymous


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  • Drake the best rapper alive

    drake shits on this niggas carreer and people have the nerve to make fun of french for selling 50k when this nigga with so much years in hiphop can't even sell half that amount. Drake runs rap period

  • Anon

    Mos Def > Talib. Talib got no charisma or personality. His lyrics are good, but there's nothing about his persona that makes you want to listen to him.

    • kent69

      you mean like he aint caught a case in his life,or made doe off some drugs or better yet slapped a bitch life chris brown? this guy is the releast rapper there is out there,he keeps a low profile & what he lack for in personality he makes up with the vivid rhymes he spit(or as he puts it-"I paint a picture with the pen like Norman Mailer ")-so all this mos def better than kweli needs to end here-nuff said

  • Anonymous

    this dudes on both sides of the fence pick a side and stay there stop looking like what your rhymes described back in the early rawkus days. you say its been laughable but you also support that wack shit at the same time let the money be right and you will do it. now you have an album suggesting that being called what you've been is a burden holding you back. NIGGA PLEASE shout to those who rep hip hop and know where they stand and stay both feet down while rapper like kweli move with contradiction which is why mos def won't sit and wait on what you trying to be but in the same lane he does the shit too. we need a de la soul album to show him how its done nahmean

  • oo0sss4


  • The REAL Headline

    Talib Kweli Calls Himself An Irrelevant Nigga

    • Anonymous

      i havent given a fuck about this guy since Reflection Eternal and that was when i was in 10th grade n shit

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  • v

    A hip-hoptimist, if you will.

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