Nicki Minaj Twerks On Lil Wayne At Billboard Music Awards

Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne perform "High School" with Weezy sitting down while Nicki twerks and dances on his lap.

As HipHopDX reported, the Billboard Music Awards took place last night (May 19) in Las Vegas, Nevada's MGM Grand. The award show was dominated by Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. Minaj also took to the stage to perform with Lil Wayne. Their rendition of "High School" now has many people talking. 

The performance featured Minaj twerking on Lil Wayne, who was seated at the center of the stage. Minaj, twerking and grinding in a body-tight black outfit, also became one of the evening's biggest winners. She thanked Billboard for the awards soon after the show with a tweet.

A video of Minaj's performance at the Billboard Music Awards can be seen below, courtesy of the Mr. World Premiere

213519223415 by YardieGoals

Minaj ended the night by earning most of the top Rap awards. Among her victories, Minaj nabbed the awards for Top Rap Artist and Top Rap Album with Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

Other performances also included Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, winners of Top Rap Song for "Thrift Shop." Their performance can also be found below. 

21351924123 by YardieGoals

Rapper Pitbull had a couple of moments on stage. Below, catch Pitbull with Jennifer Lopez for her single "Live It Up." In another clip below, find Pitbull with Christina Aguilera, doing a rendition of "Feel This Moment" before being joined by Morten Harket of A-Ha.  

JLO213519215538 by YardieGoals
213519212615 by YardieGoals

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  • Anonymous

    i yk wt i c 4rm nicki minaj

  • Kris A,

    Nicki's back up dancer to the right though...

  • Anonymous

    Thank goodness Wayne had some wet wipes handy.

  • Anonymous

    ABout the only time I'll say Wayne won lol

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    ja rule twerked on some jail nigga dicks, but not because he gay, but because he straight, he too comfortable with his sexuality... He a heterosexual nigga

  • Anonymous

    she needs to twerk on some Ja Rule

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule fucked Nicki MInaj

  • Anonymous

    yo what up muthafuckaz???? now whos mo fuckable nicki or bey? tell me what u think. I think minaj got mo juice.

  • GBtha G

    o shit muthafuckin nikki minaj made me horny when I saw dat ass.... fuck it. l.wayne must be bangin 4 sure.

  • Anonymous

    She sexy. Veeery sexy.

  • YEBO

    RIP Lil Wayne. Tha Block Is Hot (1999) - No Ceilings (2009)

  • Anonymous

    Nicki Minaj looks to have a great Jaw structure for boxing... Probably couldn't knock her out with a Lousville Slugger

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule - 2 Train featuring Drake, Paul Wall, Papoose, Mack Maine, Juelz Santanna, William Roberts and Waka Flocka Flame (Produced by Swizz Beatz & DJ Khaled)


    I'm just give ya'll a hefty list of rappers better then Wayne: (In No Particular Order) Wale, Dr. Dre, Kanye West, Devin The Dude, MC Ren, Eminem, Dat N**** Daz, Ad-Rock, U-God, Rakim, Jim Jones, Birdman, Sean Paul, Juelz Santana, Kurupt, The Game, Lupe Fiasco, Kid Rock, Ghostface Killah, Paul Wall, Krayze Bone, Cam'ron, DMX, Swifty McVaay, MCA, T.I., T.I.P., Busta Rhymes, Bizarre, Jaz-O, Foxxy Brown, Lil Kim, Young Buck, Everlast, C.L. Smooth, Lady of Rage, Kon Artist, B-Real, Method Man, Jadakiss, Killer Mike, RZA, Kuniva, Nelly, Timbaland, Lloyd Banks, GZA, That white guy who rapped that end verse on N.E.R.D.'s "Lapdance", Swizz Beatz, Nate Dogg, Slick Rick, Kool Moe D, Beanie Segal, Mims, Rich Boy, Too $hort, P(uff). Di/addy, Dave Chappelle as 2pac, Ludacris, Redman, KRS-One, Inspectah Deck, Butterfly, Immortal Technique, Big Boi, Raekwon, Andre 3000,, Common, Talib Kweli, Shaquille O'Neal, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, Masta Killa, Akon, Killah Priest, Kazaam the Rapping Genie, Dave Chappelle as Fisticuffs, Xzibit, MC Lyte, Canibitch, Streetlife, Kool G Rap, Missy Elliot, AZ, LL Cool J, Mos Def, Scarface, the "Boom Pow Surprise" guy from "Chappelle's Show", Malice, Mike D, Pusha T, Fred Durst, Nas, Chuck D, Ice Cube, DMC, M-1, Rev Run, John Cena, Flava Flav, RBX, Sticky Fingaz, E-40, Lady of Rage, Prodigy, Pete Rock, Lauryn Hill, Slug, Chingy, Murphy Lee, Wyclef Jean, Havoc, Black Thought, Lil Jon, David Banner, Lil Flip, Tha Eastside Boyz, 50 Cent, MURS, Bubba Sparxxx, Mannie Fresh, Blue Scholars, Andy Milonakis, Q-Tip, Young Jeezy, Bun B, Flo Rida, Twista, Sean Paul from The Youngbloodz, All of Konkrete, Sean Biggs, Mike Shinoda, MC Hammer, Salt-N-Peppa, Queen Latifah, Da Brat, Chingo Bling, Bone Crusher, Humpty Hump, Trick-Trick, Grandmaster Flash, Ice-T, Keith Murray, Mr. Cheeks, Styles P, DJ Paul, Tone-Loc, Juicy J, Warren G, Royce da 5'9'', Fabolous, The D.O.C., Asher Roth, Kottonmouth Kings, Snow ("Licky Boom Boom Down... that shit was intense), De La Soul, Slo'down, Kayjun, The "Read A Book" guy, Bart Simpson, Homer Simpson, Stewie Griffin, MC Supernatural, Suave (look him up), Zach DeLarocha, MC Chris, C-Murder, Snoop Dogg. That's 175 rappers (including the groups) that are alive that are better then Lil Wayne. Just to name a few.

  • Ricky Rozay

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  • dunk

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  • Anonymous

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    • YMCMBracancer

      Bro she is fucking ugly, looks like a tranny and does have fake tits and ass, that is what people are complaining about, I am willing to bet that her breath smells like shit as well.

  • dentaldamboy

    As an accountant for Cash Money Records, we performed the twerk but instead of Nicki Minaj, it was Dentaldamboy, Rick Ross and Birdman giving Lil Wayne a lap dance. Rick Ross can twerk his phat ass!

  • dentaldamboy

    This is what sets YMCMB apart from GOOD, Grand Hustle, Roc Nation etc. People look at Wayne, Nicki, Drake, Tyga and they act like human beings. People like Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye make themselves inaccessable to the fans, so you don't really know what they are like in privdate. Could you imagine Beyonce giving Jay a lap dance at a concert? But you look at the YMCMB roster, and you can tell that they are all chill-fun loving people. That's one thing the fans like about us.

    • Anonymous

      dentaldamboy, everything you say is bullshit lies.

    • YESSIR

      Kid 1: Grandpa, tell us a story! Kid 2: Yeah, what was Rap music like in your day? They teach us about it in music class. They tell us about this guy named Lil Wayne, and Teacher mentioned how he described himself as the Best Rapper Alive. Jack: [Sigh] Well, he did call himself that, but sit down, because I will tell you a story about why that was not the case. Many years ago, there was a rapper named Lil Wayne. At first no one paid attention to him, mostly because he sucked, and looked like a moron. In fact, in 2003, I was reading SLAM magazine, and I saw an ad in it for this guy named Lil Wayne, and his album, Tha Carter. Not knowing who he was, I took one look at him, and I actually said to myself "That is the ugliest mutherfucker I have ever seen in my life" [Editor's Note: 100% True Story]. He just looked like another ugly rapper who would never go anywhere. But in a couple of years, he had a couple of guest appearances on songs that were popular, and people began to pay attention to him. And then, something started to happen: Out of nowhere, he began to describe himself as "The Best Rapper Alive". Now, granted, he wasn't even in the top 156 at the time... Kid 1: Like who? Jack: Oh, I can't remember them all. I wrote them all down for a review on this website called "RateYourMusic". They had to shut it down years ago due to some child pornography lawsuit, but I used to write on it. Kid 2: Were you any good? Jack: No, not really. I made people think that I was funny, but that was kind of a push. I mean, I did have this one time, where I called this rapper named Cappadonna "PrimaDonna". Oh man, that was hilarious! Kid 2: Grandpa, you're boring us. Jack: Oh, sorry. Anyway, by about 2007, Lil Wayne managed to be the most popular rapper without even releasing an album! Kid 2: How did he do that? Jack: Simple: he released underground mixtapes, like Da Drought 3. Dozens and dozens of tapes that had beats he didn't have to pay for, and he could talk about whatever he wanted to. In fact, he just gargled on a bunch of famous beats. You guys know about our National Anthem, right? Kid 1: Yeah, C.R.E.A.M. Jack: Well, that song was originally a classic rap song by the Wu-Tang Clan. And Wayne decided to rap over the beat on one of his mixtapes. It was kind of like taking The Bible, and rewriting to be a comedy movie about poop jokes. And Wayne's fans continued to use this amount of material released as a reason for him being the best, despite the fact that the sheer quantity of songs couldn't replace sheer crappiness in the quality. Finally, in 2008, after much anticipation, He dropped Tha Carter III... Kid 1: Grandpa, why did Lil Wayne always misspell the word "the"? Jack: Don't ask stupid questions. Anyway, Wayne dropped his album, to HUGE success. It sold over A MILLI(on) copies in just one week. At that time, it was rare to see anyone sell that many at all. But Wayne had promoted himself to being seen as the Black, dreadlocked, codine addicted, ugly Jesus, so people felt the need to support him. But years later, when people got tired of the act just like they did with EVERY SINGLE RAPPER who went on for too long, [Editor's Note: Don't think that will happen? Look at 50 Cent. Give it two years, and you'll see.] Wayne faded into obscurity. People looked back past all the hoopla, and saw him for what he really was: An overrated, untalented rapper who was full of shit to even call himself to best rapper alive. I mean, seriously, "I ketchup like mayonnaise"? That makes no sense. And "Dear Mr. Toilet, I'm The Shit"? Rakim, he was not. Kid 1: Well, what happened to him? Jack: Well, Wayne needed to constantly have yesmen around him to tell him how great he is, and once that stopped, he became clinicly depressed. And in 2012, he ironically drowned in Willy Wonka's vat of what he thought was sizzurp, but was really just cough drop flavored candy. Kid 2: Wow, that was a great story Gramps!

    • nigga

      Beyonce did give a lapdance to jay-z at the bet you not remember that

  • ymcmbracnacer

    Minaj ended the night by earning most of the top Rap awards. Among her victories, Minaj nabbed the awards for Top Rap Artist and Top Rap Album with Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. That bullshit is so fucking rigged, rememba this talentless cunt crying and bitching about no awards last year?

  • ymcmbracnacer

    Nasty, I hope she wiped her nasty fake and plastic ass...oh wait a minute she just twerked her talent on an equally talentless lame-o haha

  • david75

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  • Anonymous

    i bet her farts smell extra spicy

    • cinavenom

      Why do you not only click on the article but comment on it as well if it is not news? Do you spend your day trying to find non-stories and then comment on them?

    • boss

      Slow news day...

    • hog

      maybe because one of the most popular rappers in the world - nicki - is twerking on another one of the most popular rappers in the world. doesn't happen every day.

  • DentalDamBoy

    The Hottest Chicks 1.asians 2.latinas 3.the rest.....

  • Anonymous

    ow em gie, the lil hoe called nicki minaj twerked like a hoe, that's world news, not those people who are dying in africa, syria or people who die daily in south america because of the drugs war

  • dentaldamboy aka YMCMB accountant

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  • YEBO

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  • Anonymous

    lol so fuckin hot

  • Anonymous

    Nicki is so fuckin classy....

  • Hip Hop Dx Awards!!!!!!!

    Troll of the Year Award: Dentaldamboy YESSIR Eye Control Tha Truth YEBO Dick Riding Stan of the Year Award: Dentaldamboy Ja Rule Gang Super Gucci Rap Tha Truth Rookie of the Year Award Fresh 2 Def Bobyahed2dis

  • Prick James

    And no, that ass does not look good on her man. I like big butts but that shit is disgusting, doesn't even look like the doctor tried to make it look real.

  • Prick James

    Her dancers were finer than her.

  • hahaha

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  • Anonymous

    nnnoooo...thank you nicki! ;)

  • holy shit

    That ass is just too delicious for words wow wtf....

  • Vigil

    I'm not a YMCMB fan but Nicki was kinda flowin like a mah-fucka for a minute there, and Wayne's verse wasn't even 300% garbage like usual. And there isn't a straight man in existence that isn't jealous of Wayne during that lapdance.

  • wolfman

    Someone please tell me what is hot about this botox injecting, pillow-ass inflating, plastic surgery icon, drag queen??

  • 9xxxxcja

  • John

    The winner of the Opinion award goes to dentaldamboy. He said his opinion that he likes ymcmb while enduring wrongful criticism from them.

  • Anonymous

    bunch of gays and bitches

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    can't stand her music, voice, or her attitude in general. but she's super sexy so i love her. i'd simp this bitch and lick her ass. i'm powerless. do porn nikki you suck at rap and entertainment in general when it isn't getting me hard.

  • IMHO

    shes bad idgaf i wish she grindin my shit like that..i hate their music but id pipe out NM in 2 seconds flat and cum in another 2

  • IDK

    Very classy lady. I want her for a housewife :)

  • Anonymous

    fuck yall talkin bout shit i wish she twerked on me, yall sound jealous as hell

    • Anonymous

      And how the hell would you know, you probably never touch fake ass or tits in your life. I know i Haven't

    • Anonymous

      its fake bro try rubbing yourself with a blob of plastic and you'll get the same feeling.

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  • jay

    GREAT! MAybe i should show this to my daughter! Nicki is such an inspiring woman! GTFOH!!!

    • Nicki Minaj

      I am a great role model, all the little barbz should shake their asses and give plenty of brains while rubbing themselves in public!

  • Anonymous

    Minaj has to stay inside on hot days so she doesn't melt

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  • John-Boy

    Lil Wayne still trying to convince people he is not gay. Sorry Wayne, once you repeatedly put on Women's clothing, nothing you do will make you straight.

  • Real Hip Hop

    Hopefully these assholes (Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj) will just leave the music business for good so the real music can make a comeback.

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