President Obama Jokes About Jay-Z Cuba Controversy At Correspondents' Dinner

President Obama says he's got 99 problems "and now Jay-Z's one."

The annual White House Correspondents' Dinner had a significant number of Hip Hop references, beginning with President Obama's entrance to DJ Khaled's "All I Do is Win."

"How do you like my new entrance music?" asked Obama. "Rush Limbaugh warned you about this. Second term, baby. We're changing things around a little bit."

"Actually, my advisors were a little worried about the new Rap entrance music," admitted Obama in jest. "The are a little more traditional."

The jokes continued to flow, with Obama making light about the controversy behind Jay-Z and Beyonce's trip to Cuba. "Somethings are beyond my control. For example, this controversy about Jay-Z going to Cuba. It's unbelievable. I've got ninety-nine problems, and now Jay-Z's one!"

"That's another Rap reference," added the President.

Several weeks ago, the President distanced himself from the trip, stating that he had no advanced knowledge that Hov and Beyonce would be going to Cuba.

Watch the White House Correspondents' Association dinner below:

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  • Jon_Slater

    haven't seen this footage before. Obama trips over a cat. I found it hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    ja rule was the first man on the moon

  • Anonymous

    ja rule the real president of america

  • Anonymous

    ja rule wrote the bill of rights

  • Rreal Talk

    more house nigga shit

  • IMhO

    for all you morons.. this even takes place every year, bush did it, clinton did it, obama does it.. its the governmental roast of sorts and isnt meant to be taken seriously.. so everyone sayin he has bigger shit to worry about..take it down 1000, hes human and likes to joke and have fun to.


    Is he a president or a fucking music artist... I mean come on, there are lots of shit going in State but he is running around talking about Jay Z

  • Anonymous

    "What would you do since it's so easy to handle Quote-Man?" For starters Half a man, I'd take the money being spent on roasts, election parties, and lavish trips by Biden and Co. and use it for better purposes. If we would stop sending more troops to fight a war we can't win then maybe we could use those billions to save programs for schools, our children, and many others who need and depend on these things being there. Go around the country and ask a random father of 4 who just got laid off if he gives a damn about tank parts and flight delays. This is so simple. Get your head out of the clouds.

    • Anonymous

      You don't know your head from your ass, sir. 1st, the WHCA is separate from the WH so you got the idea that this dinner is taxpayer money on the budget from your demented mind. What wars are we sending troops too? Ain't it reversed? "How can we sit there and say, 'Four million Meals on Wheels for seniors, gone, but that's not important. Over 70,000 children off Head Start, but that's not important.' What is important is for Republicans to hold a hard line" on the budget, said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. The Federal Aviation Administration has furloughed the controllers as part of the government-wide reductions. The bill would let the FAA use up to $253 million from airport improvement and other accounts to end the furloughs for the controllers through the Sept. 30 end of the federal fiscal year." ^ whoops, there goes your little theory because the FAA got money before the elderly and kids Tank & tank parts workers are normal civilians with kids who contribute to the economy asshole. Air traffic controllers are normal people you whiny little bitch, do you want a temp agency ATC guiding your plane in weirdo? Thought not. All you speak is Disney pixel-dust fairytales. BTW, the president of the WHCA is a dude from FOX NEWS. The REAL REASON why Y'ALL are HATING, is because he JOKED about the things YOUR PEOPLE are doing to him! And he KILLED IT when he said how the GOP is "trying to reach out" and "diversify", but WON'T deal with the BLACK PRESIDENT! LOL! If I'm half a man you are a BOY!

  • Anonymous

    "It's an annual roast, part of the president's job to attend" Telling jokes isn't part of his job description.

    • Anonymous

      Bush1 joked about his grammar (prudent) Clinton joked about his impeachment Bush2 joked about WMDs Cheney joked about hunting Karl Rove did a rap years ago LOL at YOUR STUPIDITY

  • Usher

    If this nigga wants to be funny he should be in a circus, not in the goddamn white house. Fucking Sambo ass sissyfied Uncle Tom.

  • Anonymous

    O needa quit playin and drop that tape already

  • Foot Johnson

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  • Anonymous

    I'm sure all the idiots on this post supporting Obama are on Jobless and on welfare! Makes sense!

  • Anonymous

    fuckin troll. crazy!

  • YEBO


  • Aaron

    Mad love to Obama. He should have fun at the Dinner. We do not need to be serious 24/7. That is what he do behind the scene. Its a fucking dinner. relax. Dont he get a chance to clock out and enjoy himself? And you all think its easy to fix the country? why did it take so many presidents to stop slavery? to stop things like jim crow laws? The president just cant say hey stop this and lets do this and itll all be better. He doesnt have that power. This isn't a totalitarian or autocracy. People have to vote for the changes obama wants. Republicans and democrats. We all know they dont get along. Obama works all day and night to find ways to make both co exist. On top of that be a husband, father, stop north korea, handle jobs, budget, make public appearances, and a million other things. I mean yall prefer folks like McCaine? if he was in charge we wouldve been in a nuclear war. He wouldve bombed n korea. What about Mitt Romney? It would've been a great 4 years for the rich and corporate world. Some of these comments are ignorance at its best. If you too uneducated it means unawareness. We cant expect everyone to know and understand stuff i guess.

  • Anonymous

    fucking pointless thread fuck jay-z and obama

  • Anonymous

    ^ cracker ass kids.

  • Anonymous

    I cant take a president who listens to hiphop not seriously. So you like to listen to music about bitches and niggas??? Really? It seems obama is becoming more and more a clown. look at all these dumb white folks laughin and laughing.

  • Anonymous

    oh yeah obama mentioning this nigga is really headline worthy

  • Anonymous

    ja rule from the future

  • Anonymous

    ja rule is the real based god

  • Anonymous

    ja rule slapped you hating ass niggas when you were babies

  • IMhO

    obama went in on that whole speech was mad funny. got jayz tho def

  • Barry Johnson

    This is massive and it demonstrates how hip hop has continued to break down barriers and breach uncharted territories. Few could have imagined that hip hop would have been around as long as it has, let alone, become ingrained in everything popular in media and advertising.

    • Arby Wan Kenobi

      Someone actually ingested this article and gleamed something useful from it. Congratulations, you seem to be the only smart one around here.

  • Farrakhan2016

    I vote for Farrakhan. America need black president with black interests. Farrakhan for president!!!

  • #Rule2016

    Ja Rule 'bout to bring real peace to tha whole world worldwide when he get elected for da president in 2016.

  • Vote for Ja Rule! #JaRule2016

    Ja Rule gonna be the next black president of USA. Ja Rule can solve everythang. #JaRule2016


    Ayo this new generation of DX trolls is so corny. We got this one dude thinkin he birdman's accountant, some anti-homo dude, three different niggas pretending to be YESSIR or whatever, like three wack "ItsGucciTime" knock offs, this clown callin out questlove and spacing that shit out. TBH the one Ja Rule fan is the only one I fucks with now. What happen to the days of ItsGucciTime, That dude in the basement, and all the actual talented cats.. IJS

    • SuperGucciRap

      I still lurk around here but I'm tired of seeing those lame ass "YESSIR" knockoffs. One, he likes faggots like Drake and Tyga just because they are on Young Money. Two, half of them are just some whore attention who use his name for attention and have homoerotic moments despite them being Nas/Tupac/Eminem stans. And last, none of them appreciate Gucci Mane, the true savior of Hip-Hop. Only Ja Rule guy is doing it right. It's Gucci Time!

    • Ja Rule

      Ja Rule in this bitch!!!

  • Obama is da best president.

    so much swag i can digg it.

  • Anonymous

    Questlove is still a porchmonkey!! Questlove is a porch monkey!!! Questlove is a PORCHMONKEY!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    "Congress went on 2 holiday recesses and a convention and left the American budget on the table, but the president makes a joke while doing his job and he gets slandered" Obama has alot more to worry about that making cheap jokes about Rush Limbaugh and declaring all he does is win. Big deal. You won. Alot of presidents before you said the very same thing. Now how are the American people going to "win"? I know. Let's all form a circle and say how hard it is to fix the problems. Maybe then we'll all get so frustrated we'll play some Jay Z music and pretend everything is ok.

    • Anonymous

      It's an annual roast, part of the president's job to attend. Other presidents have done the same thing when America has had problems. You people are being petty.

  • Anonymous

    "fix the country's problems" as if it's that easy" He shouldn't have accepted the job if he knew he couldn't do a damn thing to fix the problem. I love how simple minds want to say the problems are so hard to fix, yet if Obama and Congress stopped saying how hard it was and just started chipping away at it, then guess what. America might actually be in a stronger position. Imagine that.

    • Anonymous

      The defense department doesn't want more new tanks, but Congress wants to give them the tanks because it would shutter the tank and parts plants in Ohio. We don't have the money in the budget to spare anyway. Airline furloughs were causing flight delays so they went and took money from the ed budget for that, now daycares, school food programs and community centers are hurt. What would you do since it's so easy to handle Quote-Man?

  • Dirsan

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  • Anonymous

    Questlove is still a porchmonkey!! Questlove is a porch monkey!!! Fact!!1

  • Anonymous

    the president, is a comedian ?

  • smh

    obamas a cocky ass bitch. Dude is fake AF and only cares about himself, yet people still support him. smh cmon america

  • purple elephants

    My homie.

  • ky

    really? all you people bashing him for joking at the correspondents dinner? have you never heard of it or something?

  • wolfman

    ....Really..... So next time you're seen doing anything other than your day-job, I should say.. "You should be scooping up dog shit, who said you could talk during dinner."

  • Anonymous

    I think this is Obama's favorite part of the job. He daydreams about finding time to tell jokes like this. On another note, Jay just got ethered, again.

  • Anonymous

    This guy is a clown, he wasn't voted in. They're keeping him there for black people because they think because Obama is semi black, that black people will back him and what he does. He's trying to appeal to the masses by promoting hip hop and be a joke. Obama doesn't do fuck all for anybody and wont do it for as long as he's got a job that keeps him rich and lets him shit on everybody for the people who hired him. This clown puppet bastard is just trying to be popular amongst people and idiots are buying it.

    • Anonymous

      lol give it a rest buddy, when Mark Rubio did this a couple of months ago at the CPAC you weren't disapproving.

  • huh?

    His music taste is lame as fuck..."All I Do Is Win"? Really?

    • ....

      Yeah he's at some kind of crazy club, I'm sure all of the old ass people are really vibing to a shitty DJ Khaled song, while grinding on a bitch. Also, "just won" usually means something that just happened not something that happened almost half a year ago. Dumbasses.

    • Anonymous

      he just WON re-election dummy

    • Anonymous

      it's a nice club song you hater

  • Anonymous

    You people are fucking idiots, worried about Obama joking around during a correspondence dinner. Fix illegal immigration while you eat dinner, fucking stupid ass republicans.



  • Rick Oster

    This fucking clown. Can't wait til we get a new president. Someone who actually acts presidential and not trying to be hip with the youngsters. Focus on the shitty economy, illegal immigration and the many more problems with this country.

    • Anonymous

      Rick Oyster is 12. Youtube -bruh.. every POTUS does it...

    • Anonymous

      Rick Oster is the clown because every elected president speaks at this dinner since 1920. That's why it says "A-N-N-U-A-L". So your former presidents, and you know what I'm saying, where joking around at this private dinner while WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War, civil rights movement, Iraq War, Afgan invasion, war on drugs, illegal migrants, the Great Depression, went on in/for America. Now f@ck off.

  • Anonymous

    It's always good to see that the president has a sense of humor.

    • Anonymous

      ^ Maybe don't understand what that dinner is. its an annual comedy roast. But clearly u dont understand that wtf is going on... Short of giving tax cuts to millionaires - Obama is the most cooperative POTUS to date.... the only people in congress that need to "fix" shit is the republicans.

    • Anonymous

      Congress went on 2 holiday recesses and a convention and left the American budget on the table, but the president makes a joke while doing his job and he gets slandered. Did you know he can't fix those problems without Congress? Now you do.

    • ETK

      "fix the country's problems" as if it's that easy. fuck are you doin with your life

    • Anonymous

      Fix the country's problems then joke.

  • Got Money In My Ghetto

    Look at this corny ass Uncle Tom negro trying to be funny Martin Luther King Jr. warned us about shit like this

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