Big Sean Reveals Features On "Hall Of Fame" & Plans To Play Album For Eminem

Big Sean lists the features on his sophomore set, which he plans to play for Eminem.

Big Sean is having a big 2013. Not only is he nominated for a Grammy Award as an artist who appeared on G.O.O.D. Music's "Mercy," but he's also gearing up for the release of his next album, Hall of Fame.

“It’s almost done, finally. We took our time with it, perfected it, got great songs on there,” he said in an interview with Rap-Up TV. “I can’t wait for people to hear it. It’s gonna be surprising. Something new, something fresh, heartfelt, meaningful, fun—all different types of feelings on this album.”

Sean went on to reveal the features on the album, which turned out to be an extensive list. "We got Miguel on there, Jhene Aiko, we got Kid CuDi, Nas, did I say Common? Yeah, he's on there. Some guy named Common. The G.O.O.D. Music fam. There's a lot of good features on there. Not too many. It's still personal, and every person I added accents it in their own special way."

Sean also explained that he has plans to play the album for fellow Detroit native, Eminem. “I wanted to make sure my album was completely done before I went and played it for him,” said Sean. “I know a while ago he reached out.” Big Sean has in the past hinted at a collaboration with Shady in the past.

Watch the interview below:

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  • Detroit Ain't Shit

    Next Week: Big Sean Reveals Sex Tape Of Him Kissing Eminem's Ass

  • Anonymous

    "EM" can still body all these new cats on a Track But that's wassup tho'

  • Anonymous

    Even Nate Dogg were alive he'd be a has been.

  • Anonymous

    Em will love the album. Curtis will hate it, while Jeff Atkins will just shake his head knowing a storm's heading hip hop's way, and it's called Hurricane Rule.

  • Yung Gun

    best rapper alive: Big Sean, Wayne, ASAP Rocky, Chris Brown

  • IMhO

    idk why some of the hate id want em to listen 2 my album to..its obvious hes not on ems level, noones disputing it but its just listenin..why such a big deal? i dont fuck w this new school rap much (except in the club) but if theres 2 new school rappers i mess w its MGK and Big sean, they both got that swag on top of lyrics.. and i fuck w 2chainz hooks only, hes the nate dogg of early 2010 decade

    • IMhO

      cmon now simple guy. im sure u understand what i mean. nate dogg was king of the hook.. every now and again u get a good hook guy who swags on a song and makes it hot.. 2chainz is nice on the hooks..obv hes not a lyricist but i love me some 2chainz in the club, then sum real shit in the car/crib

    • Ken

      did you just compare 2 chainz to Nate Dogg??? smh wtf.....

  • Zak

    Good for Sean. Album should be great. I've always thought Big Sean has great natural ability but hasn't really used it. His debut album was pretty corny but then again it often takes the 2nd album for young rappers to truly figure it out. Think about guys like Drake and Kid Cudi. It didn't feel like they were being themselves on the first album, but the second was dope. But really if I sent a box of poop to Eminem I'm pretty sure he would co-sign it nowadays.

  • Anonymous

    eminem doesnt want to hear your wack album. me neither

  • Ben Devlin

    "Big Sean has IN THE PAST hinted at a collaboration with Shady IN THE PAST." We get it HHDX, it happened in the past.

  • #StopHating

    It is funny how people be hating on a growing and already pretty popular artist. I mean big sean is already nominated for a grammy (which he will probably win) and about to release an improved debut album (which probably going gold at least). Yes, he might not be the most lyrical artist but it's funny how the same people who be hating on him now will be praising him few years down from the line.

    • Ernie

      I don't hate him. I just think his music is ass. So I could give a fuck how much he's sold...people usually buy bullshit. And I could give a fuck about a Grammy nomination...cause them niggas dont know hip-hop.

  • Anonymous

    if he ACTUALLY plays the album for em and em says is dope then em is the fakest dude in the game

  • Anonymous

    Big Sean is essentially a rapper who has been influenced by Shady. Along with people like Hopsin, and etc... I think Sean has the early Shady in him currently. His lyrics might not be the best but he's got a differnt flow.

  • Fuck Detroit

    LMAO damn nigga just get the fuck over it. It's the 5th time you talk about Eminem and he still ain't checking for you. Go get a life.

  • So...

    What's going to happen when Sean play's this shit for Em? Are you faggot's going to start hopping on his dick?

  • David A

    Eminem is shade of himself. When Em decided to kill Slim Shady (the character) so he can be himself again, that changed his rap career. He went towards the pop way, clearly because you can see it in the songs he has put out. Who the fuck collaborates with PINK in rap?? Anyone who says that "love the way you lie" shows how fucked up his realtionship with kim was, needs to listen to Eminems first three albums clearly (3 albums i'm referring to is Infinite, Slim SHady LP, and Marshall Mathers LP). He's mentioned his fucked up relatonship with kim multiple times, and talks about killing her. Also for the new "eminem fans", have you ever heard the song Kim? I'm sure you can tell how fucked up their relationship was from that one song. Its funny cause around the time "love the way you lie" came out, i swear the song syllables leaked around that time. In that song eminem clearly says "It's not about lyrics anymore, it's about a hot beat and a catchy hook" Isn't that what relapse and recovery were all about?

  • fuck 50

  • Big Bang

    This dude is actually aight, i can't take some of his Adlibs and a bunch of other corny shit this nigga be doing on his songs but overall dude aint bad at all. He is actually pretty decent and makes nice sounding songs. His last album was good music, just not overall my type of shit. With that said, i ain't looking forward to this shit, but i will at least download it and check it out. I don't think this dude is bad for hip hop at all. A bit corny but he aight. On another not this nigga need to start spitting real shit and leave all that extra material bullshit to a minimum. This nigga is from the D and he gotta be spitting the most sweet cup cake shit from out there. Being from there he should have more to rhyme about then Bitches, Cars, and Money.

    • Anonymous

      if he could knock off all that boi boi oh gawd shit i might fuck with his music a little more, i liked that guap song but he really does sound like a gay male hairdresser sometimes

  • Ken

    haha yall r scared of gay people. only on dx are some people just such pussies

  • youngsta

    and old ass eminem's going to be like "daaaaamn, that shit's better than anything i've put out after 2002".

  • 101

    He and em areprobly sex buddies next thing you know they be supportin gay marrige.fucking faggots

  • Fuck Detroit

    WTF is up with this nigga? Everytime I see him, he's talking about Eminem. Next week you'll post some shit like "Big Sean Admits He Sucked Eminem's Dick"

  • josh

    I think I'll know how that conversation will play out. "Not enough Rihanna." - Eminem.

    • Ken

      @FuckDetroit: why so serious? @datnigga: you seem reasonable.

    • youngsta

      ^^! well, except for the "relapse is dope" part, i agree with this shit right here. recovery is pop trash. stans don't want to admit it.

    • datnigga

      @ Ken Kaniff Eminem has gone pop. I bought Relapse & Recovery but I was fresh out of highschool and just thought holy shit Eminem is back. I felt forced to like it since it was Eminem, the great white hope, but after some time, I realized how Pop Recovery is. Relapse is dope, I like it. But since 2010, Eminem has been on some pop shit. Just cuz he spits a few slick bars here and there, don't mean he doesn't make pop records. From his production, to his features, you can't deny it. He's the reason the Slaughterhouse LP sounded like as shitty and pop as it did.

    • Ken

      "yeah, Eminem's gone too pop lately." "oh, for real, what happened?" "he made a song with Rihanna. it's about a relationship that goes reeaalllly fuckin bad and ends with slim shady lashing her to a bed and torching the whole home." "wait--what? that sounds kinda fucked up." "it is, but people don't listen to lyrics anymore. even the chorus is about sadomasochism and an unhealthy love for both mental and physical injuries, but I guess it just flies over peoples' heads." "guess so." @"josh": on some real, i didn't even like Recovery--I prefer Relapse in fact, it's not as disjointed in terms of its song ordering--but sorry, if you think Em has gone pop you are not listening to the words that are coming out of his fucking mouth.

  • Kramer

    I enjoy Big Sean's music for the most part. Especially his mixtapes he did. But its a joke to even mention letting Eminem listen to it. Eminem is on another level obviously. Still, Big Sean is good.

  • YoungKelzCT

    .........and Eminem would be very unimpressed

  • Anonymous

    Put Big Seans album in marshalls ipod and he'll probably skip it.

  • Ken

    i can just see slim shady smiling and nodding and then the door closes and he just bursts out laughing.

  • Team Global

    Good article, hot how ya put the play button in the paragraph learning, thanks!!!!

  • Anonymous

    First album was wack, only had one good song and that was a remix. Hope this one is as good as hes been saying.

  • Anonymous

    Apart from Kid Cudi some really nice features.. maybe Big Sean is actually going to try to make a good album this time around? Doesn't hurt to hope anyway..

  • Tasha

    Big Sean is pretty dope, I didn't think he would last...that "Quap" song is my iissh. Y'all should checkout, they usually have some good reads on there too

  • Anonymous

    i hope marshall wipes his ass with the album booklet

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