50 Cent Breaks Down "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'" Track By Track

50 Cent commemorates the 10th anniversary of his studio debut "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" by speaking on a handful of tracks.

With tomorrow marking the 10-year anniversary of his studio debut Get Rich or Die Tryin', 50 Cent spoke with MTV News about the LP, breaking it down track by track.

During an interview, Fif began by touching on the brief intro track, which features the sound of two coins being dropped and a gun being loaded. "That intro, as far as the sound of the coin, it was saying, 'This is 50 Cent,' without saying a word," he said.

He also touched on the album's massive hit "In Da Club" ("Smash hit," he said) and reflected on the sappy "21 Questions" featuring the late Nate Dogg. "I really made that record because I was in a car and LL Cool J came on," he said. "The girl next to me as all into it; it was a soft record, but she was so into the record that I said, 'I want to make something that makes [girls] respond like that to me.'"

Get Rich or Die Tryin', which released on February 6, 2003, has sold more than 12 million copies worldwide. The project spawned one single to cross the platinum mark ("In Da Club") while a few others crossed the gold threshold ("P.I.M.P.," "21 Questions").

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  • 100

    i dont care what anyone say 50s a legend real hustles real talk real walk hated on by everyone cuz he dominating hes realer than any rapper now richer than any rapper now u got his story match up and true why do people not like that they like fake niggiz like ross whos a correctional officer sigh.... this generation new is filled with ppl who grew up listing to ymcb mmg (FAKE BULLSHIT) that shit just fucked up there brainz

  • Anonymous

    "william could put out records for the next 30 years he will still never touch 50's album sales" Are you still referencing old 50 Cent numbers? lol Over the past few years Ross has outsold 50 by a million (2 gold albums). Also factor in platinum singles and Ross is killin him softly.

    • Anonymous

      i didnt ask which songs "were everywhere" back in 2010, which singles were platinum selling? fact is ross has 2 platinum singles his whole career, hustlin in 2006 and the boss in 2008 but you wanna hate on 50 for not having hits since 2005! aston martin music went gold and thats it! one gold single! nothing since 2010 LOL

    • ^

      How does William's dick taste?

    • Ricky Rozay

      Niggas be stupid. B.M.F shit was everywhere, Aston Martin Music, Super High niggas be stupid. When the last time the snitch ass nigga 50 had a hit? Word to you dumbass niggas 2005 was nearly a decade ago. 50 got destroyed by Ross. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I love how quote-man is making excuses for Ross' album sales. Either way you cut it, 50 outsold Ross, period.

    • Anonymous

      what platinum singles has officer ricky had in the past few years?

  • sucray

    The only reason why people keep saying 50 fell off, is because of how BIG this album was. This album reached the whole fucking world i live in europe we was bumping this heavy. This album is the definition of a classic album. 50s a made artist, i think the fact that this album was so big kinda damaged him in the long run cause everything that wasnt as good as this was a dissappointment. But think about it tho, he done layed the ground work for ALL mixtape artists, his mixtape game alone could fuck up the majority of all rappers portfolio. He got one of the most classic albums of all time, and he keep releasing street shit, shit that i can relate to and shit that i like. People are just a bunch of haters, just wait if 50 dies today yall would put him right below 2pac just for his story alone. and this nigga is LITERALLY a gangsta and still making moves on jay-z level. I cant understand people that dont respect this man for what he did for the game. Hip hop is already soft today, where that fuck would we be without get rich or die tryin?

    • Anonymous

      he didnt go to the hospital for 3 days and only went because his grandma though it would get infected. nicca only got 3 stitches. and he did do something when he got out! he proceeded to end all their careers and killed murder inc as a whole. where is black child at today btw? probably in jail or on welfare in the projects

    • Anonymous

      i'll fuck a nigga up for stepping on my white nikes. thats a real nigga. who gives a fuck about his baby moms stabs. black child stabbed 50 he was hospitalized came out and did nothin.

    • Anonymous

      Shut up, Swedish boi, you don't know shit about nothing. By the way, tell your daughter I miss her.

    • Anonymous

      LOL @ ripped up None of my situations with Ja Rule are big situations, says 50. Theyre little. We had physical altercations. I was never hurt in none of those scenarios. I been hurt worse fuckin with my baby mother. I got a real stab wound from my baby mother and a little three-stitch situation from [messing with Ja Rule and his crew]. When you weigh the two, Im more watching what I say about my baby mother than what I say about them, cause shell cut me worse than them.

    • Anonymous

      u europeans are funny. snitching and getting shot dont make u a gangsta where i'm from plus he got ripped up by blackchild and didnt do nathan.

  • Anonymous

    this album was a weedplate. who the fuck still inserts this in his CD slot. a bunch of club songs all over the album. also the rapping and lyricism was subpar. do u listen to this album and get the same nostalgia u got when u listened to RD in 2006 or doggy style in 2003? Answer: Capital N.O!

  • foreal

    I agree with most below, Classic album and there was a crazy buzz about 50. I remember not being crazy about 50 after hearing his mixtape but bought the album anyways after hearing Wanksta and In the Club. Not very many albums that i can listen to since then that were good from track 1 till the end. Not too many features...those days are gone. Some raw/hood sh*t

  • Willie

    The album was a classic but you call this a 10 year breakdown? Just about no info at all!

  • John-Boy

    This is back when skinny pants, Ugg boots, dresses, and police officers weren't allowed in Hip-Hop.

  • steve29

    CLASSIC! There's really no room left for discussion. 50 cent is a brand, known world wide because of this album. CLASSIC

  • Anonymous

    50 was the last gangsta to make it in hip hop

  • Anonymous

    The Documentary >>>>>>>>> GRODT

  • asher1985

    50 cent needs to refuse to answer any more questions about past work and focus on current work. yes the album is a classic and was super hot when it dropped. unless you want to be known as a has been get to work and show us that you can do it again

    • d

      How original anon. You clearly weren't around in the 'Golden Era' (or you'd have picked actual classics not just the classics labelled by publications) so get your head out of your ass and realize that people's thoughts on albums are completely subjective. I know as many people that dislike Illmatic as I do those who dislike GRODT.

    • Anonymous

      No the album was NOT a classic but had a few classic songs. A classic is: Ready To Die, Illmatic and Reasonable Doubt

  • Anonymous

    you know all these peeps hating either had the album in 2003 and are lying or were too young in 2003 to know how crazy this shit was

    • Anonymous

      The HYPE for it was crazy lets not act like everybody has to agree that the album was crazy. If thats the case then the same could be said for damn near every album released. But yeah the hype of the album was crazy.

  • R.O.D.

    Man.....I just know that GRODT is the ONE album that EVERY damn song was Just HOT......P.I.M.P. Was my least favorite joint but that was even ILL as fuck......IDK why people shit on The Massacre tho. To me that was 50's LAST good album...But I just remember being in Miami, in middle school just Listening to In Da Club Every time i was in the whip.....Then Just bumpin' The Album like......Damn.....STRAIGHT CLASSIC. Not that many albums that just had that dope factor like GRODT....Too bad 50 can't produce music like that no more....R.I.P. G-Unit 2003-2005

  • ash

    album of the decade without a doubt

  • Anonymous

    no hiphop album ever had this much hype! your mommas all know who 50 cent is, hes became a household name after this. this shit changed the game

  • Anonymous

    Took some bath salts, Ja Rule is the best.

  • Themnewguy

    Damn its been 10 years already? Just fuckin feels like yesterday.i remember poppin up the album on my cassete tape bringing it everywhere i went...... Gotta go listen to it 1 more time Real Classic f' sho.just hope my nigga dosen't fuck up again like he did numerous times on his previous albums

  • Anonymous

    young buck was g-unit

  • Anonymous

    "Frrom what I know, Rick Ross doesn't even have a platinum album yet still" Obviously it's not affecting his career. Of course going platinum is the goal, but since only 4 artists can do it now, going gold means alot more than it ever did before.

    • Anonymous

      yo it really wouldnt surprise me at this point if he made up his own platinum albums to hang in his wing restaurants to trick his customers into thinking he sold more than he did

    • Anonymous

      I went to thew RIAA website; Port Of Miami never went platinum.

    • Anonymous

      newsflash nigga, going plat once in 7 years still don't put him on 50's level, fatboy not even on jeezy's level yet let me know when officer ricky and gunplay get that mmg chain back!

    • Anonymous

      why wont you address the fact that your idol william had his momma paying his bills when he was a 28 year old man when he claims he was moving bricks? william could put out records for the next 30 years he will still never touch 50's album sales

    • Ricky Rozay

      Finally all these dumbasses niggas who never researched shit know Rozay went platinum now niggas will say shit like oh 50 records outsold Ross. Fuck 50 last two albums went wood and Rozay has outsold that bitch in todays world. Suck on 50 dick longer stans, Rozay stay winnin. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      How long it takes or what your opinion is doesn't matter, he reached the milestone (Reasonable Doubt went platinum years later). Don't worry, I don't think fat boy is as great as how people make him seem to be.

    • Anonymous

      that shit dont really count in my opinion if it took 7 years and you still aint sold a milli yet

    • tomm

      Yeah Ross got that plaque now, nigga is a platinum selling artist.

    • Anonymous

      i saw a ross interview last week from just before the fake shooting at one of his wingstop restaurants (cause hes a fat fuck) and he had just got a platinum record for port of miami (2006)! so it took the nigga like 7 years but he finally got one, but still hasnt sold 1 million copies of anything yet

  • Anonymous

    How exactly is this album is classic? It has some bangers, but I never really understood what was so amazing about this album. It's alright.

    • Anonymous

      idk how you don't see that its a classic.. you can play the entire cd through without skipping a song... plus his flow went perfectly with the beats, mixed with his raw hunger and emotion made that cd EASILY a classic imho.. anyone beg to differ??

  • Ja Rule

    This nigga was and has always been whack. He ain't never had a classic album or even a better album than any of mine. It's murder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i sell crack to my momma

    Straight up classic so is power of the dollar the massacre had to much filler but it was dope Curtis was trash Before i self destruct was decent His next album will prolly be bout the same

  • Anonymous

    he forgot to mention that the only reason DRE gave him the "In da Club" beat was because D12 turned it down

    • Anonymous

      that beat is way fucking overrated... he made the song catchy with the hook, some of the lyrics and the beginning with the 'go shawty, its your birthday' but the beat itself really aint all that

  • Anonymous

    Classic. If Massacre would have cut a few whack tracks it could have been, too.

    • VoiceofReason

      It's cause he was hungry, like on his earlier mixtape.

    • Anonymous

      GRODT is an undeniable classic, but not because its flawless - nor Massacre, of course, but its definitely not THAT far from his preecessor as a lot of people thinking. Yes, it was more commercial and overall softer, but it has its gems too.

    • Lex

      Massacre was not even close to GRODT. Candy Shop remains worst 50 track.

  • Ricky Rozay

    Of course this snitch nigga gotta go over an old album because everytihng since has been trash. Lookin at Ross catalog compared to 50 Trilla & Port of Miami = Great Teflon Don & GFID = Classic. 50 had one great album GRODT and the rest of his shit but straight ass and the last album went wood. Niggas career is done! Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      this album alone is 8x platinum in the US! thats like twice what ross sold his whole life, probably much more LMAO

    • Anonymous

      DX: Regardless of how much of the book focuses on Ross, you know thats all the readers of HipHopDX really care about. So lets get into you and Ross specifically. First, did you guys meet in 2003 or 2004? Tia Kemp: It was January 2004. DX: And how was Ross paying his bills when yall met? Did you know how he was keeping the lights on? Tia Kemp: His mom was paying his bills. He didnt have a job. He wasnt doing shows. You know, he was featured on a few peoples tracks, like Trina [click to read] and other rappers, but that wasnt paying his bills. Im not sure of how much he was getting paid for the shows that he was doing back then, but when I met him he wasnt doing any shows, so your idols momma was still paying his bills when he was 28 LOL bawse!!!!! btw the massacre shits on everything ross has ever done

    • Dan

      Frrom what I know, Rick Ross doesn't even have a platinum album yet still

    • animal

      50 Cent discography >>>>>>>>>>> Rick Ross discography get off rozay's dick...

    • L-Biblical

      You have too much time on ur hands bro.

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