Raekwon Explains Wu-Tang Clan Beef, Addresses U-God Lawsuit Against Wu-Tang Music Group

Raekwon shares his thoughts on why maintaining a large group has its difficulties.

It's no secret that Wu-Tang Clan has had issues over the past few decades, a byproduct of keeping a group with nine members moving forward. During an interview with Vlad TV, Raekwon explained why there has been discord in the crew, stating that RZA was the mastermind behind the operation and brought different parties to the table that were forced to get along.

"My thing is, RZA assembled the team because he felt he had a relationship with all of us, and more importantly, everybody respected RZA for his craft and his passion for what he loved. Because even though we loved it as well as he loved it, he was in love with it," he said. "When you dealing with a cat like RZA who got family all over and relationships, RZA was a Staten Island nigga who lived everywhere. ... He pretty much knew everybody. But at the same time, the people that he knew probably wasn't fond of us at the same time neither because they didn't grow up with us. It's the same typical shit. ... So when RZA formed this alliance, the names that was brought to the table, it was definitely spoken on like, 'Yo, I don't really fuck with Ghost. He's a crook.' We tell it how it is. But that didn't mean that he wasn't talented, that he wasn't a man of respect. He was both. He could have been a crook, but he's one of those niggas that's coming for you.

"For us, it's always sticking our head out and watching out for these niggas because you never know," he continued. But when RZA was the middle guy, he did a Gotti move. He brought all the families to the table and made niggas make amends due to the fact of how we're going to move forward and get this money."

The Chef also touched on U-God's lawsuit against Wu-Tang Music Group for $170,000, filed back in January 2008. U-God alleged that he signed a deal with the RZA-controlled imprint but failed to receive proper compensation for his work on 8 Diagrams.

"I looked at it like it was real. It was business, man. Don't take friendship and humbleness out of pocket because we're doing business. So at the end of the day, yeah, RZA was on the chopping board. A lot of niggas was like fuck that, I'ma deal with it this way. Other niggas could have felt like this or whatever. But more importantly, niggas got to the bottom of what it is they needed to get to. I didn't challenge that situation then because I'm looking at a friend and I'm looking at business. It's fucked up because at the end of the day, this is the man who helped me get out of the streets."

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  • Ricky Trulovedubois

    Just watched the Breakfast Club's interview with RZA. Wow, very interesting to learn how Wu-Tang doesn't get along to the last member. Sad, too - but understandable.

  • IMHO

    wutangs so stong there so many members deep thats had so much success ur not always gonna real off bangers..each member of the group had a wacker album than the classics obviously but solo and as a group they have banged out more classics and above average to great albums for so long it should trump the 3-4 bad eggs for the entire wu catelog including solos raes last mixtape ws just ok but we need him to take a few months to grind out OB4CL3 and meth to get up n start grindin bec he said he dont know if theres listeners..well raes provin if u work ull get that support from ur core

  • Lil B

    Ghost and Kwon say the most "You Know what I mean" in every interview their in, I counted about 50 in this one lol

  • dave

    Old, old news...why are they talking about this today?

  • brollya

    we should of knew they wasnt tight lik dat.... if u seen dat movie "the show", they was always arguing... u god and method had got into it.... the vibe was always crazy wen u seen em together...

    • King

      You got family? You fight and argue? Must mean you and your family ain't tight because every family I've ever seen always gets along. GTFOH

  • Anonymous

    Ironman was mediocre. ^ smmfh

  • Anonymous

    nice glasses lmao

  • diablo

    Wu-Tang Clan aint nothing to fuck with

  • Cwigg

    Its a shame the musical output wasn't consistent, as well as the quality. 8 Diagrams was substandard at best. "The Man with The Iron Fists" is a step in the right direction. I can remember where I was and what I was doing with each Wu release. A good chunk of the soundtrack to my life. I can still throw on a Wu group or solo album and zone out. Pioneers and musical geniuses in one group. Much respect to the RZA for his vision.

  • As long as my bitches love me

    Good read.

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    Without Rza, there would'nt be Wu Tang. The Abbot I salute



  • shortcow2

    'Yo, I don't really f&ck with Ghost. He's a crook.' Rae and Ghost have fallen out. Can't wait for any new U-God material, he's really the best of the Wu albums.

    • JETLIFE116

      smfh, Meth Rae & Ghost put at an album about a year or two ago derp, Rae was on the cover of Ghost's 1st album..niggas like you gossip like white girls

    • adasd

      U God has definitely been dropping some fire verses since 8 Diagrams

    • Dud

      Reakwon is the man,he respect the fact that rza got him out from the street....but for those think they fall out with Ghost...nigga was quoting some other guy who had relationship with rza.

    • ???

      Rae wasn't talking about Ghost. He was talking about the others that RZA brought into the fold

    • zach

      you're stupid as hell, he was quoting someone when he said "He's a crook". Rae and Ghost definitely haven't fallen out because they collaborate with each other more than any other MC. and you said "he's really the best of the Wu albums" that makes no sense but U-god isn't the best of anything out of all the Wu MC's.

  • Wu Tang Forever

    Some dudes talk shit wu tang are the greatest thing to happen to hip hop no one had the influence they had worldwide! We need one more album

  • illone

    wu albums have sucked for a while. It's easier to name wu albums that didn't suck the those that dont. Enter 36 Wu forever Tical OBFCL Brooklyn Zoo Liquid Swords Silent Weapons OBFCL II (was ok) wu vs shaolin (haven't heard the whole thing, but like what i've heard so far) The other 9 billion wu albums were garbage. People like Ironman and Supreme Clientle; Ironman was mediocre.

    • wu wear

      Ironman is the best hip hop album of all time, cock boy.

    • SDK


    • Anonymous

      ahahahahahha brooklyn zoo as an album ahahahahah and listing an album you have barely listened to ahahahahahha. This guy is an idiot trying to sound smart, the first wave of wu-tang albums like enter the wu tang, OBFCL, ironman, tical, liquid swords, return to the 36 chambers were some of the best hip hop albums ever released. Especially OBFCL, liquid swords and enter the wu tang.

    • zach

      god you're an idiot, you don't even know wu-tang for one because you listed Brooklyn Zoo as an album, dumbf*ck.

    • Anonymous

      What are you sniffing? Ironman Supreme clientele The Pillage The last shall be the first heavy mental Wu syndicate Lost generations The swarm vl 1 6 feet deep Tical 2000 The W all nice albums. Thinking Ironman / supreme is mediocre is foolishness.

    • crowded69

      u-god's iron gloves and iron boots was the best album. no one can match u's flow.

    • Anonymous

      nigga suprem clientel went HARD!!!

    • Doc

      Had to make a correction.... Brooklyn Zoo equals "Return To The 36 Chambers" Iron Man not mediocre in my opinion, Supreme Clientele, maybe but NUTMEG is off the chain.

    • ermagawd

      "It's easier to name wu albums that didn't suck the those that dont." lolwhut?

    • Simple like ABC, 123

      "Ironman was mediocre." ^^^^^^^^^^ Damn, you smoke too much herb!

  • chillthrills

    the best shit is you can build your collection of wu bangers,,,singles albums whatever,,,these dudes have a major collection of music,,,,trust,,, sss,,,,and the price is sixty percent cheaper,,(g money voice) new jack city,,lolol

  • wackshitkilla

    beanie seagal brother lol.

  • Feel this

    That new Inspectah collabo project is going to be a classic.

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    Regardless of the shit people talk, nobody that has seen the Wu's level of success has seen it without adversity. Twenty years strong with 9 brothers and mad affiliates ain't easy to sustain. But they still here. Still making music and still in high demand. The Wu is one of a kind.

    • HAH

      anon should be embarrassed..this is real hiphop blog now a 50cent blog where all ppl care about is who sells more shit. wu tangs been strong and out rapped, lived and was more revelant than any current 'hot' mainstream group out right now..prob ym, good music and maybach all put into one

    • MalcolmLittle

      Y'all gotta excuse Anon, he ain't too familiar with artists who don't appear in BOP Magazine... >.

    • Nem

      I believe if your still selling out shows and headlining festivals after 20 years in the music industry,your in high demand.

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      Flopping? Define Flopping. Wu Tang has nothing left to prove. They've built a brand that has flourished for two decades. That cannot be done unless there is a high demand. Simple mathematics.

    • Anonymous

      High in demand? If flopping as a dry fish is the new meaning for "high in demand" then u are right.

  • Anonymous

    raekwon was talkin mad shit about rza for years, about him being the boss, his production, everything. so he broke away and made music with out rza that sucked and now he's tryin to kiss ass

  • Anonymous


  • Da Enigma

    We can't always have high expectations in people other than ourselves. Yes, some of the current Wu albums might have not been better than most of their old collection, but their still doing them. They all have different personalities and goals in life to better themselves and still are amazing lyricists and pioneers in Hiphop. You can't please everyone and expect all the albums to be perfect, so there is no need to come and comment with disrespect, just keep it constructive criticism. Plus, all their material put together is better than half the unbalanced rap, which is out now. It's a shame that a lot of these new comers focus more on the swag, money, status and hoes and less on their actual craft.

  • Anonymous

    Verse for verse U God >>>>> Rae since for-fucking-ever... Rae has been shooting his mouth off yet coasting for ages... OB4CL2 was pretty good-- ** almost ** great ** but he's been doing the same generic crap ever since. People shit on U God without listening or seeing one of his crazy wack side projects and getting the wrong idea. Only Ghost is more inspired on a regular basis.

  • Anonymous

    U-God is whack anyways, weakest element of the group. Wu-Tang did pave roads in Hip Hop though, no one can ever take that away from all of them. RIP O.D.B.

  • hood ass nigga

    This camp is such a mess now. They early shit was on point then this nigga Rza decides to change the music up and its been garbage. He need to use them dusty ass samples and old ass drums,thats they core sound.Anytime he try to update they sound,it fails.

  • RiQ RuDE

    Sheesh dx i ced much less than wat 101 ced and i was censored??? Respect the REAL i was here wen this all started!!!Poineer Ears

  • Gamestwin

    Being a DIEHARD WuHead....u gotta use common sense on this one..THESE DUDES SHAPED MUSIC in a way that the BEATTLES did...DIFFERENT PERSONALITIES are ALWAYS GONNA CLASH. and if your coming from DIFFERENT ZONES..its like a CHEESECAKE pie from the store with diff slices..u may not like fudge but i fycks with fudge..and BTW..on the double album they PROCLAIMED THIS..they coming back with a COMET....Nuff said..#WUTANG4EVA

  • Anonymous

    Wu Massacre sucked Shaolin V. Wu Tang sucked that last Rae mixtape sucked what the fuck you mumbling out now you fat fuck?

    • jayy

      shaolin v wutang was severly overslept on that shit was crazy.. ill give u wumassacre wasnt that good, 8 diagrams was shit and the last rae mixtape was average.. but OB4CL2 is a wu classic no doubt.. it was a beast. hopefully we get a 3 and meth drops his next album

    • tony tone

      Shaolin VS Wu Tang sucked??? That was a slept on album over shadowed by that YMCMB BS and the likes of corny ass dudes like FUTURE, TRINIDAD JAMES,ETC.

    • Rixck

      dude is right...Just because it has the WU TANG name doesnt automatically make it a GOOD CD. WM & SvW were one listen CD's at that. Get off WU's nuts...Im a Wu fan been one since 92! Only MC in the WU dropping good music is Ghost! And thats because dude has one of the BEST ears for beats. He still keeps it RAW.

    • Anonymous

      Get outta here with that shit.Go back to hearing Young Money shit.

    • Anonymous

      Sucked??? Nah kid... But for real the last Wu classic was OB4CL2 and b4 that BIG DOE REHAB

  • RZA

    Wu Tang is forever you hear me. There is no beef between us. I've just been directing movies. The next Wu album is coming out soon son.

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