Prodigy Says He's Sure There Will Be Another Mobb Deep Album

While at "The Usual Suspects" on PNC Radio, Prodigy says he "loves Mobb Deep," despite the group's current hiatus.

In 2012, news of Mobb Deep’s hiatus broke in a most unceremonious fashion—via Twitter. After initially denying a series of derogatory and homophobic posts were aimed at Prodigy, Havoc later stated that he was indeed the source and that the group was on hiatus. And while their respective solo careers roll on, Prodigy took to PNC Radio’s “The Usual Suspects” to reveal all hope is not lost for fans of Mobb Deep.

“Yeah, I’m sure about that,” Prodigy replied, when asked if he’ll ever record with Havoc again. “I love Mobb Deep…Mobb Deep made my life what it is. Havoc feels the same way, so we’ll be right back to work. For right now, he’s doing his thing and I’m doing my thing. I’ve got goals I’m trying to accomplish, and I really can’t let nothing sidestep me or get in the way of that. If that means I gotta put Mobb Deep on standby for the time being, then so be it.”

Tracks such as Havoc’s “Separated (Real From The Fake)” left little to the imagination, as far as confirming at least a temporary split. But P confirmed that he and Havoc have spoken, and he pointed to his multiple Mobb Deep tattoos as proof of his loyalty. Prodigy’s next scheduled project is the Albert Einstein album with Alchemist, which is slated for release in the first quarter of 2013.

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  • Warren Peace

    The way both put their beef out in public was pathetic. Prodigy with that silly book and Hav put out that joint (which was fire btw) totally taking a shit on P. After 20 years together you don't do that kinda stuff. I just can't see them putting another album out. And if they do the quality of the album will probably damage their legacy even further.

  • daduketin

    im a big fan of mb, their early shit even that black coaine ep but i really think this is just a publicity stunt to break up make diss songs to each other (or a teast hav to p) and then put it behind them. This is a good way to draw attetnion though, beacuese before only fans and few newcomers are going to check the lp out but now anybody who likes mobb deep will at least listen. well played

  • polo hova

    dont come out wit no wack ass album mobb deep. if you come out drop at least a 4/5.

  • Anonymous

    There career is over. Nobody is waiting fot 2 washed up gangster rappers. ITS BETTER IF THEY LEAVE THE MIC ALONE! Its 2013 and not 1995

    • adam

      nailed it. I loved Mobb deep back then but after since they tried that G-Unit stunt...horrible. The game has changed Mobb Deep, get over it!

  • mar500

    I dont think the beef was a publicity stunt. Prodigy probly really was doing that shit

  • Heavy Chevy

    Snoop called Dre a homo when he had left Death Row BackNtheDay (in interviews). And well hell, them 2 is cool again.

  • Big Noyd

    I got over Mobb Deep. Seriously. This whole beef is fake as fuck.

  • Big Bang Theory

    Prodigy still got that heat. i thought he would fall off after coming home from jail but he actually grew as an artist. Looking forward to that up and coming album.

  • well...

    I'm glad DX cleared that up, Prodigy still has "oelove" for Mobb Deep, everybody.

  • ok

    They better do it fast as Prodigy doesnt have much time with his sickle cells which is deadly.

  • Trump

    I've always been a big Mobb supporter, they're one of the few groups in my opinion that did real authentic hip-hop to the fullest. Dope beats, lyrics, flows, concepts, videos, all was dunn 100% on point for madd years. Havoc is a great artist, but I don't think he has what it takes for a solo career. Prodigy, has what it takes, but when it comes down to it, they're at their finest as a group. Hip-hop is so pathetic nowadays, I think P stop smoking which is good for his health, but bad for the pen, I'm rooting for a strong comeback, they need to get the same people around them as they did for the Hell On Earth days and bring back that enthusiasm.

  • Anonymous

    Friends, Romans, countrymen lend me yo' eardrums It was a beautiful day off in the neighborhood Yellows and greens and blues and browns and greys and hues that ooze beneath dilapidated woods Ain't a thing could explain what pertains to cocaine it's a stain that rain See summer roll around niggaz holla bout change Then they steady move them ki's like Bob James Cause old man winter's arrived, the temperature dives November just died, December's alive Thus it ain't no typical ride Just individual's way to bring home the bacon when bacon was all gone Makin it our own, takin me all wrong We've all indulged in the bulge of those no-no's No you ain't solo, it's even lower levels you can go Take sun people, put 'em in a land of snow

  • Anonymous

    Alchemist has to be the one of the most underrated producers ever....

    • The B

      The Alchemist is the best "pure hiphop" producer/beatmaker in the game. Pretty much took over where preemo left off.

    • Anonymous

      Return of the Mac was average yo

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      You might wanna check the "Return Of The Mac" album. ALC is one of the most solid producers ever. He gets into left field at times when doing his own solo projects but when it comes down to putting on for other artists, he gets it in. Check the Domo Genesis "No Idols" joint too.

    • uno ocho gang

      Alchemist is not all that great. He got some dope beats here and there but most of his beats are mediocre at best.

    • Anonymous

      Not quite, he's not a good producer. Never heard/don't remember a good beat from him. Willing to take my words back if proven otherwise.

  • Fish

    i'm a fan, but they havn't released anything even remotely significant or interesting in years. Can anyone here really say they get excited anymore when they hear that Mobb Deep are releasing something, either as a group or as individuals...?

    • Fish

      Black Cocaine was good, but if the only thing that they have released in the 2000s of any note is a 5 track EP, you're just proving my point. The HNIC tape was okay, but the album was awful. So was all the mixtape stuff Havoc released while Prodigy was away. As I said, I'm a fan, but the mobb has been done for over a decade.

    • Anonymous

      I meant that I haven't had any interest to listen to their new stuff again, because I heard that album with G-Unit. Maybe I have to check out that Black Cocaine EP.

    • Harlem's Reckoning



      best project to come out in the 200s between the two of them was prodigy's album- product of the 80's. that shit was bangin'. straight fire from sid roams on the boards

    • Hunger

      Or the bumpy Johnson ep and lp. The HNIC mixtape was hot also but i heard the Album was trash so i didn't check for it. Prodigy still got bars and somewhat evolved as an artist. Havoc fell off but he is still fire on the beats.

    • Danny

      I'm assuming you haven't listened to the Black Cocaine EP.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, they have released something in the 2000-era? Damn.

  • Anonymous

    as soon as havoc run outta money mobb deep will be back on with a new album and touring

  • d block est

    The mobb are one the best to ever do it but i cant see them releasing any more great records cause prodigy is well past it and havoc dont give a fuck anymore. Havoc can still make dope beats tho but hed be better givin them to mcs with a hunger for this shit. Same goes for alchemist scrap the project with P and get jadakiss on there that would be epic

  • Anonymous

    Sadly, these two need each other.

    • Big bang theory

      Sort of but not really. Havoc does the beats and i think as long as Prodigy fuck with Alchemist they both are ok. But i do think they are at their best when they are together.

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