Raekwon Says Wu-Tang Clan Reunion May Not Happen

Raekwon expresses his doubt about the rumored Wu-Tang Clan reunion.

Over the past few weeks, rumors have been circulating that the Wu-Tang Clan may release a final reunion album on the eve of the 20th anniversary of their seminal debut Enter the Wu-Tang: The 36 Chambers. Now, in a recent interview with Global Grind, Wu-Tang alum Raekwon speaks on the possibility of the Clan's reunion.

The Chef expressed his doubts about the tentative reunion, saying that the Clan as a whole hasn't taken the necessary steps to begin working on the project. He explained that it's paramount that the crew approach the project with a more serious attitude to ensure that it is financially beneficial for all parties. Despite his trepidation, however, Rae said that he would be all in for a reunion project.

"We've been talking about it and it's a lot of discussion about it, but it's not consolidated yet," he said. "We know as a group that 20 years in the business is something serious, so there was a couple of conversations going on about it...you know, everyone's so nonchalant about shit, like they don't know if it's going to happen. For me, it's like I don't respect that because it should happen. It should happen in a way where it can help us from all the shit we've been through together."

He continued, "We've made a lot of money, of course, and we've lost a lot of money, and it kinda put certain cats in situations where this can help [them] right now - at the end of the day, it can help all of use, but it can help the ones that really need to be helped and it can put us back where we need to be financially, back in the game as one of the iconic groups in the game, but it takes a lot of loyalty, it takes a lot of love, it takes a lot of respect. I want to see it happen, but more importantly, I want to see it done the right way."

Check out the full interview below.

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    http://youtu.be/7Anma_MpcDo Peace to the true and living.

  • Anonymous

    LOL... Wu-Tang (Group or solo) have been mediocre at best for the longest time now. In all honesty, what has Wu dropped (group joints or solo joints) in the past 10+ years that can compete with the last great Wu song which is "Triumph"?? Absolutely NADA!! RZA has been mediocre at best since the "Wu Forever" album and by the way "Forever" would of been much better as a single disc album. I could care less about Wu getting back together for another album because it's probably gonna be worse than the "8 Diagrams" joint. Notice how they albums got progressively worse after "Forever" ;)

  • Wuuuuuuuuu

    Y does everyone keep talkin bout a "reunion" they never broke up

  • Hidden By Leaves

    The W was highly slept on, that album was their strongest collective release next to Enter the 36 and it didn't nearly get the shine it deserved. Hollow Bones is one of the greatest hip-hop songs ever made. Fuck all yall.

    • agreed

      the monument was a good song too, only because of the Gza's verse. this was the only wu-tang album i bought copped most of ghostface's solo joints tho

  • OG18*


  • Anonymous

    "ODB's last wish was for the Clan to re-unite!" No. His last wish was to find his toothbrush.

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    ODB's last wish was for the Clan to re-unite! Thats evident in all he said his last living days. Rea does have a point, it would be right thing if it give the other cats in the Clan that good look. But damn with Rza behind the controle board it cant go wrong! I dont hope that its too many ego's not enough Mic's But still, Wu Tang 4 ever

  • Anonymous

    respect di older gods!

  • Anonymous

    Who's Raekwon? Give me GZA and Ghostface

  • Anonymous

    We dont need you Rae. You not that good. OB4CL 2 was dope but not a classic. Not forget about all the features on your first album without them OB4Cl part 1 wasnt a classic. Dont act if you are solo that good. For years you have the same flow and subject matter: coke, coke and coke.

  • Wu Wear

    Regardless of what happens behind the scenes, I hope all the wu members put all their energy in this project. This will probably be their last one and I dont wanna spend money on this if this comes out like 8 diagrams. I will listen to this album first before i buy.

  • Where's Icy been

    Where you been at man?! I havent seen you post as many young money comments like you use too. I know kendrick is stealing the shine a little bit, but lil wayne is still making the money.

  • So Icy Boi!

    thanks god. WU-TANG is da worst hip hop group of all time. YMCMB represents real hip hop. swag

  • Up North

    How many Wu Tang projects are CLASSICS and how much material has the Wu Tang brand put out in the past twenty years? All this bitching in the comments are fucking retarded. I pray for another Wu album, but if it doesn't happen, salute for all the dope shit they've left behind.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously though, fuck current Wu Tang. It's a crew of self-obsessed, mid-life entrepreneurs talking more about business than art. This is fucking bullshit, let it rest in peace.

  • Anonymous

    dont do it if u have to put kanye on it

  • Anonymous

    FACT: nobody is paying big $$$ for these bums in 2012... and except for Ghost and Meth, Wu live sucks... and except for Ghost and U-God, all these dudes are played the fuck out. GZA is a fucking drooling drunk who needs to be kneecapped just to remind him he's alive and the rest are plainly bored... Ghost and U-God are the last men standing, I hope Cappa's cab survived Hurricane Sandy. Inspectah Deck is delivering pizza now for Joe & Pat's on Staten Island, true story!!!


      Deck aint fuckin delivering pizzas hes got money and im guessing your just trollin cuz ur acting like u god is the only person in wu tang thats worth a shit


      and just so u know these dudes still play sold out shows


      U God? HAHAHHAHAHHA dude fuck outta here Raekwon has been carrying wu tang on his fucking back along wit Ghost and sort of Meth

    • Anonymous

      Pics or gtfo...Even though he isn't making prolific music anymore he does shows so I'm sure although not rich he isn't delivering for a pizzeria...Cap on the other hand...ehhh

  • shitfunny

    Your headline to this story is a total lie, but it worked and I clicked on it lol. Good one, you got me. Reading it, he sounds like he really wants to make it happen. Stop lying in your headlines please

  • Wu Tang

    Lets hope it happens wu tang forever

  • youngsta

    old ass wu-tang needs to sit the fuck down and not rap anymore. they're time's been up for a long ass time. and lol at old ass raekwon wearing a donald duck shirt. and you're a hypocrite if you defend this but make fun of anyone wearing skinny jeans.

    • Anonymous

      youngsta got told

    • supremelogic626

      I love how little fucksticks like this "youngsta" bitch think they are gonna be 18,19 forever. Dog,ur growing up in an age where for the most part rap is nearly done and over with. Its stale as fuck,thats why these "old ass" rappers are still relevant cuz they are a dying breed and the last links from when hiphop was a glorious genre. When u are a grandpa n ur grandkids gonna ask u who were the great rappers of your day,what u gonna say? Chief Keef? Smh. And who the fuck wants to call themselves "YOUNGSTA"??!! Are u a man or a little boy??!! Lmao. Know your role and sit down and learn for a change. Little bitch

    • Shitfunny

      Open your mind to more music homie. So what they are older, so are alot of rock bands and they still get respect from rock fans anyway. We need to get to that. The small radio and tv music bottleneck filter is no where close to all the different types of hip hop out here.

    • Anonymous

      Your name says it all, I don't understand why gay ass teenage rap fans even feel the need to comment on older groups. You don't see that on a rock site or nothing, a story about the Rolling stones comes up and you don't see gay ass Emo Chemical Romance fans chiming in their unwanted 2 cents. Eminem & Jay-Z still outsell your favorite rapper and their in their 40's........ Sit the fuck down Youngsta

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: All these dudes do is talk, talk, talk. 20 years in the biz. Great. Now move on and let each member do whatever it is they do. +++++++++ WHAT KINDA FCUKBOI LOGIC IS THIS?

    • Anonymous

      Hey retard, you can fucking curse on this site, pull your balls outta your fucking ass.

    • Anonymous

      Blogger boy. Go barricade yourself in your room and listen to 36 Chambers for 24 hours straight. Living in the past means you have no future.

  • Assassin221

    Hope to god this shit happens but not getting my hopes up like that. Wu-Tang ain't really been a unit in years now, and they got other priorities besides giving hip-hop heads what they want.

  • Anonymous

    i.e. "No RZA, you not getting 50% and making the other 8 of us split the other 50%"

  • dave

    I'm not retarded and I don't have some fucked up form of ADD or whatever sooooooo......I DON'T NEED YOU TO PLAY OBNOXIOUS ATARI BEATS IN THE BACK OF YOUR FUCKIN INTERVIEW! That shit is unprofessional and insulting and annoying as fuck. Cut it out and grow up!

  • Anonymous

    rza say: we are gonna to drop a wu tang clan album, ghostface killah say the same shit we are working on the album. raekwon say i dont think so. i love wu tang clan but dont make fans illutions about a new wu tang album. is like dr.dre detox talk talk talk and nothing

  • Anonymous

    All these dudes do is talk, talk, talk. 20 years in the biz. Great. Now move on and let each member do whatever it is they do.

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