Ghostface Killah has revealed that he recently hit the lab with RZA to record tracks for a possible Wu-Tang Clan reunion album.

During an interview with MTV News, Tony Starks said that he has heeded RZA’s request to have complete creative control over the potential LP. “Me and RZA spoke about that yesterday,” said GFK. “He said that November is the 20th anniversary and he’s trying to drop something in November. But he knows what it takes to go ahead and get there. He done studied the game now, he been around this shit for 20 years. Longer than 20 years.

“He was like, if y’all can just believe in me and let me go ahead and do what I gotta do with this, we could just be outta here and make a shitload of money,” he continued. “I believe in him because if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be standing here today, regardless of what. He still got this same hungry for this Wu shit.”

RZA recently spoke on a potential Wu-Tang Clan reunion album, stating that he would only do the project if he had absolute oversight on it. “I’ve been talking to some of the guys, like, ‘Yo, look, I would suggest that you put down everything you know, and trust me one more time,'” he said. “I’m Captain Kirk and I’m flying this Starship Enterprise. If I’m lucky to have a Mr. Spock on my side, we’re going to go somewhere that nobody’s gone before.”

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