Kendrick Lamar Says He's Competitive With Jay-Z, Nas & Kanye West

Kendrick Lamar says he's competitive with all emcees, including Jay-Z, Nas and Kanye West. He also says "good kid, m.A.A.d. city" will be a "classic" in time.

With Kendrick Lamar in Europe, the good kid emcee participated in a round table interview. While in France, K. Dot spoke with US Rap News about good kid, m.A.A.d. city being a classic and the competitive nature amongst emcees. 

"Classic represents five years, 10 years at a time," he said when discussing his new album's "classic" status. "It's classic worthy right now. It will be a classic. Ain't nothing missing from it to be a classic. It's just time that's missing." 

Lamar also went on to explain the competitive nature that he has as an emcee. 

"It's the competitive nature. We can't forget that. We can do features with each other. We can rap with each other. But at the end of the day, you gotta want to be the best," he explained. "I'm definitely competitive with [Black Hippy]. I'm competitive with them. I'm competitive with Jay-Z. I'm competitive with Nas. I'm competitive with Kanye [West]. We're in the big leagues now. I can't be looking at them as big homies for the rest of my life." 

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  • flod mawether

    not going to be classic, album is bullshit.. nothing like get rich or die tryin (REAL classic) you cant even call that shit rap.. dre wack

  • NY-Harlem

    I also want to put out there that i think section 80 is better. Section 80 Kendrick is going off on that whole Album compared to this Album its just well put together. Now im not saying GKMC is a Classic in the verge of illmatic or the Chronic but its a complete Album. It doesn't have that one song that you want to rewind all day, but each song is so well put together with the whole Album. Section 80 had alot of songs that made me want to rewind them over and over. GKMC i just play it threw not one song over shadows the other song.

  • NY-Harlem

    I don't need time to tell me whether or not an album is a Classic or not. I know for sure i will be bumping this Album in 5 years or so. Just like other Albums i still listen too. This Album is Classic fuck the bull shit.

    • Good kid, jimmys label

      Yeah, GKMC was a good album. I wish they would give Section 80 an Offical cd release, I be bumping that shit all day. I have a burnt copy in my 50 disk changer next to my Dogg Pound "single" new york, new york.


    richtaboo: Looking at these comments I can tell most of you dudes are a bunch of white boys jabbering on about "real hip hop" when your ass lived in Chattanooga or some shit. STFU and enjoy the music always wanna argue about this shit. You cant argue music. Music is subjective. There is no official greatest alive. Someone in this world think Nelly is the greatest rapper, another place they think Nas is another place they think E40 is ITS ALL OPINION. MAYBE IF YOU ALL WERENT SOCIALLY AWKWARD NARCISSIST WHO SPEND YOUR DAYS BICKERING ABOUT THE SAME PLAYED OUT HIP HOP ARGUMENT FROM 15 YEARS AGO THEN YOU'D REALIZE THIS. +++++++++++++ REAL TALK

    • Book by its cover

      Harlem gots a point. You probably assume that blacks, arabs, mexicans, Jamaicans, and polocks are not capable of typing proper grammer. Shame on you. :-\

    • NY-Harlem

      Other then the White comments thank you my nigga. I feel like internet geek niggas is fucking up the game. And they come in black also. Its not a white thing. Now im not saying its a suburb thing cause its niggas in my hood(very few) who only fuck with that Club and radio shit.(mainly cause they are club and party niggas) But real shit its no favorite in music. Its all subjective and if you don't realize that you just an idiot. Also i ain't mad at Kendrick comments cause its true. Its just like playing ball, just because you going against Kobe doesn't mean you need to kiss his feet. Real niggas and Real emcees know what im talking about.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule could bury this nigga

  • Anonymous

    The only nigga this nigga needs to be competitive with is motherfuckin' JA RULE.

  • richtaboo

    Looking at these comments I can tell most of you dudes are a bunch of white boysjabbering on about "real hip hop" when your ass lived in Chattanooga or some shit. STFU and enjoy the music always wanna argue about this shit. You cant argue music. Music is subjective. There is no official greatest alive. Someone in this world think Nelly is the greatest rapper, another place they think Nas is another place they think E40 is ITS ALL OPINION. MAYBE IF YOU ALL WERENT SOCIALLY AWKWARD NARCISSIST WHO SPEND YOUR DAYS BICKERING ABOUT THE SAME PLAYED OUT HIP HOP ARGUMENT FROM 15 YEARS AGO THEN YOU'D REALIZE THIS. and Kendrick is right. Its not a classic now and it has "classic potential" he worded it perfectly because between you fanboys and you ignorant critics someone has to use proper wording and logic. In time we will see if it is a classic. Because he can make something 10 times better. And in my opinion I liked Section 80 better because of the shock value of how good Kendrick was in a cesspool of garbage rappers, but this was a great album because it was a 1998 ish album that had a story and had skits. People dont even do skits anymore like that so that was a huge plus and he kept them at the end of the songs so it wasnt a track itself. It was definitely a great hip hop album. Overall album of the year? Nah Frank Ocean got that on lock.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you on some of the stuff, I like GKMC, it is one of the better albums I have heard this year, but like he said a classic needs 10 years to settle in, it is a great album. I don't know if it will be a classic especially if he was going for a 90s theme on it look at what came out in the 90s and ask yourself if you could put GKMC in a 50 disc changer with all the other 90s CDs that came out. the cd is nice, I don't know about classic though.

    • Anonymous

      Great album review, but what I think what people are annoyed about is him comparing his album to the ninties classics, already. Anybody thats had a classic in the past really doesnt have to promo it. I understand he wants to be competitive, but do it through your music. There are a few albums this year that will be classics. Funny how the ones that are, the artist doesnt have to push that on me.

  • richtaboo

    See that is the difference between a nigga like Kendrick and J.Cole and ASAP and Chief Keef. Those who strive for perfection come closest to it. These are the dudes that will last. There're two different rappers out here. The ones that do it solely for the money and those who do it to become the best and dont mind the money at all. Kendrick and Cole will be here when my kids are listening to it and ASAP and Keef will be memories.

    • NY-Harlem

      I think you sleeping on ASAP rocky my nigga. Each its own. But i see you put J-Cole in the Kendrick Catergory. J-Cole isn't anywhere near Kendricks level. J- Cole is mediocore with Potential. His album was OK. Kendrick Album is way better then Coles Album. I think Asap last Album was better then Coles. But Cole is Aight. As far as the Chief Keef i don't plan on listening to him no time soon. I heard nothing that makes me want to listen to him

    • Nick08

      ^This is true. People take shit out of context way too much then try to defend themselves thinking they know better than the artist themselves.too damn annoying

  • Nick08

    Shiit, i wish i could check these pages out and not have to deal with some of you fuckers. Everybodies entitled to their own opinion of course but, it's just annoying as fuck when people jump on here and totally bash the artist.In this case Kendrick. I'm not tryin to sound cocky or anything cause i'm not like that at all, but i know good lyrics, good background, good production, and just an overall great atist and great album when i see or hear them. You can disagree with me but do you gotta give off all the hate? Some of you guys have to just chill the fuck out or just stay of the damn page. With that being said this album is "MODERN" Classic worthy right now.

    • Nick08

      ^Agreed, that album was great. It's a shame albums like that whether old or new don't get the same recognition as those that don't match up to the same level.

    • Modern classics

      ..... so is Killer Mike - R.A.P. Music. Two best albums this year.

  • Anonymous

    Meek Mill, Wiz Kalif, lil wayne, lil b, mac miller, french montana, rick ross. lol

  • ETL

    Like he said, time will tell. But his album does raise the bar for potentially grown crack baby generation rappers considering the quality of options out there. GKMC is classic but I'm grading on a curve.

  • TDEBitch

    What's he supposed to say? "No, I don't want to be as good as Nas, Jay, etc. I'll be happy always being below those guys achievements." He WANTS to be better than those guys, it's called ambition. Time will tell if he reaches that level. To me Section 80 was a classic. GKMC.. too early to call, but it's a damn good album...

    • Anonymous

      Food and Liqour one will be a classic.

    • Anonymous

      Jay-z, Nas, Dre, your right the ninties was the best era. It be hard to make classics like that now. I think Kendrick can maybe pull it off, I wish they would play his songs more on the radio than meek mill and lil wayne. Dont they know this a possible classic.

  • Anonymous

    My Nigga Doctor's Advocate, The Documentary, Get Rich or Die Tryin', The Eminem Show, MMLP, >>> GKMC....

  • Mokh

    he's starting to get too full of himself.. BAD!


    tha carter 2 and da drought3 > gkmc

  • YEBO


  • shh

    21 century..*generation SWAG like $21.....GKMC was very very very needed!....TDC-C

    • Anonymous

      I agree, cuz with all the wack mainstream music out this average album doesnt sound so bad. Like throwing a chicken leg to a pack of hungry lions. It wont satisfy the "classic hunger" but dam does it taste good right now.

  • Hold up

    Hold onn Kdot, u gettin a big head now....with about 2 or 3 more classics u can be mentioned in the same sentence as the Lyrical juggernauts of hip hop. U aint there yet homie

  • wow

    Alright now. Slow down dude. Your album has been out for TWO WEEKS! You ain't ready for them GOATS yet.

  • chea

    He makes sense but I'd say he's competing more w/the new rappers like Drake,Cole,Ross,Wiz,2chainz,Meek Mill etc. Any mainstream artist that is moving good units right now..Jay,Ye,Em & Wayne them are all like the ol' vets who are past their prime. They dnt have that same hunger & drive cuz they've already "reached the mountaintop." They all got respect,money & influence on the culture as a whole. They've gone multi-platinum & dropped classic records. If ur a new cat in da game, those are the guys u look up to & sure u wanna outshine them but ur working on building ur own legacy becuz even if u outshine them, they're already in hip-hop history.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah but, no artist signed to a major can make a classic in this era cuz they make the artist water down the albums. On section 80 kendrick was saying "fuck your ethnicity" and " the illuminate is racist" and with album it was pretty bland. Jay,Ye, and Em were lucky and got to say what they wanted in the beginning of their careers.


    Your gotta a few little riches a few litte b@itches you think your hugh hef but your just ridiculous

  • Anonymous

    section 80 is a waaaaaaay better album. i stopped listen to GKMC after 15 minutes.

  • SDK


  • che

    haha notice he didnt mention Wayne?

  • Real Hip-Hop


  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Dave Chappelle: When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

  • MBTM

    hopsin, ab-soul, freddie gibbs and meek mill SHIT ON kendrick easily

    • Anonymous

      the guy gave his opinion and you tell him to jump off a building? lol step off the keyboard and take a breather bruh

    • Anonymous

      Meek Mill? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Good one. That's a joke, right?

    • Eye of Horus

      Hopsin? Word? The nigga that stole his style, rhyme scheme, flow, and gimmick from eminem? Word? Thats whats hot? Do your pops a favor and jump off a 12 story building bruh.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    average album, from an average guy. he is nothing special.

  • Real

    Everyone in hip-hop should be competitive. If your a rapper and you don't want to be considered the best then you shouldn't be rapping. While i wouldn't call this album classic i would say it is a great album, probably one of the better hip-hop albums i heard in a while. People just need to stop being so emotional about their opinions. Sound like a bunch of females.

  • 90's Era

    I'm tired of all these kids always trying to be like the rappers in the ninties. If your a big dogg let yourr fans let you know. Your as bad as lil wayne tryin to convince everybody your the best. If I was a teen I would get sick of hearing about the ninties too even though they are the best. Try comparing your self to artist that started in the 2000's.

  • Malone

    READY TO DIE >>>>>>>>>> GKMC

    • shh

      21st century... HUGE debuts... COLLEGE DROPOUT F&Lone GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN' for this decade...and the past decade..GKMC!...TDC-C ey3 buying SECTION80(another landmark debut) this decades 2 huge debuts GSNT FMH....GKMC fits here as well GSNT2......very ICONIC EAST....and possibly period.. THE NEW JAY ROCK(JR)...#TIME WILL TELL 2013!!!!!...TDC-C

    • SDK

      YEAH IS A MODERN CLASSIC BUT ITS THE LAST ONE READY TO DIE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GKMC IT WAS WRITTEN>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GKMC THE SCORE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GKMC THE CHRONIC 1&2001>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GKMC THE INFAMOUS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GKMC AND IM JUST KIDDIN KDOT DONT EVEN SEE THE LEGENDARY STATUS

    • Anonymous

      no shit. that doesnt mean that GKMC isn't a modern classic.... stupid ass

  • Nick T

    it is over-hyped and kids dont realize how brainwashed they are by mainstream media. The album is weak because: a) has no edge, too much singing, too laid back, feels more like some soul or r&b album half the time. dosnt feel like a hip-hop album b)the subject matter is too basic and gets repetitive. story about some everyday life shit. he rambles on about nothing c)his voice tone has become way to high pitched and funny sounding d)the production is talented and the album is well mixed (like the crazy snare flange effect on track 1) and sonically sounds amazing but half the beats are too slow and are a pretty bland e)more gimmicky im from compton- blah, blah, compton- is played out and annoying f)weak guest appearences like Drake the robot pretty boy and MC Eiht?, and Dre reciting ghost written lines by Kendrick is wack g) those long talking interludes every few songs breaks things up and is boring (i get the concept but- too much talking) h)overall this album feels watered down and some of the beats are weak

    • Ghost

      So it's just like every other west coast gangster album ever made?

    • Anonymous

      every point you made holds no water. im not even gonna bother...

    • promo B.S.

      That's what Interscope does with all their artist. Look at Dre, Jimmy got him the headphone deal so he doesnt have to make music that can change the world again. Its good for him, but for fans that wanna hear a good album, forget it.

  • Anonymous

    fuk limer am telin em to watch me out ma name is og.log a rapper from westafrica da gambia....

  • Anonymous

    This was really predictable. Hip hop fans dont like when an artist knows hes good. Calling kendrick cocky but isnt it cocky to call yourself the best? and how many hip hop artists have call themselves the best? ok

  • promo B.S.

    Kendrick would have been the best if he didnt sign to Interscope and Jimmy Iovine. His section 80 album was a real album, unfiltered, and uncut. This new album was good but was watered down on what he could of said. This will end up like alot of albums of the 2000's where people will talk on the net that this is the best thing ever, until the next new thing comes along.

  • Anonymous

    rappers be gassing him up.. ode ppl said its gona be a classic, 50 cent, ghostface, etc. we gotta stop hating on new shit and let it rock. we the listeners are keeping hip hop from living. we keep hating on everything that comes out and say its not better than old shit. get over it its different. nothing is gonna be like the old shit jus get over it. stop killing hip hop haters

  • Anonymous

    Kenneth Lamar is a fag


    this kid his album was good but common man you getting to cocky

  • gbladdr

    I'd say that his album has a chance of being called a classic in the future; it definitely says something when after listening to GKMC that almost everything else out right now suddenly sounds crappy in comparison, kind of like a wake-up call in an era of mediocrity. Look at the numbers between his album and Meek Mill's; almost 2 years of MMG hype and propaganda shoved in our faces, compared to slow rise of Kendrick along with the GKMC's word-of-mouth, and Kendrick still sells more, because quality sells. It's just that all this hype and talk, especially from Kendrick himself, is something that would put people off from actually calling it one. He suddenly thinks he's at the same level as Jay-Z, Kanye, and Nas, but they've put in work for much longer. These Nas lyrics come to mind: "When you're four years into the game, we can have a conversation Eight years in the game, I invite ya on vacation Ten years in the game, after I've enjoyed my fame Only then I let ya pick my brain, niggaz" Kendrick definitely has the potential, but he still hasn't proven himself yet, in terms of longevity and diversity, all of which make up Jay-Z's, Kanye's and Nas's legacies. My 2 cents.

    • gbladdr

      I might have gotten the difference between ambition and comparsion misconstrued. After re-reading what Kendrick said, it seems like he is striving to be on their level; not say he's (already) on the same level. Which is admirable and encouraging, as for any hungry hip-hop artist. Still, it's a long journey ahead for him. I'd also say that Jay-Z isn't as hungry as he was over 10 years ago, and Kanye is showing signs of falling on the rapping aspect (all this opulence rapping is getting boring), so I'd even say Kendrick has a good chance being on their level soon. Also, Money Trees > the whole Blueprint 3 album.

    • Anonymous

      your crazy if you think GKMC can even sit on the same shelf as WTT or BP3 !! fucking kids i swear.

    • heythere

      you explained pretty well while GKMC will be a classic. when you put it in perspective with everything else thats come out recently, it stands out, for all the right reasons. But it sounds like k. is just trying to say he needs to compete with EVERYBODY to become the best he can. i dont he is saying he is at their level at all, just he needs to compete. lets see how he follows GKMC. hmmm

    • Anonymous

      but its still hip hop. If youre not in it to be the best then youre nothing. You gotta have faith in the shit you do for other people to. What the hell would kendrick look like comin out sayin "Im good but these guys are all better than me." Thats some wack shit. He can say they have more experience than him but you gotta feel like youre the best or youre nothing. End of story. When you feel like youre the best and you feel the need to prove it, like kendrick, then you put out great bodies of work like GKMC. And honestly GKMC is better than WTT to me and its damn sure better than BP3. So i agree that he should be looking at them as competition

  • Ohreally

    I liked the album, man I even bought the shit. But there's no way it was a classic! NO FUCKING WAY!! It was a nice album for sure. But niggas like to put themselves where they don't belong YET and won't even be in the next 5 years. Hip hop fans don't like this type of attitude. Look at Meek numbers lmao... you better go hard in the booth for the next album, cause we Fans will go hard on your ass next time. You might go wood with your next project. Lt. Ricky Ross will go Plastic on his next piece of work. Hahaha While the big heads like Jay, Kanye, Fif & Diddy will still be getting that money and laughing straight to the bank just cause their names mean business. We all know the world will soon be tired of that south shit.

    • heythere

      somehow you went from beggining to try to argue why GKMC wont be a classic, to arguing that k. shouldnt "put himself somewhere he doesn't belong yet"? wat

    • Anonymous

      yall been sayin the world is gonna be tired of the south shit since 2002... its been 10years. bloggers been sayin Wayne fell off since 2008. He done went to jail and put out two wack albums and is still one of the most talked about individuals in hip hop and yes jay, kanye, 50, and diddy are all business but 50 is a shell of his former self. GKMC outsold BISD first week. GKMC will outsell Diddys last project. And as for Meek, we all know good and damn well those are pretty good numbers. Outside of Drake, Nicki, Wayne, Kanye, Jay and Em, who in hip hop is doin those numbers? exactly

  • Warren Peace

    I don't agree with everything Kendrick said(the whole classic thing), but in order to be the best you have to compete with the best or at least try. That's how you get to the top. Hip hop has always been competitive. That's what he meant by mentioning those greats. He wasn't talking about overall career or discography like some of you are making.

  • real nigga sean

    this nigga is overrated. bein cocky smh

  • Anonymous

    this dude needs to stop gassing (and having peeps around him gassing) himself up.. it was a strait album, but def not a classic album... ive listened to it four times through trying to understandd the hype but i just cant do it...its above average as far as mainstream rap albums go, but that doesnt make it a classic.. just a hamburger in the land of spam..

    • oops

      so what makes an album a classic? you said it yourself. a hamburger in a land of spam. a land that has been filled with spam for some time. to me its a classic because it achieved the status it has(released 10/22) with a completely different formula than everything else out. it didnt beat other albums by being better than them at their own game/formula, it beat by using a different formula altogether

  • n/a

    What's wrong with kids these days? dude u're talking about NAS, KANYE AND JAY Z,he should wait for at least 10 yrs let's see what happens then he can compete with NAS.STFU.

  • inCEST

    just one mainstream album and u competitive with NAS, JAY AND KANYE.......NEGROOO PLIZ..u compete with 2chains and CHIEF KEEF..WILL TALK ABOUT JAY AND NAS 15 YRS FRM NOW, AND EVEN THEN U WIL STILL BE BEHIND

  • inCEST


  • Diego Corales

    meeeeh meeeeeh

  • Eye Control

    I still think the best Kendrick album is 'Control System'. He switched up his voice and flow for that project and it worked, I could barely recognize him. His Terrorist Threats song was awesome. I love the High Power movement and I would love to smoke with Kendrick, that would be so sweet. I really think the High Power movement will help legalize marijuana. I think Eminem should sign Kendrick, I need to hear them on the same track. Maybe Kendrick could even join Slaughterhouse. They need someone from the West Coast and Kendrick could fill that void.

  • JJ

    Dude it is not a classic... Stop gassing your self and get in the studio..

    • cle

      i agree with this guy, but stay out of the studio with the 2chainz. you're a dope emcee, you dont have to jump on every song that's thrown your way, have some discretion. This is coming from someone who respects dude music, but let's not kid ourselves, this album is not a classic. Very solid major label debut.

  • Diego Corales

    Fuckinatti Fuck my butt Aww cutie pie Sucky fucky

  • big Mike

    is good kid bad city better than Talib Kweli train of thought witch went gold in 2000? is it better than Mos def black on both sides album? is it better than common resurrection album back in 94? hes not ever better than these guys above so we cant compare him to JAy, NAS,EM Im sorry lets not forget Andre 3000 the MC that he stole hes style from

  • tvesrb

    lol@ Nas & Jay-Z fans getting butthurt. it's just the spirit of competition. it's obvious he respects those legends, but if you strive to be the best, you can't just prostrate yourself before them, you have to try and surpass them. Kendrick's got the right attitude.

  • Angelo

    Like the competitive spirit young blood & the confidence...but the album is NOT classic worthy right now. The middle of the album really loses momentum until Sing About Me. Life Is Good > GKMC

  • anonymous

    alright you fuckin retards... someone please name me a major label debut in the last 5 years that has been better than GKMC? I mean if you say Cole World I respect that but disagree conceptually Cole World doesnt come close. I dont understand before he signed to interscope everyone on here loved him. now that hes getting successful here comes all the hate. Do me a favor and give me actual reasons why GKMC isnt good. Cuz to me productions dope, concepts are there, lyrics are on point, and the arrangement of each song is perfect for the story. all ive heard is "its garbage" but no actual reasons. and i mean he definitely aint as cocky and ignorant as most young rappers either. he wants to compete with the best.....? that offends you people? doesnt everybody wanna do that?

    • anonymous

      how you figure he stole andre 3K style? they dont act, sound, or rap anything alike

    • anonymous

      hahaha played out topics? youre kidding right? its a story about him growing up how could that be played out? what you prefer? let me guess youre probly a big wiz and big sean fan huh? rapping about real life situations could never be played out. as far as production i guess thats a personal preference but i thought the production was awesome especially on 'bitch dont kill my vibe' 'money trees' and 'm.A.A.d city'

    • Anonymous

      its dope, but that's way overrating it. one of the best of the year. perhaps fulfilled hype, but beyond that..

    • Anonymous

      The only corny people are the weiros hyping him up. Just because there hasnt been a good debut in years doesnt make this album a classic or even good. People are so thirsty for decent hiphop by a non vet artist theyre willing to call anything that doesnt suck as much as everything else, "classic". But this isnt it and Kendrick isnt that good. The album has weak production, played out topics, a style stolen from andre 3000 and he has a TERRIBLE VOICE. The album isnt good.

    • Anonymous

      debute?!?!?! im kinda feelin live from the underground more than gkmc or cole world....but i feel where u comin from though

    • Nick08

      Thank You!^ People are confusing as fuck, I swear.

  • Rick Steves you aint about that travel life

    Take that monkey shit off you . embarrasin . us .

  • Anonymizzle

    I grew up with Kendrick in Compton. He was the only fool with a crazy daisy in the projects. That's how you kno he ain't bout that struggle

  • J-Kwon

    Sometimes I pretend me and Kendrick are flying a plane together y'all

  • Anonymous

    I like his ambition. I'm excited to see what this kid has to offer

  • Tony G

    The last "classic" hip hop album was that Cypress Hill double joint with rock superstar on it. There hasn't been shit since

  • Anony


  • chris

    classic album huh? forget competing with jay, nas, and kanye, because you cant compete with them. this guy should be competing with other debut albums from other west coast artists like SNOOP DOGGS DOGGYSTYLE AND ICE CUBE AMERIKKAS MOST WANTED. This album isnt better then either one of those two. this shit isnt better then the first Chronic album. how u beat jay-z out for lyricist of the year that nigga barely raps now and he never puts out mixtapes. do compton proud and stay in your lane and dont fuck your career off like Game smh

  • Rafael

    Eminem >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Jay-z >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NAS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kendrick Fuck All Haters!

  • ETK

    it's so so funny to see these haters catch feelings, when Kendrick ain't even said "I'm comparing myself to.." that's what YOU BITCH ASSES ARE SAYING! he said he's "competitive" with these emcees, there's a god damn difference. but no, that's too much right. yeah, he should be competitive with emcees like lil wayne, 50 cent and rick ross. that's a good battle ground for him. smfh you idiots...

  • Anonymous

    kendrick is boss material im suprised meek mill got the first imprint

  • Yondaime

    to be real with you guys. Dude comes from compton first of all. When i heard the album tracks 1-12. not bad. track with mc eight is my fav. he didn't say he on they level. what he said was he's not gonna be suckin dick. And tht he's gonna make music tht will compete with theirs. lets if he can do it.

  • me

    kendrick's album does not compare to golden era classics. "illmatic", "the chronic", "doggystyle", "midnight marauders" , "me against the world", "only built for cuban lynx", "liquid swords", "ready to die", "aquemeni" ..... i could go on for days, f*ck outta here kendrick.

    • nick08

      stupid, his rivals are meek and jcole? sorry but kendricks smashes all those motherfuckers when it omes to lyrics, flow, and makin an album.

    • trad

      The album has wide critical acclamation, fans are happy with it, it is solid lyrically and the concept is cool. If it will be a classic only time will tell. At the moment it has the potential. Dudes are still caught up in the 90ies. If you want to downgrade the album at least state your reasons. Tell us what is missing from the package or stop hating and show appreciation for the kid's craft. Lyrics, story, flow, concept, beats, content, arrangement etc, what else do people want?

    • B2daL

      I feel you, but at the time those albums dropped people weren't thinking, "this is gonna be a classic or this is a classic". The class tag comes with time. Only time will tell if his album will be a classic album. Right now, it's a very good album. Word

    • Anonymous

      lol at "times change". that's an excuse. i haven't heard not one country music or rock artist or fan talking about "times change". the music is music, good or bad. get your head out of the sand and stop letting people dictate what's the status quo with those stupid excuses.

    • ....

      Completely different eras, different sounds. Even Dre couldn't come out with another Chronic, just the same way Rae probably wouldn't come out with something that will sound like the first OBFCL. GKMC could become a "Modern Day Classic" though. Times change, and so does the music. Why do you "old school" hip hop heads suffer from such severe nostalgia?

    • Anonymous


    • bh

      Thats so true !!! Now you naming classics!!! Like i said if you in youre early twenties you cant even comment!!

  • toppa shot

    We'll have to wait and see what kind of impact this album has before we determine what degree of classic it is. So far, nothing has changed. It's too early. Kendrick saying it will be a classic is lame, but he's right about the time part. Now, comparing his album to the best work of others is a bit premature. Things are so different today in terms of quality. Albums like Illmatic and Ready To Die stood out amongst some of the greatest albums ever made. Take the year before and year after those albums dropped, the quality of albums and amount of classics that came out were unreal. 36 Chambers, Times Up, Enta da Stage, Resurrection, Liquid Swordz, The Infamous, Southernplaylistc, Doe or Die, Hard to Earn, The Diary, Midnight Marauders, Me Against the could go on all day. That's what makes albums like Ready to Die and Illmatic special. They stood out amongst other amazing albums. Look at Reasonable Doubt. That album was slept on for years by most. Why? Because the quality of good hip hop was sooo high back then that it was overlooked. It's not Kendrick's fault, but today he's competing against trash for real. A few great albums drop every now and then, but nothing like it was at hip hop's peak. Thats why I don't think there will be another Illmatic. Unless G.K.M.C. forces the entire industry to step their game up drastically which remains to be seen.

  • Anonymous

    The Documentary > Good Kid Maad City and they try to compare it to illmatic ? lol

  • fearness

    kendrick > jay z aka. illuminati puppet

  • anonymous

    damn, nas got an internet army doesn't he? what are all you ppl gettin all insecure about? just cuz kendrick says he wants to compete with the best and you guys are gettin your panties all in a bunch? haha GKMC is the best debut album by a rapper probly since College Dropout. why would you hate on a young rapper that's actually real and can spit and has the ability to actually keep the rap game going? this is good for hiphop retards

    • Anonymous

      ^^^asswipe, Section.80 was his second album! his first album was (O)verly (D)edicated. lol @ you for not even knowing that

    • g-sus

      Section 80 is his debut album. You had to pay for it to get it. It was released as an Independent album. It's all original material. But I see a lot of people calling Good Kid his "debut" to give it that extra hype. It's his major label debut, but second album.

    • Anonymous

      Kendrick is the only one with an internet army. His music doesnt compare to college dropout or any Nas album. You all are nothing but hypebeasts caught up in the moment.

    • Anonymous

      dude since college dropout ? are you deaf ?

  • Fukkenny

    Will never be a classic! People will tire of his annoying voice

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick iz hip hop troll

  • GL

    Yo this kid is eating off the game now and of course he's going to try and compete against the likes of Jay, Kanye and Nas - same as a young baller in the NBA is going to compete against the likes of LeBron, Melo and Kobe. For him to recognize that he made a good album and to believe it will stand the test of time - good - I have watched trash ass rappers boasting about their garbage ass shit for years...someone who got skills comes along, makes a dope album and the 30 + feel like it's a threat to the classic music we grew up on - it's not - it's homage and we need more artists putting out lyrical, conceptual and creative shit like Kendrick...btw the media asks him this shit about his album being a classic on every interview its not like hes running around beating his chest saying it - let the little homie eat and get his shine

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick Lamar suck dick for TRUKFIT #fact

  • Anonymous

    Man allot of hate here for something that doesn't even sound arrogant all things considered. How is he saying he thinks his album is classic worthy from 90% of rappers calling themselves the greatest? Nas's first album was an instant classic why can't K Dot's 2nd be one? And Ya damn right he's competing with the top dogs, thats the motherfuckin' point. It'll bring keep the older kings on their toes & improve the game altogether. Let the man enjoy his shine for now, the mofo earned it.

  • Blair

    If you believe good kid, m.A.A.d. city competes with the best music out today then yes kendrick is competitive w/ these dudes. No one is saying he has put together a better career. Not even he is saying that. get a grip peeps. Nas has Illmatic, Distant Relatives, and Life is Good. The rest of his discography is meh as far as COMPLETE ALBUMS are concerned. Not saying he's not one of the greatest to ever touch a mic but as far as putting together a complete body of work + work of art at that he ain't on a lotta dude's level. cmon yo.

    • NY-harlem

      It was written was better then Illmatic. But niggas don't wonna come out and say it. Most people who i grew up with prefer It was written over Illmatic. Also no rapper has the resume Nas has. Jay Z might come close.;

    • blair

      and i said his discog was meh "AS FAR AS COMPLETE ALBUMS ARE CONCERNED". i didn't say it was overall meh. cmon yo. keep me in context

    • Blair

      ya'll nas dickriders over here. i'm talkin bout complete albums. shit yea. you're not gunna get an argument from me that ether is one of the best diss tracks ever recorded and i gave you power, the message, etc were great moments in nas' career. fuckin legendary tracks but dude's beat selection is wack at times yo. you get a dre beat and you're gunna make "nas is coming"... cmon yo. on the mic nas is one of the greatest ever as i previously stated but in terms of making complete albums, he's just not. kendrick has put together two of the strongest pieces this side of the century in section 80 and gkmc (i guess this is my opinion but many others agree). give the kid his due. nothin fuckin w/ gkmc right now. comin from a kanye guy.

    • DC

      I kind of lost focus from your argument when you described a majority of Nas' discography as 'meh.' But I do get what you're saying about Kendrick. I think he did a good job on the album and he is fine to say that his album will be a classic. Hell, as someone else said, there's tons of rappers without an ounce of talent claiming their music is the best around, so when someone with talent actually claims it.. Its actually fine.

    • wtf?

      And It was Written? You down playing Nas ALOT.

    • Anonymous

      STILLMATIC was a great album

  • Anonymous

    you know you made it when you got this many haters mad that are successful and have a critically acclaimed album i know everyone can have an opinion and i respect that but people callin him gay, little faggot, and saying he sucked dres dick for a deal, that is hating

  • seda11

    Kenrick cant fuck with: - biggie - nas - jay - krs - kool g rap - big daddy kane - big l - big pun - rakim period!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I know that theres a lot of greats but jayz z aint one of them.i could name a bunch of better mcs modern and older that excel over hov

    • nick08

      I ain't dissin his career, i'm talkin rappin as of today.and out of those legends listed jay is at the bottom. I give props to him cause he became a hell of a businessman and did his shit but HOV is a great example of artist who really sold out,and it all happened after the nas beef. you can say what you want but thats how it is. I wouldn't say kendrick is a better ARTIST than those who have a had such a long running career but if Kendrick and jay rhymed 1 on 1 tomorrow night, i know who im puttin my money on.

    • Allan

      This guy just put Kendrick on Jay level lmaoo it doesn't matter if he's not a personal preference Jay is a LEGEND Kendrick is NOT!

    • Anonymous

      I dont like Jay but hes better the

    • Hova Da god

      damn nick08 you're the worst mothafuckers alive claim that this lil nigga is better than jay hov there since 96 and in now he still platinum so fuck you niggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • nick08

      I agree with all of those except Jay. i really dont think jay z is as great as people have made him out to be .kendrick definitely on Jays level if not better

  • truth

    When i go on my iphone 4 and hit genre then hit hip-hop kendrick lamars album shows up. Such a disgrace nigga doin songs with lady gaga and shit and they put this nigga as hip-hop on my phone.

    • ETK

      oh fuck off @truth. THEY TOOK GAGA OUT OF HIS ALBUM and you still catchin' feelings. that's the pathetic side of hip-hop heads right there

    • Da RealTruth

      @truth stfu u cock sucking dog. hating on a real artist when i bet you have spice girls and Hana Montana in your ipod. The hate on this website is sickening. and you hating ass fags are sickening as well

    • Anonymous

      big sean doin songs with justin bieber

    • nick08

      wtf they consider drake and lil wayne hiphop. and all their features are fuckin whack. I dont understand how people hate on kendrick when hes one of the best out there. You guys need to open up ya mothafuckin mind and listen to his lyrics

    • d

      As opposed to Jay working with Alicia Keyes and Rihanna? Or Nas with Winehouse (RIP) and Keri Hilson? What about when Kanye worked with Katy Perry? Sit yourself down son. Of all the reasons to hate on Kendrick - and there are many more - this is the most invalid.

  • Anonymous

    dreams and nightmares = modern day illmatic

  • Anonymous

    this dude is a gay munchkin that sucked dr.dre's dick for a deal. literally. the option was there. suck and sign. or rough it out indy. usually it's OTHER ppl calling your album classic, not the arist themselves. kendrick lamar will be competing with jay-z and nas when he puts together a 10 year run filled with classics. he has 0 classics as of now. his shit is classic to kids with mohawks in stretchy pants. kendrick lamar = GAY RAPPER

  • Lol

    Bhahahahaha thats the funniestthing ive ever heard in my life

  • Calais

    what does anyone leaving comments here actually know? all our opinions are irrelevent and pointless everyone on here commenting like theyve been in the business twenty years you make me laugh, if kendrick thinks he somethin who are any of you to say other wise

  • Big Mike

    is good kid bad city better than Talib Kweli train of thought witch went gold in 2000? is it better than Mos def black on both sides album? is it better than common resurrection album back in 94? hes not ever better than these guys above so we cant compare him to JAy, NAS,EM

  • bh

    Nas and Jay are cut from a different cloth. You can just take the work they were doing on the clue tapes back in the day and the hot 97 appearances...... Kendrick lamar has to stay in his lane with j. cole and meek mill and them boys. When I think Jay and Nas i think Big and Pac.... If youre not 34 or older you cant even speak on this topic!!!!

    • bh

      Meek Mill is wayyyyy nicer than Kendrick Lamar!!! You crazy for that one.... I'm a BOSS is better than any song Kendrick has ever done!!!

    • SMH

      @bh if you think Knedrick is in the same lane as Meek trash Mill with that high pitched voice you need your damn head examined

    • bh

      To Biggie: I'm at work you bum!! you get a job!! And grow UP!!!!

    • Anonymous

      agree homie if you wasnt really a hip hop dude back then you cant speak on it. It was different era. Back in the day you didnt have to listen to Nas Big Pac to get dope records. It was just to much good music coming out back then.

    • biggie

      what kind of old loser are you haha get a job

  • WhiteBoy3rd

    Funny how he didnt mention Eminem... aint no competition when you go against the great white hope

    • king of europe be dumb

      @King of Europe. Have you heard Kendrick freestyle, he can barely string 4 sentences together, while Em has fell of in the last few years, go youtube his freestyles and you will see he is am much better mc, oh and gkmc is a average album.

    • anonymous

      you are so fucking ignorant its scary. white racist people dont like Eminem, morons. they hate him for even associating with black culture. sure alot of eminem's fans are white, are they racist just because they can relate to eminem better than other rappers? fuck no. sounds like you guys are makin excuses cuz your butthurt that eminem is more successful than your favorite rapper. btw im a white HIPHOP fan that has bought every dre, snoop, jay, nas, eminem, and cd

    • Case Closed

      agree a lot of his fans are racist. A lot of them dont listen to nothing but white rappers and then say fuck all of us niggers. That shit is crazy how can you be racist and listen to hip hop. They is mainly a black genre of music. They was created by people of african descent. It suppose to unify us all not put a wedge between us. Case Closed.

    • King of Europe

      eminem is mediocre and overrated because he's white. mostly of his fans are white racists which normally don't listen hip hop music, they just listen eminem.

  • Biggie

    fuck west coast!!! they killed me there. definitely not going back to cali cali.

  • mike

    kendrick is not that great. he is ok.

  • Devski Lovebug

    Here is the problem with being competitive with Jay-Z and Nas....they are old and from a different era. They no longer care about being the best or beef, and they both stated they've been waiting to past the torch. Its like wanting to compare Lebron James to Micheal Jordan, you can't. Completely different era/time/place/environment.

  • WTF?

    OH HELL NAH. This little faggot is really starting to feel himself huh? This dude will never be on the level of any of those rappers he named. His album is only liked because everything else out is trash, he has no real competition so people (especially the white boys who worship everything "alternative) stay riding his dick. Nas Illmatic came out in a time where everyone was dropping real "classics" and he truly rose above...This dude is praised cause there's no one else to praise. If he dropped in an era of lyricists NO ONE would call this shit a one. He needs to get off his own dick...Jay, Nas, and Kanye NEVER even call their albums classic or say they will be classic in time. The fact that he has to say that proves that shit aint really classic material.

  • Big Mike

    Nas has be dropping albums since 94 jay z since 96 please stop young man you have a long way to go!!! hes still a rookie..lets see if he will be around in 4 years rappers come and go..he still not on EMs level Mos Def ,talib kweli Common, this boy speeding!!!!!! he needs to enjoy hes momnent and keep working

  • Anonymous

    let the hate begin!

  • Carl Weston

    Let us be the judge on weather your new cd will be a classic in time.

  • ETK

    The Hip Hop DX People says "we don't care".

  • Anonymous

    okay.. Nas has 1 classic album. Illmatic. Life is Good is the closest he's come since. Kendrick ain't sayin he's better than anyone. He just saying he's competing w/ them. take the story in context please

  • Anonymous

    This kid egos gonna to through the roof if everyone does not stop telling him how wonderful he is. He had a great album no denying that. But he is not a Jay Z, not a Kanye, and certainly not a Nas. And he will never be like them. He has to drop about four to five more albums first before that conversation begins. He looks like spoiled little brat.

    • Please Read

      Do you people read the article or just the headline? He never said he was better than those guys. He just said that he has to compete with them since he is in the big league now. Damn you people are all fucking idiots!!

  • Anonymous

    Nas dropped 4 - 5 Classic albums, Kendrick has 2, Kendrick needs a few more Classics to say he's on Nas Level. He's maybe near Kanye and Jigga but not Nas. I mean Illmatic counts like not a classic it's perfection.

    • Please Read

      Do you people read the article or just the headline? He never said he was better than those guys. He just said that he has to compete with them since he is in the big league now. Damn you people are all fucking idiots.

    • Anonymous

      kendricks saying he is in the majors now so he has to compete with the top dudes. he isnt saying that he is on their level but competeing to be on their level. i swear hip hop fans are fucking retarded.

    • Anonymous

      Kendrick doesn't have two classic albums, that's BULLSHIT. But I agree with everything else.

    • Allan

      This post is so ignorant and biased it's ridiculous he's not close to Nas but after one album hes close to Jay and Kanye you gotta be kiddin me. And as classic as illmatic was fools like you still find a way to overrate an album that had only 9 songs.

    • H THE GOD

      completely agree..thats what i was going to come here to post! Minus the whole kendrick having 2 classic albums..IFFF KENDRICK LAMAARS album is a classic then lord help hip hop and im the greatest rapper alive

    • ^

      You agree that some faggot that's still wet behind the ears is close to Hov and Ye? FOH

    • saahilio

      Totally agree.

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