Additional Footage From Lil Wayne Lawsuit Deposition Released

UPDATE: Lil Wayne gives visibly defiant replies during a deposition for a recent lawsuit.

Lil Wayne wasn't having it when he sat down for a deposition in regards to a lawsuit with QD3 over the unauthorized use of his material in The Carter documentary.

Weezy grows visibly irritated while fielding preliminary questions regarding his lawsuit against Quincy Jones III for violating copyright in his 2009 film. At one point, the Young Money chief vaguely threatens the lawyer, Pete Ross, by stating that "[the judge] can't save you in the real world."

Wayne is suing for unspecified damages and an order prohibiting producers from using his music in the suit. Watch the video below (via TMZ).

[September 25]

UPDATE: TMZ has released additional footage from Lil Wayne's deposition where he defiantly answers questions from a lawyer. Watch the new clip below.

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  • Anonymous

    Just when you thought he couldnt get anymore ignorant.

  • waynesucknuts

    how is it he's suing anyone when he's constantly getting sued by producers trying to get paid what they're owed for their hard work on his biggest hits? i ain't seen his documentary but i'm sure it has more facts on his real life then what he portrays.

  • lil wayne deposition

    nicely handled

  • Anonymous

    I really would like to see someone slap the shit out of this lil nigga.

  • Cameron

    I really don't know what the legal ramifications will be but Weezy is acting tough right there and it is hilarious! No wonder lawyers shouldn't talk to the players... The lawyers should keep that kind of discussion to themselves! Haha I don't recall shit man! LMAOOOOOOO

  • Anonymous

    lil wayne is juss trollin that mf. not sucking wayne's dick or anythin but you can tell that white dude is juss doin his job.

  • ?

    Um I'm sorry but he has the right to not say anything. If that was you your lawyer would tell you to not answer any questions at all.

  • Donald Passman

    Lil Wayne is a good person and people need to stop hating on him.

  • Real Talk

    Damn been a minute since i commented on this site, but from the looks of it, aint shit changed, Lil white Boys from behind they computer screen talking greasy on lil wayne. How about u stop clicking on Lil Wayne articles if u cant stand him. Fucking clowns, oh well I guess u can back to your shitty lives, where all u do is blog and talk shit about your idols.

  • G5

    This dude is an idiot. He needs a serious reality check.This shit doesn't make him look tough at all. He looks like a spoiled brat throwing a fit over a toy he couldn't get in target. Grow the fuck up, what a clown!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    R.I.P. Derek Williams. Make the whole world see it, y'all. We want justice!!!

  • Pubez

    I don't no what y'all yackin about that this fool fuck up his career on his own it's already working out so let the nigga rot. K-dot cd coming soon people will feel that shit and mellowhype cd gonna be hot

  • Ty dollaz

    I swear I just read this comment but shit, this is the truth and Wayne will be exposed for the flaming faggot the world will adventually see. He was a fluke it's sad to know I was a part of the reason he blew up because his shit was hot when I heard the drought 3 but shit post Carter 3 was all whack,

    • @TY Dollaz

      -NIgga that freestyle was Weak -Not to mention that last line u stole from the 8mile movie -I have a question for u Ty, U Like Guys? -Could have sworn u just typed"I Ride your bitch ass anytime" -And u call him a faggot? With them gay ass lines -Imma a fucking Dawg, and u more Feline -Thats a bitch, if u cant read between these lines

    • Ty dollaz

      Denver ninja a dweeb white kid most likely freshman or 8th grade who only understands the a b c raps that young money releases. Grab dis dick bitch and suck ja rule for president and will murk this fool. Powder make u hyper. Don't u forget it full I'll ride your ass you bitch ass nigga. Chicken Wang yo bitch ass. You a fool and would kiss bird man too if u kid faggot. Atleast Frankie admits it. If ten men came in a cup you'd probably drink it.

    • Denver Ninja

      Hating ass nigga, once I'm done with your ass you'll be left on that midnight train to Georgia.

  • Josh

    And this is who the youth looks up to, it disgusts me. He totally portrays an image, he went from baggy gansta jean child celebrity to tight jeans and leggings skateboarder/Oddfuture wanna be. He says he stopped doing drugs but continues about rapping about doing them. That is all an image mr.carter. You were never a blood, and most kids who skate use that to keep their shit out of trouble and focus. You can't even focus on releasing an album that contains substance, flip flop from rap to rock to rap to rock. It's all an IMAGE. He was locked up in a cell that most Americans would love to live in daily. He was kept away from others prisoners because he would of been killed.

  • BOY

    I bet none of these bitch ass hating ass niggas on here would do or dare say ANYTHING if Wayne came face to face with them. Yall a bunch of HATING ASS NERDS! I think yall really suicidal for tryna fuck with a fuckin Blood ass nigga. Weezy is KIGN of HIP HOP. If Pac where alive he would RECOGNIZE that and yall bitch ass niggas would still cry like the bitches you are. BLOOD GANG PIRU! YMCMB!

  • Anonymous

    LOL this dumb nigga actin like its a trial against him or sumthin

  • wow

    am i the only person that realizes this is his lawsuit against QD3 and he does nothing here but make himself look like a dumbass.......if he really wants the lawsuit to be settled he should have actually answered the lawyer and judge's ?'s.....fucking retard........lil wayne is garbage.......this jus proved my point that he is far from anything hip hop stands for

    • Anonymous

      he's a fucking dumbass. he's trynna get his street cred back by acting tough on camera after showing suspect behavior MANY times on national television. dumbass jegging-wearing, man-kissing nigga.

  • WTF

    wtf, that laywer is clowning wayne and he thinks he's being a smart about it. that lawyer sonned this kid, lol

  • Mr Flamboyant

    I'm not a Wanye fan anymore...cause he's wack musically...but this is a stand up job. LOL! To all of those who have had to undergo a deposition, this is the type of asshole questions you are asked by their lawyers. The name of the game is to try to get you tripped up and become frustrated until you say or do something stupid. It's basically a waste of time and once the facts come up it's rendered pathetically useless actually. I don't know how long his deposition was...but mine was damn near 3 to 4 hours of questions and silly rhetoric like that.

  • Anonymous

    fuck dat pussy ass cracker lawyer

  • Anonymous

  • eminem

    that attorney is old racist cracker!

  • C-Dot

    Wayne is a pussy and been a pussy his whole life...He is one of those celebs that act hard all of a sudden when he is with his entourage...He's trying to start shyt with sum1 that obviously ain't like that at all...Its like a bully fighting a nerd...Smh, pussy...

  • reveu1

    I don't understand why wayne is talking about the streets when he's been living good since he was 16.

  • @SLO Icy Boi

    @So Icy Boi, I'm not like some of these people that post on this site because I know you're not really serious when you post all this Lil Wayne/YMCMB jock riding, boot licking nonsense, but I can't lie, I'm getting sick of seeing it. Enough is enough. If your posts really are serious, you must be borderline retarded. You're the gayest groupie in existence, which is sad because Wayne obviously like girls. Get out of here with all 'Wayne is da GOAT' shizzle homeboy. Am I the only one thinking this way?

  • Ky

    LOL, he's talking reckless because it's a lawsuit. He wasn't talking like that when he was in court for that gun charge.

  • Huh

    I really dislike Lil Wayne, but this shit right here was funny as hell!! I don't see why everyone posting is so pissed? I hate him to but he totally didn't give a fuck which is great to see a person not getting grilled by a dick judge and or cocky ass attorney! Funny shit as far as I'm concerned

    • Anonymous

      I actually used to be a wayne fan when he was dropping carter 1 and 2 and all those mixtapes, but reall started disliking his music after that. Now i dont consider myself a fan at all, but i agree, i think this shit is funny as fuck. i am starting to like him more after watching this

  • This Guy

    I really dislike Lil Wayne, but this shit right here was funny as hell! I don't see why everyone posting is so pissed, I hate him to but he totally didn't give a fuck which is great to see a person not getting grilled by a dick judge and or cocky ass attorney! Funny shit as far as I'm concerned

  • Har-magedon

    The sad part is this pathetic excuse for a black male, shit, human being, is someone's hero. Amazing.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Lil Wayne is da best rapper alive coz he sold da most album. he sold more den 2Pac and Eminem. Lil Wayne is da GOAT. swag

  • Anonymous

    wack ass rapper, fucking bumb!

  • Anonymous

    Fuck he comes of so retarded. It really pisses me off because he's a role model for so many 12-16 year olds and they will think its appropriate and awesome acting like a spoiled shit. The dudes living in a bubble. Can someone find a interview of lil wayne where he actually can hold a conversation. I honestly believe the guy still thinks he's a child star and he can pull of acting like candy rapper. Hop Hop is such a plastic genre when the likes of lil wayne can grammys.

  • Anonymous

    tHE ONLY REASON I THOUGHT Wayne was any decent was because of that documentry... acting tough to a 60 yr old white attorney.. U arnt a skater buddy.

  • sheetonwyne

    man wtf was that?!?!? wayne actin like a h0 fo sho, stop trying to be hard ur a made up pop star boy

  • Y.E

    "He can't save you" What does that mean? "I was talking to myself" lmao

  • smh

    he is a little too old to be responding in such a juvenile manner

  • clueless?

    how can anyone support this guy?

  • Anonymous

    lol lil wayne scared the shit out of him lol am done lol it not that he acting hard kido he acting like how he is you would be piss being ask the same question they know the answer to over and over fuck that i would snap lol

  • Ymcb

    Sorry y'all Wayne failed here. Send the monkey back to jail

  • Nick

    And this is who the youth looks up to, it disgusts me. He totally portrays an image, he went from baggy gansta jean child celebrity to tight jeans and leggings skateboarder/Oddfuture wanna be. He says he stopped doing drugs but continues about rapping about doing them. That is all an image mr.carter. You were never a blood, and most kids who skate use that to keep their shit out of trouble and focus. You can't even focus on releasing an album that contains substance, flip flop from rap to rock to rap to rock. You need to do something for the kids out their. I'm in Chicago and you are the reason we had two hundred homicides in one summer. Supporting lil mouse, you are trash and disgusting. Nas can't save hip hop no one can. I'm done ranting but I just hate seeing ignorant talentless people act like a premadonna when the dude has very little skill

    • Anonymous

      nick is a retard! you shouldn't be given acces to a computer. WTF does 200 homicides gotta do with wayne GTFOH

    • Anonymous

      ^Its that kind of intolerance for other people's beliefs that makes people hate hip hop

    • wow

      "nas DID get protested about performing at VA tech because of his violence music." Yeah, by dumbass Fox News and Republicans. Everyone else didn't care. You said he got BANNED, not PROTESTED. You fail at that. I don't care what you think, you pseudo-intellectual dumbass. You can take your music taste and shove it up your ass.

    • Anonymous

      you need to re-read what i said. nas DID get protested about performing at VA tech because of his violence music. look it up. and thank you proving my point even furthr. you cant blame musician for other people's actions like shooting cops. same way you can't blame wayne for every death in chicago. THANK YOU taking the bait and proving my point. and you can feel sorry for my "shitty taste" in music all you like. just like a can feel sorry for yours. we could go in circles all day acting like nazi's about music... but im not that petty and arrogant that i look down on people who dont share my "tastes"... its called TASTE for a reason. its subjective. grow the fuck up.

    • wow

      Anonymous is a white guy that knows nothing about hip-hop. Nas never got banned from that VA Tech concert. And music doesn't make you go shoot cops, so what you said about Pac wasn't true. "o say wayne is ignorant and talentless yet his history in the game shows that just cant be true." Actually, his history shows it is true. "just b/c u dont like him does not make it the law." Just because you like doesn't make it the law either. "i think hes dope. so do millions of other people." I feel sorry for your shitty taste in music. Actually, I don't. I'm not surprised because you're a POP sheep who'll follow what other pop sheep like.

    • @Anonymoush

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Wayne dope? He's on dope, but he hasn't been dope since Tha Carter 2. Everything he released after that was HOT TRASH.

    • ^

      Anonymous, you're a dumbass. What he said wasn't 100% right, but what you said was some bullshit. Oh, wait. I forgot you're a cock gobbling stan. Your argument is irrelevant.

    • Anonymous

      yo say wayne is ignorant and talentless yet his history in the game shows that just cant be true. just b/c u dont like him does not make it the law. i think hes dope. so do millions of other people. let it eat u up inside

    • Anonymous

      people like nick are why people hate hip hop blogs. everything is lil wayne's fault. nas been was banned from the va tech concert because of his violent lyrics and his gangster music. 2pac was cited as causing a guy to shoot police. my point rap has a history of violent lyrics.... you sit here and blame lil wayne for the murder rate in chicago and glorify nas as some savior. im honstly startingto think u are a troll. you cant be this fucking stupid. give him 5 more minutes and he'll connect wayne's music to the Kennedy assassination.

    • Anonymous

      Lil Wayne was the reason why there were 200 homicides in Chicago in one summer? c'mon now...

    • Stud

      Real talk. He's destroying the youth, i feel you on that we need Kendrick to drop his shit now

  • G5

    LMAO. This fool really thinks he's tough. Does he really think these lawyers and judges are worried about him doing something. He's not putting in any work!! Man it's sad when a lawyer knows your a fraud. LOL, this nigga need to save that shit. All he did was make himself look weak.

  • Anonymous

    niggas call wayne a pop star.. like no ceilings was pop? carter 2 was pop? lil wayne is pop when he shows up on every kids bob, and i don't think his lyrics gonna make the disney channel cut. it sounds cute when y'all say it.. but it doesn't make sense.. wayne is no where near pop



  • So Icy Boi

    wayne's going to be remembered as the next 2pac. How can you not award him that right. Look how much he has done for hip hop. Hip Hop album says have been on slow decline, yet Wayne has been the small breath of air keeping it alive and bringing in money by bringing in ATTENTION. Attention is what keeps music or anything else alive. He branches out and does other things than music. He features on other artists of different genres albums. Pac would be proud of Wayne if he were still alive and I even believe he would agree to sign to Young Money records and help Wayne build even bigger empire. If Wayne were to die, he WOULD become the same vessel of icon as Pac was and still is to this day. Look how many people bite Waynes style same as they did pac(Nas, Ja Rule). Yall know its true but are just to afraid to admit it.

  • Anonymous

    He looks like a diseased monkey given up for a adoption by whoopi goldberg

  • Birdman

    Leave Wayne alone. He's trying to get his money. C'mere, Baby Jr., and give daddy a kiss.

  • So icy boi

    hi everyone! i'd just like to apologize for irritating all of you so much! the truth is i troll you all because i have nothing better to do with my life! my dad kicked me out because i am gay and at the foster home all i can do is use my laptop all day!

  • YMCMB Album Tracklist w/ Producers

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  • Anonymous

    man they ask all these question that have nothing to do with the sue, he is right on this one

  • Anonymous

    what a fucking tool

  • FlashFixter

    30 year old child having a tantrum on the stand...sad

  • Anonymous

    this makes him look bad. nigga, you the one suing, don't act like they're wastin your time when its your own action

  • YMCMB Album Tracklist

    1. Intro (Birdman) 2. Bitches (Lil Wayne, Drake, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz) 3. Money Bank (Birdman, DJ Khaled, T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross, Tyga) 4. None Like Us (Busta Rhymes, DJ Khaled, Future, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Jadakiss) 5. Girls, Girls, Girls (Nicki Minaj, Shanell) 6. Interlude (Birdman, DJ Khaled, Mack Maine) 7. 1 Billion Bottles (Drake, DJ Khaled, Tyga, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne) 8. Past, Present, & Future (Lil Wayne, Jay Sean, Drake, Juvenile) 9. Daddy (Birdman, Lil Wayne, Drake, Mack Maine) 10. Billboard Charts [Success] (Limp Bizkit, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj) 11. I Want You [So Bad] (Drake, Nicki Minaj) 12. Tax Write-Offs (Limp Bizkit, Bow Wow, Gudda-Gudda, Jae Millz) 13. Family (Birdman, DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, Bow Wow, Busta Rhymes, Lil Twist, Lil Chuckee, Gudda-Gudda, Jae Mills, Mack Maine) 14. Trukfit [Skateboard] (Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled) Deluxe Edition Tracks 15. Super Star (Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne) 16. Press Conference (Birdman, Nicki Minaj, Bow Wow, Lil Wayne) 17. Family II [MMG/We Da Best Remix] (Birdman, DJ Khaled, Ace Hood, Mavado, Rick Ross, Omarion, Gunplay, Wale, Meek Mill, French Montana, Stalley) 18. White Flag [Jay-Z, Common, Pusha T, Lil Kim, Ludacris, Hot 97 diss] (Lil Wayne, Birdman, Drake, Nicki Minaj)

  • Lil Wayne

    Why do y'all hate me so much?

    • Tupac

      That nigga was a fake. And to the nigga above me, fuck you, lying ass nigga.

    • dan08

      @2pac cause you're a fag who contradicted himself in his music and his actions and contributed to the detriment of young kids who listened to your music and started shooting cops and acting violent and wanting to be gangsters. wishing death on people's kids and threatening to shoot up their funerals your ignorant and your music fucking sucked FAG.

    • 2pac

      Dont worry wayne they said the same shit about me.

    • nick08

      Cause you're a fag,your music sucks and it is a prime example of what led our generation of people to be so fuckin ignorant and so fucked up.& your music sucks.and your a FAG.


    Ahhhhhhhh uuuuuuummmmm, Ahhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuummmm. Little Wayne aka Dwayne Carter Jr....I see a prison sentence in your future due to the death of a District Attorney that you have recently threatened the life of. In your future I can also see a shitty rock album being released that will be titled "I am human being 2" or something along those lines. I really dont give a fuck and neither will your fans. Ahhhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmmmm, Ahhhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuummmmmmmmm



  • BOY

    Smh! Doesnt that bitch Pete Ross know NOT to fuck with a real ass Blood?! Wayne dont give a single fuck, he WILL threaten you infront of a judge! There aint no other as gangsta as Wayne. Weezy is the Reincarnation of Tupac Shakur. Weezy is KIGN of HIP HOP YMCMB!

  • Anonymous

    Middle fingers in air I'm Rick James toniiiiiiggght I don't give a fuck! Shout out to Weezy.

  • Mad

    Waaahhhh Why do they like Wayne? WAAAAAHHHH. I want them to like my guy! Waaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

  • kev

    I am not a fan or hater of Wayne, but this shit is pure comedy, and I would pay to watch the whole Deposition...

  • Anonymous

    All the lil Wayne haters trying to stick up for the interrogator - sit the fuck down. Nobody's riding with that except you jealous, Wayne on the brain, crying over nothing, assclowns. Keep crying over some damn music.

  • Anonymous

    "That guy right deer... He can't save you." LOL! My nigga.

  • fuck young money

    he's as dumb as his so called "music".

  • Anonymous

    Wayne is ILL! LOL! That was awesome. " He can't save you." The power of being rich.

  • Anonymous

    That was supposed to be what? gangsta. Fuck outta here.



  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    fuck yeh thats wasup

  • Anonymous

    (Deeeppp ddddeeeppp breath)...why y'all bringing old shit back no fucken point ,what is the use of asking someone who is from the hood these fucken dumbass when they have the rule of NO SNITCHIN'.....So stop this old bullshit n carry on doin what u suppose to u bitch u....

  • Arson

    the way yall be acting towards wayne reminds me so much of the way people like delores tuckers and dan quayle and wendy williams acted towards pac.

  • firealarm

    this is one of the greatest things I've seen hahahaha

  • Arson

    who cares. yall still gonna drop 300 comments on every article with his name in the title. yall still gonna listen to every song and every interview. yall still gonna listen to his album back to front. and his carter albums are stll gonna go platinum in a week. to be blunt, a year from now, yall still gonna be in this very spot talking about how this nigga aint shit and how stupid and gay he is. the irony.

    • @OP

      You're a stan, so what you say is irrelevant.

    • bronxdutch

      you have a great point. dont you think thats funny?? cause its evident this cat is a wack rapper.....and yet he sells. its cause they want wack music to put the nail in the coffin of an already poor public education in the u.s.a . they want people to get dumber and stay dumb so that they are easier to control and blind. birdman, 2chanis, niki minaj (oh god), wayne = trash

  • bronxdutch

    for everyone calling pac a bitch too, you dont know what your talking about. pac was facing a rape charge, he had alot more to lose in the position he was in and was still g'd up (although i agree, it was not smart cause it didnt help). wayne doesnt have shit to lose in this case, i dont remember him being so tough when he was in court for that gun charge. cause the shoe was on the other foot in that case. so all in all wayne is still a wack rapper that shot himself at age 12 and kisses his adoptive father in the lips. peace

    • -__-

      All of you Anonymouses are the same person. Agreeing on your own comment doesn't make you better.

    • Anonymous

      I agree pac fans are the worst. you cant enjoy a pac fan on youtube without reading 300 commments about how gay lil wayne in. no one talks about pac on any of the young money videos. its always good music fans and 90's fans whose lives revolve around lil wayne. there's a difference between disliking lil wayne and just investing hatred in him. pac fan's are among the most hateful fans in hip hop. everything gotta be about lil wayne. the truth is because they are the most prominent group ( i didnt say best) in hip hop and niggas are just threatened by them. pac fans got hate in their heart straight up.

    • @Anonymous

      You are either a bitter Pac hater, a Wayne, stan, or a white right-wing Republican. Actually, you're all the above. Everything you said is a bunch of bullshit lies you made up.

    • ^

      Nigga, you're stupid. No Pac fan acts like that. You live in a fantasy world. If you don't like Pac, that's fine. But don't bash the nigga. Wayne fans are the worst, BTW. Everytime someone talks negative about their idol, they're like "oh, u iz a hata Wayne got mo muney then u" which is stupid. Money doesn't equal talent, which Wayne has none of, and his music is proof of that.

    • Anonymous

      you sensitive pac fans are the worst. you think anybody who isnt completely dickriding pac is bashing him. you sound like your heart is broken you bitch ass nigga. im just sick of hateful pac fans disrespecting every new rapper that wasnt rapping in the 90's screaming westside or doesnt still wear baggy pants. hate mongering and gay bashing and calling niggas fake when the same accusations could also be applied to pac. grow the fuck. pac fans act remind me of racist white people with their hatred

    • @Anonymouses 4-5

      Nigga, you just made up a bunch of bullshit. You claim to own his CDs and DVDs and you claim to be a fan, yet you're bashing him. You never were a fan; you're a fake fan. And to Anonymous 6, that gay shit about Pac is just bullshit made up by bitter niggas.

    • Anonymous

      i cant say that your wrong about the rape charge being stupid. but the chick staged that shit though. she was fronting really hard. that was bs. but the gay homo stuff that u mentioned about pac?? thats the first i have ever heard of that shit. wow. i gotta look into that. smh not cool

    • Anonymous

      and for the record i own every single 2pac album and dvd. i dont give a fuck about none of that extra shit. im just tired of you bitch ass niggas being hypocrites and being hateful towards certain rappers and giving other rappers who did the same shit a pass just because you dont personally hate them

    • Anonymous

      You are in no position to talk about respect. you the type of nigga to wish death and throw hate speech on a rapper because you dont like his music. dont preach about respect. and everything i said besides the rumor about the gay boyfriend is documented fact. youtube "2pac bill Bellamy interview" where he talks about stripping on stage and humping dolls. watch other interviews where he talks about how the drug dealers were pissed at him and took his drugs away because he didnt know how to hustle weight properly. the fact that yall calling me a liar just shows that you have a problem with that shit. if that was any other rapper you'd be calling them a fag. you already call game a fag for allegedly being a stripper. what does that say about pac humping blow up dolls on stage half naked? that's what happens when you throw stones from a glass house. you end up eating your own shit!

    • SMFH

      It's amazing how little respect some idiots have for Pac. Everything you niggas said about Pac is fucking lies you made up.

    • ^

      Nigga, you're a liar, too. You Pac haters/Wayne stans are always making shit up. Like I saidto the other dumbass, nothing you said was true as well.

    • Anonymous

      Its funny how anytime someone counters your arguments or says something your can't come back against you try to paint them as crazy stans. Isn't that what people accuse the "evil" government of doing? and that shit was actually true. pac used to strip onstage and hump blow up dolls. that gay student shit was also a rumor. look it up. everything he said was true.

    • ^

      You are a Pac hater/Wayne stan. Nothing you said is true.

    • Anonymous

      the fact that he was facing a rape charge makes him an even bigger idiot. and since you want to get real picky about wayne at 12 years old, when pac was that 14 he got banned from selling dope because he didnt know what the fuck he was doing and was fucking up business. so you sit here trying to punk wayne for shooting himself when he was barely a teenager, yet 2pac was in the same environment doing the same stupid shit. you're sitting here trying to paint pac as a real nigga for acting ignorant in court with more on the line. this is what's wrong with people like you. rewarding ignorance against ignorance. gtfoh 2pac also used to strip and hump blow up dolls on stage and told a gay student he would have sex with him. peace

    • Anonymous

      Pure unadulterated ether.

  • Anonymous

    Should've plead the fifth.

  • E.T.

    Is Wayne For Real? He Looked Like He Was Butt Hurt Cuz The Deposition was holding up his "Skate Sesh". I Get Those Questions That Dude Was Asking We're Pretty Irrelevant to the Case. Some Of them were blatantly asked to Irritate and To try to get a rise out of him. Still, Fucking Man up Wayne, Jesus. Treating The Law System that HE CALLED ON Like a child in time-out is fucking pathetic. Is It that hard to answer those dumbass questions the guy was asking? HE'S A FUCKIN LAWYER! Its his Job to ask questions. Especially at a fucking deposition, He Can Ask all the Stupid ass questions he wants without the Judge to stop him. It's called a Oral Testimony Wayne, If The Lawyer Came off As a dick then its PROBABLY because he's representing the opposite party. He wasn't there to gather information on your kickflips and Mr. Thanksgiving Collabs. And To Top it off Wayne Threatened him a couple times. BRAVO TUNECHI BRAVO. Like The The Lords Of Dogtown are gonna come lay his ass flat or something.... That Lawyer is Probably Getting High-Fives and Scoring MAD Courthouse-Pussy. Dude Just Snagged The Testimony Of his Life.

  • Anonymous

    holy shit this nigga straight retarded

  • Anonymous

    This nigga a NUT job lmaoooo

  • Anonymous

    LOL, I hope that lawyer files a lawsuit against him for making a threat. Wayne is a retard, NO LAWYER IS AFRAID OF YOU OR YOUR PAID FOR GANG MEMBER FRIENDS...... He probably hopes you do something sop he can have you arrested and sue you for millions

  • Anonymous


  • YouSerious?

    This is just fucking stupid. Wayne just set hip-hop culture back. This lawyer has to ask questions to confirm facts; its the legal process. Wayne disrespects this man from the start. Wayne's acting like this is a chore, well the he shouldn't have wanted to sue Quincy! You don't just get whatever the fuck you want in

  • Anonymous

    to all the dumb asses : The lawyer is not Lil Wayne's friend, he's there to defame Lil Wayne and make him look bad, he doesn't have to ask nice questions. Go to school.

  • Farrakhan

    I'm black and I'm proud!!!

  • sundown

    that attorney will have some great impeachment material if this matter ever goes to court

  • Anonymous

    so much swagg and is so fuckin' cool

  • Sco*

    This guy's a fucking 'tard....He shouldn't have answered the questions if he didn't want to, but the way he went about it was so juvenile and immature.....

  • I need money

    give me dat money so i can live mah life to da fullest.

  • I need money

    give me dat money so i can live mah life to da fullest

  • Anonymous

    help me i'm poor as fuck and it ain't funny anymo'!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    please help i'm poor

  • Anonymous

    Why that racist white dude asking him all them questions for?

  • guess who?

    hahaha.... both of them are clowns clearly. The lawyer is an idiote for asking questions to which he already has the answers and lil wayne is an idiote for emitting a child like response to charges that are only damaging TO HIM and for implying that he can hurt the lawyer.

  • lol

    "How would you describe your image in the media?" I wouldn't describe it. Perfect fucking answer, hahah.

  • lol

    Wayne should be more mature, especially by 30, but fuck you can't blame him. This lawyer is asking some stupid fucking questions, holy shit.

  • John-Boy

    And whats even sadder is that some young dumb mother fucker is gonna watch this and try to immitate it in a court room and the judge is gonna noose they ass!

  • Eye Control

    LETTER TO LIL WAYNE: Wayne, I don't know if you'll ever read this but I just want to say you're a huge inspiration, not just to hip-hop fans, but to the community also. You're getting kids to stay away from the street life and to take on skateboarding. You're a positive influence against violence. I'm glad you pulled Nicki out of summer Jam, and stated that women deserve the most respect. That says so much about you. Ignore the naysayers, you have so much swag and I think you're clothes and style is revolutionary. Fuck the haters who call you gay for kissing your father. It's not like he isn't your biological father, but the haters act like he's not your real dad. Fuck Jay-Z and Fuck Pusha T, you are the best rapper alive, the best skateboarder, the best swag alive, best clothing company, you're the best at everything and can do anything you set your mind to. Rebirth was so revolutionary, and Carter 4 was the best album of 2010, better than that sell-out Recovery album. Thanks for being such a big inspiration, Wayne. #Toonchy #BedOverBread #TruckFit

  • John-Boy

    LMAO! This nigga sound like a 13 year old suburban kid who is rebelling against his mom. If any of you are confused, this nigga is NOT acting like a G.I'm from the south side of Chicago and I know the difference.

    • Anonymous

      apparently not, he's suing someone and the attorney is asking him incriminating and demeaning questions that don't deal with the case.

  • Chill510

    This was good entertainment "HE CAN'T SAVE YOU"

  • ctallday

    An ignorant dumb ass!

  • wishworks

    WTF In court son? yo weezy bugging. Fact, they always wait till them charges build up, Then they get ya, he should have learned that the first time. Than you threaten the DA. NOOOOOOO stop. Please people who watch this, DUE NOT BE INSPIRED TO TRY TO ACT LIKE THIS IN THE COURT ROOM, they roofing Duds for behavior like this, and i don't think you have the money like WAYNE to get outta of this situation. PAUSE FOR REAL

    • Blah

      There is no DA!!! This is not a criminal case. Its a lawsuit that Weezy braught to court!!! Obviously you dont know much bout the law.

  • Gdubb

    Should have just taken the fifth.

  • Flow

    This is proof that no matter how much money you have you need an education.

  • Steve Real

    I don't recall that.

  • Anonymous

    looks a 16 year old talking to the principle

  • Lil Durk 3hunna

    Chicago is the mecca of all black gangs, Harlem is the mecca for all black hustlers and New Orleans is the mecca for all black voodoo.

  • d-nucks

    Dude is 30 years old acting like a bad ass 13 year old kid sitting in the princples office? THIS IS GANGSTA? NIGGA MAN UP SIT UP straight HANDLE THAT SHIT LIKE A MAN and go the fuck on about your day.

    • Anonymous

      He's a lawyer. That's his fucking job to ask question.

    • realtalk101

      I really don't see where the line of questioning was relevant. Hes not being pursued for a criminal case on this matter, so questioning his criminal past came from so left field to the point it was an attempt to discredit and degrade his character. Lil Wayne kind of walked into exactly the perception they were trying to portray, which definitely was ignorant some what on his part however, if they gonna ask stupid questions that are already public record I suppose he has the right to counteract the ignorance in return. I don't even really see why any questions outside of relevance to the case at hand are being discussed in this case, I didn't really hear much pertaining to business matters that brought them together that day. It is a simple trademark/copyright infringement dispute if I'm not mistaken. I haven't followed it too closely but I really didn't take much inside perspective on the matter at hand from this footage, which evidently mean's the proper approach wasn't at all being addressed. Its a fail for everybody that took part in it on both sides.

    • Anonymous

      Stop hating on Lil Wayne checking that clown lawyer.

  • Anonymous

    It would have been hilarious if that lawyer came across the table and started whoopin his ass. Lil wayne needs to cut it out..HE IS NOT A THREAT TO NOBODY....did ya'll see him hitting that punching bag on that 6'7 video? DUDE HAS NO HANDS!!!

  • Deez Nutz

    Lil Wayne is a young millionaire, from the ghetto and he made it big. People hate on the success, that they will never have.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody gives a fuck about his money/success; HIS MUSIC IS FUCKING GARBAGE!!

    • Anonymous

      "he's been rich since he was 9 years old" smh whatever helps you sleep better at night my nigga.

    • On the real

      News Flash:Nutz get a clue he is 30 years old where I come from that a grown ass man and he's been rich since he was 9 years old.Not sure why all his haters hate on him but some people hate on him cause he is a bad example to the urban youth.

  • anonymous

    PUBLICITY STUNT with the dedication 4 and now this he just trying to show he some sorta gangsta he the one suing qd3 for doing a documentary on him using waynes materials unauthorized like writing a autobiography and not logging somebodys life...this shit is all a gimmick we all know wayne aint no gangsta anymore the "block is hot lil wayne" would slap the shit outta this wayne we seeing now-a-days

  • rdcj

    Please stop compering him to Pac. That was a totally different situation at a different time and with a whole set of different situations. Pac was on trial this guy is suing some guy that made a documentary that promoted him and Cash Money. That's a bitch move on his part.

    • ^

      Nigga, he's wrong and so are you.

    • Anonymous

      greg is right. if wayne allegedly got raped in prison yall would run with no matter how untrue it was. same way the 2pac haters did

    • Anonymous

      You Wayne stans need to kill yourselves, especially greg focker. Nothing you said is true. Pac is a real dude, while Wayne is fake.

    • Anonymous

      You're an idiot, Greg foster.

    • ^:

      Nothing you said is true. Pac is nothing like Wayne.

    • ^:

      Nothing you said is true.

    • ^:

      Kill yourself. Nothing you said is true.

    • ^:

      Kill yourself, bitch. Nothing you said is true.

    • greg focker

      both wayne and pac were young punks fascinated with the mafia life they werent really about. funny thing is yall like to forget that the same shit people are saying about wayne and kanye and ross people were saying even worse about pac in the 90's. imagine how most of u niggas would react if wayne if he got a fake rape charge planted on him. you would wish prison on him and crucify him without any real facts, just simply based on your personal hatred toward him. the same hatred you harbor towards wayne is the same hatred people and social media had for pac in the 90s. dont let bitterness and nostalgia fuck up your recollection of the past. pac even admitted has was big mouth punk and was very immature. i love how niggas always try to act like pac was this angel who did everything he rapped about and was just the most perfect niigga on the planet. if he was still alive you all would probably hate his guts accuse him of being gay and plant some bogus illuminati affiliation on him. fucking you bitch ass rapper commentators

    • RDCj

      Pac represented the way that the black community felt about the racism and oppression that was felt in the 70s, 80s and 90s. He represented social issues in his music and his lifestyle that was important to the urban community at a time much different from today. He was real it was Me against the World and that how he lived. Wayne reps the skater community and the teens that don't know better. It was stupid but at the time we felt like we couldnt get a fair trial and he represented that. What I see from Wayne is a spoiled adult that is throwing a tantrum because his ego is so high up.

    • randy

      You know damn well you would have still been hating on wayne if he was on trial for rape. only switching up ur story b/c someone pointed out that pac did the same shit

    • Anonymous

      sorry bro acting a fool when on trial is even more idiotic than doing so during an inane Q % A. lol

  • Anonymous

    pac trolls need to hop off and weezy haters do to. im not eve a fan but i see why homeboy was loose butthole

  • Anonymous

    what an idiot and whack rapper

  • Anonymous

    for all you stone throwing glass house niggas if wayne is a bitch for acting hostile in court then so is 2pac. i guess its time to find something new to hate on wayne for since this also to a rapper you like.



  • DoomsdayAttire

    Remember when Omar did this on The Wire? It was way cooler then.

  • Anonymous

    what a fuckin dumbass he was not actin tough while he was lost in his jeep in the middle of compton with the gangbangers were knockin and callin him at his doors and taint windows but when he finds himself in front of a lawyer, someone who has a degree and follow the legal system he acts like he's rollin with a mafia or somethin i dont like 40 glocc but he acted right when you were in compton. the next time i hope someone really pop you out lil bitch cause u definitely aint shit without your homeboys

    • Not anonymous

      yea cuz Pac didnt get shot 5 times for not getting down on the ground when they demanded him to? How did Pac act like a bitch? You dumb cunt.

    • Anonymous

      same thing with pac. wasnt acting so tough when he got robbed. but started acting up in court! i guess they all bitches

  • Jo

    yeh u remember unprofessional mu fucka...


    This guy is a clown for real

  • Angel

    What a dick. Still like some of his music but I can't respect him after this.

  • RC

    Trying to act tough in court?? What a total bitch move.

  • Anonymous

    he dont remember anything from those year because he was so fucking high

  • Anonymous

    Lil Wayne is an "ILLITERATE" "WACK" and a Disgrace to hiphop in general. FUCK gay ass wayne and his f gay ass fans on Hiphopdx

  • dRAS

    the definition of a dumb wanna be smart nigga

  • Lil-wayne-debunker

    Is this dude serious? He's filing a lawsuit and threatens a lawyer at deposition? Fuckin ignorant mo-fo.

  • idiot

    over the past year this guys has become so full of him self its not even funny, god i hope he gets sent back to prison to do hard time.

  • Fizzy

    How Stupid!!!! To threaten a lawyer during the course of deposition cements his status as one of the dumbest wannabe tough-guys alive

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