Spokesman For Ex-CIA Director George Tenet Recalls Meeting With Kanye West

Kanye West wasn't lying when he said on "Clique" that he made small talk with former CIA head George Tenet.

From Jay-Z and Warren Buffett to 50 Cent and Joan Rivers, Hip Hop has managed to bring seemingly polar opposites together over the past few decades. Now, it turns out Kanye West had a chance meeting with the former director of the CIA George Tenet.

On "Clique," Yeezy raps, "Yeah, I’m talking business, we talking CIA / I’m talking George Tenet, I seen him the other day / He asked me about my Maybach, think he had the same / Except mine tinted and his might have been rented.” 

In an interview with Wired, Tenet's spokesperson Bill Harlow recalled the time ex-director encountered Mr. West. Harlow continued that the two merely bumped into each other at an event and chatted briefly, but said there was no talk of Maybachs as Kanye alluded to in the song "Clique."   

“They bumped into each other,” Harlow said. “They chatted briefly. There was no discussion of Maybach. The next thing you know, it’s recorded history. I think it’s poetic license. [Hip Hop]’s not his genre. [Tenet]’s more of a Bruce Springsteen guy.”

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  • that aint hip hop

    fuck the feds, and kayne too

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Fucking Snitch!!!!!

  • Henry

    is that a blouse? i see rhinestones

  • Anonymous

    It's one line in a song. Nothing else.

  • Anonymous

    big whoop, none of biggies mafia stories really appened either. still a cool verse.

  • You Say... Chi City?

    Kanye Talking With The CIA HUH? How Is That Hip Hop? This Nigga Is A Weirdo... Don't he Know The CIA Bought Drugs into the community? Oh wait, Kanye Ain't from Chicago? He's from the outskirts? You mean the suburbs? And his mom was a professor at a prestigious university???? HOW THE FUCK IS THIS NIGGA HIP HOP? FAGGOT ASS NIGGA.

    • JUSTIN

      So, "You Say... Chi City", by your own idiotic standards, if your "own business" u mention is not in drugs or killin, den u some fake-ass, non-hip hop faggot urself!! Go fuck urself nugga...judge the music, not da dude's parents, u dumb-ass, country-ass, landscaping, shit-pickin moron

    • Anonymous

      2nd anonymous, the way you think is the same way racism and oppression operate- I know a lot of people who go to college but still rep the streets. It is just absurb to exclude someone from hip hop because they or their mother has an education. Kanye dropped out of college to begin with and was clear about it in his debut album, which contrary to your opinion was a decent hip hop album. I am happy you mentioned the word 'anti-establishment' maybe you need to work on your established stereotypes.

    • ....

      @ 2nd Anonymous 2pac WAS, in fact, poor.

    • Rex

      daaaaaaaaaaaamn!!! Chi City just ethered the shit outta youz lololol

    • Anonymous

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    • suomynona

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    • Anonymous

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    • tt

      "HE WASNT FROM THE STREETS SO HE SHOULDNT RAP" - every ignorant dumbass ever

    • Anonymous

      chill with the hate dummy, so cus his mom was a professor he is not supposed to be hip hop? You sound like a dude who walks backwards, literally.

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