Roscoe Dash Claims He Wrote Songs For Kanye West & Wale, Didn't Get Credit

Roscoe Dash says he wrote Kanye West's "To the World" and Wale's "Lotus Flower Bomb" and wasn't included in the credits.

Roscoe Dash has publicly made allegations that he wrote songs for Kanye West and Wale and didn't receive credit.

The Atlanta, Georgia rapper took to Twitter to state that he penned Kanye West's "To the World," the opening track on G.O.O.D. Music's Cruel Summer, as well as Wale's "Lotus Flower Bomb" featuring Miguel. He said that he wrote the songs as favors for the artists but that you "can't do favors for niggas bcuz no matter how humble and generous u r to ppl niggas will take everything u have... Even niggas u look up to."

Dash explained that he's only going public with his allegations because "there are so many ppl who wanna be apart of the industry but dnt Kno half of the shit that goes on."

Check out the rant below.

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  • Anonymous

    "wale is a no talent wimp" Watch out. Wale might find you and either hand slap you to death, or ask you for a ladder so he look you in the eye before he spits in it.

  • Anonymous

    "2+2=4" Ironically, when Kanye asked Kim what 2+2 was, she said 22.

  • Voice of Reason

    I understand his frustration but if you had a ghostwriting agreement then it is what it is. At the end of the day this is business. DO NOT WRITE SONGS FOR ARTISTS WITHOUT SOME FORMAL AGREEMENT FOR CREDITS. You alienate yourself when you take to twitter to vent about bad business decisions. Peace.

  • Come On

    I'm with him on that Kanye's My favorite artist but thats B.S if someone were to do that to him he would of blown gasket...and Wale too it was his biggest hit he didn't even ask you for money he just want to aleast get a thankyou or some credit for what he did. Personally WALE IS WACK anyway and Stalley is the only person worth listen too on maybach besides the odd Rick Ross songs...anybody who clowns Roscoe Dash for speaking his mind! needs to have the samething happen to them and see how they like it or respond..

  • Phil A

    There is a simple solution to this problem. If you know the industry is composed of so called 'snakes', then don't do favors for others. That doesn't sound too complicated to me. Also, if there was no proof of an agreement then Kanye West or Wale are not obligated to include Roscoe in the credits.

  • Worldwide

    Im not a fan, but I believe him to the fullest.

  • FlashFixter

    I don't know about you but I'm tired of niggas cryin about shit ALL the damn time...

    • grw

      i'd be more annoyed at the people stealin shit from people. All people want is the credit, its just writing. And even if they want paper, they deserve it. All these dudes rappin about how much money they got but cant even pay for their shit. And keep in mind im not even a fan of Roscoe Dash

  • Big Sean

    Say Ye, Say Ye, don't we do dis every day, day? (insert Kanye - Haaaaaaaaah?)

  • Anonymous

    100 percent believe him. all these rappers you love are no talent frauds. you know how many bum niggas out there live the rapper life and act tough and have to use other niggas to pen their bullshit rhymes? almost all of them. wale is a no talent wimp no wonder he's winning now. and kanye is the biggest fraud in rap since dr.dre. same deal. getting called genius for other peoples work.

  • J.Ski

    Ghostwriter = Getting paid...but no credit, but u already kno that RD huh??

  • whocares

    why would you even want credit for writing that wack ass shit?

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Sa Ra gets credited. Check the liner notes. Dummy. Plus they are not unheard of, they were signed to Ye's label but it fell through. They CHOOSE what they want to do. being independent & successul while 'playing backstage' >>>> your life

    • manuel

      wow! wooorrdd a production squad named SA-RA does hella tracks for KANYE WEST and KANYE takes credit for em while SA-RA plays the backstage and is practically unheard of??!! BELIEVE IT DUMMY. AND ITS "WROTE" NOT writed....SMDH

    • sdgsg

      the hooks not the verses you tard

  • Porter House

    Yall don't know shit. This nigga has made hooks for EVERYBODY. He made the hook for Wayne's new single "No Worries" and a bunch of other shit.

  • Anonymous

    This is so funny. 1) He is songwriter under contract - so he get paid his time and any royalties on music released 2) RD is just bitching because he isn't listed in the "credits" on these records... EGO 3) Nigga contributed to one hook - what does he want ... ft Roscoe "no-body" Dash

  • Anonymous

    he getting the money... just not the his name on shit... lol

  • Moose

    if you listen to this dudes mixtape 2.0 and then listen to "To The World" the chorus does sounnd alot like what roscoe would write

  • Anonymous

    "He made the hook and then Kanye got R.Kelly to sing it. He deserves credit for writing it" If he didn't back himself up then no he doesn't. Kanye ain't nobody's friend. He's a cold individual with a fascination for money.

  • Anonymous

    "After getting off the phone with @wale I feel like I need to clarify I WROTE THE HOOK for "lotus flowerbomb" not his verses" Dont you think that's something you should have "clarified" in the beginning? of course you dont alot of these ghost writers always try to make it sound like they wrote an entire song. they dont directly say it they just insinuate it in a clever way by giving you a minimal amount of information with very bias general statements for you to fill in the gaps like "i didnt get credit for writing that song". sure technically thatts not a false statement, but you word it in a misleading way that makes it sound like you wrote the whole damn song. here we are thinking you wrote kanye and wale's verses and shit. just say you wrote the hook and let that be that. making it sound like hewrote the entire song until he was directly confronted about it . not to say you don't deserve credit...but stop exaggerating shit.cause you taking credit for work you didnt do is just as bad as getting no credit for work you did do.

    • Anonymous

      yeah but that gay ass hook is the only part of the song anyone remembers. and why gay ass wale using ghost writers anyway? i thought that little munchkin said he was "nice"? MMG is a roster of no talent yes men and label creations.

  • Anonymous

    this kid has one of the top 3 worst haircuts in hip-hop, gunplay is number 1!

  • Trap

    if he wrote it give him credit

  • Curtis Jackson

    Anyone know why you cannot comment on here when you try from your cell phone? Please someone intelligent give me an answer. Curtis Jackson

  • Anonymous

    Roscoe Dash, Kanye didn' give you credit because he don't like yo stupid ass. Now go to the bathroom open up the cabinet take all the pills you can find and swallow them all. Kill Yourself

  • Anonymous

    That's his own damn fault for not negotiating to get a writer split for his publishing. He probably just took a flat fee instead of taking the money and asking for writer splits for royalties. Get your business right and stop bitching

  • Anonymous

    okay so he didn't penn the rap lyrics, just the hook. fair enough. i blame r kelly

  • Anonymous

    this clown wants fame instead of money. now that everyone knows he a snitch, he won't get anymore ghost writing jobs.

  • Anonymous

    So I watched the video on worldstar. Now how is he claiming that that is proof? He's not in the video, I don't hear his voice so what is he talking about? I know he's not claiming to have written the the verse for kanye or wale is he?

  • Money First

    When you drop a SR (Sound Recording) in the studio go to and you can register online electronically for $35.00. If you have more than one you can take a whole CD and catalogue under one body of work and pay the same price for several songs! Now even if you get no credit let the song blow up and the court case is yours to win!!!!

  • haha..yeah right.

    Just cause he says he wrote those songs dont mean he did..wheres the proof? i can say i created the world but that dont make it true,. and btw..he the least lyrical person out so thats kinda crazy to say he wrote those songs.

  • Anonymous

    If he got duped that's his problem. The music biz is cutthroat, and I'm sure this happens all the time. Like another posted said. Make sure your paperwork is in order, cause there are no freebies in this world.

  • Anonymous

    He made the hook and then Kanye got R.Kelly to sing it. He deserves credit for writing it. Same with Wale's joint.

    • Anonymous

      dude he still gets the royalties... -he just bitching coz he name name aint on the album credits....

    • Donnie Bitch

      Thank you dawg! All they need to do is give him the credit, sound like he ain't want no paper for it... But that's when it happens, when u don't want the paper, they don't wanna confuse the check writer, so they don't put on name on it!! BAM

  • bbe4eva

    if he tellin tha truth,this is wut u and other people who get fucked over need 2 start doin,start goin upside these niggaz heads! everyone understands violence! and its sad 2 say but they respect tha shyt 2!

  • Industry Advocate

    One Question and One Question Only: Why isn't YOUR shit that hot? I've heard mix tapes and EP's and nothing you've done is as hot as either one of those. Now he didn't clarify if he wrote the hooks or the songs (which i'm assuming are the hooks) but what kills me about Ghostwriters is the fact that most of the people ad stuff they ghostwrite, is better than what they do for themselves. So I ask, why not make something extra hot for yourself? Kanye give co-writers credit (Rhymefest, Cudi, Hudson) but in case of hooks, it's a really really slick game. Check my name, I definitely DEFINITELY know!

    • Industry Advocate

      I get the big picture and never doubted he wrote them. I'm just saying, he should work on his craft and BREAK his own sound and his own records. Case in point: So Sick by Ne-Yo...wasn't nowhere as big as Irreplacable, but he took that formula and made it pop for himself and got 3 Pop #1 Singles here and overseas. I can't see Roscoe as he is now popping like that.

    • Anonymous

      You're missing the BIG PICTURE. It's not that he can't make something hot for himself, it's that he doesn't have the voice and candance to make it sound like how R.Kelly would make or hook sound or how Jeremih would make a hook sound. He still WROTE those hooks though and laid down the melody.

  • No one

    I give he learned the hard way being new to the game. If even Kanye was fucked over when he was ghost making beats for D-dot the madd rapper earlier in his career. I guess he's teaching young dude how the industry works. It's basically "Fuck you, Pay me" and no such thing as friends.

  • Swag

    Roscoe ghostwrote Illmatic & Reasonable Doubt.

  • Anonymous

    I feel this niggas pain.

  • Anonymous

    How many times is Kanye gonna get exposed for having writers ????

  • Steebie J. Cole

    Yup and i wrote Biggie's Juicy and Raekwons's verse on Ice Cream!

  • Anonymous

    daaaam they fukd tis nigga over

  • What

    Why are people saying talking about paperwork? You think when Beyonce tried to play NeYo and Keri Hilson there was no paperwork. These people don't sue them because you get blackballed in the industry because these major artists do it to people all the time. You trying to get in the industry and they just promise you credit and you don't get it. If anything, I give him props for exposing them.

  • Anonymous

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA KANYE WEST is finally being exposed for the genuis he is NOT Fuck SATANIC KANYE

    • Anonymous

      expose for what one song in the album was actually for r kelly so maybe r kelly should give him credit the guy a joke and wants fame now lol

  • Learn

    You hear about this all the time. It happened with Lauryn Hill when she tried to take credit for all the songs. Same when Beyonce did it to Keri hilson and Neyo. And Neyo blew up her spot on the radio. Some artists write the songs and are promised credit, but don't receive it. It's obvious that's what happened because they are cutting him off from receiving royalties on the song.

  • Anonymous

    Okay. I Could Understand Him Coming Out With The Kanye Shit Now, Because The Album Is Fairly New. What I Don't Understand Is Him Coming Out With The Wale Shit At The Same Damn Time Because That Song Is From About A Year Ago.... Something Smells A Little Fishy.. Secondly. Paperwork Is Always The Major Factor Here. No Paperwork, No Convincing Anybody From A Few Pitiful Tweets. Atleast Take A Picture Of The Lyrics Before You Gave Them Away, Along With Your Name And The Date Of It Or Something. But If You're Looking For Bread Out Of This Situation, You're Sadly Mistaken. I Could Understand The Kanye Shit Though, Because Alot Of People Have Pretty Much Proven That He Had Ghostwriters. Wale. Not So Much...

  • Anonymous

    I believe it...i'm not a fan of this dude but he does make some nice hooks...I can see people reaching out wanting him to write some shit for them

  • TaZzZ

    Dude who are you? Everything I've ever heard from you is on some Waka Flacka type bullshit. Basic unisyllabic rhyme schemes about mindless garbage. I'm not saying that Wale and Kanye are the most talented lyricists but fuck. That's like Jay-Z hiring Gucci to write his shit... Fuck outta here

  • vdI

    The funny thing is that neither Lotus Flower Bomb or Top of the World sound like something Roscoe Dash wrote. Also, if Ye really respected him, he probably would have included him on a song to do a hook... On the whole, Roscoe Dash needs to understand paperwork. He's been getting ripped off on everything ever since he blew up. Remember the "All the Way Turnt Up" fiasco?

  • Greg Focker

    he just said it himself, it was a favor. favors do not require acknowledgement or repaying for unless youre a corleone. if you took this to court the case would get thrown out after he acknowledged that it was a favor. its REAL foul that dude did niggas false favors just to get credit in return, and then airs them out when he doesnt get credited for it. nigga learn the definition of a favor. youre a snake for airing niggas out after offering your hand to them under the false pretense of free help. the fact that you even got PAID for doing a FAVOR is amazing! Selfish nigga!

    • Anonymous

      *selfless act* not selfish

    • Anonymous

      if you do people favors just to expect credit or get something back then your heart aint right. the act of giving is a selfish act, to expect something back on some "the least you can do is tell everybody what i did for you" shit is selfish. next time just dont help.

    • Greg Focker

      i didnt read any where that it he was promised anything. neither did you. you yourself just said "maybe" im strictly going off what was actually said, not my own bias and speculation. From what he said it was just a favor.

    • Reply

      Just because it's a favor doesn't mean that they leave him out of the credits. Hell, they should have put him in the credits BECAUSE it was a favor. When someone does you a favor, the least you can do is thank them by giving them credit where credit is due.

    • Huh?

      My he was PROMISED credit on the song because he did it on they humble, did you think about that? You think everything in the industry is done on paperwork. Sometimes it's mutual respect that you swap verses for each other projects. Do u think they do paperwork for that? It's obvious he was promised credit and he didn't get it. It's a learning experience of suckers in the industry.

  • Anonymous

    Im not sayin i dont believe him, but i am saying you cant give the homie discount out to ANYBODY in the entertainment industry. You want credit? Make sure you have your motha fucka paperwork! Signatures and everything so when you do come out sayin stuff like this, youll have proof

    • Big Dummy

      You dummy, there isn't going to be any paperwork cus he did it on the humble. Can you see he was probably promised some royalties on the song, but the dogged his ass. It happens all the time in the industry. I'm not shocked at all these allegations. I actually commend him to have the balls to out these suckers in the industry because they might try blackball his ass.

  • PuCho

    I can see this nigga writing for Wale but for Kanye ? That i have a hard time believing, not saying he did or not but unless there's some kind of proof these are just claims.

  • Anonymous

    Well next time bring some paper work with you

    • Anonymous

      anybody who disagrees with you is a hater huh? ok *shrug* im not questioning your right to an opinion. im questioning you opinion. big difference!


      ^^ Man, stfu and quit hating. I hate when niggas like you say shit like that on a comment section, which is reserved for people to COMMENT and express their OPINION on. Get off his dick and keep it moving faggot.

    • Anonymous

      im not hating. i dont about roscoe. Its just that niggas get behind a computer and talk in third person as if they have enough information to draw a reasonable conclusion about other people's lives and dealings. you really think it was matter of paperwork? you don't think he has record contract. you really think the input you just condescendingly offered is of any use in anyway? I agree a good idea is a good idea no matter who its from but let's not sit here and pretend as though we know anything about their careers from a legal standpoint.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ its niggas like this that care more about the person speaking than what the actual message is. If a homeless man tells a child 2+2=4, is he wrong? no. The first two people are spitting facts that have been certified for decades but here this nigga wants to hate. shut up

    • Anonymous

      sideline niggas always trying to kick knowledge and throw advice like they been somewhere. you aint nee=ver left the block nigga.

    • Anonymous

      Yep that's what it's all about paperwork you have to get it in ink you can't take ANYONE's word for shit.

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