The Weeknd "Trilogy" Tracklist & Cover Art

UPDATE #2: The Weeknd and his XO initiative partner with Republic Records to release "Trilogy," which includes his mastered mixtapes.

The Weeknd and his XO initiative have announced a partnership with Universal Republic Records to release Triology on November 13th.

According to a press release, Trilogy will include his three mixtapes - House of Balloons, Thursday and Echoes of Silence - that will be mixed and mastered for the first time. Additionally, the physical and digital offerings will feature new unreleased, original music.

To prep for Trilogy's release, The Weeknd will drop his first single "Wicked Games" to iTunes and other digital retailers soon. The Weeknd is currently on tour supporting Florence + the Machine, and will embark on his headlining jaunt "The Fall Tour" at the end of this month.

[September 11]

UPDATE: The Weeknd has revealed the cover art for his upcoming release Trilogy, dropping November 13th.


[October 3]

UPDATE: The tracklist for The Weeknd's Trilogy has been revealed.

Disc 1

01. High For This
02. What You Need
03. House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls
04. The Morning
05. Wicked Games
06. The Party & The After Party
07. Coming Down
08. Loft Music
09. The Knowing
10. Twenty Eight

Disc 2

01. Lonely Star
02. Life of the Party
03. Thursday
04. The Zone (feat. Drake)
05. The Birds Part 1
06. The Birds Part 2
07. Rolling Stone
08. Gone
09. Heaven or Las Vegas
10. Valerie

Disc 3

01. D.D.
02. Montreal
03. Outside
04. XO / The Host
05. Initiation
06. Same Old Song (feat. Juicy J)
07. The Fall
08. Next
09. Echoes of Silence
10. Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun)
11. The Zone (Closed-Captioned)

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  • Allie

    shut up and get me his number asap.

  • nomsayin

    it's not about the sales. if you don't want to buy it then don't buy it.. it's about the support. obviously don't expect the newbie fans to buy his stuff yet

  • yup

    i think new fans will struggle to connect because of the fact there so many songs to go through

  • Weekendsexy

    i want new material

  • Just Real

    Love this guys music but i will not be falling for this BS stunt his label is trying to pull. "Remastered" ? They were great quality as they were. The right thing he could've done was went on tour, released some vids from the mixtape, drop a new single and drop the album after. what is the purpose of remastering? His sales are gonna be horrible.

  • Anonymous

    this is not the right tracklisting

  • King Chandler

    Wow, gotta admit I expected at least a couple more new tracks, I've played all 3 of those tapes more than I can remember, the least he could do is include an EP or some shit with like 5 new tracks, another thing that pisses me off is Juicy J on Same Old Song, that's one of my favorite tracks, now it's gonna be watered the fuck down with elementary lyrics about druggin out and bein' trippy. Weeknd is by far my favorite R&B artist but how long does he expect fans to bump the same songs for?

  • Yo!

    I dunno if I'm gonna like the mixed and mastered versions. I heard the mastered version of Wicked Games and I didn't like the difference. The music is already bueno. But I'll be looking forward to the new cuts, though.

  • youngsta

    the weeknd is one of the best, if not, the best r&b singer out right now. already got these mixtapes, but i have no problem pitching in some money for remastered quality songs. he deserves it for real.

  • Anonymous

    so its the same three tapes that were free for download except with a bonus track on each thats now being sold for 15$...oh but its remastered though...

    • wut

      Man, the weeknd released 3 of the best, most unique and creative projects in a very long time. The sound this guy and the people behind his production have made is worthy of a lot more than your $15

  • El_Egregious

    The joint with Wiz was tight- except for the Wiz part...MONEY AND FAME AIN't Weeknd- Weeknd is PLEASURE & PAIN...Wiz could stuck with real lyrics...I'm a Wiz fan, but he had no Biz on that track! FUCk! MAINSTREAM!

  • Anonymous

    i didn't have a problem with the original crappy master really

    • Anonymous

      .....really? drake and the weeknd are butt buddies with that ovo/xo shit so it wasnt just put together by a label...

    • El_Egregious

      I wish they would let the artist be,"the artist" the bullshit calaboration w/ Drake and Wiz was for the Ladies and it was WACK! Weeknds' music is Egregious...not for the soft harded- the shit is real- talks about shit that fake bitches and muthafukaz are SCARED to talk about- The REALITY OF WHAT IS LIFE- not the soft core porn bull that hipocrites fake there way to church to on Sundays to redeem their souls....PLEASE, No More Caloboes!

  • Anonymous

    hard tp purchase after having them all free for so long i'm glad i got hip before it cost

  • Anonymous

    Out of all the days to release a mixtape or album he does it on the 13th. Illuminati anyone?

  • Anonymous

    Dude got a good voice & at least can make some good R&B. Interested to see what he did with this new project.

  • Kap Diva

    It did a great job on Drake's "Crew Love" song, so I'm excited about his debut.

  • OUCH!

    good in the studio. SUCKS live

    • Duke

      When he first started doing shows he had some serious pitch and tune issues. Idk if it was nerves or inexperience or drugs or what but it was not good but this year he has gotten 1000x better. He actually sounds great now listen to his lollapalooza show or the shows he did recently in Chicago or Edmonton.

    • nah

      You're fuckin stupid. He murders live. Go to a show before you say that ass clown.

  • zmz

    been waiting for this, definitely coppin

  • TheIVth

    The Weeknd be jammin like a muffuca but why doesn't he just put an album out already? I mean, the folks that are checking for him have had those mixtapes for the past 2+ years. 3 or 4 extra songs are not going to make buying something that you can literally get for free or already have, worth it.

    • cat

      if you actually want to support him you'll buy it, and also the mixtapes have only been out for a year...

    • Anonymous

      It is being remastered tho

    • Universal Indie

      More important than distribution is PROMOTION... because it will just sit in stores if no one knows it's there.

    • Anonymous

      Putting out an album isnt as easy as youd think. You need distribution if youre actually gonna put it out in stores. Remember up to this point hes been doing everything himself. He hasnt had any label backing because he hasnt been signed so putting out an album wouldnt be as easy as youd think

    • -

      this is true.. unless there's remastered and sound even better

  • -

    nothing like a good partership

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