Donny Goines Explains His Lil Wayne Diss, Defends New York

Exclusive: The New York rapper Donny Goines explains his "Fuck Lil Wayne (I Flat Out Don't Like You)" diss track. Goines defends Peter Rosenberg in Summer Jam incident, and asserts he isn't seeking fame.

Earlier this week, New York City veteran emcee Donny Goines announced plans to take the Guinness Record for the world's longest freestyle. However, the collaborator of acts like Bun B, X.V. and Pill gained the most attention for releasing "F*ck Lil Wayne (I Flat Out Don't Like You)" yesterday (August 23).

The record was a clear response to Lil Wayne's MTV interview earlier this week, where the Young Money/Cash Money superstar was quoted as saying, "Flat out, I don't like New York."

HipHopDX contacted Donny to understand his reason for the record, as well as to get his reaction to its impact.

"I am a man of respect. I believe everyone should treat each other with it and for Lil Wayne to make a comment such as ['Flat out, I don't like New York'] was really disrespectful. It goes further beyond that though, his actions have been on my radar for quite sometime now and his attitude towards the city baffles me because we embrace him. First, he pulls the plug on a Summer Jam performance, disappointing all of his and Young Money fans because of an opinion - keep that word in your mind for a second. Peter Rosenberg made [a comment] about a questionable Nicki Minaj record. Then it becomes a 'YM f#ck Rosenberg' thing, and as far as I'm concerned he is one of the ambassadors of my city and the Hip Hop culture so I wasn't feeling that at all. I'm riding with Rosenberg and like any good friend, am going to take offense to that and defend him if needed. Now, Lil Wayne states his opinion about New York so guess what? I stated my opinion about him."

Donny continued, reacting to skepticism from some, as he publicly spoke ill of the superstar rapper. "Most people question 'Who I am? How can I diss someone of his stature?' so on and so forth. As far as I'm concerned though, he is just another MC in my eyes and our culture was born upon battling. That was just a warning shot though. I'm done with it. Most people in the music business want record deals, fame, money, etc. so they won't respond out of fear of repercussion. As for myself, I don't want a record deal. In fact, I've turned down several already. I enjoy being independent. I hate fame, but I get enough attention as it is and as far as my lifestyle or people assuming I'm just an 'underground' rapper looking for attention let me say this: I own my own company, have a well-respected resume, have worked with legends and I'm writing this from my High Rise apartment luxury building with floor to ceiling windows overlooking Times Square. I'm good, trust me."

Goines included the above picture and closed his statement in saying, :Moral of the story, this is Hip Hop. If you can't take it, don't dish it out."

Lil Wayne has not publicly responded to Goines' record.


  • rudeboiii

    shit more fire then goulish lmao wayne a homo fk wayne an all his dicc riders

  • Sunday Hip Hop Times

    Maybe not the best way to go about someone saying they dont like the city, I LOVE NY, maybe it is just a feeling homie had, but if Hov had said he hate ATLANTA, do you think T.I. would have a problem with that, or GAME said Fuck Chicago, Lupe would have a problem with that, don't know, just throwing it out there

  • Anonymous

    its because of the hip hop police you idiots.....

  • rydersix10

    the skateboarding blood gang member lil hates new york because we never liked his of the few locations where he will never be anywhere near close to being considered the best in..

  • Anonymous

    Come over to my house anytime and see what kind of self defense skills I got. But we both know you won't do that. Never in a million years cause you're scared.



  • the doc

    yo lil wayne straight complainin about everything...everytime he dont get treated like a fuckin prince...remember all them complaints about basketball tickets and players not acknowledging him...dude is a fuckin pussy..STAND UP NYC lets give the finger to this bitch

  • Iamthetruth

    Someone tell this irrelevant nigga to fall back. Looking for shine off some bullshit.



  • anon

    I hated wayne n say 04 thru 07. Cuz all his fans was dickriders. I started bumpn him wen he had his hot streak. Now hes trash again n the dickriders jave multiplied. I listened to bary bonds o n pandora waynes verse was fukn trash! I was lyke i liked this trash? Shame on me! *plays styles p*


    LOOOL,1st an foremost,The picture this dude..Donkey Coon or whatever his name is..the picture is posted is gay-as-fuck.Look @the corney position of the foot?that just aint right.Secondly; this dude whack as fuck.I know he say an opportunity to get some publicity and hopefully get a deal or some buzz after this,but THIS WAS AN EPIC FAIL OR GREATEST PROPORTION!!!

  • The Leftside

    It should be a compliment that Wayne don't like your city that means NY didn't treat this wack dude like a princess...not from NY either

  • Anon1

    I been a Donny fan for bout 5 years now. He's definitely not super famous but check his catalog before you speak. Dude has a decent book on iTunes and some great songs

  • Anonymous

    this clown got his toes pointed like a

  • royal

    man i just cant stop saying fuck donny goins his o stupid ass who is he never heaed of him o he is a wanted be rapper o puck ass he not on wezzy level so wayne should not even waist his breath with this punck ass so fuck new york/donny goins an everybody that love them

  • royal

    man fuck donny goins and everyody that love him his his diss is so stupid wait till lil wayne come back an kill him an new york sorry ass ymcmb for life truck the world

    • haaaa

      lil wayne dick riders...lmao wayne fell off...weak ass verses in his music lately..what are you 13 years old?..smh fag

  • lol...

    those are some gay-azz socks

  • Anonymous

    "Why should you care about his or anybody else's dough" Caring and having an opinion on a blog site are two very different things pal. I just find it hilarious how Goines makes a point to state how well off he is despite the fact when you google his accomplishments, nothing comes up.

    • wreiad

      Well see this is what I think. You can check the live performances of certain rappers. Usually they'll be in a small club or something. Now look at a Lil Wayne performance, like from one of his tours. They were in arenas. That means a lot. You know people say Kanye is a asshole and stuff like that because of what he says, but he's right. If we just sit around and tell ourselves there will never be another Whitney Houston, or another Michael Jackson, or anything like that, we'd never make progress. And that's where the club and arena example comes from. A lot of rappers and Internet dudes tend to take shots at Wayne and say how he's shit lyrically and they can outrap him and that kind of stuff. But if you bound yourself to petty rules and regulations, you'll never experience true transformation. I'm not saying this is about who has more money or anything like that. I'm just saying this is about who is more successful. Wayne has a bigger audience than most rappers, including this Donny kid. More people pay to see him, don't they? He ultimately has more leverage on the business side of things. Talking about how lyrical you are doesn't put you at Wayne's level. Again, this is about progress. It's like okay, we can rap. Now can we find another challenge? Can we conquer something else? That's the reason you can't talk about "lyricism". Wayne is one of those people that put hip-hop up there with Rock n Roll and pop music. You can't try to outdo Wayne by talking about how you can rap better than him. You have to outdo him by being more successful than him. You have to tell yourself there can be another Wayne, because that's how exalted he is. Research the most successful music tours of 2011. You'll see names like Taylor Swift and figures like 97 million. Who is repping for hip hop? Exactly.

    • Reggie Budz

      @Anonymous You sound like a straight faggot worried about what the next man got, DO YOU HAVE A HIGH RISE LUXURY APARTMENT? Im sure the answer is no, so shut the fuck up. He was making a point. Lil wayne is a showoff and his fans will be the first ones to point out "his material possessions" and glorify him based on first week record sales... that shit is far from hip hop, but it's expected from some "anonymous" on a fake hip hop website. Goines staed his opinion, just like Wayne did, wayne is wrong, and goines pointed that out. faggot ass wayne fans got they panties in a bunch, you better be younger than 22 with that state of mind! Because you u older than than 25 with that attitude, you better never come out you face with your condescending bullshit, the wolves will call you out. EAST NEW YORK FUCK THESE FAKE INDUSTRY NIGGAS AND WACK SO CALLED HIP HOP FANS!! The REAL KNOW WHATS UP!

  • Fat-Tone

    Hey clown,we all know you were courting for people's attention with that weak crap of a diss track.Your 2mins fame is up...Go away and fade in obscurity clown. And the most sad part of the interview was ''his actions have been on my radar for quite sometime''lol....he was steadily stalking wayne.

    • >_

      weak diss? have you heard one of lil waynes diss records? Go listen to Ghoulish and then come back and listen to this. Lil wayne is bad, he has been until he said "Im the best rapper alive" and all your drones flocked to his dick.

  • Handsome Dude

    Sean Carter was born December 4th, weighing in at 10 pounds 8 ounces

  • Fuck YMCMB

    If you have to respond to Lil Wayne, you're about as lame as he is.

  • Anonymous

    I'm familiar with his weekly freestyles from 3 years ago maybe 4, but somebody was bound to say something he was the first of many to come. Who knows a remix with better known rappers could follow. A lot of NY rappers are about to go in on Wayne like it was an Amilli beat.

  • Anonymous

    A high rise luxury building lol Do you own it? Do you have Jay Z/Donald Trump type dough? Also explain how when you type your name into Wikipedia, nothing comes up. You don't really exist, but good luck dissing people who clearly could buy and sell you a million times over.

    • Anonymous

      I said what I said because although is his/her opinion it's not relevant to what was said in the song. If it was your song and you knew what was gonna be said in the comments so wouldn't you let it be known that you're eating good and then keep it pushing? Dude's basically just getting on so he's obviously insecure of people's perception of his song, I could give 2 shits what anybody makes outside of my house my focus is on the music. If I rebuttal an opinion with my own and you defend the other one then that's your business after all it is a comment section right?

    • Anonymous

      why do you care about that persons opinion? You say she sounds like a gold digging hoe looking for a husband but you sound like a hurt fan who opposes anything contradicting your personal views. stop getting butt hurt

    • Anonymous

      Why should you care about his or anybody else's dough? Sound like a golddiggin hoe looking for a husband or something.

  • yo

    why this mog got his toes pointed tho?

  • Anonymous

    floor to ceiling windows eh? not quite

  • Mr Obvious

    What we learned from this whole debacle. New Yorkers are sensitive metrosexuals.

  • BOY

    Fuck NYC! Fuck Biggie! Fuck Nas! Fuck Jay-Z! Fuck all them bitch ass old ass niggas! Wayne is KIGN of Hip Hop! Get wit it or Get LOST! YMCMB!


    Lil Wayne has always stood for illiteracy and lack of hip hop knowledge. Making songs like Lollipop, kissing Baby and making the excuse that it's his father, shooting himself and then getting incarcerated for it. All this history and now he's an emo skater that makes rock at the same time claiming to be a real blood. It was inevitable that a song like this would be made. I don't see why the fans act so shocked and resentful. Any real fan of Lil Wayne would agree with Donny Moines instead of ignoring such blatant truths.

    • Grouch

      i notice alot of these hating ass fake hip hop niggas defending wayne are doing so under "anonymous". Ya'll faggots and scared to show ya ass... YALL KNOW YALL WRONG FOR FUCKIZN WITH THE WACK SHIT!! GTFOHWTBSMFs!! Yall will be annilated!

    • Anonymous

      the contradiction in this paragraph baffles me. your feelings must be hurt..

  • DonkeyGoonIsUrName

    OOOOOL...the funny thing is after all this dissin,nobody would remember this dude's name,he is still going 2b broke,no album the way Lil Wayne weak as hell,aint no fan of his thats what makes this so funny. Man aint that a bitch?U diss a "hot/top" rapper for fame n still dont get it?LOOOOL.This dude just cant win.HipHopDX nice try to promote the dude,the guy who wrote the article probably got paid to do it. Donkey goons or whatever u call urself,hope u kept the receipt?coz u gonna wanna need ur money back coz in 3days from now?u back to being the real-Mad Rapper working @Burger King b4 ur rap career blows off....LOOOOL.what gets to me though is,if u going to defend New York;and diss Lil Wayne in the process,atleast choose a very good beat,producer and a more hard hitting lyrical lines,aint that what New York is known for?This fool just delivered tha worst diss ever.And this is suppose to b the 1st diss response to Lil Wayne?LOOOOL,common on now New York,yall could do better than this.where all ur lyrical rappers @to defend the city?yall sent this "Burger flipper" to do this? we dont know dude and it sounds like he still aint learnt the alphabet properly yet.if i could rate this track minus one hundred (-100) i would.THIS IS AN EPIC FAIL!!!!!

    • ReggieBudzIsAfAGGOT

      Reggie Budz is obviously a "Burger Flipper" from New York!!! looool,defend ur home boy.JEALOUS STUPID BASTARD!!!

    • Reggie Budz

      you worried about if son is a "burger flipper" pompous ass mf, come out with that bs, watch them boys make a victim outta you!! Be VERY CAREFUL.

  • Anonymous

    Listen who cares about how Lil Wayne feels about NYC. Obviously the winner in this situation is this nobody Goines, as he is gaining mucho publicity. I can pretty much guarantee Wayne has never heard of the dude, just like most of us. IMO Goines comes of as insecure, showing pictures from his luxury apartment, talking about how he has worked with greats. Either way good for him, going after wayne was a smart move for his career... Congrats people have now heard of you, and I am in no way trying to be sarcastic.

    • Anonymous

      Goines is far from the dopest MC, especially in NY, but he def rock harder than wayne, not for nothing, if you ain't hear his name, you outta touch with hip hop, son's been rockin for a min, south included (he done shit with Bun B...) c'mon excuse!

  • Trent

    Lol, I like that.. "Trust me I am good" *includes picture overlooking NYC*.. That was a big fuck you to the bloggers haha I.E. VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV

  • thisniggatrash

    Who the fuck is this nigga he know nobody has offered him a deal fuck this nigga and new york

  • Nuff said....

    Haaaaa, this dude not only shot down lil wayne, but also all u lil wack ass blog niggas who was talkin shit bout him. Respect Donny, lol. This what i be tryin to tell some of these cornball niggaz. Jus bcuz u aint signed to no major label and got ur face all over the tv, dnt mean u cant gain at great amount of success behind the scenes in the music game. Niggas real quick to say who is and who aint "relevant" and dick ride whosever "hot" at the time, when the nigga that aint "hot" or whatever is makin moves stackin paper while u sit in yo moms house on the computer and talk shit about them. LOL! smh... U niggaz need to smarten up, real quick!

    • Anonymous

      I hear don't have to be in the lime light to be sucessful and happy with your life. All these Stans on this site talkin sh*t about dude cuz Wayne is more popular than him. I've never heard of him either, but that doesn't mean that he is not relevant. You little bi*ches need to grow a set and stop jumpin on everyone's wagon

    • thisniggatrash

      As a matter of fact fuck you too pussy this nigga just want publicity let the real mc's take up for wack ass new york so it would atleast be interesting

  • sup

    why new yorkers gettin all butt hurt about lil wayne not liking their city? smh

  • Loandri

    Wayne is garbage, i just listen to his old shit. Still tho, the fucking media always blows shit out of proportion so what if he doesnt like New York? He was in jail there plus he was there for 9/11. Plus this niggas diss track sucked balls im surprised hes a veteran MC

  • FuckYall

    LISTEN. Listen to the words, the lyrics, the flow. Wayne is the one losing here..Goines is winning.

  • Anonymous

    Weezy is the biggest pile of moving trash we have, let's send him to the moon.



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