Frank Ocean "Channel Orange" First Week Sales Projection

Frank Ocean is slated for a big first week due to digital sales of his album on iTunes.

The first week sales projection has been revealed for Frank Ocean's major label debut Channel Orange.

According to HDD, the Odd Future crooner is projected to sell between 110,000 and 125,000 copies in its first week, based on digital downloads alone. Ocean unexpectedly released the LP to iTunes exclusively late Monday night, with plans to ship to physical retail on July 17th.

Ahead of the album's release, Ocean released a letter during the early hours of the morning on July 4th revealing that he has been in a relationship with a man. The Hip Hop community has showed its support since, with artists including Trina, Busta Rhymes and Beyonce praising the singer for his courage.

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  • LaPicturesque

    It doesn't matter whether or not Frank Ocean used his sexuality to promote his album. The fact of the matter is that Channel Orange is album of the year material. At the end of the day, it all goes back to the music.



  • jg

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  • ETK

    for the record, I GOT NOTHIN AGAINST HIS HOMOSEXUALITY but daaaamn his coming out was soooo convenient. right before the album leaked. that was kinda smart for the nigga. now he bout to go gold easy. and maybe even beyond if he milks that shit. but kay, no joke I respect his orientation I ain't a hater

    • Anonymous

      Def Jam didnt promote this album for shit. I guess Frank had to do it himself.

    • Anonymous

      yeah every artist nowadays either comes out the closet or admits having been an alcoholic/drug addict just before releasing an album to keep the hype up.

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  • LoRenZ

    That is good for just digital copies though...A lot of people don't use Itunes. 'Channel Orange' was my first Itunes purchase. Dope album.



    • chris

      it's funny when this is just digital sales, next week he'll figuratively rape drake's cute numbers. please, don't put someone with such talent in the same sentence with someone mediocre at best. YMCMB is destroying rap. See the hot mess of nicki? she used to be good, now it's all about the money. And lil wayne so doesn't give a fuck anymore.

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Who cares if he didn't fight someone. Maybe he didn't want to get into trouble. That fight Drake and Chris got into is turning into a legal battle and ppl are getting sued now. LOL

    • Anonymous

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  • Marx1684

    I wish he wouldn't have used the whole sexuality thing for publicity. On another note - The project is official. He makes the type of songs I think Prince would have made if he was born in these times. PYRAMIDS BUMPS OH SO LOVELY IN THE WHIP.


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