Mack Maine Talks Lil Wayne And Pusha T Feud, Praises Big Sean

Mack Maine says G.O.O.D. Music and YMCMB won't come to war over and commends Big Sean on "My Homies Still."

Ever since since Pusha T released his controversial attack on Drake and Lil Wayne "Exodus 23:1," fans have been gearing up for a battle royale between G.O.O.D. Music and YMCMB. Now, in a recent interview with MTV, Young Money president Mack Maine weighs in on the situation.

Mack explains that he doesn't foresee the back-and-forth between Pusha and Wayne sparking a crew-wide beef between the respective camps. He even commended G.O.O.D. Music's Big Sean for his work with Lil Wayne on the first single off Weezy's I Am Not A Human Being 2 "My Homies Still."

"It's not like [a YMCMB/G.O.O.D. Music beef]. I don't see it like that," explained Maine. "That's not what we in the game for. If it ever came to that, God forbid, that's a whole different story, but right now we're just tryin' to get paper, we're just tryin' to get money, man, and make good music. And that was a great song ['My Homies Still' with Big Sean] that was made before that situation happened, and I'm not 'bout to go into the studio and tell Wayne to take [Big Sean] off. Wayne not tryna take him off - he's good peeps, he's fam...he killed [the song]. I think that's big for him. We're always collabin' with people and he earned it, he earned his way. He's been handling his weight on different tracks, and it's his time."

Of Pusha and Wayne's tiff, however, Mack compared the situation to swatting a fly. He explained that Pusha put Weezy F. in a position where he had to respond with "Ghoulish," but that he hopes the feud is dead after this.

"In a nutshell, if a gnat or a fly keep flyin' around you, eventually you gonna swing and swat it and just get it out the way," he said. "Sometimes you swat it and the gnat dies; sometimes it just go can keep flyin', just fly somewhere else, though. We chillin.'"

Check out the full interview below.

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  • Drizzy fan

    Okay if drake wanted to end pusha t's career(not that he's ever had one) he would but drake isn't like that he just drops classic albums for us to enjoy so stop this beef shit

    • Anonymous

      W H O K N O W S, well we now know you're such a fool to compare a group(clipse) to a single dude(Drake). that alone should let you know how good the kid is, come to think of it how many chorus or long verses did Pusha T do on that album? how many featuring has Pusha T done so far without clipse? Pusha T should have released his album before going at young money, now lets how he sells without his backup(clipse)...

    • W H O K N O W S

      Drake doesn't have any classic albums.. but Pusha T does.. HELL HATH NO FURY!!.. lyrically Pusha T will body the while YMCMB crew.. but Drake's fanbase will ride dick to avoid that from happening

  • VA's Finest

    Pusha is just a rapper and wouldn't harm a fly.

  • student of the game

    atleast Terrence is generating buzz and is on everyones radar. i feel like dwayne was just affiliated with real gangsters and never really sold drugs or anything for a living he said in an interview he was rich from rapping and on a song said he bought his first benz at 16. that is why he is good mates with ross they both exaggerated/lied about their past and have made millions from it. dwayne is a good artist and has made some classic songs but the impact is always lessened when you feel the artist isn't credible

  • Anonymous

    Mack Maine just added fuel to the fire by referring to Pusha as a gnat. SMH I thought he said they were trying to squash the beef. LOL

  • Hip Hop Fan

    I keep seeing people mentioning Wayne has more money. When did having more money determine if you should respond to someone? Oh wait I can't talk about Wayne because he has more money than me? That sounds so dumb. Anyways... Its a battle of wits and skill and so far Wayne is behind and now hes pushing it all aside trying to take the bigger person route after already losing round one.

  • vincent

    hey didnt lil wayne say in the song goolish fuck anyone who likes him - i think thats a diss at who ever signed pusha and endorses him because the obviously like him

  • Anonymous

    who is this guy? he rap? they had young buck for 5 years and didnt do shit with him cash money is fuck boys sorry millz you and gutta will never have a album

  • Anonymous

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  • triPAUD

    lol and comparing pusha to a fly is really gonna dead this shit.

  • THEannonymousINSIDER

    pusha isn't going to murder wayne.. i like both rappers... wayne has evolved more.. hes more of an artist... he has more money to not take shit serious... if you really think just because wayne didnt go hard on that diss track then you're shallow minded... he has the room to fuck around. he can do that. hes sittin back making money. if wayne wanted to he could ruin his career, just because he has money.

  • THEannonymousINSIDER

    Ok.. now, we all know pusha-t isn't going to take the whole gnat thing lightly.. i mean who wants to be called a tiny ass fly. On top of that, wayne released that diss track right? So, it doesn't mean hiphop is coming to some type of beef where it's going to be downed upon from the fans perspective. basically, its not all ymcmb vs good... if i know pusha hes going to go against wayne again... and wayne is going to just kill the fuckin gnat... or likewise... beef is what it is.... you guys have to understand hiphop is a genre in the music industry business so they gotta make money... why start a full on war? so... just wait and see and what comes next ;)


      insider is just a nut riding fan boy. pusha would destroy weezy. wayne has done nothing but over saturate himself since carter 4. you know your bad when your mixtape is better than the album you prepped it for

  • Anonymous

    Funny he would mention gnats. Since all the lil money fans are like gnats on this board. Especially the biggest one. nosir, He's just fucking annoying. Just like a gnat.

  • Anonymous

    what is hiphop coming to with all these fake rap beefs,,,sheesh wish it was 1999 - 2007 with real 50 and Ja beef, Nas vs Jay Z


    shhessh man, can we just get some friendly rapp battles or something??????????????? big sean killed it for hip hop, his skinny self should have dissed tyga or something....... damnit

  • haha

    you won't even have to count on any of the G.O.O.D. dudes to be the downfall of YMCM, if they sign Chief Keef, he'll do all of the work.

  • Anonymous

    Mack Maine has to be retarded. How one minute he praise Big Sean and say it won't come to a G.O.O.D Music/YMCMB beef but then he refers to Pusha T as a gnat? That's enough to get his ass fried on wax right there. He flip flopped and didn't even realize it. Just another one of Baby and Wayne's pawns talkin bullshit. Always talkin that we don't beef shit but always subliminally goin at somebody, he just proved it

  • jr88

    sorry but this is hip hop...if you talk shit they are going to respond...and if wayne thought that then why did he respond?....wayne is catching an L with this one and another for that wack ass song with big

  • ok...

    Pusha will murder Lil Wayne and the YM roster...I would hate to see what the G.O.O.D. roster would do to the YMCM roster. it would be hideous.

  • DAA

    YM annoys the hell out of me. They always say were not about beef we just want to make money. Well then why did drake diss common subliminally and why did wayne diss pusha T?

    • Anonymous

      Drake barely dissed common. not mentionin names and shit. Drake knows he can't make a good diss record and if he did it would ruin him because the response would destroy him. Too much shit to talk about. Black canadian jewish rapper who sings whos signed to a skinny jean wearin midget who kisses his daddy

    • john

      because common dissed drake first you idiot..

  • Anonymous

    pusha t can murk the entire rooster of YM

  • Anonymous

    Big Sean= industry maufactured buzz

  • Anonymous

    OK...Pusha T is more like a fire breathing dragon. He's not a gnat.

  • wow

    Mack Maine is...alive?? Thought he was shot and killed back in '97. Must have confused him with that fat twinkie who called himself B.I.G. or whatever. Lol my mistake

  • 6th and Baronne Posted

    Cash Money already been through the real rap beefs in New Orleans in the 90's. Tombstone Records was never the same after beefing with Cash Money. Pimp Daddy got Cheeky Blakk pregnant, cheated on her, got killed, Yella got killed, CEO of Tombstone got killed, President of Tombstone got killed, Vice President of Tombstone got killed and Cash Money signed a 30 million dollar logo deal with Universal. A beef track is what actually got Cash Money hot, when UNLV dissed Mystikal on Drag Em From The River, with the famous Mannie Fresh beat. Birdman, done already been there and done that, so he enjoying life now. Pusha T and Malice ain't nothing but rappers anyway.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree with you about The Clipse just being rappers and not gangsters. Times Picayune reported all of those murders, like they would any regular murders, so it wasn't a facade. Everything is public record about all those murders in Louisiana. Birdman is a shot caller and everyone in New Orleans knows this.

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Kind of like how Rick Ross raps about being some sort of cocaine dealer/drug lord and yet he was a C.O. Imagination rap at its best.

    • Anonymous

      These young dudes commenting on the YMCMB bandwagon never heard Drag Em To The River or the story behind the label. That whole situation is much different from the one with these 2 labels. Birdman a business man and that's where it ends and his roster are "just rappers" as you described The Clipse. Unless you were there to see that UNLV situation you can't speak on what'll really happened just like you don't know what Pusha was doing before rap. The music industry is a big facade anyway, rappers rapping shit they didn't live and others rapping what they lived.

  • Anonymous

    he said it. the main problem is they worried bout money and not music especially a good ol fashion beef.



    • thegreatiandi

      Ummm...I'm sorry. Did BASEBOY say " they are the most best "? And that's the best comeback to any argument about Wayne being #1 lol. The dudes fans are obviously intelligent with well written sentences like that one lol. " most best "...priceless lol Then his co-sign from Anonymous said... " ill be a real ass bitch "?! And you spelled money wrong? Man..these 16 year old lead heads i tell you. Beautifully expressed Wayne

    • Anonymous

      lil be is a real ass bitch, you know that and these niggas know that. young mony based god bitch

  • Anonymous

    U people need to shut up, and stop saying its beef and they need to dead it, I swear B.I.G wrote a song called beef trying to u people what it was and u still don't know... Beef is when u are throwing fist, bullets, and trying poke rack other flesh with sharp objects, and having to make sure your family is safe from a problem that does or doesn't invoke them, it's not when HIPHOP artist are making songs going at earth other!!!! There is nothing wrong with Wayne , pusha and anyone els competing with each other it's been in HIPHOP from the birth of the culture and these new artist are trying to kill that part of the culture saying stuff like I don't want to battle or I don't care if he dissed me I'm not saying anything back, that's WACK u can't clame to be the best if u don't compete to prove it, pusha let them know he is a higher caliber lyricist them drake and Wayne and they couldn't make a strong reply so they are backing off. I'll give Wayne cred for at least trying even tho the diss teach he put out sucks but drake ran like a coward, and Mack main needs to shut up if he ain't going to get on the mic and spit. How is pusha a fly?? Cuz Wayne has more money he can try and use his financial status to hide behind but that don't gain u respect in the booth battling to prove who is better does that

    • OMG

      None of you morons understood the comment you're replying to. He's saying it's not "beefing," it's strictly a rap battle. The MC proves their skill on the mic and Pusha T has shown his supremacy. These new rappers lack the skill so they back off the first sight of getting tested. It has nothing to do with being fake and keeping it on wax stupid..... it's just music and that's where it belongs. It has nothing to do with bloods or goons... just rap abilities idiot and NO. He's not saying Pusha T is on Biggies level, he said Biggie made a song defining "Beef" so stop calling a rap battle "Beef." Understood you illiterate fucks???

    • Wtf

      So, you saying Pusha is on Biggie's level now, huh?

    • blaze

      wayne is no blood the godfather of the bloods even laughed when he was asked that question. The only bloods he has are the ones he paid off.

    • PHX

      Common did say Drake's name you fuck. Drake was a pussy and went subliminal and is still taking shots at Common, Common - Legend Drake - Bitch and wayne has no goons the bloods in my city have no respect for his punk ass and would clap him in an instant

    • YESSIR




  • FuKKK MacKKK Maine

    Niggers disgust me

  • Anonymous

    lmao @ at this guy trying to sound like a boss when we all know he's just waynes hypeman, stfu mack maine wayne is a grown man he can speak for himself

  • Tens

    YMCMB as camp talks too fly, like I understand dead'n beef but like this type of talk keeps beef alive. Talkin bout gnats, bro that jus feeds the hate.

    • Anonymous

      Mac Maine is a idiot and just another pawn of Baby and Wayne sent out to do the dirty work and stir up shit subliminally like they always do

    • Malone

      I agree... The idea of ending the beef sounds good, it started off promising lol, then it fell to shit with all the cheap shots implying that if they took it to the streets it would be a problem. This "The Dream" looking ass nigga lost his mind talking bout a fly, shit Lil Wayne is a big f@ucking fly to the music business. Not that I care but I had to post, I hate when cats talking about how dumb or small a beef is but they throw cheap shots. And that new Wayne track is trash by the way!! I'm just saying.

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