Young Buck Reviews 50 Cent's Latest Mixtape, Says He Doesn't Have A Problem With Anyone

Young Buck expresses his approval of 50 Cent's "Gangsta Grillz: The Lost Tape" in a video posted on YouTube.

Around the same time rapper 50 Cent revealed that he hasn’t spoken to G-Unit member Lloyd Banks in several months, a video surfaced featuring former G-Unit member Young Buck giving his thoughts on 50 Cent’s Gangsta Grillz: The Lost Tape mixtape.

Despite his turbulent relationship with 50 Cent, Young Buck seemed pleased with the mixtape nodding his head throughout several tracks.

The rapper did seem a bit puzzled when he was informed that Lloyd Banks wasn’t featured on the mixtape.

While speaking on G-Unit Records artist Kidd Kidd and his tracks featured on the mixtape Young Buck revealed that he doesn’t have a problem with Kidd Kidd or anyone else at G-Unit.

“Kidd Kidd alright though. I ain’t never met him though, but I fuck with him. I mean before he even got down with G-Unit. Shit, I ain’t got no problem with dude,” Young Buck explained. “I ain’t got no problem with none of them nigga’s really.”

50 Cent’s Gangsta Grillz: The Lost Tape mixtape was released on May 22nd.

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