Justin Bieber Enlists Big Sean, Drake, Nicki Minaj & Ludacris For "Believe"

Justin Bieber digs into Hip Hop for his upcoming album.

Justin Bieber has assembled a Hip Hop crew for his upcoming third album Believe.

For the project, the pop star enlists Ludacris, Nicki Minaj, Big Sean and Drake for the project, which features 16 tracks on the deluxe edition of the disc. Drake contributes to "Right Here" produced by Hit-Boy, while Nicki Minaj adds vocals to "Beauty and a Beat," Big Sean lays a verse on "As Long as You Love Me" and Ludacris helps open the LP with "All Around the World."

Check out the official tracklist below (via TheJustinBieberShrine.com).

1. All Around the World featuring Ludacris
2. Boyfriend
3. As Long as You Love Me featuring Big Sean
4. Take You
5. Right Here featuring Drake
6. Catching Feelings
7. Fall
8. Die in Your Arms
9. Thought of You
10. Beauty and a Beat featuring Nicki Minaj
11. One Love
12. Be Alright

Deluxe Edition:

13. Believe
14. Out of Town Girl
15. She Don't Like the Lights
16. Maria


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  • real gs

    fuck, if ludacris does another song wit him im givin up faith on hip hop maaaaaaan

  • Anonymous

    cant yall stop worrying about "the rep of hip-hop" and just appreciate music for what it is? All these people make exceptional fuckin music, and Bieber is a talented dude with a money sign stamped on his forehead. good music plus hip-hop exposure to almost every demographic no matter how "mainstream" "corny" it may be, AND they all gonna make bank. shit i would do it and yall would too Actually curious about how this is gonna come out Insert some comment about how im a fag or some other ignorant ass shit and need to stfu below:

    • iamhiphop

      You're actually gonna check out Bieber's album? You better be an underage girl because no grown ass straight man listens to gay ass Bieber. And no. He does not make good music. There's 5000 artists out there who can make better music than that Canadian fag.

    • iamhiphop

      The only good artist here is Ludacris. Everyone else sucks. Big Sean is a corny rapper with wack lyrics, Drake is a pussy-soft R&B singer, Nicki Minaj is a black Lady Gaga-wanabee pop star, and Bieber has no talent AT ALL!! Why? He's just another hot-at-the-moment teeny-bopper that makes Radio Disney-friendly kids music that has no substance and replay value. His fame will be over soon. Stop defending this POS. He's overhyped and overrated. Faggot.

    • Anonymous

      Bieber talented? That's a good joke.





  • Anonymous

    youtube Green Nation Mafi G2

  • Anonymous


  • SuperGucciRap

    This album will be the album of the year but for the love of Gucci, why Drake, Big Sean and Ludacris? Those 3 "rappers" were crying about claiming the hash tag rap when none of them even did it properly. Ludacris does songs with Enrique Iglesias and Jason Aldean while Drake is some r&b whiner crying about fame and girls who dumped him. Big Sean is irrelevant like his labelmate Kid Cudi and that lame B.o.B guy. Bieber will murk them on the track. If I were Biebs, I would replace them with GUCCI MANE, Hopsin and Tyler The Creator. Yes, Hopsin and Tyler both enjoy Bieber's stuff and are talented emcees outside the Bricksquad crew and Gucci sells 1 trillion copies a day every album releases. Keep Nicki Minaj for her big butt. Bieber is an all-Time Hip-Hop Legend. It's Gucci Time!

  • illest

    Middle Class Story: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RciMpHzk7U

  • haha

    Yep Luda is a real G.

  • lil dwayne

    Wow! A bubble gum list of pop stars. Can't hate though. The artists do it to capture that young bieber demographic money, bieber gets hip hop "cred." Everybody wins. I'm surprised Big Sean in the line up. Ludacris was almost pre-determined since he fell off after word of mouf, nicki and Drake...eh...

    • AgentAce2050

      I feel you on the Hip hop cred. and everything else you said. Honestly, Luda is not doing himself a favor by being on Justin's album. Maybe mess with the other Justin (Timberlake) I think it would do him justice. Bottom line these rappers need stick to they're own age bracket.

  • anonymous

    you all are stupid... dont try n tell me i cant think he sucks just cuz hes making money... plenty of ppl in the world make a lot of undeserving money... dignity>>wealth

  • dentaldamboy

    I think bringing Drake on board was a great move for Bieber. Drake has the best recognition of anyone in hip hop. He's talented, intelligent, successful, well-spoke and charismatic. His presence on the album will go a long way in helping Bieber capture some of the hip hop audience. It was a big mistake for Luda and Big Sean to be on this album along with Drake. Drake is far more talented than both of them combined. Being on the same album as Drake will expose how lame Big Sean and Ludacris really are.

  • Anonymous

    Bierber is a part of the #moneyteam please go out and support

  • RW

    Wtf, I hate Bieber's music genre, don't care for him but he's just doing what he's doing I guess. I can only blame these corny rappers

  • Anonymous

    I dont listen to his music but I can still acknowledge that he has talent and I can see his music's appeal within his market. Especially for a kid his age. He's definitely on top of things. he far from sucks. william hung sucked.



  • Kaz

    If Justin really wants to bring a hip-hop feel to the album, he's covering his bases. 1. Current number 1 in rap Drake. Check 2. Top female hip-hop artist Nicki Minaj. Check. 3. Rookie turned artist with good potential in Big Sean. Check. 4. Hip-Hop legend in Ludacris. Check. All of these put together with Beiber's talent will equal album of the year. PSYCH!!!!! Justin, stay in your lane.

  • Miles

    He isn't even tht bad.... I dnt listen to him, but I do think he is talented

  • Anonymous

    You can't blame Bieber Cleaver for being so corny. It's the artists from other genres shamelessly sucking up to the kid that is the problem.

  • Anonymous

    you hear that? that's the sound of nobody giving a fuck. this kid sucks.

    • 1st Anonymous

      @the Anonymous saying Justin has talent HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Good joke. I.bet you're a 15 year old girl who has all his albums.and posters on your wall, because no grown ass.nigga is gonna defend this piece of.shit. for.that, your opinion means nothing.. He's nothing special, just another hot-at-the-moment kid star like the Jonas Bros. From here on out, his fame will slowly fade away and hell be replaced with another kid star. And what did.I.do when I was 18? I went to college just like every other 18 year old and studied music. I'm actually a music producer and I can tell you that Bieber sucks because he has no talent , because he can't sing, dance,.and play instruments. Besides, I can have an opinion because its America. Ever heard of the 1st Amendment?

    • iamhiphop

      To the 2nd Anonymous, you must be a Bieber fan to say that gay shit. Bieber has no talent; he can't sing with his horrible voice, he can't play any instruments, and he can't dance. So hop off his overhyped, overrated dick. It must be a boring day at the HipHopDX office if they're doing articles about non-hip-hop artists. I betcha they're gonna do a review on this album when it comes out.

    • Anonymous

      ^what does buying an album have to do with defending him as artist. you dont have to be a fan or somebody to acknowledge their hard work or talent.

    • Da fuck?

      instead of defending him on here why dont you dumbmotherfuckers go buy his album then?

    • Anonymous

      @anonymous first off... saying someone sucks is not an opinion. especially when you're talking about a kid who undeniably has talent. saying an 18 year old boy who plays the guitar, clearly has a voice, and can dance alittle "sucks" is neither sufficient nor reasonable as an opinion nor an objective assessment. the only question on can respond with is what kind of 18 year old were you or do you know that affords you the right to claim that a kid like justin bieber sucks without even explaining why? like, who the fuck are you nigga and what have you done? There's a big difference between having personal tastes and being a bitch ass nigga.

    • Stroker Tha Joker

      I'm pretty good with coming up with play on names, call me Stroker tha Poker from now on.

    • Anonymous

      yes anon....obviously we cant judge anybody and there music if we arent all mega successful. I mean if we think a movie is bad we definitely shouldnt be able to voice our opinion because that would be stupid as we havent made our own movie. Okay im going to stop the sarcasm and tell you that your an idiot. Whats so special about us is that we know that we can have an opinion.

    • Anonymous

      how is drake gay when he raps about women. where is the logic there

    • Stroker Tha Joker

      Obviously HHDX does lol,Ummm yeah with the exception of Ludacris,those are hip hop acts.they're pop. Big Yawn is trash,Nicki the Pop bitch,and Drake the Homo. Should sell good at GLAAD Rallies and concerts,lol

    • Anonymous

      so what were you doing when you were 17? where you singing and playing guitar? what do you or the 18 year old's you know do that's so special that allows you to claim he sucks?

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