DMX "The Weigh In" EP Download

UPDATE #2: DMX enlists Snoop Dogg and Lil Wayne for an upcoming free EP.

DMX has announced the release of a free EP titled The Weigh In, scheduled for release on May 15th.

According to DMX's publicist, Dark Man X will drop the 10-track EP as a teaser for his comeback album Undisputed, due June 26th. The EP is set to feature guest appearances from Snoop Dogg and Tyrese, while Lil Wayne will pop up on an interlude. Production on the EP comes courtesy of Dame Grease, Fredwreck and Rich Kidd.

The EP comes in anticipation of Undisputed, which is set to feature guest appearances from Busta Rhymes, Tyrese and Jennifer Hudson, as well as production from Deezle and Swizz Beatz.

[May 7]

UPDATE: LoudMusic247 has revealed the cover art and tracklist for DMX's upcoming EP The Weigh In, releasing May 15th.


1. The Weigh In Intro
2. Were I Wanna Be Feat. Big Stan (Produced By Niam Son)
3. Shit Dont Change Feat. Snoop Dogg (Produced By Dr Dre)
4. Last Hope Skit
5. Last Hope Feat. Andreena Mills (Produced By Rich Kid)
6. Lil Wayne Interlude
7. Were My Dogs At (Produced By Wayno)
8. Tyrese Speaks
9. That's My Baby Feat. Tyrese
10. Right Or Wrong (Produced By Dame Grease)
11. Dj Envy Interlude

[May 14]

UPDATE #2: The full download has been released for DMX's The Weigh In EP. Download the project over at

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  • Anonymous

    Anybody else noticed that they cut dmx's head from the top picture in the article and flipped it in the album cover? No? Well there you go.

  • 1999

    THE HUGE THING IM dissapointed about this trash is the song with snoop , why in the hell is snoop only on the hook & the hook sound trash , this is history snoop & DMX IT SHOULD HAVE BEAN a song like americaz most wanted type of shit LIKE 2 PAC & snoop. Even Aries spears impressions colabo song Dmx & Snoop is hot as hell! its a shame for both DMX & SNOOP ( HIP HOP IS DEAD ) i hope UNDISPUTED ALBUM is the real DMX type of album !

  • Where My Dogs At

    X, stop screaming on your songs... louder doesnt mean better. Go back to hell is hot flow (not screaming) and beat selection and it will be a classic.

  • Anonymous


  • The Kid

    I hope these were the early tracks in the recording process where X was getting back into his sound and refining his craft. He sounds a bit sloppy on some songs, slurring and shit. Hopefully he delivers real sick, crisp dark man x from its dark hell is hot days on the new album. Less screaming, less half-ass production, more crisp strong delivery, quality rap beats...and maybe another Damien track. Still got my hopes up for the dog. Hopefully he doesnt disappoint.

    • Directory

      He sounds rushed in his delivery, and he doesn't sound healthy on some of the songs. He's rushed and slurring. You can hear it in his voice that he's been through it since the last album he put out, 6 years ago. Aged and tired. He will sound better on the album. Not back to dark and hell is hot X, but close to it. He has to if he wants to be relevant. DMX @ 50% = any random new nigga out, not worth the plays.

  • Standup&singh

    I aint really feeling the beats on this mixtape apart from the snoop one cant ever go wrong wit X thoo good to see him back on this ting check this mixtape though if any hardcore hip hop fans want something interesting to listen to got all the original songs that have been sampled by hip hops finest bigge, nas and a load more including the hip hop versions......real stuff!!!

  • Bpizzle

    Wow... man.. Damn... SMH... I had really high expectations for this shit.. and it was the Most disappointing shit of the Year so far.. I mean only song that was dope was the Last one.. that Beat was Flamez... but Most of the Ep sounds like him rehashing his old style.. without the cleverness or originality that it use to be... just wow man.. X u gotta come a Lot better than this if you want to be back on top.. this just made me Say No way to the LP that's coming

    • Anonymous

      @chi stop trying to justify mediocrity

    • Chi

      It's just a mixtape. Be patient and wait for the good product. You're walking out of the stadium in the 4th quarter with ur home team down by 10, 3min left on the clock. Ur gonna miss the comeback that people will be talking about for a long time.

  • Anonymous

    this shit is terrible. dmx had a few good records in the 90s but damn... this is str8 garbage, he is so overrated

  • Anonymous

    "Were My Dogs At"??? "Were I Wanna Be"??? Please tell me thats a typo from the idiots on DX and not actually printed on the album like that, smh

  • Anonymous

    x looks gay on that cover lol

  • wolfman

    I have to say even if I don't believe this album will be anything special, it's good to see a DMX story on here not related to him being arrested this week.

  • Anonymous

    "And it is FREE!" Cheap ass motherfucker.

  • dark man x

    its good for mixtape standards. I expect the album to be way better. Hooray for X! I have been waiting for new music. And it is FREE!

  • t

    lol its ok but def not as good as his old music x just needs to sign some guys and run a label, i know he failed that before but maybe now he could

  • Anonymous

    DMX u better not have lil Gayne on your album bruh or you will lose another're one of the last real niggas in the game, but if u go down that path of bullshit just for sales then i cant fuck with you

    • roy

      he called lil wayne lil gayne... he's obviously a teenager.

    • Anonymous

      nigga those of us who graduated high school dont give a fuck about that click shit. if the music is dope, if lil wayne has a dope verse then no one cares about your bitch feelings niggas. we judge music on the music not the on the tracklist. grow up bitch.

  • 1love

    dmx has finally fallen off.

  • Anonymous

    It's not even available on Itunes.

  • Up North

    Vintage DMX. Substance, emotion, and signature than can never be replicated. Much appreciated for the free music X. Welcome back. Hip Hop needs you desperately.

  • Anonymous

    fucking awful jesus

  • jaceshadoe

    yea@ some of ya'll. "Right or Wrong" and "That's My Baby" been out for a good 3-4 years now. Hope the album has fresh tracks.

  • jaceshadoe

    Gonna check 4 this today. Cover art is pretty decent.........but it should say "Undisputed Champ" instead of "Grand Champ". Gonna cop "Undisputed". Support one of the most hardcore and realist rapper's of the past 10+ years.

    • cplex

      Grand Champ is the name of a dog that reigns supreme in a dog fight...thus the grand champ name on the belt

  • pienman

    damn... i luv it! darkman is back with that heat

  • Cwigg

    ....and where would one download this? Very interested to hear what X has left after such a long hiatus.

  • BlazinSkull

    IF YOU CAN SMEEEEEEEELLLLLL, WHAT THE DAWG IS COOKIN'! YES YES YES. Man i've been waiting for the DOG to return back to the hip hop scene, and he's finally back. No more weak rappers, its now the era of the hardcore and raw. One Love London, England P.S even our beloved queen will be bumpin' this joint. hahahahahahaha!

  • Special Ed

    Instead of bashing the cover (which is actually pretty decent seeing as this is a MIXTAPE), Please do appreciate the following: 1. This is the re-birth of a man we all thought dead and gone 2. This is the re-birth of a man we all thought dead and gone AND 3. This is the re-birth of a man we all thought dead and gone Also guys, this is not the 90ies... Please move with the times, talking about Eve, LOX, Drag-on, etc... If you want that, go listen to Dark and Hell is Hot, or Flesh of My Flesh... That's what I do... lol


      My point in mentioning these legends, that including yourself, is more so the essences of true lyricism,metaphors,punchlines that really mean something,and the art of story telling. I know times have change, but the feeling never dies,especially for anybody who grew upon Real Hip Hop like myself.

    • gravedog

      yo Special Ed go fuck your self

    • BlazinSkull

      @Special Ed dude i agree with your comment about this ain't the 90's no more, but man i'm just hoping we hear a new york vibe than a southern cop out vibe, Nah Mean.

    • Anonymous

      word the fuk up

  • Joe

    Why is everyone complaining about the cover? It's a free EP...basically a mixtape. Calm down. And his album will most likely do decent numbers. Ja Rule's album got into the top-ten on itunes...can't imagine X doing any worse. haha

  • Anonymous

    right or wrong has been out for more than 5 years....very disappointed

  • BEST

    DMX "The Weigh In" EP Cover Art, Tracklist is nice man good for an legend like DMX

  • Anonymous

    11 track? this is more of an LP rather than an EP lol

    • EndlessMike

      There's actually only 7 songs if the intro and outro are just intro and out with no lyrics (which i expect) plus two skits.

  • gsonii

    Def gonna check it out, he had a run where he was my favorite in the game for a couple of years there. First 2 albums still get play.

  • Anonymous

    What could Lil Wayne possibly have to say if he is actually speaking in this interlude?


    I just hope this will be a solid EP. When X drop the LP, instead of having lil wayne and snoop on it, he should enlist THE LOX,Black ROB,DRAG-ON,LIL KIM AND EVE. Oh, not to mention production from SWISS and DAME GREASE.... DAMN THAT WOULD BE TIGHT, BRING THAT OLD NEW YORK SOUND BACK TO HIP HOP WIT A LIL TWIST..( NOT THAT CORNY LIL DUDE FROM YOUNG MONEY.)NO DISRESPECT!!!JUST SAYING

  • I Just Can't Seem To Get My Feet On The Ground

    drown in the tub, rub-a-dub-dub, some niggas get pussy whipped and fall into them love bugs

    • I Just Can't Seem To Get My Feet On The Ground

      LOOOOL you feeling me! That's the soundtrack to my motherfuckin life!!!

    • Anonymous

      buying hoes this, buying hoes that, then bragging to your friends how you fucked em from the back

  • OGgreg

    all these comments on artwork??? who gives a fuck its a fucking mixtape how bout the music thats on it.. how bout X is legend and he's coming back out after all that shit he aint in my top 5 but damn ya'll got your priorities all types of fucked up

  • Anonymous

    1. Wasting a Dr. Dre track for a free EP may be not the best business move. Although they have way less marketing value, music-wise the same goes for Dame Grease and Fredwreck too. 2. Terrible cover, probably one of the most amateur Photoshop work that I've ever seen! 3. Hope DMX still have a fanbase large enough to provide decent numbers for his upcoming album.

    • Anonymous

      The Dr. Dre beat wasn't newly produced for this mixtape, it was originally used on Snoop's 2006 'The Blue Carpet Treatment' for the 'Boss' Life' ft Akon.

    • The Dog Has Gone Under

      I don't think he'll do big numbers, considering the fact that he's now underground.

    • Jacc

      well, you gonna keep hoping then. I highly doubt any of his fans is going to buy his new album. They probably don't even remember who DMX is.

  • Yamz

    Dude got Big Stan on here lol, that's taking it back. Where's Kasino nowadays? Y.O.

  • casper21

    what a poor choice for cover art. I could give a shit if the man does numbers anymore, his old numbers rank with the heavyweights of yesterday, and kids today have no idea who he is or what he meant to hip hop a decade ago, so expect a weak result. But I do hope that the man still puts out decent material, that's all, something he can tour off of.

  • Slimus

    I'm glad to see DMX again ))

  • Anonymous

    Yeah that EP artwork is shitty. And Lil Wayne talking on a DMX EP is shitty too. I'm about to bump that audio he has out to see what's good though.

  • Damien VI


  • Anonymous

    "No different then releasing a promotional mixtape before an album" In reality there's a big difference. Nowadays, mixtapes are actually people's albums and are being sold as if they were albums. True, X has a real album on the way, which is cool, but a free EP after being gone this long? If I were his camp, I'd be charging for anything new he gets out there.

    • Anonymous

      Just because some mix tapes may sound like albums (no DJ screaming over every track, instrumentals are original, better artwork etc) they are freely available for the public and do not rank in the retail sector. So they are not albums which are commercially released and therefore are sold at a fee whether digitally or physically.

    • Anonymous

      mixtapes are actually people's albums and are being sold as if they were albums. ummm no theyre not...?

  • firealarm

    HAHAHA What an amateur cover. I hope the music is better than that garbage.

  • that cover

    That album cover may be the worst photoshop work I have ever seen in my life. goddamn.

  • wolfman

    Nah. That evidence suggests a flop is coming. I don't like anything when a rapper comes into a project stating a "come back." Boring shit, none of your rappers are kings. Need an example? Even NY's most commercial rapper Jay-Z's album 'Kingdom Come' snoozeee.....

  • jesterxxl

    I can't fuckin wait to hear new D material my favourite emcee. But X already put out Right/Wrong on Cradle 2 the Grave soundtrack & Wrong or Right on Year of the Dog... Again!

  • Anonymous

    hes got dre and dame on here!

  • Anonymous

    the dame grease song and the dre songs are going to be fire

    • Ehhh

      Honestly, the Dre song was just "meh". He didn't have much passion or energy on that track mainly cause of the beat he chose. It just wasn't him.

  • ilikevideo


  • Immortal On My Grind

    C'mon X you a real nigga don't be making music with shitty people like Slob Hogg or Lil Gayne

  • Anonymous

    Lil Wyane is only on a prelude. Stop fucking dick riding him HHDX!

    • j

      puttin high profile names in headlines draws peoples attention to click on links and check out pages...its all marketing schemes

  • Anonymous

    A free EP? You need money X. Charge for it.

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