Diggy Simmons Addresses Low "Unexpected Arrival" Album Sales

Diggy Simmons gives his take on the sluggish sales of his debut, "Unexpected Arrival."

Diggy Simmons recently chopped it up with Karen Civil to address the low sales of his debut album, Unexpected Arrival. The LP only moved 21,000 copies in its first week of release, landing at No. 13 on the Billboard 200. Diggy explains that he's satisfied with the sales, and that he expects it to be a slow-grower like Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt or Bruno Mars' Doo-Wops & Hooligans.

"It’s about growth. You look at a whole bunch of people. Look at Reasonable Doubt, when that first came out, that wasn’t anything. And look at Jay now. You could look at Bruno [Mars] recently. When Doo Wops & Hooligans came out, like 50,000 first work and ended up going double plat," he said. "It’s about growth for me. I’m happy that the people who are listening to it are loving it. It’s like having an impact on your life and making them want to aspire to be whatever it is they want to be. Because that’s what Unexpected Arrival is about, it’s about making your arrival in life special. No matter what people say or if they don’t know what you’re capable of. It starts with the belief in you before you try to go and look for other people’s approval. I’m happy that it’s doing that for people."

Released on March 20th, Unexpected Arrival featured contributions from Jadakiss, Tank and Jeremih. It marks Diggy's first album for Atlantic Records.

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  • Markeva

    Ilike you but I want to see you and you are hot diggy

  • Anonymous

    Damn!!! See yall can sit there and hate on Diggy and say all of this stuff because he is a clean rapper that yall say is wack but I say is tight. It is about the music, the lyrics not about these stupid ass rappers who only care about, "Bitches and whores" He rap about real shit not about all this sexist shit. #appreciatethat. #stopthehate Yall can say that Diggy only made it because of Run DMC but he made it on his talent not his daddy's money. Yall can say "What Diggy know about the struggle." Diggy don't rap about the struggle and he ain't gonna pretend that he is from the streets "I'm a lover not a fighter but my man box." So just listen to the music. And yes this is a 14 year old GIRL!!! Who listens to the music

  • pahtpaht

    when reasonable doubt came out it was something and did very well with (at the time) no major major label helping. what a cop out, you didnt sell records cuz your ass trash

  • Anonymous

    This boy sucks. He sounds like a young Drake that sucks too. Why do all these feminine bamas with no culture rap with southern accents that they obviously are faking? Wack Drake from Canada and Wack Diggy from NY with southern accents?! Rich punks faking the Funk!

    • -A

      well, if he sucks you suck and just because you live in a refigerator box and he lives in a mansion don't mean he ain't a great new artist. STOP THE HATE

  • Prickass "Real Hip Hop" Lover

    How dare he compare it to Reasonable Doubt...

    • French Frog

      We are talking about reasonable doubt here, no mention of kanye... and it's a big big statement comparing his work to a classic like that, you cant denie it...

    • -A

      Diggy didn't compare hisself with Kanye he compared the sales Kanye's first albumn didn't have great sales. so, HOW DARE YOU

  • westLA

    Diggy = Gay Bob of the Year!

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: You're preaching to the choir, but just because he doesn't sing the same notes as I doesn't mean he shouldn't be allowed to sing. Get it now? +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ TABERNACLE FOR THE STONE THROWERS!

  • Lil Loc

    Yo I ain't got no problem with a born rich rapper but I gotta say this kid is sooooo wack!!!

  • So Icy Bol!

    its cha boi icy baby. represent MMG birdgang baby. dropping respect baby. where my dawgs at. arf baby. MMG YMCMB OVOXO

    • Anonymous

      What about Corporate Thugz Ent or Brick Squad or So Icy Records? You did name yourself after a song that Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane made.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone peep Jo Jo's video, some funny crap called, "Ridin in my Car"? Gotta hand it to him. He's not pretending to be good, just havin fun with it.

  • Anonymous

    Anon - Open your eyes, man. This is 2012. Rappers see their credibility sliced to pieces if it's known where they came from didn't involve either a hood or a prison cell. Diggy might be a down to earth lil dude, but half of being a rapper is your street resume.

  • FLOP

    FUCK FAKE ASS PRIVILIGED AS FUCK RAPPERS. This kid deserves to get gunned down. seriously

  • Diggy

    Chill folks, chill. I'm just tryna be real. no hate.

  • Anonymous

    lol this kid is wack. Is he actually comparing himself or his album to reasonable doubt? btw 1 reason y u suck is because 99% of your fans are 15-16 years black girls...........and we all know that black people don't buy albums.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you A, and don't forget his probably hating because Diggy is cute, talented, rich, and about to have a T.V. show and his is ugly, untalented, living in a box, and doesn't own a t.v. :( #pooryou You know you can go buy one on Layaway #bitch

    • -A

      Congratulations, dumby!!! Your right I'm a 15-16 yeaqr old Black Girl and You are a Ignorant, good for nothing, gon to go to jail lil boy

    • Anonymous

      agreed. Little nigga thinks this is the late 90's when Bow Wow emerged? Naw nigga, black people got computers now, they ain't going to buy your album

    • Anonymous

      THIS X's 100


    Nas' Illmatic released when he was 19, and some of the songs were released as much as a year ahead, meaning he wrote most of it long before it dropped. Rakim dropped Paid In Full at 18. Diggy doesn't really have an excuse. And not struggling isn't an excuse either. Biggie lived in a 5+ bedroom apartment, Lupes family was/is well off. He just isn't that good

    • Anonymous

      I don't listen to him because he's for a younger aged rap fan that I'm not. I bought it for my nephew and checked this c-section to see what the feedback is, and the feedback is personal bias and not music related, that's why I played devil's advocate.

  • Anonymous

    Diggy is a child of privilege and a lot of people can't relate to his music because of that.He doesn't have to apologize for being rich but if you want to connect with your audience then there has to be some sort of bridge to get people to support his music.. ^ loL OK...so y'all relate to Jay-Z saying money ain't a thing because you have just as much as he does? Diddy talking about his diamonds and Bentley's because you have them too? Ross and his delusions of grandeur because you're a kingpin as well? Wayne when he says eff you he's rich and you are just as well? Kanye and all his designer clothes because you're there too in Milan watching the runways? Y'all are too funny.

    • Anonymous

      You're preaching to the choir, but just because he doesn't sing the same notes as I doesn't mean he shouldn't be allowed to sing. Get it now?

    • Cube the Impala

      Hip hop as a culture was about connecting to your fans by forming a bridge as that person said. NWA got people hyped up and they kept it relevant because they were against police brutality and so were many other people. Nas illmatic was about growing up in the projects and he had that song 'one love' where he was talking to his friend in jail. People could relate to that. Common rapped about his love of hip hop. Biggie rapped about growing up in the stuggle. Pac talked about many issues that related to people. Keep ya head up is like a womens soundtrack. Wu Tang wrote about the same shit as Big and Nas. Cash rules everything around me? And to date, they all were highly successful. And if you're telling me they're old school, what about Lupe Fiasco. When he did that skateboard shit in food and liquor, it was like telling people to be themselves. Game kept it real on the Documentary, LAX & Doctors Advocate. They were all highly successful!

  • Anonymous

    Diggy is a child of privilege and a lot of people can't relate to his music because of that.He doesn't have to apologize for being rich but if you want to connect with your audience then there has to be some sort of bridge to get people to support his music..He's okay..not the worse but definitely not the best...oh and comparing yourself with a landmark hip hop album and a top 10 r and b by a guy who writes and produces his own music is a surefire way to make yourself look like an asshole...

  • S.Miyagi

    I Think This Generation Is Getting Dumber And Dumber. So When People Think Of A RATIONAL Reason To Dislike An Artist There "Hating" Huh? Get Tha Fuck Outta Here.

  • Anonymous

    When you starred in a reality show where your father was flaunting the family's good fortune, naturally people are going to judge every aspect of your life and career. If anything, it's a good life lesson for Diggy. Use your father's connections only as a last resort. Not as a first, second, and third.

    • Anonymous

      Diggy didn't use connections - that's why we're not being inundated with flashy commercials, etc. It was important for Diggy to make it on his own - that's why he shopped his mix tape and waited for a label to come calling. Anyways I'm tired of all these illiterate, misogynistic criminal element types running the rap game. Don't you ever get tired of your "struggle"? Want to stop struggling? Stop having illigimate babies and put as much effort into succeeding in school as you do in learning filthy lyrics. I say that with love. I'm just tired of the excuses.

    • ballz in yo moutth

      exactly. Music is music no matter how rich you are. Stop being scared to be who you are and but the little nigga album. OR, put these ballz in your mouth and hum. Yall acting like yall can make a better album. But yall can't afford studio time. bitches

    • Anonymous

      THIS is not a rational reason to dislike a musician. I thought you judge a musician by the quality of work, and it's his first album newly released for retail. I'm reading the same repetitive argument from these comments, NONE pertaining to music, all about his TV show, his lack of struggle.

  • Anonymous

    Jo Jo's on the phone with Ray J right now planning big things.

  • Anonymous

    nigga u like lil twist meets lil bow wow what u expect dumb nigga

  • dead this

    Ok, let's just face it. Diggy is just not that unique. He doesn't suck, but he doesn't stand out either. He doesn't have a unique style. His voice is not really something that matches a lot of beats and his style is really generic. I've seen YouTube rappers that stand out more. His subject matter is largely fake. He talks about shit we know he's not doing, and experiences he didn't have. He's not struggling to "make it", he was born rich as hell so nobody wants to hear him talking about how he flosses his money. That shit is all irrelevant because we all saw him and his family on TV and how spoiled they all really are. Look at his sisters and him. They really don't have to work for shit, and always have their hand out. That is the evidence. Diggy has every connection you could want to start a successful hip hop career. There's people that jump on here to defend him, but what are you defending? People who are rational are not hating on him, but they're not giving him any credit either. You really think he has struggles? GTFO. If we all didn't see him and his spoiled siblings on TV, we wouldn't think what we think. We know for a FACT he's not struggling. In fact, this entire "rap career" just seems like a product of his boredom. He mentions Jay-Z and others, but he didn't really have to grind like them. He's not in the streets selling albums, he's not building his own connections. He has his shit ready to go, probably paid for and everything. What struggle is he erally going through? The only struggle he has is that people don't take him seriously, and that is his own fault. After seeing him and his family on TV, how can you take him seriously as a rapper? He's not coming out with Brendas Got A Baby and Sky's the Limit and other classic shit. He's not writing SONGS about REAL shit. He's just writing the same old, typical bullshit, and expecting people to flock to buy his album. The minute he learns that in order to get respect you have to be an artist with an actual ability, then he will start being respected. Anybody with the money and connections he has can rap with the same amount of ability as him and do what he's done. That is why he gets flack.

    • Anonymous

      Diggy is unique, he takes you back to the 90's, the time of real music. He does stuff with his lyrics that can blow your mind if you don't lyric to it thinking about him being rich. Lil' Wayne is rich now. Jay Z is rich now. All of these rappers who are at home eating good in there fancy car rapping about all of these thing they are so called going though now. Diggy doesn't rap about the struggle or how bad he has it, because he doesn't go though that. "I Need To Know" he raps about him growing up rich and how people would rather befriend his money not him. He goes through that. "Two up" He raps about just loving the life he has. These songs that he sing he doesn't rap about things that hasn't happen but he just loves the music. If you just listen to his music without bias than you can get it and like it. JUST LISTEN TO THE MUSIC!!!

    • hah

      learn how to read. I guess you missed the entire part where I talk about his lack of skill in writing a REAL song that he can be respected for instead of the drivel he's putting out now.

    • Anonymous

      You took all of that space to type the same thing the majority is saying, Diggy hasn't struggled enough in life for you people to accept his music. You know this is true because you watched a reality show about his family. Now comes the fan based hypocrisy on how there's a standard to being a rapper, then they will move to the next thread and scream it's about the music, who cares what the person does in their personal life.

  • Nas Escobar

    Diggy it's not like you have problems or real life struggles..you grew up in a good home with a silver spoon in your mouth.you got money foo just ask yo daddy.No one wants to hear how rich you are and how many girls u get buddy..your a teeny bopper, so get out of here with that bubblegum rap shit..Stick to acting on Run's house rich boy.Run D.M.C 4 life boi

    • Anonymous

      Yall people are not unique it is like yall don't listen to the music. If one person post something the rest of you follow without caring if you listen to his album or not. That is really sad not that I am saying yall are stupid...no some of you are...but yall act on bias because some of you are going though yall struggles, I am going though mine, but that doesn't mean I am going to syber bully a young kid who is just trying to make it in the industry without being eaten alive by you people who just love to hate on somebody. He maybe rich and famous but he has feeling to...but I know yall just love to smash his feelings...but I just guess that comes with the territory. #stopthehate #loveyoudiggy

    • Anonymous

      And Rich people don't have struggles fool.If so name them,they can solve all there problems finacially. ^ incorrect Still suffer the abuses and vices and personalities humans possess. Honestly this is why people who actually get some decent money spend it all, because they tend to think currency (no rapper) makes the problems go away. Rich kids go to general pop too.

    • Nas Escobar

      @Anonymous take my retarded ass back to school? i have a high school diploma and a college degree, what do you have? And Rich people don't have struggles fool.If so name them,they can solve all there problems finacially.I work for a living i don't have anything handed to me like diggy & yo punk ass living off your family's wealth.You gotta Earn respect to get respect you fuckin little kid go back to your cave where you came from.think before you speak.smh children.He's doing nothing but contribute to dumb down hip pop like yo trend following ass.turn off the radio and read a book sometime.watch the news fool,it's a dangerous world, oh but i forgot u wouldn't know nothing about that because u still live at home being breast fed.Fuck outta here kid, go somewhere i'm busy

    • haha

      Your logic might apply if everyone didn't see diggy on TV in a huge show and how spoiled he really was. I'm sorry, but this guy came off as extremely fake on his album and that's why he gets no respect. You hear him talking about spending money, girls, and how hard it is to make it. Really? When your uncle is Russell Simmons? You really think Kanye and all them are gonna be like, No DIGGY we ain't working with you, when Russell Simmons is over their head? Please. Diggy should be doing MORE with all those connections, but he didn't have to struggle. He's not like Jay-Z who had to build his OWN connections and endure years before making it. He had that shit ready to go

    • Anonymous

      Your logic implies people with money have no struggles. I guess broke folks have never experienced happiness or joy either. Take your retarded ass back to school.

  • Anonymous

    this kid is such a lil spoiled bitch... what has he struggled for..

    • -A

      You are what you reep so shut up go by his cd and then comment 2morrow lil crazzies

    • Anonymous

      What in the fuck have YOU struggled for? Nobody is struggling much with internet and time to kill on a hip hop website and shit. Quit fuckin hating.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    And I just saw this comment below that put my comment into perspective... Just be yourself. No one is gonna want to hear "the struggle" then "throw stuff in nigga's faces". First off...you're a kid in a well off family. Second, no one wants to hear more bamble about nothing especially when it's fake. Correction: I don't want to hear it and I'm guessing it's more like me. Hip hop is simple: Dope beats and rhymes. Be yourself. Be true to your creativity. Don't make songs which you think are gonna appeal to the "masses", for those very same will not be around to even care cause they're with the next nigga. Stop with this nonsense. Just give us art which is you. No one wants this pop bubble gum shit. If you're gonna cater to kids, then cater to them. But man... Wack is wack ultimately. And you are such. Don't feel bad cause they're grown ups that still have your mentality and level of maturity. Sad to say...

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Reasonable Doubt? Really? I hate to break it to you, Diggy, but you're a wack lil kid. It's not that no one is sleeping on you. It's no one is really caring about the whole spiel you're doing. The whole kid rapper thing...nope. Especially if it's corny. Now if you were seriously super nice, then Ok. But as far as I can tell...you're not. It's too many other talents that I would listen to and not even recognize you're existence on the earth. I don't look at your pops' show or any other dumb ass reality TV joint. And all y'all cool out using the "well his pops is paid" angle. I'm glad his pops took care of his kids, you know...like he was/is supposed to do. He gave his kids a sense of independence and business. Always helps that their uncle is Russell Simmons. But it's just for all the fans you thought you had (the gang of twitter "followers") a many of them didn't feel the need to buy your damn album. Still...21K isn't bad for a kid. Awe who am I kidding...

  • Up North

    You muthafuckas kill me. Anybody that's ever had a lil bread in his pocket knows that life can be just as fucked up for them as it can be for a nigga without a dime. Half these penniless clowns are broke because of their own damn fault or ignorance. Don't hate Young Dig because his pops provided for his family the way a real man supposed to. You young niggas are fucking ridiculous. No wonder why our culture is crumbling.

    • Anonymous

      It is sad that we as African American just can't stand together and be happy because someone made it. But no we have to hate on each other to make ourselves feel better about our problems so if Diggy ever see this site and all of these nigga who are responding on personal bias...don't even worry about it. #loveyoudiggy

    • haha

      Why don't you think before you write? You can have money, but who wants to hear Diggy talk about that shit when they know he's spoiled as hell by watching his TV show. It's like if I was a millionaire going on about how I spend my dad's money, then making another song about how I'm struggling although I have every door open for me. AND THEN expecting others to not criticize me. He's doing it to himself. Most of you dumbasses can't realize that though. You just want to be like him. If I was rich as hell, I sure wouldn't be rapping about my money in one song and then in the next about my struggles when I damn near have every door open to me. I'd try to write a real song, but maybe people have stopped expecting that in hip hop. Maybe people don't want artists to be original with real talent anymore. That's why diggy gets shit. We all know he's spoiled, we all know he's got it made and has connections up to here, and nobody's going to make it EASIER for him than it already is. He has to get respect by coming with some real talent and ability, real songwriting, and real everything. Fakeness will always bring him down.

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign, but it's their era of the culture that's crumbling.

  • Fuck real hiphop

    I see nikkas hating on diggy cuz he got a rich dad. Just goes to show u how many poor people are on hhdx and explains all the hate in every comment sections about rich artist.

  • anon

    See I told you all before in the other post with his album stream. People aren't feeling the fakeness. Part of the flack he gets is cause he tries to come off like he's struggling, when everybody knows he isn't. He has connections, he has money. So why is he talking about "how hard it is to make it" or bragging about his money and shit. Nobody wants to hear that from HIM. Jay-Z can get away with that shit cause he came up from the bottom and went to the top on his own. Diggy doesn't get the same respect. THe minute he starts talking about some REAL shit, like social issues or real artist shit then he will get respect. If he keeps on making this fake ass music talking about shit people know he doesn't go through, he won't ever get any credibility. Stop trying to be like other artists and be yourself. BE YOURSELF DIGGY.

    • RAP

      EVERYONE has struggles. Diggy doesn't rap about struggling with money because he doesn't so I don't see how he is fake. This is the struggle he is talking about. Trying to make a name for himself despite his last name and "fathers wallet size." No everyone can't relate to his music but then again everyone can't to relate to music about being from the street and selling drugs.

    • Anonymous

      Jay-Z can get away with that shit cause he came up from the bottom and went to the top on his own. ^ no he did not. Jaz-O's sidekick, Original Flavor guest star, Big Daddy Kane understudy, managed by Clark Kent, started a business with Dame and Biggs, coattailed Biggie. He was aligned with a lot of big industry people and it took a long time for him to break through.

    • Size Em Up

      Some of your favorite MC's who claim to struggle or claim to have done this and that are lying their fucking asses off so what is your point exactly? Having money doesn't make your problems disappear or mean you don't struggle in some shape or fashion. Your point is invalid.

  • Anonymous

    reasonable doubt was also released in an era where hype and first week sales didn't mean as much. it's a lot harder to do that today. especially when people judge you before they listen to what he says cause they think they know him.

  • Anonymous

    Do your homework Diggy. Reasonable Doubt went on to sell 1.5 million copies. No one's faulting you for using daddy's connections. You tried. You failed. It's ok lil guy. Go play in the pool with Jo Jo or somethin and think of next week's new hustle. Maybe write a book about how hard it was growing up with a $1,000/week allowance lol

  • grrrreg

    the tough part is that everyone saw this kid grow up, so we know how good he had it, we have seen him complain about cars, clothes, his brothers, his sisters, and i have no clue how anyone who isnt wealthy as his family even coming close to feeling him--reality tv kills perception, sorry bud.

  • grrrreg

    who do you think told him to say the reasonable doubt stuff, wasnt he born in 94? his family has enough money, he'll make another one.

  • Team Blackout

    DId Diggy outsell Team Blackout's first week? LOL I for got JOJO is hooking up with trannys nowadays

  • So Icy Boi!

    I hate RUN-DMC. I fuckin hate RUN-DMC! so fuckin much! they are straight garbage!!! but I like Diggy Simmons... he raps much better then his old ass dad. tha beats are nuts & tha hooks are carchy as fuck. swag

    • So Icy Boi!

      I'm replying to my own post! Oh SHIT! Anywayz...I might HATE Run-DMC, but I LOOOOOOVE some DIGGY. I wanna have his butt plugger in my rear anus dripping with juicy-juices!

    • Roger Rabbit

      @So Icy Boi Lol U be on Hiphopdx all day you have nothing to do i swear your like the most retarded kid ever all U do is hate and disrespect Hip Hop Legends i wish i knew who you were cuz ill come to your house and kick U in the head make yo ass unconsious Fuck Run-DMC? Lil nigga don't chu know Lil Wayne and Drake is influenced by Run-DMC? go do some internet research on hip hop dumb motherfucker you probably failed all your classes this semester SMH... Fuck Run-DMC???? really?? nigga stop posting dumb comments on this site your nothing but a dumb teenager who don't know shit about music period! dumb bitch.

    • Fuck real hiphop

      Co-sign 10000% so icy boy,all that so called legend real hip hop BS should go to hell. FUCK REAL HIPHOP.....Lil wayne is owns hip hop..Fuck nas, drake will shit on nas in a freestyle.

    • ill

      RUNDMC garbage?????? you should be banned from this and ALL hiphop sites!!! SMMFH

  • Miles

    Don'tlike him but he makes a good point

  • So Icy Boi!

    I hate RUN-DMC. I fuckin hate RUN-DMC! so fuckin much! they are straight garbage!!! but I like Diggy Simmons... he raps much better then his old ass dad. tha beats are nuts & tha hooks are carchy as fuck.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck outta here you bum! Maybe do some gay p0rn with Ghost's son and at least the chicken hawks will be hype.

  • JT3000

    Nobody wants to listen to a spoiled rich kid rap. No real life experience other than washing your daddys bently in the drive way.

  • Anonymous

    good thing his dad is caked up

  • uh

    Rolling my eyes very hard at the idea that Diggy is anything close to Bruno Mars, or Akon, or even Jay-Z for that matter, in the talent department. The awkward moment when you realize Twitter followers doesn't equal album sales.



  • triPAUD

    yeah, that's what its about, artist development and growth. besides 21000 for what 16, 17 yo is pretty good start.

  • DrebinSlevin

    The thing is there was next to no promotion for this album. Reverend Run's son or not you need to either market your self or have a label that actually cares.

  • black melancholy

    what does this boy know about reasonable doubt??? nothing. let him name one quotable, he cant do it.

  • thelowendtheory

    ...yea except reasonable doubt was a classic and bruno mars had all of these horrible singles, so they made it on radio

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn't have addressed it honestly... Play stupid lol.

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