Bangladesh Signs Production Deal With Cash Money Records Following Disputes

The hit-maker for Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj joins the illustrious roster, following a two-plus year feud of over unpaid royalties.

Des Moines, Iowa producer Bangladesh has turned a financial dispute with Cash Money Records into a partnership. The co-creator of hit songs for the label group including Lil Wayne's "A Milli" and Nicki Minaj's "Did It On 'Em" had previously sued the New Orleans, Louisiana-based imprint for unpaid royalties. This week, MTV News reports that Bangladesh signed the first production deal of his career.

"We just did some nice business together. They just bought a whole bunch of tracks, that's about it," Bang said to MTV. "They gave me a song deal, basically, first song deal I ever had, so shouts out to Cash Money."

Previously, Cash Money has reportedly signed production deals with Jazze Pha and Rodney Jerkins.

Watch the video and read the full story at MTV News.

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  • IDK did I just read?? This guy sued Cash Money for not getting paid on his producing duties, yet he ended up signing a production deal with them regardless???..........idk what negative thing should I say about this........smh

  • Anonymous

    this nigga got prison pimped smh

  • Anonymous

    Does anybody realize that this dude full of it? First he's from ATL, now he's from Iowa. (PS - There are NO 'G's' in Des Moines, IA!) He's suing Cash Money and now he is thier production whore. He's signing Shawnna of DTP, but she is signed to T-Pain's Nappy Boy label. Dude is straight bi-polar!!!



  • Anonymous

    Yeah I'm pretty much on the same page as the others commenting. Bangladesh isn't very smart and everyone knows by now Cash Money has a very shady habit of screwing people out of what they're owed and stealing their hard work that could've been given to a label run by actual professionals. They don't even pay up after being sued and ordered by the courts because they're a label run by ignorant thugs with no concept of anything but greed. Well whatever, good for Bangladesh, let him throw more repetitive ass tracks to Cash Money until he bitches about the same issue like the others. No loss.

  • Mfborn

    Battered woman syndrome?

  • Anonymous

    this is the dumbest nigga i have ever seen

  • real talk

    Okay, this dude now has no right or reason to bitch and moan about not being paid for A Milli anymore. Like, ever.

    • Anonymous

      Right? Are we absolutely sure that they didnt just pay you some of what they owed you anyway, and called it a "song deal" which means they got a gang of extra tracks? LOL. Hmmmm

  • *scratches head*

    whats the difference between a milli and 6 foot 7 foot again?? dumb move by bangs btw

  • dude is not to wise i see

    Bandalesh coming back to work with CM is like a woman going back to her abusive man who beats on her, the mothafucka treats u like crap yet u keep coming back for more of the bullshit. I bet anyone $20 dollars this dude is gonna be crying about get fucked out of his money/royalties less than a year from now, BET!

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully he got some good faith money up front and not just a handshake.

  • Cash Money Killaz

    Fuck you Bangladesh signing with a gay rap label

  • ummmmmmm

    Thats not a production deal. It's called a SONG DEAL. Essentially they pre-paid for "a bunch of tracks" in advance at a discount rate. This happens everyday. It's definitely not a story for a blog to carry.

    • ummmmmmmm

      you get paid UP FRONT in a song deal with exception to publishing. Still, i don't understand it either. They may just make all of his songs the singles and keep his publishing, LOL.

    • yugang

      Whether its a song deal or a production deal, with the bad history he has with cash money, i have a strong feeling that bangladesh will be complaining about not getting paid in full for his beats sometime in the near future just like last couple of times this apparently happened to him I dont understand this dude and his decisions at all after every that hes been through with these cash money fucks smh

    • ummmmmmm

      OK I didnt even read the rest of his comments. HE SAYS ITS A SONG DEAL IN THE SARN ARTICLE. What the heck is wrong with HHDX? Yall are misreporting this. Just like yall keep saying Jahlil is signed to Roc Nation. He's not, he has a publishing deal, not management. Imma need a hip hop blog to know more about the industry business that they blog about.

  • Guess What

    I'm starting to believe they have something over this dumb ass negro. Why can't he leave those homosexual child molesters alone & go somewhere else. Something is going on over there with Gay Money & Bangledash. Six months from now his bitch ass will be complaining again.

  • Anonymous

    wow Bangladesh is such a dick rider. They jerked him twice on his royalties, and he then signs to them!? good for him i guess.

  • doja

    HHDX: home of the cry babies

  • Burmy

    GOOD Music has Mannie Fresh (the reason any of you even know what Cash Money is)...YMCMB has Bangladesh (the reason their music is GARBAGE now). 9 letters = GOOD Music

  • Anonymous

    young money is so cheap

  • Anonymous

    Bangladesh is an idiot.

  • realness

    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo this guy is hilarious

  • Anonymous

    this gotta be one of the dumbest dude ever , he will get fucked harder now

  • So Icy Boi!

    YMCMB fans: - white girls, 11-18 year old (50%) - white bitches, 18-25 y. old (10%) - black girls, 5-13 y. old (5%) - white suburban kids, 3-15 y. old (5%) - the gay community (5%) - latent homosexuals, 13-35 y. old (25%) swag

  • Anonymous

    great, we're just going to hear the same old 6 foot 7 rip off over and over. this guy sucks

  • Anonymous

    a year from now this nigga gonna be crying on youtube about not getting paid again

    • Anonymous

      mostly likely. this nigga is dumb as fuck for signing a deal with the muthafuckas who cheated his ass out of his money. just gonna get cheated out somemore plus contractual obligations to the record label on top of that? nigga u stupid, u deserve whatever u get bangladesh smh

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