Mike Posner Says Justin Bieber Both Sings & Raps On The Song He Produced

Mike Posner speaks on working with J. Cole, Pharrell Williams, and Big Sean for his new album "Sky High."

According to Michigan-born singer/producer Mike Posner, fans of pop star Justin Bieber can expect more of a Hip Hop sound with his upcoming single “Boyfriend.” Posner both wrote and produced “Boyfriend” and spoke on the track during an interview with Bootleg Kev of Hot 97.5.

“I have Bieber’s new single, I wrote and produced that with him. And wait ’til you hear the beat, you’ll flip. You’ll want to play this song it’s super Hip Hop,” Posner explained in a video posted on MissInfo.tv. “He raps like a little eight bars, and then starts singing crazy right after it, and it sounds amazing. That was our whole goal was making something that was hater proof.”

On top of both producing and writing Bieber’s upcoming single, Posner is also hard at work wrapping up his next album entitled Sky High.

The singer spoke on his various collaborations so far which include songs either produced by or featuring Pharrell Williams, J. Cole, Big Sean, and more.

“The new music is super incredible. Like the people I’ve been playing it for are just like flipping out. Pharrell’s on the album. I did nine joints with Pharrell.”

“I went to New York and we worked on a beat together and did the joint together,” said Posner in regards to working with J. Cole. “Wrote it together. It was incredible. It was a track he had started so he had done most of the beat [for sure] and I kinda just added stuff to it. It was amazing working with him. Working with him and Sean, back to back, it was like the level of talent was just so incredible. Both those guys are so different in a lot of ways, but their genius level is like really up there.”

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  • Joe Hailo

    Mike Bieber & Sean make a gr8t teammm

  • Anonymous

    White people fucking up hip hop. That is not hip hop. Thats a joke. I wish dudes start called this wack shit out. That shit is wack!!! Im not just talking about the rappers. Im talking about white teeny boppers that like lil wayne and gucci. Plus the corporations that run by white people like Clear Channel and Viacom. There are only a small percentage of white people that actually respect the art form of hip hop. How can some white people call black people niggers and listen to rap. Thats stupid because rap was started by black people and people of african descent. Come on I dont hate white people but some of yall making hip hop corny. This Beber thing is just a marketing scheme to get him in hip hop. His people have been trying for the longest. He cant rap or dance and I know damn well he didnt write his rap. He dont know how to. For the white people that respect hip hop its one luv but some of yall need to check some of your white bretheren when then in the wrong and thats real.

    • Anonymous

      what u dont understand is black ppl hate lil wayne n nicki minaj... qnd the only way they still relevant is because of white ppl. u dont go platinum without majority of white ppl buying da shit....look at faces of the kids n the crowd...their white...just like wiz concerts majority white.

    • nickrazor2000

      look at nikki minaj, she wants to be a homo, lil wayne wears tight jeans and thinks he is a rock star, wakka flokka said lyrical hip hop is dead because people dont wanna hear that shit no more. Black people are fuckin up hip hop too. you need to check some of your black bretheren.

  • nickrazor2000

    Come on now DX. Why are you keeping up with justin beiber? You know its just gonna piss us off. Its a slap in all of our faces. maybe you sould change your name to teenbeat DX or something like that. sorry guys

  • Anonymous

    Why is this on here? Come on hip hop DX

  • Anonymous

    Notorious J.B. Ready to Cry in stores soon. Mike Posner sucks too, can't sing, eat a lozenge. NOT HIP HOP.

  • ImaStar

    Yo yo yo on da real do, my homie jb gon kil dat shit yo, Star gang fo life!

  • Sam

    Posner, yawn. Bieber Yaawwwnnn!!!

  • thought dog

    "These white people gon take over hip hop" - Ol Dirty Bastard

  • Daniel Salinas

    u had 2 bring up 2 dudes dat aint even in da hiphop category. wow.

  • Anonymous

    Mike Posner is a great artist but i dont think he will blow i swear he already had a track that killed the radios he couldnt follow up tho. But i hope he prove me wrong tho....................................... CHECK OUT THE MUSIC http://soundcloud.com/inevitable-success/jerz-start-listening-to-me

  • Anonymous

    great, another singer wanting to be a rapper. But I guess it's ok because some rappers wanted to be singers too a la Diddy (lol), Kanye West (lol), Lil Wayne (OMG)

  • Anonymous

    great just great

  • respect real

    My boy Bieber can spit, gonna check out the new album

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