Joell Ortiz Shares His Tips For Success, Talks "Yaowa" Album

Joell Ortiz says his fellow Slaughterhouse members inspired him to switch up his content, talks keys to success.

New York rapper Joell Ortiz is no stranger to hard work so it should come as no surprise that putting in hard work is the key to success in his opinion. The rapper, who also serves as one-fourth of the Hip Hop quartet Slaughterhouse, shared this and more during an interview with

“Working hard. Putting your nose down. Running your race. Working hard. When you think you’re working hard, working harder,” Ortiz explained when asked about the key to success. “I was telling my man, in XXL 10 freshmen make that cover but it’s a million out there. Everybody wants your spot bro. What’s gonna separate you? Not just talent. It’s Michael Jordan’s that grew up in my neighborhood and they didn’t work hard. You know what I’m saying, so just work.”

The rapper also explained that by working with his fellow Slaughterhouse members he’s been encouraged to switch up his content as a solo artist. And as far as a date for his Yaowa album is concerned, fans may have a bit of a wait before an official date is announced.

“Working alongside these dudes: Crooked I, Joe Budden, Royce, it opened up my eyes to a whole bunch of other things I want to talk about as a solo artist,” said Ortiz. “The Yaowa thing has been long awaited, but for me it’s like baby steps all over again so I’mma make this one special. But May 15th the Slaughterhouse album will be out, welcome to: Our House. The Yaowa album, dates is just numbers. I’m just working.”

Ortiz later spoke on his early years and revealed that despite being a class clown he was a bit of a nerd in high school and even went on to skip the 9th grade.

“I was a extra, extra, extra, extra nerd. Nerd and a clown you know what I’m saying? Like I’ll make you laugh, I’ll get in trouble, but the teacher would call on me I’d know the answer,” said the rapper. “I used to sit in the back. I like to talk. I’m a talkative person you know what I’m saying? But I was a nerd man. I passed all my tests with flying colors. I didn’t even go to 9th grade. I got skipped from 8th to 10th.”

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  • Joell Ortiz - Yaowa

    1. Yaowa (Intro) (Produced by DJ Premier) 2. What They Want (Produced by DJ Premier) 3. Rain feat. Raekwon (Produced by Jake One) 4. 20 Dollars (Produced by Havoc) 5. Horror Movie feat. Royce da 5'9", Crooked I & Joe Budden (Slaughterhouse) (Produced by The Alchemist) 6. What's the Word (Produced by Frank Dukes) 7. Winded (Produced by Large Professor) 8. Help feat. Faith Evans (Produced by Just Blaze) 9. Rewind (Produced by The Alchemist) 10. Winding on Me (Produced by Frank Dukes) 11. Size 'Em Up feat. Action Bronson (Produced by The Alchemist) 12. Ride Out (Produced by Mr. Porter) 13. Act Stupid (Produced by DJ Premier) 14. Oh No (Produced by The Alchemist) 15. No Happy Ending (Produced by S1)

  • mike

    haters will be haters, but whats worst than your average hater? a dumb hater with no knowledge. or even worst, a hater that wont acknowledge lyrical skills. Joell will be aroung for the next 10+ whether you like it or not

  • Anonymous

    Yet you work at Kinko's. Way to show that loser Ortiz. He's only about to drop an album produced by Eminem. After lunch, you'll be fixing the copy machines, and taking out the trash.

    • Anonymous

      This made me laugh. The same dudes who scream all types of hate in the comments are those dudes we see in the pictures front and center stage with their hands in he air.

  • Anonymous

    so "successful" retard can't even afford shaving cream or razors or even a fitted that sits on his pumpkinhead right this dude living off Em's charity, nobody is checking for his whiny ass solo anymore eight million dogshit mixtapes and 'freestyle' verses later, Joell is nothing

  • Boss

    Sounds Ironic coming from Joel Ortiz

  • Anonymous

    How an unsuccessful dude gonna try to give me advice on how to become successful ???

  • Anonymous

    You Ain't Only Wack (you're a delusional clogged arteries) Asshole but no REALLY, his next verse will be "great"!

  • Anonymous

    Getting paid in dead presidents, son. Since you probably don't work, it's all foreign to you anyway, but he had the Shady advance. Probably does a fair number of shows. Had two solo albums. He's not swimming in money, but compared to you, he's Donald freakin Trump.

  • Joell Ortiz

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  • G MON

    Fix your hat dude you look retarded. On a serious note, Free Agent was pretty weak, his first album Bodega Chronicles was fucking sick. The 125 songs off the album are masterpieces.

    • Bushwick Fiya

      Yah, but 125 were the ONLY hot songs on there-- the rest was mediocre-to-trash. Joell shot his load then; why the fuck people persist in pretending he has ANYTHING left to say is boggling. The Arsonists albums destroy's this obese pumpkinhead's life btw.

  • ConleyRichard

    Joell Ortiz Shares His Tips For Success, Talks "Yaowa" Album read more

  • Anonymous

    bum ass rapper NOBODY who listened rode his dick-- he had potential early and he's proven unable to live up to it. his ONLY story is that his mom was a crackhead; how many times fatso gonna tell it? the rest of his shit is weak weak WACK, and no, laughing at your own punch lines don't make 'em funny.

    • Anonymous

      He dropped nothing but absolutely amazing verses on The Brick and the first Slaughterhouse album, so what is your unlogical ass talking about? In fact, he dropped more dope shit than all of your favorite rappes combined, which is the reason you're trying to shit on him here. Get a life.

    • dockevoc

      Battlecry is a classic song/verse

    • yawhat

      he talks about being the second coming of pun, food, and... and... and... thats pretty much it. fat loser that choked under interscope, flopped indy, clung to joe buddens and royce and crooked i bum ass when it was looking bleak. zero classic songs, zero classic verses, all around wack. but he doesnt suck as bad as drake so hes dope to some of these nerds. if he makes a decent song he ruins it with a video, cuz hes a fat uncharismatic loser with a swollen mug and cheesy smile that looks like a bloated pussy. his lover boy raps arent believable, his tough guy raps arent believable, his punchlines arent funny, cant pick beats, and his albums not only suck, they flop like beached dolphin. 1 of 4 desperate losers in the group known as slaughterhouse. drunk loser who raps about his dick and guns, pill popping loser that raps about being depressed, a food addict that raps about food, and a big head drunk loser in crooked i that raps about nothing

  • UltimateMegadon

    nowadays fans swear they A%R's play your position if you like the music support is not in your place to talk about another man's units i salute joell ortiz he a great artist and this is the same guy everybody was dickriding at one point now is hate cause of the shady deal? Cmon son dude is dope still

  • Hoe Buddens

    Daughterhouse will do 10,000K first week.

  • Anonymous

    "Joell Ortiz shares his tips for success." Joell hasn't even had much success so how can he give anybody tips...

    • Anonymous

      Let's see you getting signed to Shady, selling thousands of records while being one of the best lyricists out there.

    • Anonymous

      signed by shady? 2 solid albums, a part of a 4 headed MONSTER.. has a huge fan base.. just because he didnt sell millions of records and make pop records doesnt mean he isnt successful smh

  • Anonymous

    you bunch of hating ass niggas don't no hip-hop if it stabbed you in the heart 2Pac, Biggie, DMX, Jay-Z, Nas, Big Pun, Big L, Proof, Nate Dogg non of these rappers are good enough for you eh you fuckin dumb fucks? go listen 2 Justin Biber's raps you dumb fucking idiots

  • Anonymous

    You can call him a fat cornball all day/all night but it doesn't change the fact he's working and getting paid. Why all the hate?

    • Anonymous

      getting paid what? all this promotion costs $$$. dude's been hyped for years and proven himself lame. it's time to cut the bullshit.

  • Leonard Meserole

    ortiz is a fake nickname whiny ass fucking cornball he also put maino on which there's NO excuse for-- and that was joell's "good" record! wtf is joell ortiz? the more we learn, the worse it is.

  • Anonymous

    What's Joell's thing Overeating and self-aggrandizement? Whining ugly? Skipped 9th grade, flunked out of 11th... nice! People are fed up with Joell hype because it's bought and paid for-- dude has about 12 real fans left; the rest, who were curious, gave up ages ago because fatso proved he doesn't have it. Did Joell ever get his GRE ?

    • bkstylz

      I am quite proud to be one of those 12. Dude is one of the best lyricists out there. People, like myself, are grateful to listen to an MC with the talent he has.

  • jdirty

    Ortiz is fat cuz he ate all ur favorite rappers alive....Record sales dont mean shit.Look at all the trashy YMCMB bullshit u fags are listening 2.I feel bad 4 yall.Just hope eminem doesnt make em sell out like he did yelawolf....That cd was garbage

  • Dummies

    Joell does his thing. Slaughterhouse as well. Cats come to an article of someone they hate to slander them. I'm just guessing, but I'm sure Joell doesn't give a fuck about your anonymous comments.

  • mohamed

    Nerd? telles me onley that he's smart!

  • Yodelayhehoo

    what do you mean saved their lives? you mean Joell couldn't live off the 454 copies of "Free Agent" alone + touring? because you know he's such an ENTERTAINER... You Are Over Weight Assbreath!

  • Anonymous

    hey, now that "2 Chainz" has a new name, maybe Joell can be the new 'Tity Boi' since he's gotta sporting a C cup at least... yoo-hoo!

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck's is a 'yaowa'? sounds like this whiner needs more fiber in his diet, stop living off bags of Metropolitan Ave White Castle and chicharones. Joell has proven himself, repeatedly, an uncharismatic loser without charisma or insight. his first album was OK, his guest spots after hit or miss (decent with Smuf N Wessun, garbage with Big Noyd) and he's been trash since.

  • Anonymous

    Signing with Eminem literally saved their lives. They don't even have to grind on the side. Bank the advance. Promote the album. Do shows and watch it go gold like the Em/Royce album did. Like or hate this nerd, he's in a good place right now.

  • Meaning

    You're Actually One World Apart

  • Anonymous

    YAOWA = You Are One World Away

  • Anonymous

    yaowwaa is a gay signature. what a clown. joell stinks. punchable face, non believable tough guy raps, forced punches, wanna be pun raps. fat corn ball. how many copes did free agent sell? i wanna know. that was after the shady deal. nobody gives a fuck about yoell ortiz. cartoony wack shit. teddy bear soft.

  • dockevoc

    Yaowa! I fucks with Joell on the stremf of Free Agent alone and honestly I think he's better as a solo artist.

  • Anonymous

    beyond his punches/flows, there is nothing interesting about Ortiz, unless you think his White Castle addiction is hot. he's lacking in mic presence, personality, and wit... just cuz he adds "haha!" adlibs after a punchline doesn't make it funny!!

    • Anonymous

      Let's hear a track of you. You wouldn't be able to touch Joell's worst shit on your best day, so shut the fuck up.

  • Joell's Tire Shop

    Yo, Assface! Ogling Whitey's Accomplishments...

  • Alf Capone

    ortiz is ok. not as good as some niggas try to act like he is includin himself. that free agent album had 3-4 songs on it i like. its still better that piece a shit saigon album i bought that same day. that greatest story never told. what a piece of shit that was

    • dockevoc

      it's all good i thought that whole shit was ill

    • Alf Capone

      that shit was rubbish. just cuz an album was supposed to be good doesnt mean u have to act like it is when it comes out and is a steaming piece of shit. gsnt was a complete piece of shit. im not gone do what yall niggas do and act like an album is a good album just cuz hip hop heads decided b4 they even heard the album that it was gone be good. saigon disapointed me with that shit album. as for free agent. it would be easier to tell u the 3-4 songs i liked than go over the list of ones i didnt

    • Anonymous

      what are u bitch niggas smoking GSNT was the best album of 2011

    • dockevoc

      what songs didn't you like? I thought that album was fire. Cosign GSNT sucking.

  • Merc'd & Anonymous

    CLOWN is right-- dude's been clownin' himself since he came up and it's only gotten worse. Keep laughing at your own 'punchlines' also, it might get you mistaken for the obese 1/2 Rican Richard Pryor. Q: How come Joell never reps Brooklyn Latinos if he's such a cultural dude? Only dead Pun's cock come out his mowf, hmmmmm.

  • Anonymous

    This album should be good i mean his last 1 was dude be doing his thing an his concepts range to an from everywhere......... Best spabish rapper since Big Pun........... CHECK OUT THE MUSIC


    Yikes! Arrogant Obese Whale Ablutions ... go laughterhouse!

  • casper21

    um yes success...forget about the 10 or 15 rappers on your favourite label that dominate the mainstream market. Joell been a beast since the Brick, how many artists do you see that get signed directly to Aftermath, then get resigned to Shady, if Dre and Em see something, then there's something to him that's going over your heads. No he's not gonna dominate the charts, but he's solid, and he's a survivor.

  • The Real Yaowa

    You Are Obviously Wack Assface

  • Anonymous

    Why wasn't there a "Yaowa" on his first and ONLY decent album (not great, DECENT) album, "The Brick"? Even that had dogshit on it, such as Maino. You Are Obese Witless Asshole? Joell Ortiz is NOT built for show business but since he's too fat to load trucks for UPS maybe he should forget about Dre and get his GRE. it's not too late, Joell!

  • whoR U

    who is this watermelon lookn as ngga. looking all toasty n shlt talkin bout success. ngggggggro plz. I mean I like not know who you are and I think you are all talk

  • Hey

    Joell sucks. Commercial loser for life just like the rest of these nerdy backpacker rappers . Lol

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