DJ Lethal Premieres Limp Bizkit & Lil Wayne Collaboration "Ready To Go"

UPDATE: Limp Bizkit and Lil Wayne link for the former's debut single on Cash Money.

Cash Money turned heads last week when the label signed late 90s-early 2000s Rock-Rap band Limp Bizkit.

Now, label head Birdman explains what spurred the surprising move.

“Fred [Durst] reached out, bruh,” Birdman said in an interview with “It was weird how it happened. He was like, ‘Stunna, what’s good?’ I was like, ‘What’s poppin, 5?’ [Fred said] ‘I wanna join the team.’ Whoa! For real? He didn’t have to say it twice. I was already a fan of him. When the opportunity came, we really was supposed to announce it at the Grammys. Wayne was going to announce it at the Grammys, but he did it when he felt like it.”

Birdman added that the group's first single features Lil Wayne and will come out next week.

“He’s a visionary, he a great artist,” Birdman said of Durst. “Also, I want him to be a part of our staff and take over the rock department and bring us over more talent because that’s what he does. I think with having Limp he brings a lot."

Before releasing Gold Cobra last year to mixed reviews, Limp Bizkit's last album was 2005's The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1).

[February 27]

UPDATE: Following the announcement that Limp Bizkit signed to Cash Money, DJ Lethal debuted the group's single "Ready to Go" featuring Lil Wayne. Listen to the track below (via UHTN).

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  • drob

    This shit sounds like a steaming pile of poo poo.

  • Anonymous

    Lmfao at this. The white girl dancing was funnier then the song.

  • fope

    LoL people who have so much time for complaining about something they dont listen to.

  • Robert

    I don't what everybody's problem is, this song sounded pretty good!

  • Rion

    Been listening to Limp Bizkit since 3dollabillyall$ and everything since then. To be honest if your hating them your lying to your self only. Lb was the first band i was ever even interested in to the point i went out at age 14 to buy the cds. Im very happy they are a band again and putting themselves back on the map. The World Needs Limp Bizkit, and so do you.

  • Not a Fan

    Mr. Durst, Thanks for the laugh... ass-clown

    • tommygun0420

      Lay off the haterade!I am limpbizkits number 1 fan(ask my friends and family)and you don't know sh!t,,, :D

  • Tell_the_truth

    Did not view the video. I did not follow Limp Biskit's career so I can't comment. Without dissing Wayne I can say he is doing what he does for fun and or money and in that I am happy for him. Wayne's image has become less and less of what I consider Hip Hop and more and more mainstream. As long as he can keep that up without losing I say more power to him b/c I don't hate the man for getting his $$$. However, apparently Wayne has done some suspect things. Things I could not look at myself in the mirror and call myself a man. On that level I cannot consign dude. Otherwise I ain't in his pocket counting his dough or praying for his demise because he is capitalizing on opportunities - truth be told we can only dream about.

  • anon

    I can't hear you haters the DIAMOND cd's are too loud

  • anon

    "Get a drink and let these haters hate a minute"

  • truth!

    GOD IS NOT REAL!!!!!!!!

  • dude

    its meant to be fun music idk what you say fred sounds like he is having an absolute blast on the mic the lyrics are simple bvecause its supposed to be an all out fun song not deep. if ya dont understand ya aint listning!

  • Anonymous

    not bad but simple lyrics floor girl blah blah..... but i dont hate that gold digger line was slick

    • Anonymous

      It made no sense..everything i touch turns to gold..she s gold digger..? What? The jay z clip was the best part.

  • john

    if yall havent figured it out i am a mega limp bizkit fan i know almost evrything about them i have been a mega fan since 97.and i want to thank cash money records for letting us join the family!

  • john

    I have an idea listen to what you like,let others listen to what they like stop insulting people because they are not like you,dont state an opinion as a fact!!!!!

  • ASEE

    fucking five people dancing. lol

  • Anonymous

    the best part is the drunk old chick

  • Solly

    These losers are still alive? I thought Eminem ended their career years ago. Things should have stayed that way.

    • Anonymous

      Lmao then it shows how little either of u knew..eminem fuckin ruined annny shot durst had gettin respect from hiphop cats till now when the scenes changed and if u havent heard girls or werent around for the fucking beef because u were 10 u really shouldnt comment...sorry a 40 yr old actin the way durst does is juvenille at least ems music has matured..ill give lb signifigant other and that song with korn all in the family..after that fuck them and fuck any new shit.

    • Anonymous

      eminem? Is that a joke, Eminem is the biggest joke rapper of all time. Give me a break lol. also im pretty sure limp bizkit was around before that lame ass junk rapper.

    • john

      hate to break it to ya, eminem had little to no effect on limp bizkits career.after that juvinile diss song girls, limp bizkits record still went multi platnum! so dont play yourself

  • sucka

    THIS TRACK HAS BEEN OUT FOR A YEAR ALREADY!!! just without lil wayne old shit

  • based landlord

    dude fred durst's rap voice is so fucking corny and horrible. what a horrible look for wayne. he's slowing killing his career with every thing he's been putting out lately

    • Anonymous

      the lip ring is a bad look. the womens pants hanging off his ass is a bad look. the rapping in autotune over cheesy guitar about absolutely nohting is a bad look. signing nikki minaj devil wanna be white girl ass is a bad look. riding for that rich jew wannabe player pimp nigga fraud drake is a bad look. this is just a cherry on top for the gayest, no talent superstar the rap gane has ever seen.

  • G0P

    lil wayne is a gay demon troll. little kids look up to a black guy that kisses his daddy (boss) on the mouth, wears leggings and zebra print girl pants, with his whole ass hanging out, wears lip rings and sucks lollipops everywhere, while rapping about nothing of substance, and tries to sing when he cant. plus hes signed 2 of the biggest sellout pieces of shit in the history of "urban" music. drakes a wigger, minaj wants to be white. generation next, shaping the minds of these zombie losers that support this nonsense. it all appeals to very dumb ppl, which theres no shortage of. bending the gender lines, pushing that homo frequency, humanity is all fucked up. now this loser camp is rolling with fred durst the sububran wigger with no talent that used his daddys trust fund to live out his rap/rock star dreams. only right hes down with young money. patehtic.

    • Pat B

      you have no clue about what your talking about fred durst did not come a rich famly.He grew up in a lower middle class southside jax neihborhood.

    • john

      and i am shure your style is much less"gay"than his, and i am shure your record sold more........wait who are you oh yeah nobody cares. even if he was homosexual y the hell would that bother you so much?



  • urijah

    this sounds amazing as shit. This is going to be an amazing collaboration and with limp bizkit running the rock side of cash money it's going to make ymcmb a huge powerhouse record label that will take off to more success than it is already receiving (sorry haters) limp bizkit help find stained and puddle of mud, two amazing rock groups

  • Anonymous

    always amazed me dj lethal put out limp bizkit. good for him. lethal is straight paid because of it, but fred durst and limp bizkit fucking suck. dj lethal is a dope producer though and always has been, the 3rd house of pain record was bangin and he did almost all of it. plus the beats he recently gave la coka nostra, hes very skilled. limp bizkit is his sellout get paid side project.

  • dan

    it might be aight 4 ppl into that kind of "music" but its nuthin i'll listen twice.. lol @ tha dj throwin on a ol jay-z song to bring tha crowd back..

  • nujerz

    smh...from what I can ear the beat is dope too bad its features two people I hate the most in music.

  • ear cancer

    so scared to listen to how wack this is gonna be

  • GrimGenius

    if ymcmb is so bad then why comment on here then? that's dumb as fuck, just keep it moving & you dumbasses are saying limp bizkit is washed up only because they are not hot as they were in the 90's, but they still have a LOYAL fanbase & i'm sure they gain new ones, that's just how it is. No ones going to be on top forever. That's wht hip hop fans fail to realize smh.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    (shaking my head) I'm not gonna listen to this shit to see if it's wack or not. It's wack. It's Limp Bizkit for Christ's sake... Man Fred Durst happened to soil that song Gold Cobra with Raekwon and Allah Math on the track. Seriously. Limp Bizkit has been boo boo. This record label is a joke and those that line their linens...leopard leggins, skinny jeans, and flat out man capris...with loot are not only bigger jokes but need to seriously consider killing themselves. This is pathetic.

  • Matt

    Ha, adding shit to the shit pile

  • Anonymous

    This is one of those things that should unify hip-hop fans to rightfully hate on the same whack as fuck thing, but doesn't because too many idiots make up the cancerous rot ruining hip-hop. This joint is absolutely terrible, Limp Bizkit was washed-up years ago and should be laughed at now, and there is nothing valuable about the fact they're signed to Cash Money Records. This song sounds like a holocaust of "turn it off" and the comments on this article praising this rather than outright shunning it make the best example about why hip-hop has become so dried up and eroded of actual artistic merit and value.

    • john

      actually its nu-metal,rapcore,aggro rap etc its a mix of many diffrent typs of music thats what the late 90s erly 00s were its a lot better than the crap on the radio. in my opinion witch is just that an opinion not a fact,another fact limp bizkit sold over 33 million world wide and gold cobra did just fine over seas and in the us #17 on the billboard 100 for a"washed up band" is great in austrailia it was #6 in germany is #1 thers a few facts you should of looked up before you run your mouth limp bizkit dropped interscope they diddent get fired. no record label would drop a band that charted period! these are facts try and argue all you want a fact is a fact and an opinion is an opinion.

    • Bom919

      Well heres one reason that may be..its not rap its rock dumbass

  • fernandop

    Good look. I love Limp. Good to see Fred come back to the forefront with wes and lethal and everybody. This is gonna chew up alotta nay sayers stomachs. they gon get mo dough den the rest of these bitch niggas. LIMP BIZKIT. fuck pple start hatin for to begin wit? cause eminem did one little diss track? fuck off.

    • john

      o yeah and if wes is the ongly talant y is it limp bizkit did not do too bad without him but without limp bizkit he did not do to good comershally or criticly the truth is there is magic when all of them get togather weather you like it or not you need to give credit where credit is do

    • johnn

      you said people diddent like them no one band is liked by all people. and that is your opinion not a fact i stated a fact next bs comment. and in a statment where you say they ar not liked popularity makes the diffrence to say a band sux is ur opinion not a fact the fact is people do like them or they would of never sold that many records or have lasted this long soo yeah learn to argue and look shit up it makes debateing funner not annoying. and yes i suck at spelling if you dont like it or me tough titty i am me i love limp bizkit !!!! whats funny tho you dont like them so y in the hell are you waisting your tome dissin on i fucking hate lady gaga and caty perry and all this shit on the radio but i usually dont waist my fuckin time reading about them or even talking about them or insulting them because the truth is there is talant there as much as i hate to admit it thats why i dont make statemints like people dont like them because its ust not true

    • Anonymous

      Popular doesn't equal good, bro. Also, where did I say "everyone" hated them? I'm just giving the reason that the people who didn't like them, didn't like them.

    • john

      if everybody hates them and they suck so bad how come they chart evry record they make? and have multi platnum status did 0ne person buy 33 million coppies of theyr cds world wide did one person make each record reach platnum status?

    • john

      and that song sucked any way in my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      People hated Limp Bizkit because they fucking sucked. Borland was the only one with any talent. Fred Durst is only a role-model to impotent date-raping frat boys.

  • jr88

    the only man that was able to cross over to the rock side was jay z!!!!and he didnt sell out by wearing girl cloths or piercing his lip or trying to skate board or standing next to a guitar posing like he knows how to play...he did it soly for the music with linkin park, a great rock band.....wayne is a poser

  • nux

    terrible wack shit joins other terrible wack shit

  • Anonymous

    I don't even have to hear the song to know it's utter garbage.

  • Y.E.

    Weezy kills this shit

  • Anonymous

    gold cobra was fire there dudes still got it!

  • Young King

    Smh.. the man deserves a deal yo. hope somebody picks him up, and 50 stops being a HOE!

  • SugarSkull

    Def not ghost writers fred had this verse written well over a year ago before he signed to Cash money. look it up

  • rumba

    looks like all 4 people really enjoyed it

  • VinylHeads

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  • thought dog

    Limp Bizkit is a real rock group just like Lil Wayne is a real blood.



  • Anonymous

    Holy Fuck; That song is awful. They should sell physical copies of whatever album that lands on with a fucking icepick so any poor sap that listens can put themselves out of their misery.

  • Van city

    What the last sOng called? I no it by jayz but what song?

  • So Icy Boi!

    shutout to ma nigga Weezy! shootout to ma bro Freddy! YMCMB souljaz stand up! diz song iz fire. itz gon be No. 1 in da country..... wut a hit..... YMCMB iz da best label ever..... I cant wait fo da CD Quality song. swag

  • jr88

    its obvious ymcm ghost writers are writing for fred durst now,,,,lol...they all sound the

  • alright...

    this already sounds awful, and let's look back at who Fred Durst introduced his fans to; Stained and Puddle of Mud, two bands that disappeared after one album. He's a great scout. Let's not forget about his guitarist's, Wes Borland's band, "Big DumbFace", amazing shit.

    • real killa

      you are a bitch. Staind is still around making albums. all of these haters need to get a life, if they spent as much time trying to accomplish something for themselves they wouldn't be trolling other people's success on the internet. haters make me laugh

  • Anonymous

    What the fuck is Fred Durst going to do? Dude has been banished by the rock world and is a joke to everyone in the rap game (besides Birdman obviously). This is going to be such a dismal failure. Did anyone hear that Gold Cobra album? What a piece of shit that was. 1999 called. They're want their nu-metal back.... For fucks sake. This is pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    Next have him explain why he sold out his ass hole to the white musically controlled industry and why he cant speak proper English and sounds like an idiot, I want to know that shit

  • Anonymous

    lets see if they put game on after his final flop.

  • tiredoftheseniggaz

    YMCMB tryin to constantly gangbang blood on everything is fuckin corny.GO DO THAT SHIT IN COMPTON IN 40 Glocc's HOOD AGAIN!go to Chicago n throw Folkk down like you did in the Mirror video Lil soft ass Wayne

  • cmon

    Whats poppin, 5? -___- cmon nigga YMCMB gangbangin on everything but other gangs.SWEET!

  • Anonymous

    just anutha fake ass band signing with YMCA gay ass niggaz

  • Anonymous

    cash money is the corniest label ever. fred durst, lil wayne, tyga, drake, nikki minaj. lol shit is just embarrassing as hell. sad thing is they're the biggest label in the game. brain washed zombie losers keep lining their pockets. fred durst cant rap or sing, hell fit in nicely with faggot drake and wayne.

    • Mr Murderhead II

      Co-sign everything you just said. and yes it is true that they are currently the biggest label in the game, but look how long it took LOL. And I get the feeling it won't be for long anyway.

    • Professionality

      This man speaks so much truth right here! Word is bond!

  • Birdman

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    its a YMCMB article why read the comments

  • joem

    Wow.. I didn't even know Limp Bizkit was still around! I thought Chocolate Starfish was their last album LOL. The ONLY reason I ever listened to Limp Bizkit was because of Wes Borland.. that dude was a fucking BEAST on the guitar.

  • Professionality

    It's funny because Lil Wayne and Fred Durst are both beyond terrible at guitar. Let's see an on-stage guitar duel from these two clowns! That is something I would kill to see. Also, of course they sign the "rock" band that is laughed at and hated by all other rock bands. Nobody can take Limp Bizkit guys seriously but children. Then again, you can say the same for all of YMCMB so it's a perfect match!

  • truth

    I think they just signed Limp Biscuit to help Lil wayne with his next crappy ass ROCK album. They will add a lil credibility to it. Whatch how much they are involved with Lil wayne rock album

    • Anonymous

      Yea thats why they got signed lol. Limps career is pretty much done. And baby thinks that can bring talent to the rock department lol no respectable band would sign to ymcmb

  • Anonymous

    Lmao I didn't think yessir would take dickriding to this low of a level. Nigga how could you co-sign such a corny move. Who's next icp lol. And I'd bet you would become a face painting juggalo faggot if they did sign to ymcmb.

  • Anonymous

    imma fan of limp bizkit but this sucks , they will do a song with lil wayne which will suck

  • john doe

    but watch this, copy the link

  • Anonymous

    this nigga looks like a faggot with this star on the head, he sucks as hell, fuck birdman fuck cash money (except busta, mystikal) fuck young money fuck all these fake ass niggas makin pop songs.

  • Obviously


  • Anonymous

    Imagine birdman driving in his bugatti butt naked listening to lotus flower bomb

  • Cash Money Killaz

    Fuck Limp Bizkit, Fuck Nerdman, Fuck Cash Money as a staff record label and as a motherfuckin crew And if you wanna be down with Limp Bizkit; then fuck you too Lil wayne, fuck you too All you motherfuckers, fuck you too SUPPORT REAL HIPHOP

    • Anonymous

      Im sorry this was so bad I have to give my 2 cents. 1. Fuck anyone givin limp bizkit love 2. Significant other was their only good cd 3. So they have one song with a real mc and made by a real the fuck does that make them hiphop? 4. Eminem must be pissing himself laughing at this news. I wonder how long it took byrdman to dig them out of their grave..def not as long as it took for em to put them there. 5. Rethink alll that bullshit you wrote and fuck ur co signers to.

    • Anonymous

      I agree Limp Bizket was total shit back in the day.

    • don pedro

      I wanted to do this in a more polite way but you give me no choice, so here it goes: 1.Go eat a dick you hater ass faggot 2.Go listen to Limp Bizkit`s "N together now" feat. Methodman and produced by DJ Premier 3.Re-think the bullshit you wrote here 4.Then you can keep on supporting real hiphop. I don`t give a shit about lil wayne and there rest of his crew, but LB was the shit back in the day, not like most quasi-rock bands today. I hope Fred knows what he`s doing, because I fear YM will make them go pop

    • Stinson




  • trolling

    A new artist is signing with Young Money... she called the Ghost of Whitney, first single called Cocaine is a helluva drug features Bobby Brown who is also signing to the label

  • DutchWeazel

    The YMCA label only has one star (no not the one on Birds head) Busta Rhymes! And that my friends, is a wast of talent

  • Jesus Christ

    "Crap explains signing crap to crap"

  • bios

    Bad move, Limp Bizkit are completely washed up as far as sales go. They can still pull decent crowds--in Europe--but few actually want to hear new music. and the last album flopped big time, that's why they got booted off Interscope. Durst can't rap or 'rock'.

  • Observed

    This is a stunt. "I wanna join the team", why? Its because their hot right now. But like every kingdom in history, there is a golden age (hotboyz) then there is a decline and dissolution (signing Limp Bizkit and countless other forgotten acts). Like it says in the good book, "This Too Shall Pass"

  • Anonymous

    good, lets get all the shitty musicians in one place, I'm all for it, sign Gucci Mane next

  • Anonymous

    Its probably Birdman's ugly ass brother Ronald "slim" Williams signing all these losers. that nigga ugly google him

  • Nas

    damn Birdman needs to holla at me. IRS is on my dick and i need some cash money

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Hey I think I found the One Star DragonBall,Gohan.....(Looking at Birdman's Head)

  • Anonymous

    He did it all for the Dookie,Not the Nookie,So you can take that cookie, and stick it up their ***

  • Anonymous


  • GrimGenius

    people always have a problem with whatever ymcmb does smh

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Its Official: John Cena has signed to Cash money. By the way Birdman looks like a black dragonball z character covered with tats

  • iamhiphop

    Cash Money is filled with washed-up artists. Bow Wow, Busta Rhymes, Mystikal, Christina Millian, Limp Bizkit, etc. Who's next, Kris Kross?

  • Rolling Stone

    Breaking News: Justin Bieber in talks of signing to Cash Money.

  • Anonymous

    I heard Taylor Swift is considering signing to Young Money records

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