Over the years, Cash Money Records has opened its doors as a home to established and new artists alike. Recently, Lil Wayne revealed that Cash Money signed the Rock/Rap group Limp Bizkit. He then shared that Ashanti may become part of the Cash Money collective as well. 

“Every other day I hear about somebody new signed to Cash Money,” Wayne explained in an interview with Kissing After Dark. “For example, the other day I just found out that Limp Bizkit signed to Cash Money. So they’re signing everybody. Every body’s getting a chance.” 

Weezy also went on to fuel rumors of Ashanti signing to the label. While acknowledging that it was not a sure thing, Wayne shared that Ashanti may be the next artist on the Cash Money roster. 

“I don’t want to step across any boundaries but I think we’re working with Ashanti right now.”

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