Peanut Butter Wolf Hopes To Release A Sequel To J Dilla's "Donuts"

The Stones Throw founder says that he needs Ma Dukes' approval to drop the follow-up LP.

It’s been almost exactly six years since J Dilla released his instrumental album Donuts, but Stones Throw Records founder Peanut Butter Wolf hopes to release its follow up.

During an interview with, PBW said that he hopes to release a sequel to the LP, but that it wouldn’t be titled Donuts Part 2.

“We always talked about releasing—and we wouldn’t call it this—but a Donuts part two,” he said. “Dilla’s beat tapes always had these great titles, named after unhealthy food that he wasn’t allowed to eat. The doctors would always tell him that he couldn’t have Burger King, he couldn’t eat this, he couldn’t eat that. So he always named his beat tapes based around that. He had one that was really great that’s still unreleased called The Pizza Man—and we always wanted to do something with it.”

He said that in order for Stones Throw to release the posthumous sequel, Ma Dukes would have to sign off on it, since he wouldn’t want to disrespect her by releasing something without her approval.

“It comes down to Ma Dukes, though. She makes all of the decisions, so it would have to come from her. She was with him in his final days and was sleeping on a cot in his room. She took care of him so much. If I was ever presented with doing something that would upset her, I just wouldn’t do it.”

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  • sam uk

    hmmm, a difficult decision to make, money is a great help to the Dilla estate for pretty obvious reasons, and everyone would love to hear some of Dillas' unreleased beats..but questions regarding legacy will arise, and whatever happens it's always going to divide opinion amongst his fans. Personally i'd like to help support the estate through buying new Dilla records as it's a win win in my eyes. New Dilla beats available to the masses is only a good thing, surely?

  • Anonymous

    it wont surpass the greatness that is Donuts...

  • DonutsChangedMyLife

    dilla's the reason y all these (partially dope) producers r droppin beat tapes nowadays! donuts the blueprint... and hell fuckin yeah, he fuckin raised the bar, set the benchmark... so with that being said: WE NEED THIS, MA DUKES! please...

  • Anonymous

    this would be dope, just to hear more unreleased dilla stuff

  • honest truth

    man dilla is da shit no matter what

  • Chicasal

    Would def love to hear this

  • pies

    its easy wolf. you gay midget nazi fuck. release the album, and give all proceeds to ma dukes. she'll sign off on that, no problem. that's the right way to do it. i don't want to see you cash in on dillas name when hes dead, if you love him, and love his music, put it out there for the fans, and give back to dillas family. this guy releases like 12 madlib albums a year, stick to eating off that and give back for once. stones throw is a very greedy label, especially for an independent. don't talk about this stuff if you're not serious about doing it.

    • Anonymous

      madlib is high as fuck 24/7. anything he drops is through egon and wolf. check stonesthrow site. peanutbutter wolf is a greedy fat cat. he made a killing off donuts. time to give back, dont mention this project unless you're willing to give ma dukes the chunk, and we'll all get to hear this brilliant j-dilla material. sounds fair to me. ma dukes gets a cut, wolf saves the day, and fans get the music.

    • Anonymous

      madlib releases the medicine show records on his own label, not on stones throw. get your shit right.

    • ummah

      Dudley? is that you lol! nazi? you MUST be a white kid...who else would say some bullshit like that? smdh your not a fan your bitter smh...

  • Whoolio Gee

    As much as i'd like to hear some more Dilla shit, it feels like she's exploiting his legacy at this point, i dunno...

    • J88

      EXPLOITING her sons legacy? smh r u fuckin serious man? exploiting how? it doesnt surprise me that such an idiot comment would be made on a site like this smh...u have no idea what the fuck your talkin about! how about Dillas work has been bootlegged so bad that re releasing it nullifies the shit guys like me already have in their possession? How about those doctor bills nobody is helping her pay? how about it was dillas wish that his mother take over his estate? How about thats just business? I guess it was the part where he said its up to Ma Duke if this new 'donuts' gets released... respect and the internet are like oil and water...dick lips...



  • Anonymous

    no. stop with all the dilla releases. let his legacy stay as it is.

  • Anonymous

    Would look forward to that release!

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