Jay-Z & Kanye West's "Paris" Video To Debut This Week

The Throne will unveil its video for the Hit-Boy-produced banger.

Long after their Watch the Throne single “Niggas in Paris” became a hit, Jay-Z and Kanye West are finally slated to release the video this Thursday.

According to VEVO’s Mic Fox, the dynamic duo will unleash the visuals for the Hit-Boy-produced cut tomorrow. He refers to the edits as “sick,” and that he initially attempted to secure a preview clip of the video that didn’t pan out.

Even without a video, the anthem has topped both the Billboard U.S. Rap Songs and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs charts since its official release in September 2011.

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  • Really?

    Don't get me wrong I loved the song, but it has kind of wore out it's welcome. I wish they would have promoted "Gotta Have It" the same way they pushed "Niggas in Paris", "Why I Love", "Made in America", "No Church in the Wild", "New Day", would have probably made better vids.

  • Brooklyn Boi

    The should've put out a video for Murder to Excellence or Primetime...maybe Made In America!!!!

  • dryanalblaster

    i wonder if anyone has dropped a freestyle to this beat? that would be dope as fuck.

  • PR 4 JAPAN

    Lot of you said it is too late to put the video out. But, how many of you buy music? They are on the top in the game, and they know everything. I guess they decided to promote one song for a long time. That is why they didn't shoot the video or hadn't put it out few months ago. You know, new songs always kill your current song on air, so putting out new videos, POPs, and etc can bring it back to the game again, and people will pay attention again, and they feel like the song is still fresh. It is very deep strategy though. You can't copy what people are doing. You gotta do something different. Respect to Hiphopdx! p.s Are you targeting Japanese market? I have more than 18,000 Japanese followers. If you need my promotions, I can set up your Japanese-translated page, and blast it for you. If you are interested in, check this out. http://bit.ly/zXEFnw

  • Whoolio Gee

    Only a few months late but whatever...

  • Jis36ngrewuphiphop

    I downloaded this album for free on my pod than erased this bullshit, nice beats corny ass niggers rappin? I dont know bout that! I must be the last of a dying breed! U homos and wannabees love it to you they talkin real shit i bet! Hahahahahahahaha

  • Jis36ngrewuphiphop

    Bothe these noggas is wack son i dnt even watch videos especially wen homos are involved! Thats what faggots do watch homos to hood to be hollywood! Hahahahahaha

  • D-Money of Juice Radio

    This is the only jam that when done live over and over that it actually gets better! They really had the whole building singing along!

  • Anonymous

    this is hilarious that this is the 2nd album and its a year later, they still kings though.

  • Anonymous

    they stupid i wouldve dropped this new years boy i tell yu rappers an dey tardiness


    song wack AF no video needed keep the money

  • So Icy Boi!

    who carez? fuck dese old ass niggas! swag da worst hip hop duos of all time: 1. Jay-Z & Kanye West 2. Eminem & Royce 3. Havoc & Prodigy 3. Talib Kweli & Mos Def 4. Andre 3000 & Big Boi 5. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth 6. Eric B & Rakim 7. DJ Premier & Guru 8. Erick Sermon & Parrish Smith 9. Method Man & Redman 10. KRS-One & Scott La Rock da best hip hop dous of all time: 1. Lil Wayne & Birdman (legends) 2. Lil Wayne & Drake 3. Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka 4. Ghostface Killah & Raekwon (legends) 5. Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg 6. Rick Ross & Wale 7. Rick Ross & Meek Mill 8. Wale & Meek Mill 9. Tyler, The Creator & Hodgy Beats 10. Drake & Nicki Minaj swag

    • Anonymous

      dude is just trolling. ignore him... on a side note: a bit late for this video... any point?

    • Brooklyn Boi

      This is to all my Real Hip Hop heads who was born before 1985 and understands the craft of Real Hip Hop music, don't pay attention to that bullshit ass list that this peion put up. It's obvious that he was born when in the late 80's early 90's,so he don't know what real hip hop is, so I will give him a pass for he don't know what he do...ooh

    • these nuts

      you really must be a 90s baby

    • Jis36ngrewuphiphop

      This fool said lil wayne birdman and niki mayonaise nigga your gay n thats y hip hop is dead we got idiots like this breathing good air a real soldier could be breathing! Hahahaha

    • Boss

      Your a fucking Idiot...Krs-One and scott rock the worst? shut your ass up and listen to Lil Wayne's fruity ass

    • nate

      I think because of ignorant fucks like you I'm going to stop coming to this site. How could you even call yourself a hip hop fan with a list like that. Unless this is all one big joke which in that case... I mean it has to be right? Erik B. and Rakim, Method Man and Redman, EPMD, OutKast, etc. the worst hip hop duos? Welp Im done you've wasted enough of my time for the day.

    • NYLA

      You seriously don't think you're a hip hop fan do you? not with that shitty ass list

    • Bob

      Looks like your sucking off Lil Wayne, who gives about fucking swag, it's skill that you can't get. Lil Wayne is just telling that he is better than you and you promote him and look like an idiot icy boy, more like pussy boy

    • So Icy Boi!

      11. Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj 12. Nicki Minaj & Birdman 13. Birdman & Drake 13. Lil Wayne & Lil Twist 14. Lil Wayne & Bow Wow 15. Lil Wayne & Tyga 16. Birdman & Tyga 17. Lil Wayne & Gudda Gudd 18. Lil Twist & Lil Chuckee 19. Nicki Minaj & Tyga 20. Nicki Minaj & Gudda Gudda 21. Lil Twist & Nicki Minaj 22. Nicki Minaj & Jae Millz 23. Jae Millz & Mack Maine 24. Mack Maine & Gudda Gudda 25. Gudda Gudda & Drake 26. Jae Millz & Drake 27. Drake & Mack Maine 28. Nicki Minaj & Mack Maine 29. Lil Twist & Gudda Gudda 30. Lil Chuckee & Birdman swag

    • Slick

      Well i can sense the sarcasm if not then u need some expensive weed

    • what's weird is...

      you actually listed a couple good to decent duos in your "best hiphop duos of all time" list, Rae and Ghost, Tyler and Hodgy, Ross and Wale, Ross and Meek, Wale and Meek. You both succeeded and failed at trolling congrats.

    • qwerty

      you forgot about Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne duo

    • jason

      yeah if your 10 yrs old lol

    • lol

      dis is one of da worst lists ever but atleast, choose different ppl. U cnt have Ross, Wale and Meek Mill up ther multiple times and choose pick out combinations from those 3 lol but ur either being sarcastic or a complete idiot & mentally ill so it's not ur fault, it's ur sickness

    • dupek

      i fuck with you ma Little Icing Boy

  • Anonymous

    I wish they'd stop pushin this wack shit. It was ok for the first few weeks but they been pushin this BS like 5 months now. Why they aint do a video for Murder To Excellence?



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