ASAP Rocky Discusses Hip Hop's Fascination With Fashion

In a cover story for Complex, the Harlemite touches on why Hip Hop gravitates towards fashion.

ASAP Rocky recently covered Complex magazine’s Feb/March cover with designer Jeremy Scott, discussing Hip Hop’s relationship and fascination with fashion. During the interview, the Harlem, New York rapper explained how Hip Hop culture is an outlet of expression for artists and that it can flaunt a certain level of wealth.

“As black people it was our thing to show that we’re not living in poverty and that we can afford extravagant things—that kind of stuck with us. So when our great-grandparents were putting on their favorite outfits, it was to put on a front for the hard time. And hip-hop is a bunch of people that never had nothing. Fashion is just an expression. It’s an art. It expresses your taste. Good taste is important in hip-hop. I wake up saying I’m going to look the best I can and do what the fuck I want to do. And that’s what it’s all about.”

Jeremy Scott, who has designed clothing for Madonna, Lil Wayne, Lady Gaga and more, noted how Hip Hop has in turn influenced fashion.

“That’s why I’ve always been inspired by hip-hop artists, because they transform things—even just the jean, turning it around, inside out, sagging it—all these different things. Yes, of course we get little things from other music movements, but hip-hip has been like, Pow! It’s really inspiring and it’s the only new music that has come along in eons. Rock and roll has been around—it’s changing forms. But hip-hip is major.”

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  • emilyg21

    Long.Live.A$AP haters, hate but lords never worry! Video to LONG.LIVE.A$AP is on point...anyone else agree with that?

  • anon

    shoutouts to asap for stealing 7L and Eso's album cover... from 2006

  • jr88

    cosign forrealdoe....hip hop hasnt influence much in fashion for like 6 years now....hip hop has been copying how white kids dress for a minute now...skinney jeans tight shirtsand vans was all here before hip hop started using it....its ironic how white people used to act black and wear baggy pants but now black people are dressing like white



    • Suave

      Preciate that homie Im just giving my opinion on things from my view. I will be checking in from time to time. Stay up!

  • Anonymous

    How about A$AP talk about being a NY nigga dickridin the style of another region to get some shine?

  • Anonymous

    Yes I mispelled words but you kind of got me heated because you are some little white guy probably weighing 155 lbs soaking wet. If you knew how some black laugh at you white guys copying and pasting our style. At the end of the day you can be a N-word if you want to but most of the N-words I know would blast your ass for nothing if some real N_word shit popped off you would snitch on everyone because we know how white guys You a joke.

    • Suave

      Lol you missing the point....when white guys was wearing skinny jeans its was just something skateboarders do. Now that blacks took it and flip it everybody is wearing those jeans and all companies have put some type of skinny jeans out. I mean white people put out most of the clothing but black people take the clothing and show you how its suppose to be done. Look at lil wayne he took that skinny jean shit and got everybody and they momma trying to dress like him. Nicki Minaj got girls calling themselves barbies. Look at gucci and Loui Vuittan I mean black people took that stuff and took it somewhere else nobody else thought about. Thats all Im saying its a lifestyle. Its an attitude and black people have shown the world how to have swag. Swag wasnt a popular word until black people brought that to the game. Just saying man but hey Im not here to make enemies Im just stating my opinion. Lol and you say we havent had influence I guess you forgot about the Malcolm X glasses, you got kids bringing the fade, and shag back. I guess you forgot about dreads..its all good but you can believe we dont influence everything if you want. Asap Rocky,Curren$y, and Wiz Khalifa. We took polo, natutica, timblands, chuck taylors, and tommy hilfigure all companies that made clothes for white people and flipped and man it hip to wear....come on man! ITS NOT ABOUT WHO DESIGN THE CLOTHING ITS ABOUT TAKING SOMETHING AND TURNING IT INTO SOMETHING THATS COOL AND THATS THE DEFINITION OF FASHION. YOUR CLOTHES COULD BE FROM WALMART BUT YOU CAN TAKE THAT AND MAKE IT LOOK COOL IE DICKIES AND TSHIRSTS. THIS IS A WHITE MAN'S WORLD AND IT WILL ALWAYS BE LIKE THAT SO THAT STUFF ABOUT WHO DESIGNING CLOTHES I MEAN BLACK PEOPLE DONT HAVE CONTROL OVER ANYTHING. NOT EVEN HIP HOP OR EVENT HE WEAVE THAT BLACK WOMEN PUT IN THEIR HAIR. IM JUST STATING THE OBVIOUS!



    • ForREalDoe

      Funny how you say white kids be copying our style but if you look at who designin that sshit... dominatly white ppl designing clothes we wear and the clothes hip hoppers wear.... aint nobody copy and pasting it shouldnt be about race, hip hop is a culture and a way of life and it shouldnt be one color vs. all it should be all colors and all races vs. those who are ignorant

    • DirtySouth870

      I agree white kids dont know any better they just want to be cool. When I hear a white guy talking like he from the hood I just shake my head and think of Malibu most wanted....I think its an adrenadline rush for some white kids to use it....crazy lol.. I dont care what they say as long as they dont say it around me. I know no one thing a white guy dont have the balls to come to the hood with real Niggas and say that shit they might catch a bullet and thats real talk. Because Niggas get shot for nothing everyday just like Slim Dunkin....RIP. White Kids dont know any better but hey thats a prime example of hip hop influence on other races.

  • Suave

    Hip hop influences has white kids calling each other the N-word. Lol you talking being brainwashed. White kids basically calling their selves slaves and ignorant.....smh. Hip Hop is powerful.

    • Suave

      You dont live in the U.S. so you dont understand....some of us that are black hate the word because what it represents. It comes from a word that was used to put down black people and make us ashamed to be black so when other races choose to use that word it doesn't feel good to some us but how can you explain that to a race of people that dont have to worry about police brutality, racial profiling,they dont get the awkard eye when they go in a store. Hell I cant even jog in a white neighborhood even if I live there smh....but hey thats life but other races dont think about that because they never experience it.

    • durden

      Also Im from Africa ,and here (at least in namibia) Nigga has come to mean "people who listen to hip-hop" Funny right?

    • durden

      My statement wasnt about white kids calling each other the nigga, Dude I just think its odd that anyone would ever say n-word instead of nigga.When you say n-word you mean nigga and i think nigga when i hear it, so what purpose does your self-censorship serve?

    • Suave

      Yea while you are trying to be so tough over the internet. Im black and educated and I dont use the N-word that shows how ignorant you are as a person. The N-word is something people and the hood use to describe each other if it wasnt for hip hop white guys like yourself wouldn't know about the word. The N-word has been used in the black community since the 1800's way before any white guy was using it. So before you open up your dick suckers think first because you make yourself look go open up a book and learn something instead of immitating someone or people that would beat your ass to the floor if you use the N-word in their presence. At the end of the day their are very few white kids that live in the hood. This is a lifestyle for most blacks while most white kids like yourself learn it by watching rap videos or youtube. If wasnt for black people and hip hop white people wouldn't have swag as the young people say so just stay in your lane. I most have struck a nerve you a poser.

    • durden

      Seriously you dont even have balls to type nigga on the internet?I really dont see what purpose saying n-word instead of nigga serves other than making you sound stupid

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