After collaborating with Madonna on her highly successful 2008 crossover album Hard Candy, Neptunes producer Pharrell Williams will once again be working with the pop icon in the new year.

According to, Skateboard P says he’s “got some stuff going on with Madonna,” though work on a new Despicable Me film as well as a new Neptunes project are taking up studio time as well. Referring to unique artists like Madonna, Williams explained, “Every session I have I try to take something from and learn different things – how to make great music, how to make that music greater.”

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In other news, Cee Lo Green plans to give Academy Award-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow a few tips in the studio after hearing her do a respectable cover of “Fuck You” on Glee.

“I am actually supposed to go into the studio with her in the next few days,” he told “We are doing another personalized version of ‘Forget You’ and we may do something spontaneous.”

Similarly, he told, “We’ll see what pans out. It’s a little too early to commit to a statement and I won’t ruin the surprise because whatever we’re going to do is going to be extra cool.”