Def Jam's Shawn "Pecas" Costner Refers To Young Jeezy's Writing As "Prolific"

Shawn "Pecas" Costner speaks on the feud between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy, says Young Jeezy's fans are his biggest critics.

Al Lindstrom recently caught up with Senior VP of Island/Def Jam, Shawn “Pecas” Costner to speak on a variety of topics including Young Jeezy as a writer and dealing with feuding artists

When it comes to feuding artists, take for instance Young Jeezy and Rick Ross, Pecas explained that he’d rather let grown men handle their issues between one another on their own before stepping in.

“And my position [on] Rick Ross and Young Jeezy they’re both grown men. There’s enough money for both of them in their prospective worlds of what they both do,” Pecas explained. “So I try to take that energy and focus it more towards making Big Sean the bigger artist. I don’t get really involved with two men’s personal, if there was any personal problems between the two, I don’t really get involved that’s on them. So what I try to do is like I said I just continue to be the person that I am. I keep it 100 with everybody and I use my energy to take it towards like a Big Sean or somebody.”

Despite not wanting any hand in Young Jeezy’s feud with Rick Ross, Pecas did go on to reveal that Jeezy is “one of the most prolific writers of our time” in his opinion.

“Jeezy, obviously from what I know from him, he’s one of the most prolific writers of our time...The most important person or critic to Young Jeezy from what I know is his core fan base. That’s what he worries about,” said Pecas. “He worries about mahfucka’s on the street. He worries about the girls. Everybody who’s in the hood…he wants to represent what they’re going through at the time he puts albums out.”

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  • mr poppy pants

    Jeezy sucks. One dimmensional, weak flow, and not even imaginative. Everything is the block and snow. Get a life...and this cat from def jam, prolific writer huh...whats prolific, he stinks. I'd love to see some underground rapper like copy or crooked to put this cat in his place. Now those guys can write.

  • ETK

    Jeezy is solid. the main reason I respect him is because he's always stayed in his lane. people whine so much these days about this and that rapper selling out, hip-hop dying and shit, but there's always gonna be that one nigga keeping it 100hunnit.. and that's Jeezy. keeping trap music to the same medium, and allows dudes like T.I. to delve into it every now and then. and look, obviously if you're bumpin niggas like Elzhi, the Roots, Rakim, Tech n9ne and shit, no you're probably not gonna dig Jeezy's simplistic rhymes. but as a musician, he still doin something right

    • timmmmmmmm

      truth. I bump all those dudes you mentioned (especially tech ha) but jeezy is good at what he does. he aint trying to rap like them

  • Anonymous

    Jeezy aint the best but he the best IN HIS LANE!

  • I Boned Your Mom Last Night

    Jeezy sucks. It's Pecas job to pretend his artists are hot.

  • Anonymous


  • t

    jeezy has his moments on the mic, not everyone will like his lines or lyrics but at the end of the day he go to work with so many repsected artist for a reason! the music he has put out the last year and a half hasnt been as good as his earlier days but jeezy knows what hes doing,he is not supposed to be looked at as a writer or supreme mc he is simply a "trap rapper" and he is the best at that style of rap

  • nod

    yll some true haters man, prolly dont even know what the street life is and how is to be stuck in dat shit!! if u saw jeezy face to face i wonder what would u tell him!!!

  • wtf

    Young Jeezy is hands down probably the most overated rapper and one of the corniest ever, and don't give me that "Hes real shit" or " he represents the streets" yeah if i had a buck for every time heard that id be in the Bahamas fucking models in the ass on beaches, This guy has incredibly annoying voice, his rhymes are corny, he is ALWAYS the worst part of any song he is featured on, and his rhymes are WEAK, VERY FUCKING WEAK. At least Lil Wayne had a moment were he was saying dope shit, but Jeezy has ALWAYS AND WILL ALWAYS BE A CORNBALL ON THE MIC.

    • kd

      shut up faggot gay ass talkin about fucking in the ass

    • dd

      yo, it doesnt read at all that hes supporting Wayne. He's saying that he doesn't like Wayne, but at least he put out a dope verse every once in awhile.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^You say all that, but give props to Lil' Wayne?!? What a dumbass! You say he is corny, but people like you listen to bullshit like Lil" Wayne. Do is a favor and STFU!

  • OC

    Dude looks like a toasted marshmellow

  • Anonymous

    who cares. you're ruining hip-hop by manufactuirng stars. "Making Big sean a bigger artist." why? music will only recover when we stop manufactuing stars like Big Sean and start letting them shine/grow organically

    • ETK

      you're stupid. stars have been manufactured since the beginning of time. not everybody is like Kanye who steps into the booth and runs/pencils in his own shit, even the big time rappers don't have that range... so nevermind the smaller artists

  • Anonymous

    homie looking like a monster in dat pic prolific is a word that should never be used in a sentence with young jeezys name unless it is followed by the words drug dealer

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