DJ Premier Names His Favorite Gang Starr Album

Primo reveals which Gang Starr LP he considers the best.

DJ Premier recently spoke with Bootleg Kev about a slew of topics, reflecting on his favorite porn stars, working with Mac Miller and his opinion on Lil Wayne's latest album. During the interview, he named his most coveted Gang Starr album, explaining how he recently found Guru's lyrics for the project.

"Moment of Truth. We actually just found Guru’s lyrics to the Moment of Truth album. All in a bundled folder. We went to clean his house out recently with his son’s mother,” he said. “I know more about what’s going on with him than anybody besides [Big] Shug, because Shug is part of our family, but I know everything. I’ve been helping them get closure. I spoke at his funeral - we had a private funeral in Boston - that his father threw, and they had his remains there and everything. It was a real touching service."

Watch the two-part interview below.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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  • classic

    La Storia Della East Coast Album Uno Pi Spettacolari Dell' Altro Da No More Mr. Nice Guy A The Ownerz Anche Se Per Me Un Capolavoro Che Supera Tutti Quanti Gli Altri Album Rimarr Moment Of Truth... R.I.P. Guru

  • TiiDo

    I agree. Moment of Truth is their best work, personally. One of my favourite albums. Preem had it on lock with that shit. That "JFK to LAX" beat still kills me.

  • GBraw73

    Moment of Truth Baaby!! I like All of Gangstar's Music but Moment of Truth is possibly my favorite! Guru was definately Underrated! R.I.P.

  • Anonymous

    My ranking: 1) Moment of Truth 2) Hard to Earn 3) Daily Operation 4) Step In The Arena 5) The Ownerz

  • apathy

    Ownerz is classic u bastards.

  • yall wack

    Man you can't have one song, article, interview on here with out all these shit talking fools postong bullshit. Saying J Dilla is watered down, and then Preem is repetitive. STFU every artist has their own style. Just learn to appreciate it for what it is. That's what the real do.

  • Alteez

    I think it's funny that people are dissing Jay Dee on this thread; go listen to Lex Luger you douche bags.

  • Brian White

    Actions have reactions / don't be quick to judge / you might not know the hardships people don't speak of / it's best to step back and observe with couth / for we all must meet out moment of truth Best line from Guru ever


    GhostFace vs Premo Album would be insane. Great interview. 18+ LOL


    Solar and Gusmo should come and talk that shit in the streets of Brownsville, this aint no tuff talk, I know this for a fact!! Premo should put out another M.O.P. and a Big Shug album that would be mad lovely

  • Rebel music

    Aint nothing like a classic Premo beat, Fuck a hater

  • Rebel music

    Soft ass pussy cant stand the sound of hip hop and the real life... so they end up on this site with lame comments If you ask them whats their fav hip hop album they will say Lady Gaga....its not even funny anymore

  • mlittlejohn

    This nigga sitting here talking about Porn like it's nothing LOOOOOL!!!! I would never expected that from Premo, for real LOL!

  • The B

    The Alchemist is the new Preemo!

    • DMV Dave

      Would've agreed til' about a year ago, when Al kept putting out all those slow-ass southern-ish beats [e.g. Covert Coup]

  • The B

    Man Hard to Earn was that shit for real!!

  • rick

    its funny how theres only 34, post for this article, but get 189 to wack as articles....YOUNGINs'!! ........... Yes, Premier said MOT was the best GS album but he has been known to say that Group homes Livin' Proof is his BEST work to date! I kinda agree. MOT & Livin' Proof have a similar sound. Thick layered beats with perfect drums on each track. ......Wrath of the Math was an experimental sound that he ran with....But I consider that album one of my top 5 hip hop albums EVER! .....Jay Dee was/is nice in his own right! He changed the sound of Hip Hop PERIOD!!! See early Jay Dee beats.....Kieth Murray's "The Rhyme" or Busta's "So Hardcore"...dude brought a soulful sound never heard before...not even Pete's sounded this nice. ....But Premier changed the sound as well with his BOOM BAP....He created that "NY SOUND" PERIOD! And if you listen to Jay Dee's beats from before he past. His sound was heading towards a harder sounding RAW sound...influenced by Madlib. In turn Jay Dee influenced Madlib..See that wack ass Instrumental album he dropped "Movie Scenes"! ........

  • Almar

    Moment Of Truth is def the greatest album Gang Starr Ever put out. R.I.P. Guru.

  • Anonymous

    j dilla was watered down piece of shit dont come on here talking about j dilla. hip hop is house d.j premier buildt he is the best producer hip hop had ever seen. sure dre is good. but his shit was as hard as primos.

    • TiiDo

      Jay Dee was a beast on the beat, he brought something different to the table personally. What makes Preem great is how he brings out the best in any artist he works with, but I gotta agree Pete Rock probably is a greater producer than Preem. I'm just waiting for that Pete Rock vs DJ Premier album to drop, think Pete's gonna cake it though...

    • Doombot

      Again Pete Rock>>>>>>>>>>>>Preemo. J Dillas watered down shit probably inspires Preem, afterall he had been in the game since 93/94

    • datNIGGAJ

      both r unarguably great producers. all u had to say is (u think) primo is better and leave all that greasy talk about the deceased to ure shit-talking ways when playing grand theft auto 4 on ure grandmothers flat screen at night after she goes to sleep, but only after she's taken her dirty dentures out. one.

  • Anonymous

    J Dilla is very, very overrated because he died. Truth, I'm afraid.

    • Doombot

      The dude wasn't overrated, however there is a proportionate hipster fanbase amongst the J Dilla fanbase. A real dilla fan knows donuts is not his best body of work, but to hipster fan It is. Preem is very overrated. I like him but SP 1200 Pete Rock eats preems repetitive beats for dinner. One can say he's overrated cause he gets lyricists that are really good to hop in his beats. E.g. Jeru da damaja and Guru

    • dockevoc

      Very true. Dude produced for some of the wackest groups in history that nobody was feeling at the time but now he's a 'genius'

    • Anonymous

      lmao@datNIGGAJ. you sound like a little bitch takin it all personal.

    • datNIGGAJ

      both r unarguably great producers. all u had to say is (u think) primo is better and leave all that greasy talk about the deceased to ure shit-talking ways when playing grand theft auto 4 on ure grandmothers flat screen at night after she goes to sleep, but only after she's taken her dentures out. one.

  • Doubl Negative

    Every Gang Starr LP is dope, but I have to concur with Preem in regards to MOT. Royalty sounds incongruous next to rest of the hardcore ish on this set, but like Dre's 2001, these records sound so good because they were released in the late nineties when hip-hop started to wane. Jeru's two LPs were dope too.

  • Anonymous

    i saw an MGK interview yesterday and they were also just talkin about porn

  • guerilla jones

    wow who talks about porn like that?kinda gross dude

    • Anonymous

      @BIG FACE ITALY The fuck you talkin about? Since when porn been apart of hip hop? Its best you keep your fuckin mouth shut. Faggots shouldn't speak.


      O my god, peeps nowaday str8 up stupid or what? Porn has always been a part of life and since the early days of hip hop. They ask him whats his fav Gangstar album and peeps start talking about his ego LMAO4REAL...if you look at it like comedy you simply cant stop laughing reading those comments. Knowledge reign supreme over nearly everybody HA!

    • Anonymous

      bunch of homos up in here!

    • Anonymous

      Serious. Preemo just seems so lame to me right now.This is what happens as a result of letting whites come into Hip Hop. Preemo, talk about porn on a porn show.

  • Anonymous

    The interviewer is kind of corny, he just seems awkard if your interviewing Premier for that much time you gotta be better.

  • Anonymous

    stop the presses!


    "Moment of Truth" was/is a masterpiece. And yes: Premo can also have a opinion of his work, fuckers. The only fucked up thing: People seem to forget what a important dude Guru was to this fucked up shit called Hip-Hop.

  • rick

    MOT is Gangstarrs best ...period! The beats on that album were perfect. Hard To Earn was also nice but more gutter, which isnt bad but they were at their peak with MOT.

  • dockevoc

    Big ups to Primo My fav was always Hard to Earn shit was right in the middle of their early rawness and the slightly more refined sound of Moment of Truth

  • Anonymous

    Thats Common Sense...."Moment of Truth" Track was probably his fav too...album goes hard tho

  • nibs

    I was just sayin yesterday how big this guy's ego is and here is he is naming his own best album haha what a dick cheese

    • joshbechard

      no he isnt j dilla is better producer but you cant really compare the 2 dilla just had a more interesting and layered sound than premos boom bap beats btw best gang starr album might be daily operation but premos best work is on the sun rises in the east by jeru

    • cdubs

      he the best to ever do it, dude SHOULD have an attitude. he the goat

    • Anonymous

      whats he supposed to say when they ask him his favorite gang starr album? "No sorry I can't answer that question because it will make me look like I have a big ego."

  • Anonymous

    Moment of Truth is their best album for sure. I was thinking the same thing before I clicked this

  • Anonymous

    but what about the cocaine chris? what about the cocaine????

  • Anonymous

    how you gon name your own best album,... just stupid

  • Anonymous

    premo was a genius, now all his beats sounds the same, he lost the hunger

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Moment of Truth = Classic

  • Nas

    this cat told me he loves Illmatic more than he loves his son

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