Fabolous Speaks On Ray J Beef, "TINC 3: Death Comes In 3s"

Loso explains why his latest mixtape has more energy to it than "The S.O.U.L. Tape."

Fabolous got into a scuffle last year with Ray J after a run-in in Las Vegas, Nevada, which he now says was because of his "lame" actions at the time. During an interview with ThisIs50.com, Loso echoed a previous tweet that stated how you can have money but still be lame, and why that applied to Ray J.

"That statement is true. How many times have you been sitting somewhere and there’s some lame ass rich nigga? I wasn’t really feeling some of the things that Ray J was doing at the time. I felt like it was lame stuff, and he was kind of using what he was doing but mixing that in with saying what he’s got. That doesn’t mean anything," he said. "Yayo was like, you gotta say something."

He also touched on his most recent mixtape release, There is No Competition 3: Death Comes in 3s. After releasing his soul-inspired mixtape The S.O.U.L. Tape in April 2011, he decided that he wanted to ramp up the energy with his latest.

"Death does come to everyone, but I would love for mine to be after you’ve lived a long life and seen your kids grow," he said. "I wanted to give more energy with this mixtape because the last one I did, The S.O.U.L. Tape, was a different kind of vibe. It was a little slower. It was a little more thought-provoking, from a different perspective."



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  • ??????

    WHO THE FUCK IS RAY J ??????????

  • Brandy's brother

    Dat shit was funny tho. The money team wit all the bitches by the pool and shit, and the 12 rolls royces outside. All that god shit. I love this life.

  • LordLamick

    Fab won't live this one down. From all this bullshit the conclusion is that while Fab won the verbal battle due to Ray j self destructing about the money team and 12 Bentleys. Ray J won the physical, because Fab should have dealt with him for even making a move like that, he didn't, so he's a bitch

  • Anonymous

    this has to be the corniest beef in the history of music... ray j? who gives a fuck

  • Fish

    Has anyone else realised that that this 'explanation' doesnt actually explain anything. And your all commenting like you have a fucking clue what he's talking about, ROFL!

  • Anonymous

    how let this nigga son you and you aint done nothing yet.

  • 02 spitter

    Hey I just wanna post a rap I wrote on the plane yesterday, feel free to leave feedback, hope you enjoy Like a child on his own going out on a limb, I'm ignoring the popular advice and throwing caution to the wind, cuz I refuse to be pinned, to these ropes feeling like my only way of battling out was resorting to sin, and make the most of every little opening, growing frustrated when, I reach into my pockets and feel only loose change, bum status I'm tired of being stuck on this same page, feeling like my life was plagued, with let downs and constant obstacles, just last week I saw my homi pass away in the hospital, leaving a horrible, taste that I some how gotta get over and digest, but still struggling feeling the pain directly burning my chess, feeling like ive nothing left, so I'm hoping this liquor or meth, will take away my problems, cuz I'm tired of laying down and playing possum That's all I got down so far hope you like it but if not once again feel free to leave feedback and rate it outa 10....thanks for reading and off course happy new years

  • Anonymous

    You guys got the shit twisted. 50 himself said nothing happened and he was with Ray J.

    • Anonymous

      Footage Released Of Bruised Fabolous After Ray J Fight http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/news/id.16924/title.footage-released-of-bruised-fabolous-after-ray-j-fight

    • NYC

      50 Cent speaks on the Ray J and Fabolous beef...... Ray J did swing at him [but] if he connected, [Fabolous] would have had a mark on him or something." Footage Released Of Bruised Fabolous After Ray J Fight. Footage of Fabolous performing at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada shortly after his fight with Ray J shows a bruise on the side of his face. The injury contradicts earlier statements made by Loso about their altercation. 2+2=4

  • dee

    fab my dude but he lost tha ray j thing.action speak louder then words & ray j won with his actions.he ran up on fab & socked him or tried to sock him.ray j lost with words.he made him self look kinda stupid with that money team rant.fab won with words, but where im from,its about winning with actions,words dont mean nothing if your action dont back it up.

  • DJ Slowpoke

    good interview, the thing about that Ray J situation is everybody know what kind of dude Ray J is and if he feels like he got the balls to step to you, then that should tell u somethin man. Cuz i know he wouldnt of stepped to 50 or Mayweather like that or any other rapper.

  • Anonymous

    If he got clapped he got clapped.. Im a joe budden fan but i was laughing when i heard he got punched.. Stop defendin the dude cause u a fan. I SEEN THE KNOT AND LET ME JUST SAY FAB AINT NO GANGSTA WITHOUT "THE STREET FAM". 1 on 1 FABO IS A "LAME ASS RICH NIGGA" HIMSELF!!!

  • Anonymous

    Where was gangsta Fab in the club that night???? The fight was 1 on 1, right??? So how do NYC niggas get down??? "I'm gone call my niggas type shit!!!" UGK TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD LYRICS... you better bring a gang load of homies when you think you wanna throw 'cause by yourself you're running to the floor i seen yo kind before man youre nothing with yo hands more than a punk but still less than a man you talk alot of nothing when youre chilling with the ladies let me catch you by yourself, you're pushing up some daisies see crazy you wanna be but punks with no heart, they ain't hard they just waiting for bun to pull they card you better keep your weak self locked in your hood 'cause with your boys im a have to tell you something good

  • LMAO...

    "Yayo was like, you gotta say something." Yayo couldn't speak for himself!?!?!?! It would have been funny to see Ray J whoop his old @$$... LMAO!

  • Anonymous

    yall neeed to stop comin at my mans Fab tho

  • dentaldamboy

    This dude mad cause he missed hopping on that YMCMB train. Now his career is down the drain and nobody is checking for his shit to drop. He a failure at life. YMCMB is the future of hip hop.

  • GBtha G

    Imma be a NIGGA 4 Life.so fuck u dx for tryin to block ma comment but u punks just couldnt stop ME.

  • T-Pain

    Fab need to realize Ray got a large meat okay? You don't fuck with niggas with large meats.

  • NIGGA 4 Life

    Yo fuck this damn story.I don't give a fuck.Niggaz u must learn to live above bitchiz don't fuck with em but fuck wit yo muthafuckin wives.I say fuck dx.

  • Anonymous

    Gangsta or not, Ray has money, and clearly did something to Fab during their little scuffle.

  • Anonymous

    yo i got 47 dodge neons outside

  • Anonymous

    Yayo wanted you to say something not because he cares about you Fab, its because he wants to instigate shit.

  • stabler420

    Fab got his ass kicked by Ray J. They are both fags. Friday Night Sissy Fights!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i thought fab was meant to be a real street nigga why he beefing with ray j lol

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