Despite Ray J’s recent blow-up with Fabolous saturating Hip Hop news headlines with help from the story’s bizarre twists and turns, the young singer says he’s ready to move on from that situation. He told Shade 45’s The All Out Show that the entire incident should have never gone public.

“You gotta grow from that,” he said. “That was me letting my frustrations take over. Whatever situations happen behind closed doors [Fab and I] should have left it at that. So as a man I’m accepting my responsibilities on that end and just growing from it.”
Although he said he and Fabolous have not spoken, he believes they both will continue to be professional about the situation.

Ray also dispelled rumors regarding a recently released collaboration between him and professional boxer Victor Ortiz. The song first appeared on gossip site TMZ, but Ray J claims he’s never worked with him.

“I don’t know how the media even comes up with these crazy stories. We ain’t never been in the studio together not one time.”

Ray J is currently working on a new book as well as a television show, although a premise has not yet been made official.