Ill Bill Recording "The Grimy Awards," Production By DJ Premier, Psycho Les, El-P

Exclusive: Sound providers from Gang Starr, The Beatnuts, Company Flow, Blaq Poet and House of Pain are on board to assist the La Coka Nostra co-founder's 2012 solo endeavor.

Veteran Brooklyn, New York emcee/producer Ill Bill announced with the new year that he is recording a 2012 solo album, The Grimy Awards. After collaborative projects with Jedi Mind Tricks' Vinnie Paz (Heavy Metal Kings) and Cypress Hill's DJ Muggs, (Kill Devil Hills) this is Bill's first completely solo outing since 2008's acclaimed Hour of Reprisal.

The La Coka Nostra member and co-founder of Non-Phixion exclusively told HipHopDX that he's working with the likes of Gang Starr's DJ Premier, The Beatnuts' Psycho Les, MoSS, Stu Bangas, C-Lance and House of Pain's DJ Lethal on production. More details on the album will be announced, as Bill is looking at third or fourth quarter, 2012 release. A label has yet to be announced. Previously, Ill Bill has worked with Fat Beats Records and Suburban Noize Records, in addition to his own Uncle Howie Records imprint.

Before that, La Coka Nostra has Masters of The Dark Arts planned for spring, 2012 release. Earlier this week, they released a video from that album, "Malverde Market."

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  • steezeyauzzy

    why do people compare mcs n shit? chill out and enjoy the beautiful work from all the gods...

  • Badlands

    Production line up looks nice. I'm looking forward to this, Vinnie Paz's next album, Mic Tyson and Marcberg Reloaded

  • idontknow

    what about Q? I personally enjoy his work more then necro. Imo Necro record label is all about drugs and sexs and acting like a porn star. while Ill bills label was about teaching and be revoution. prise example there music videos.. Necro videos are x rated while ill bill are dark cartoonish videos. I personally would only by a psl ablum if ill bill not necto was in charge of the ablum.

  • wawaw

    What is this I hear that Bill and Necro is beefing? Fill me in

    • el chapo

      beef is a strong word but it's obvious they haven't worked together in years. seems like common knowledge they don't get along.

  • yadig

    Just look at this guy's pick. It looks like he's suicidal cause he missed jumping on that YMCM train. Now he's just an afterthought who steals money from his brother to score some crack.

  • T

    bill is a legend. him and his brother. say what you want those guys stick to their guns and keep it coming. they have more heart than most. talking like 15 years of action between them. check anything they drop cuz i know they put time and energy into it. too bad they had a falling out. i don't like getting into ppls business but the fact is they made incredible music together and if its possible to work it out they really should. either way i'll be checking this out ASAP. bill and necro have been doin this a lot longer than yall been hating on the internet, thats for sure.

    • blazeitup22

      Lol don't you love when a lil Wayne dick rider pops into the comment section. Lets put it straight. Most Underground MCs can easily be as big as lil wayne if they wanted to but that means selling out to the record labels. Do you really think a record company would allow Ill bill to put a Song like Society is brainwashed or anatomy of a school shooting on an album they want release. No fucking way and if you take out songs like that then Ill bill would be just another lil wayne faggot.

    • Anonymous

      People like you complain about people hating on an underground artist, yet you'll probably be the first one who shows up to talk shit in a Lil wayne thread SMH "If I dont like it, I dont like it, that dont mean I'm hating"

  • El Loco Nostra

    most anticipated album for 2012 IMO. bring it on.

  • Mitch 3K

    there underground rappers work too much nowadays, its like their afraid of being forgotten Bill has a Coka Album, a Solo Album, and a heavy Metal Kings album with Muggs all in the works right now, when you spread yourself that thin, all the projects suffer, better to just concentrate on one at a time, nobody needs 3 albums about the same thing that all sound alike Just my opinion, all you melodramatic backpackers that are thinking of flaming me for that opinion can save yourselves the time, I'm a fan of dude theres no hating involved here just honest opinions

    • RL67

      last solo record he dropped was in 2008. & it didn't sound like any of the collab records he's dropped since. you're buggin.

  • DJ Khronik

    looking forward to this album. Bill is a beast & this production line-up is serious.

  • junMaf*ckn

    Ill Bill is Nasty. Him and Killah Priest should do a collabo album produced by Rza Necro and DJ Muggs...

    • Digital Christ

      LMFAO!!! DAMN. That sucks but its mad real.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^ all that "Blood Thicker then Water" shit is a urban legend B, I got a brother I aint talked to in 5 years cause he's a piece of shit, lol

    • Digital Christ

      blood's thicker than water of course but it's obvious they aint workin together anymore. I honestly could care less. I used to be a huge fan of both of em but these days I only check for Bill. Necro fell off a long time ago for me. Interested in hearing that Psycho Les jawn.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^^ A few weeks ago bill & Necro were calling each other faggots over twitter, I dont think they like each other at this point man

    • jaketheshape

      necro talks to bill from time to time. he was on the phone with him 2 weeks ago. they just dont get along making music anymore. after the label split they havent wanted to do music with each other. but thats still his brother and they talk regularly ,as brothers of course, and not music friends.

    • mike

      Sorry but Bill doesnt talk to Necro anymore

  • Anonymous

    Ill Bill is ok... he's better than his brother Necro, but VINNIE PAZ is the realest... check out VINNIE PAZ "End of Dayz"

  • dentaldamboy

    This fucking faggot needs to sign with YMCMB to get his respect up. He's got no buzz going. No one is checking for his shit to drop.

  • bam bam

    Where's Necro production? Anybody ever find out what happened to Goretex?

    • Digital Christ

      Gortex been saying he's dropping an album "early this year" for the past five years. don't hold your breath.

    • Ronald Raegan

      Goretex is dropping an album early this year.!/supercoven

    • jaketheshape

      necro and bill dont get along musically right now which fuckin sux there should be at least 1 fucking necro beat. as for goretex hes been gone. something about money I think. all I know for sure about goretex is that ill bill had to beat him bloody at least 3 times. he was doin some shady shit and bill put them hands on him. I dont think hell be around anytime soon.

  • EddieMurrrphy

    now we need a new solo from sabac and mr. hyde too. its been four years. wonder wat xzibits up to right now?

    • EddieMurrrphy

      yo man thnx for the sabac update, figured something like that was happening. i knew hyde was a plr goon i dont think he was ever on uncle howie. q-unique made that switch though. (UH to PLR). I would like that necro hyde album. but drop godfathers frist!!! after the ep of course.

    • jaketheshape

      Sabac isnt droppin anything anytime soon,hes busy with his family and has no plans for any new material, fuckin sucks. Hyde's new stuff should be droppin sometime next year on PLR hes no longer on howie records. he went with necro when the split with bill happened.

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