Naughty By Nature Talk Absence, Current State Of Hip Hop

The Jersey trio explain where they've been for the past nine years and how they feel about Hip Hop today.

Stupid Dope recently caught up with veteran Hip Hop trio Naughty by Nature to discuss their 20 year anniversary retrospective project Anthem Inc. During the interview, the New Jersey emcees talked about their nine year absence from the Hip Hop scene. The members of Naughty said that while they haven't been dropping too much new music over the past decade, primarily due to label issues, they've been keeping their rep up with State-side and overseas tours.

"We've been making music, it just wasn't out," they explained. "We were trying to find distribution and all that, and in the meantime, [we've] just been on the road working, just going overseas and out on the road. We still kept it moving; if you looked on the Internet and looked on our YouTube channel and checked out our site, it was all up there. We would post all our shows and different stuff. As far as dropping records, it's been a minute."

Naughty also talked about their views on the current state of Hip Hop. The "Hip Hop Hooray" and "O.P.P." hit-makers said that while this new generation of artists may not be their cup of tea, they recognize that the times have changed and that there's still good Hip Hop to be heard. In addition, they noted that Hip Hop's sound has changed from decade to decade, and that it's their job to make music that fits the current genre.

"It's always Hip Hop; if you think about, it's just music in general," they said. "There's always something for somebody, and there's some stuff that you don't like. Even when we came out, there was whack stuff out there. There was stuff that we didn't like, and there was good stuff. It's the same now; there's some good stuff out there, there's some bad stuff out there. I just think that the times have changed, that's all it is."

They added, "Every ten years, if you look at Hip Hop, there's a different sound that really comes through, whether you like it or not. It's still just a different format: the '70s, the'80s, the '90s, the 2000's...every ten years, it's a whole new sound of music. You've got make sure that you fit into the mix if you're going to keep putting out music."

Check out the full interview below, courtesy of Stupid Dope.

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  • dj nemesis

    and i forgot to mention chip the ripper,hes raw as fuck

  • dj nemesis

    this song isnt even close to freddie gibbs best,not even close,but it shits on most if not all verses spit but run dmc,ll cool j,or public enemy.... and this isnt kendricks best but its classic hate on this and you dont know hip-hop

  • dj nemesis

    everybody on here is asleep to real hip-hop in 2011....listen to black hippy, freddie gibbs (an his crew,cuz some niggas on his new tape were raw as fuck), hopsin (who got eminems old classic style on lock), slaughterhouse (who got only raw niggas), la coka nostra, and if anyone says the games album was wack,they dont know real hip-hop....

  • NY

    It sounds like to me their holding back in the interview, they know the game is fucked up with the wrong people getting cream while the people with talent stay in the underground because major labels only look for pop artists now. The title emcee is pretty much dead, you don't have people respecting the genre and they get off with making music that a four year old could write. I don't know why their talking about switching up styles because you just leave the fans that were originally there and then you can't get new fans because some reason with hip hop their is such a bias if you're older than 35 excluding Jay-Z (even though he bit his whole style from Jaz-O). No one is representing the grimmey sound right now, instead it's these pop beats flooding the radio and these artists either sell their soul just for some quick cash or the record companies refuse to put out real hip hop, they're trying to keep the masses ignorant and uneducated. You can find a direct correlation with listeners of the new rap bullshit and low iq.

  • jason

    this is their humble nice way of saying that theres a whole lotta dumb shit in the world. idiocracy is inevitable though i think before the world ends. but next year is the dawning of the age of aquarius. so we need thinkers lol

  • BeantownBreezy

    I grew up on these dudes and they made some ofthe most incredible hiphop music ever.If you don't know then do your research on youtube fool.It is a little too ,late for naughty By Nature in 2011 and that is just cuz of time.They came out in 1991.They should be promoting up and coming new talent.They had their reign.peace

  • Trib Stax

    it's those Naughty Boys! Ya you hav to adapt to changes . Remember nothing stays the same, its up to you to Adapt and make it ur Style!!

  • blacklaw

    yo check us out on youtube just search in BLACKLAWREBELMUSIC show us luv give us sum feedback!!!

  • The Anti-Bullshyt Theory

    Why in the middle of earth fuck do niggas get in these bloggs and wanna talk about niggas being too old to rap!?!? Young this, old that. Shut that shit up! Are you serious?!?! Hip-Hop isnt an age issue! It never was. It dont matter tha fuck yo age is, if you dope you dope. Most of the best skilled artists are in their mid 30s on up anyway. It aint about yall. Cut that shit out. Hip-Hop as far as emceein' goes, is about SKILL. It just so happens that many of the young artists out now dont possess that skill. And because the major labels tryin to cut out the more seasoned artists that do have that skill, the listener dont have that level of quality to guage another artist by. So the wackest muthafucka on the mic you're gonna think is hot, especially if that payola got the radio spinnin that bullshit 24/7 brainwashin and dumbin down niggas... which is whats already happened. Man yall please stop trying to age classify Hip-Hop and trying to put it in a muthafuckin BOX! The Hip-Hop culture aint meant to live in no fuckin box! Are you?! Cut that corporatized thinkin out yall. Fa'real. THAT IS WHATS KILLING HIP-HOP.

    • achpe

      Its wild that the young generation talk about being old. When the new generation rock everything old. Muggs wait in line to buy the old Js, Air Ones, old Penny's,etc. but your too old to rap. Snapbacks did not come out in 2011, you could get nobody to wear a snapback a few years ago. Now people acting like its new.

    • Anonymous

      agree. I don't know why hiphop as a genre has to be ageist. what other genres are. Hell, ACDC, Rolling Stones still doing their thing. Elton John, Rod Stewart, Prince is into his 50's and still releasing worthwhile stuff, Johnny Cash kept it going, the list goes on. I'm not sure why rappers cant if they are hungry and put out good music. Ignorant stupid fans is the answer. Especially when these are probably the same hypocritical fans hating on the new rappers.

    • Anonymous

      co-sign. the 16-34 demographic is the "sucka" demographic. Nothing but a target for cigarettes, liquor, trendy fashion, fast food, anything to help you spend that money burning a hole in your pocket. They know you just started touching money and ain't thinking about stashing it. Your parents and grandparents weren't considered targets like that because of the separation those days. Only when corporations saw the spending power of the community thru rap is when they changed their target base. All I gotta say is you youngins need to wake up, the way it's looking y'all golden days will be gold filled slum.

  • KillaJ

    Show some respect for the legendary Naughty By Nature, you fuckin' cum drinkin' fuck faces!

  • FuckYou

    Fuck this new generation of homo sexual, tight ass jean wearin', so called rappers. And fuck and the rest of you faggots too!

  • Shabaka

    "You 38 and you still rappin uggghhh. I'm 26 Ni&*a and so is the dubs" - The Game 1) At their age they should have evolved into record execs, label owners or something grown ass men do by now. NOT rappin and trying to appeal to a young demographic. 2) Why are they trying to appeal to today's generation anyway??? Real artits create what's in their heart and spirits. Not change their art to get with the new generation. NBN should have no problem with the direction of Hip Hop since they played a major role in officially ending the Golden era. Check the history if you don't believe. Start with 'Ghetto Bastard'.

    • Anonymous

      they, especially vin, handle their business bro. get your facts right. clothing label, apps, illtown records, never stopped touring the globe. etc.

  • Travis Evans

    WTF? These niggas need to fall back. Washed up mother fuckers. No one gives a fuck about this bunch of faggots in the golden years.

    • Anonymous

      You sound like a stupid little child with a comment like that.Hip hop doesn't need fuckboys like you, so slow your roll,go hug your teddy bear in skinny jeans,and put on your Justin Beiber cd you tightass little bitch.

    • Anonymous

      faggots.. you'd know one wouldn't you TRAVIS....

  • Shone Jones

    There is zero interest in a Naughty By Nature record in 2011. Hard Truth.

    • dj nemesis

      i had alot of interest,especially calling it anthem inc...but as soon as i read this an dude says "we gota change up for the new generation" i said fuck it an lost all interest....nobody wants a NEW naughty by nature,nobody wants a new wu-tang,nobody wants a new lupe..WE WANT THE SHIT THAT GOT YOU WHERE YOU AT MUTHAFUCKA...

  • Anonymous

    Anthem Inc baby December 13th

  • Lilmarcci JonesCd

    meh,u damn know well that todays musiz sucks. u just didn't wanna say it cuz u know niggas would say shit like "get with the time' you just old" lame crap....Look if you got the right beats and a hook you will sell. just look at RiRi and Nicki

    • dj nemesis

      lmao then u havent heard freddie gibbs at all,cuz he wud murk run dmc,public enemy,and ll cool j easily, none of them can outrap freddie gibbs,nigga freddie gibbs got a mixtape showcasin his best verses and its 82 CLASSIC VERSES,im talkin lyrically mastery my boy...i never heard any of the rappers you name spit like freddie,freddie can flow like bone thugs an ludacris with tupac like lyrics...i doubt u heard a quarter of what i listened to cuz if u did you would know that hip-hop right now is great...and if freddie released an album in 92,tupac mobb deep bone thugs and prolly even nas woulda collabed witm for sure,definetly scarface...

    • Anonymous

      Freddie Gibbs is dope and would easily have pumped out 4-5 albums in the 90's. There are some good rappers out now but not most of the one's dude mentioned

    • dockevoc

      freddie gibbs and hopsin are classic hip-hop,u just havent heard enough.... I guess that's where we just differ in opinion. When I think 'classic hip-hop' I think Run DMC, Public Enemy and LL Cool J - not Freddie Gibbs. I've heard enough Freddie Gibbs to know he wouldn't have lasted 3 albums from 92-02. He's average. Maybe. He's not doing anything that Big Noyd didn't already do better 10 years ago. And I'm really sorry man but anyone who supports Mac Miller has no hope for them whatsoever. Peace.

    • dj nemesis

      "freddie gibbs and hopsin are classic hip-hop,u just havent heard enough..." which is also very hard cuz every verse i ever heard from hopsin or freddie gibbs was raw....

    • dj nemesis

      mac miller the worst? now thats ignorant....dude got a kool g rap flow at times,not anyone can do that...90% of the rap game cant do that,the double time fast flow

    • dj nemesis

      come on dude freddie gibbs wud tear memphis bleek a new asshole,freddie gibbs and hopsin are classic hip-hop,u just havent heard enough....

    • dockevoc

      DJ Nem you dead wrong. Gibbs, Kendrick and Jay Rock are the best of the new bunch but they ain't really shit, they just better than the rest of the new wack rappers. Game put out one of the worst albums I've ever heard, Bank$ has flow but lost his PLK touch and Mac Miller is about the worst I've ever heard. Memphis Bleek put out hotter shit that all these dudes 10 years ago and that dude was the worst of his time yet his shit was hotter than damn near everyone you just mentioned. The rap game is at an all time low and I think it's pretty obvious. Peace

    • dj nemesis

      who you talkin to?

    • aa

      keep reading complex you herb.

    • dj nemesis

      how da fuck could you guys say some shit like that,niggas like freddie gibbs,hopsin,kendrick lamar, jay rock, and plenty others are makin real raw hip-hop...ludacris rippen shit,game rippen shit, lloyd banks rippen shit,a$ap rocky rippen shit,meek mill rippen shit, even mac miller got an ill ass 90's flow (even thoe all he talks about is partyin), slaughterhouse rippen shit, odd future rip shit at times,lupe rippen shit, b.o.b rippen shit, tyga rippen shit, even steven jo made a couple classic tracks on his tape, i can go on all day, people are bein themselves again and you guys are asleep to it,nobody shud be hatin on the rap game right now, it came back in 2010

    • Anonymous

      You're right. I hate it sometimes when that question gets asked, cause far too often, niggas don't want to step up to the plate and tell it like it is for fear of being called out. Music of today sucks and there's no denying that...period.

    • Cage

      Co-sign... I still miss those naughty block party/cookouts though

    • Anonymous

      you speak the truth

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