Drake Says He's Begun Recording Third LP, Explains Falling Back From Mixtapes

Drizzy says he recorded the first song for the follow-up to "Take Care."

Drake recently dropped off his sophomore album Take Care, but he's already on to the next one. Speaking with Wild 94.1, Drizzy revealed that he's begun recording the intro for his third album and that it's going to capture where he's at in his life at the moment.

"I started writing the intro to my project last night," he said. "I found the sample and I started piecing together the story of where I’m at in my life. Start piecing together the drawing, I finish that and flip the page. It’s really like, I’m never the type to go back and be like, oh, I need this to bring over here. I can’t really save music or older music."

He also said that he now considers himself an album artist and that he doesn't think he'll be putting out another mixtape again. He justifies the decision by explaining that an album allows him to put more behind the project than he would with a mixtape.

"It’s tough for me to put a mixtape out there just based off the fact that… Not only that it’s free, but to be honest to you, I don’t really make money off my albums," he said. That’s not where I make my money. Artists don’t make money off my record sales. That’s why what I do first week doesn’t matter to me. I’m not too caught up in the numbers, because nobody’s getting rich off of album sales. Everybody gets rich off of touring and brand sponsorship."

"It’s just more the fact that the amount of work that I would put into a mixtape, I kind of may as well call it an album. Like, So Far Gone was a full-blown album," he continued. "I’m becoming more of an album artist. I value my music a lot. If you really care about what you do and the fans really care about what you do, it’s a great outlet to get started, it’s a great outlet when you’re hungry - when you’re undiscovered and hungry. I’m discovered and hungry. I’d rather give you more albums to listen to, more moments in time."

Listen to the full interview below (ATF via HHNM).

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  • young

    drake disses ludacris on this youtube link? nope he doesnt because this isnt drake on this song you be the judge http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYRzo2Oc5Y8

  • Anonymous

    Comment was written by Twan D The Student. I'm not even gonna get in it with anyone that responds because I'll never see you anyway.

  • Anonymous

    I wish ya'll would listen to the interview he wasn't complaining that he doesn't make money off mixtapes. And if you are knowledgable of the game NO RAPPER get's rich off of record sales because you recoup off of your record and the actual money that's made is through touring or endorsements. That's why branding has become so important in the last 10yrs. Hip Hop dx let's me know one thing all you muthafuckas just like to sit at home a judge a nigga, but now one of you have the BALLS to follow your dreams and do what it takes to acheive them. get off that man nuts you internet thugs smh.

    • lol

      @Plz lmmaaaooo word to that man

    • Plz

      Uh oh , us 'internet thugs' better watch out. This 'internet police man' is clearly more enlightened than the rest of us who don't work hard and have no goals. Shit, get outa here with that, I only come to these sites because I love hip hop, and yes I do have an opinion that I will voice sometimes. But as far as my ambition goes, goals get knocked off my list and get replaced with new ones so you need to come down off that horse. Holla

    • Say What?

      How you know I don't rock shows?



  • Reality Bites back

    Jay Z and Nas are the only smart rappers, because they never do mixtapes. Why would you do a mixtape after going platinum? Only a fool would walk backwards.

  • John-Boy

    This is great news! Drake puts me to sleep quicker than a bottle of Nyquil.

  • Real Talk

    Its no secret that artists have to cover expenses through record sales, but after they hit a certain number (say 500,000) they should start to see returns on record sales. This interview just tells me that Baby and Weezy getting paid off his shit and he to naive to realize it. It's why Juvie left Cash Money and why Ice Cube left Ruthless. Drake can spit and he's clever so he's ahead of 50% of his peers, but the game would be fine w/o him so all the hype is just that, hype. Boy needs to wake up on this money shit though, he's in his prime and they're scraping his plate.

    • Ryan Harris

      "who cares? man you one of the dumbest niggas of all time. You wouldnt be mad if your bosses were eating off you making 500% of what you make?" Isn't that how 99% of the world's businesses work? Don't be a dumbass.

    • jg

      who cares? man you one of the dumbest niggas of all time. You wouldnt be mad if your bosses were eating off you making 500% of what you make? That $50mil is the difference between flying in a G6 and owning a fuckin G6 playboy

    • Anonymous

      oh well, but drake still has made at least $20 million for his own bank account in 3 years. who cares if weezy and stunna made $50 million each off of him.

  • Anonymous

    Doesnt he constantly talk about first week record sales?

  • EvansLeslie

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  • jr88

    isnt that what his albums are already? how he isnt ready for the fame,,or how the girls he has met think he has changed, or how its lonely at the top...smh,,,,drake stop it

  • s-dog

    the follow up to "Take Care" should be "Who Cares"

  • Jaymar

    stop whining about Drake not making any more mixtapes. Who cares??? You can download any album for free anyways...stop bitchin'....

  • Anonymous

    this is front page news? smh. somebody give me a good site for hip hop. so i wont have to see someone dickridin this faggot ass drake everyday

  • jg

    Take Care had a good story, and it is good background music. BUt hopefully Drake can cement his rap legacy by making a defining hiphop album his 3rd time around

  • Anonymous

    "he's begun recording the intro for his third album and that it's going to capture where he's at in his life at the moment." I'm assuming a lot of stuff can change in his life until then. So let's scrap the article and actually wait when he "officially" starts recording. ARtists sound full of themselves nowadays. I'm glad he's left the mixtape scene. Too many artists concentrate on it when good albums could be released. That's why established heavy hitters don't necessarily release mixtapes month after month.

  • Donny Dickshinski

    i just want to know why dreams money can buy wasn't on the album..

  • Jamel Jhuntdaprodigy Hunter

    Well just being a fan of drake, I'm not too happy about that, because I look forward to music from him, and mixtapes are where he came from. Comeback Season helped him find Wayne who helped put him on, and So Far Gone is the reason for all his sucess crossing over into the mainstream. But you can't get mad at Drake for not wanting to do mixtapes now. Kanye, Jay-Z, Eminem, & Nas never release mixtapes, so it's not like it's a big deal. But I do wonder what this means for the "Yolo" mixtape he was supposed to be doing with Ross, I was looking forward to that, all the songs they do together have been legit, only average one was Made Men

  • Anonymous

    What a fucking sell out , wont put out a mixtape because he doesnt make any money ? Music is for the people and expression , if his only thoughts are money then he is just another corporate gimmick, a puppet controlled by the man . The likes of curren$y and mac miller are future pioneers to the game , they dont care about record deals or selling albums. They create music for the people and themselves, they may not be world known but atleast they can wake up every morning knowning they have never sold out.

    • J

      illiterate fuckers "sell out" do u even know what that mean...so while u get up and go to your fucking trade to survive drake should go make free music for ppl like u that dont understand the simpliest fucking concepts to listen to, get in the real world..drake is a solid artiste that has the potential to improve support or make constructive criticisms

    • G

      LOL jayz and kayne are shit , if you guys think they are solid hip hop you are clueless. Jayz was good back in his day but sold out harder then anyone in the game. Kanye is gifted and a very good producer but loves the spotlight and fame more then the music. These guys drop 15 songs a year, there occupation is being an artists. They should be giving us music weekly , like any job you should be worling everyday. But they dont need to becasue they altered there music for radio hits , i would mention jayz and kanye along side justin bieber and lil wayne . The likes of Pun , pac , wu , big l are on a different planet then jay and kanye. The fact you mention 2pac in a conversation with drake is mind blowing , pac was a poet no one could write like pac. Drake is a punch line artists who appeals to teen girls , drake is in the top 100 for hip hop artists . Pac is in the top 3 , so do your homework before you drop those one liner comments idiots

    • Ant

      i think he meant "did" n the beginin of that comment but he right they didnt put out mixtapes either drake gave us 3 for free so shut yo ass up

    • Anonymous

      id 2pac or jay z or kanye make mixtapes?........exactly shut yo ass up

  • Anonymous

    drake is the best gayrapper in the world

  • kalo

    I loooove the hate, lol once again peoplep tuning into everything Drake does, even though they claim to hate him. Come out the closet already, its OK to like Drake, its just music. Hiphop or rnb, black music is black music and I know il support. If an "rnb" singer is a better rapper then most of the people in hiphop, what does that tell you about the people rapping these days? all your fav underground broke rappers respect the dude, maybe its time you losers do the same.

    • ETK

      right because mainstream artists have no principles... not all of them are lil waynes and soulja boys I respect a lotta underground cats but equally as much established artists are always getting shat upon because "underground is the shiiiit", and I just think it's disproportionate retribution man.

    • correcting the correction

      It was actually they're not their bro... please learn how to correct people

    • Anonymous

      there/their your/youre please learn the difference

    • Anonymous

      fav underground broke rappers ? who gives a shit if there broke! your just another corporate bitch who gives away there money for shit music. Even if our fav underground artists are broke atleast they spit real shit and keep to there principles . A man is nothing without his principles lol but after reading your post your no man

    • Jaediggity

      Well Put. This singer raps better than the majority of the rap game. Never thought of it that way lol.. Haters gon be mad at that.

  • Keisha

    Good. Take Care was solid as fuck, minus the face that the motto wasnt on the cd version. also hopefully this means no wack ass mixtape with Snitch Ross.

  • Anonymous

    third album in the works already? Ya know after dropping a weak album. Why the fuck would you rush another one. After wack ass take care he should take some time on the next. I ain't no ymcmb fan but as a hip hop fan I know rushed albums normally are garbage

    • Anonymous

      im not gonna give my opinion on the album but you say its wack... but all the major publications that have rated it have all positive reviews. so i dont think your view on his album being wack is gonna bother him too much. Also, whether you like him or not, you can tell a major difference between this album and Thank Me Later. This is the album that he actually took time on and actually wanted and as an artist, thats what you care about the most

  • Black

    What you people don't understand is Drake knows his lane and plays his role very well. If you're not getting money and women you really can't mess with his music. Like Curtis mayfield, Marvin gaye or anybody before 1980 was soft just because they sing. FOH. Music industry dudes are grabbing at straws in 2011. Get that paper Drizzy

  • jesterxxl

    Most of the time I don't really read too much into what Drake gotta say but this time I paid attention. I like how he stated first week numbers don't mean shit because he's not makin money off it, why, because he's on a major so its Universal first, second Ca$h Money, third Young Money & then what's left is his pocket change. I understand why he gotta tour like fuck & get down with Sprite times are a lot harder for artists, but put that aside Take Care wasn't all that. There's not a lot more to look forward to this year I hope D does drop Redemption of the Beast & X delivers Napalm I need raw shit in my life I can't see Nas or Luda droppin Def Jam are in a no win situation lately lets hope Rihanna can make em some cash.

  • BiLL$

    Best double cd was wu-tang forever dumb motha fucka.

  • Lilmarcci JonesCd

    OMG go away for a lil bit dude. scared aintcha? scared that if you take a break(like most big dogs do anyway) that when you come back aint no one gon be checking for you and you aint gonna be able to make another hit. this nigga no diff from rihanna. Have to put out shit every year just to stay relevant riding off the success of the last album/"being hot in the streets" Niggas scared

    • thought dog

      Yall are responding to a transvestite. Good job kids.

    • Anonymous

      was dmx n jayz scared too they put albums out er year u dumb bitch!!!!

    • Anonymous

      you damn right hes scared. Hes still relatively new. his spot isnt secured yet. Hes only two albums in. This isnt like the 80s or most of the 90s where artists would drop an album and then not drop another one sometimes for another 2 to 5 years. This is 2011 where a 2year break can kill all the steam you once had. Drake is Drake. Drake is not Eminem or Jay-Z. Those guys have solidifed spots where they can take 3year hiatuses. Both of those guys have way more than 2 albums under their belts. From that statement, you must not have a competitive bone in your body. You think Michael Jordan took a break after getting his first ring? No he kept goin. When you get to be number 1, most people dont want to let that go. They want to hold on to being number 1 as long as they can and Drake is doin just that. This shit dont last forever and he knows that

    • Anonymous

      when your 5 minute window is open, you have to drop an album every year until your shit stop being top 10.



    • Anonymous

      once you said it had to be a 50 Cent worker instead of 50 Cents, who's been dead for years I knew not to believe you. All you had to say is you don't stan as hard for YMCMB as that weirdo does.

    • Anonymous

      she or he isn't a dick rider. they faking like they like young money, so that people won't like young money. drake and lil wayne fans do not act stupid like this person. it's probably someone who works for or likes 50 cents.

    • Fizzy

      You are such a dick rider man

  • Anonymous

    all the kids from the burbs coming out to support the new king of pop

    • Persis


    • Persis

      what you talking rubbish for man? new king of pop my ass. there is/ will be only 1. ever. get used to it. get over it. bye.

  • Obi Patrick

    This emotional ass actor is using his tears to make money...

    • guerilla jones

      ...but hes making money right?so if your not mad at rappers for making money off fake ass gangster tales why get mad at dude for making money off emotions?



  • Anonymous

    "Thats why what I do first week doesnt matter to me. Im not too caught up in the numbers, because nobodys getting rich off of album sales." ^^^^ Preach!

  • thought dog

    Wonder what bubble bath brand he's using to inspire the next album?

  • Anonymous

    Your the man Drake!

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