AraabMUZIK To Collaborate With Eminem, Slaughterhouse

The Diplomats producer says that he's hit the studio with the likes of Shady, Slaughterhouse and many others.

Flud Watches caught up with Cam'ron's production mainstay AraabMUZIK as a part of their "Beats Per Minute" video series. During the interview, the Dipset beatsmith spoke about some of the production placement he's got lined up for the coming year, and he dropped a few big names.

AraabMUZIK said the over the past few months, he's hit the studio with the likes of Eminem, Slaughterhouse, Jadakiss and many others. He said that in addition to working with artists of that caliber, he's also been getting more and more opportunities to perform at live events on his MPC.

"[Making beats] became like a job, something that I'm actually doing for a living," he said. "I'm working with Slaughterhouse, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, Fabolous, 50 Cent, obviously the new Cam'ron album. I was on Jim Jones's last album. I'm definitely going to be on a lot of projects. It's not just producing, it's also performing now, so I'm definitely considered an artist/producer."

The full interview can be seen below.

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  • Cutemosaic Crackelure

    happy birthday Eminem

  • Thomas Curry Curré

    damn you guys are late, saw this interview about a month ago

  • Anonymous

    Dude is sooo fucking dope and refreshing, can't wait to hear his work with those rappers, especially Slaughterhouse and Eminem.

  • Corey Steir

    one of the best producers out right now

  • forsurealimi

    It's so touchin. Especially, when he said 'we was born without SILVA SPOON... One day we hope to long as we try may be things will change...' Pac, Yu were ful of inspirations and encouragement. D society that killed you'd u nw misses u. I thank God that u achieved almost all ur aims. Yu are really sparking the brain that will change the world. I got nothin but UNCONDITIONAL LOVE 4 u, Pac. Even though they kileed u. They can't kill ur lyrics. 2pac lives on.. All your tatoo is still inside my gallery This is my Afro Warrior poem for you, It is just because you dserve it The African Warrior and his Lover His feet follows the steps his ancient ancestors sketched. The power of his steps portray his might that's unmatched. His footsteps set in the gentle ground of crimson and grey, the same ground his lover tenderly kneads into African clay. With quiet serenity she works the ground between her hands. Gently her fingers caress memories of battles left in the sands. Her thoughts are swayed toward her African warrior's face, and how her love wiped away all of battle's disgrace. The last of daylight stretches across the African plains. Gathering clouds above threaten of early summer rains. With these simple gestures the earth and sky caress each other. Sweetly resembling the African warrior and his lover. Afrika,I am Warrior The drum beats to the awakening of yet another day I awake and to my knees i kneel Look up to heaven and pray. The cork craws at the sight of the sun The lion awakes and takes move to the hill Looks down the landscape at his prey. Each day his eyes meet destiny His paws tread the path to a meal His scent marks his presence His roar speaks to him And his pride look onto him. In Afrika they say a warrior is born a lion With 5 things that distinguish him Pride ;he will protect with spear and heart Roar ;he will make his presence felt,he was born and placed apart Face ;a scare you will never dare start a fight Scent ;his stink marks his belongings in sight And his Paw; with it he lets the world know,the future is bright. You can also visit this website for black information

  • bfv


  • Grandson

    Were really starting to hear alot more Araabmuzik production now, aside from his shit from dipset. I believe that 2012 is gonna be his year. If you do your homework on this guy, he is an incredible producer. Not just on the MPC but with his samples from tance music. Alot of people dont give him alot of credit he deserves because they vastly underestimate him.

  • reEL Talk

    in 2011, "in the studio with" means he emailed them some beats. Hopefully a couple stick.

    • Anonymous

      So you can't see how being affiliated with Dipset, which is signed to Universal, has access to the label's studio, where they can actually see guys in the booth and be in the actual session, and do some music on the spot, could be possible. Shouts to Araab for finally getting that shot, his music can really get noticed now, and shots Cam for giving him a chance to do it.

  • ItsTheTruth

    Dude is a beast. Him, Alchemist and Dr Dre are my personal favorite producers

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