Amber Rose Addresses Funkmaster Flex Criticism, Offers Interview

While taking exception to comments Funkmaster Flex made about her earlier, Amber Rose calls Flex an asshole, and is willing to reconcile on his show.

Throughout the course of multiple interviews, Amber Rose appears to have been offended by what she deems as overt and subliminal shots at her by Hot 97 and MTV personality Funkmaster Flex. The subject came up when Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg interviewed Rose, and the burgeoning media personality let it be known exactly what her issues with Flex were.

“I hate Funkmaster Flex, but I love you guys,” Rose explained. “He’s an asshole, man. He’s just ignorant in every single way possible. Everything that he says is just rude and ignorant. When people come in to talk to him, he kisses everybody’s ass, and then when he leaves he talks about everybody.”

The comments may have been sparked by 2010 interview with Rose’s former love interest Kanye West. During the interview, Flex called Rose an “extra.” Flex took advantage of some clever wording, using West’s statement of “I’m a just do this one,” to throw out another subliminal shot by saying, “And then [Rose] is out the door,” before adding some additional commentary.

“She seems like she’s not smooth, my brother,” Flex explained. “She’s on Twitter…she just seems like, a little unhappy. The movie dropped, and then she said she’s coming out with the reality show. There’s no closure to her.”

For her part, Rose said she was willing to settle the situation amicably saying, “I will give him that benefit of the doubt because people really don’t give me that.”

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  • Kewan Woodard

    Amber's full of shit !


    if she had hair shed be slammin...but this once again proves hiphops as dead as jkwons rap career

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      Who the fuck is jkwon?? Actually is he the one who did that song everybody in the club gettin' tipsy shit? If so he's a one hit wonder like mims....

  • Christin Dfm Campbell


  • Anonymous

    funk flex is a documented coward. only talks shit after you leave or after you been dead for 15 years.

  • isreal

    DX what does amber rose do again?????? why the fuc she gettin press if she aint in the beauty section????

  • in all honesty...

    this is the first time i've ever heard her voice since i saw her like 3 or 4 years ago haha. Oh and flex is a fag.

  • Devin Williams

    "Shes like Gandhi with amazing tits" lol

  • funkmasterflex

    fuck you gay niggas and fuck tupac

    • celebrity alert!!

      ^^^Flex is in the building!!!! He moseyed on through to hhdx and saw all the hate he was getting so he tried to make himself, "anonymous" by not putting spaces in his name...Oh Flex, you unlovable idiot, you.

  • Anonymous

    Prostitutes dont have souls

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    Funk flex is a bitch, and she's a dumb bitch.. I wish both bitches would just shut the fuck up..

  • Anonymous

    Amber is a hip-hop hoe, and Flex has been an idiot since he became a public figure. Who would wanna listen to a bustdown and a loud-mouthed jackass argue on the radio?

  • wow

    dude wtf thats the biggest forehead i see on a girl

  • rn506

    Fuk anyone who defends "Funk Flex" the man dissed 2pac after he was dead..if you don't respect the dead, then you don't really respect anyone or anything...

  • Marc

  • iop

    she aint got cancer or a hair condition so why the fuck doesnt she grow a head of hair

    • Anonymous

      you think its cool to sound ignorant. what does a short hair style have to do with cancer or hair condition? what kinda hair does your sister have that's so "normal"?

    • rogaine

      being a bald head industry hoe makes you stand out more than being a standard industry hoe. survival tactics.

  • Anonymous

    I ain't never liked Flex

  • oh really

    this shit is ridiculous. if you wanna be famous for sucking dick, try porn. flex is a cornball. but this bitch is famous for being famous. i'm sick of seeing these no talent hoes empowered by bird niggas. amber, i think you're sexy, i wanna take your clothes off and stick you where it hurts. but i don't ever wanna about you, unless you got a new batch of naked pics for me to peep. the game is crazy. bitches are getting famous for being serial star fuckers. the amount of lames is astounding. wiz is a simp. this bitch is gonna fuck whoever she gotta fuck to stay hot, wiz is done. amber vs flex stop the presses, this is hip hop's leading story. rap is dead. i'ma go jack off to some amber pics and call it a day.

    • Anonymous

      ^ u seen her nude pics shun? DAAAMMNNNN that pussy is in perfect health, trust. i think she a dike bitch anyway, wiz is a gay keeping his cover.

    • Anonymous

      If she's the best you can masturbate to, you're a sad and broken man. Why would you try cumming on a cancer patient?

  • yeah...

    Flex is a pretty big douche, ever since he said Lil Mama would be the next Lauren Hill, after Lip Gloss came out, he's been a fag to me.

  • 905

    These kind of people are what's wrong with the world.


    and thats for WIZ and that basketball dude wit Kim, both these guys got mad money could grab something else quick, so why wife somn up that been out there in the public eye wit these other ma fukrs, more kim with that sex tape and public relations wit all these other athletes, Just Don't Get It J.Lo as well, If i got money like that and everybody knows me i pullin out a chick jus as bad that nobody knows

    • Anonymous

      i agree with what your saying but but you gotta understand to that its not like your gonna find a virgin or something when your in your 20s and 30s so what would you rather grab a kim kardashian or a amber rose that have been with say ton of guys in the industry? or grab a girl from your block that has been with everyman from your neighborhood? either way chances are that person has been with ppl before you.they just might not be famous.atleast everybody knows kim is clean.i see your point tho cause i thought of that to

  • Meki

    Whole time..why does it look like Ye still dresses her up? Sike least something else aside from Ye's bodily fluid rubbed off from her.

  • Anonymous

    fuck this bitch, no one wants to hear her talk or what she has to say about anything because she has no talent apart from turning dudes into bitches

  • Da1

    So now we're talking about Amber Rose. The bald version of Kim Kardashian. Just because she fucks a bunch of rappers doen't mean she is Hip Hop. This is becoming a gossip site by the day.

  • Wayne Is Lord

    Funk MasterFlex is a bitch. Im so glad this beautiful diva called his fat dick suckin ass out. Man that dude makes me sick. Gonna diss Wayne for dissing Jayz but then lick Waynes nuts when he sees him because hes soft. He know Wayne would fuck him up and when he sees Amber Rose hes going to apologize because hes a pussy and he know Wiz would fuck him up even worse than Wayne would. Flex is a bitch. Thanks Amber. Stay classy and keep up the good work. Dont let the fat ass haters stop u.

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