J. Cole Addresses Album Leak, Says "It's A Part Of The Game"

The Roc Nation rapper acknowledges that there have been worse leaks than his own.

J. Cole’s debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story is slated to hit stores on September 27th, but an advance leak has already hit the Internet. Speaking with VIBE.com’s Mikey Fresh at his NYC listening party last week, the Roc Nation rapper explained that it’s all part of the game and doesn’t worry him.

“I feel blessed. There’s been worse leaks than that so I understand it’s a part of the game, I always understood that. As long as people hear it together, it’s cool,” he said. “And I just know that the people who are going to buy it were going to buy it anyways. The people who weren’t probably weren’t, anyways. If anything, the leak will reach out to more people who might be like ‘ah man, let’s go get this.' So you know, it's kind of like promotion these days—if you got a good album. If you don't have a good album—they'll just trash you.”

Cole, whose album goes on pre-sale on iTunes today, is more excited about the fact that his debut will finally hit stores.

“I’m just excited. Of course I’ve got some nerves. It’s only natural to have nerves, but I’m really more excited and proud. I can’t believe I’m actually going to have a CD that’s in stores. I got a long way to go in the game, but that’s definitely a day where I’ll be able to pat myself on the back - which I don’t do often.”

Watch the full interview below.

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  • DrMic

    Best rapper ever, and its his first album dropd and i just love it, he is so humble but so great! way better then weezy's trash c4

  • ghost75142

    Best album i heard in years. I downloaded the leak. and im still going buy 2 copies when it drop. and i aint paid for a album since 07


    this site should take the hip hop of the dx, cause of y'all now everybody knows and won't support it probably looking it up now to download for free, fuck it i still wait classic or not.

  • Jeff Mason

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    I was mad I had to go to a party today because I only heard the first 6 tracks. Cole u did ur thing homie!

  • Mr Ellis

    Listen to the Album as a Whole a collective, its a great album, i Would not call it a clasic yet, but its a great debut! Cold World!.

  • brave

    i checked the album... shit is dope... i'm not even a fan of dude... i simply love and appreciate hiphop... j.cole did his thing on here... i'll leave it to the 'professional' critics to set the grade... but this gets a 3.5,4/5 easily.. and as a debut that's great... GRODT got 4 mics... so j.cole with limited buzz coping a 4 mics is great.... if u a fan of j.cole don't wait on reviews... ur boy did his thing... if anybody say otherwise then they didn't listen with an inviting ear.. they listen with the hope of finalizing it wack

  • Anonymous

    next week we'll find out just how many REAL fans this nigga has and not just herb backpacking ass niggas who dick ride the underdogs until they get commercial.

  • King

    I've rotated this album a total of 7 times, sinking it in & comparing it to the classics in the process, i came to the conclusion that although on the first listen it is a dope album (albeit not classic sounding) ..give it time, listen to other music that's out, than come back to it & you instantly get the feeling that this album will test the sands of time. In 10 or 20 years people will remember this as a classic once Cole officially blows up. My verdict 4.75/5.

  • Rekognize

    honestly you people are lame and pathetic,. you were riding with dude hard til he get a lil comercial success,. now you all hate ,, he gave those tracks for free,. song for the ville,. premeditated murder, lost ones,. ??? listen to them..! what more you want dude to do..the album is worth the money , its a classic,. none of them songs are tired yet.

  • truthenola

    This record goes hard.. new classic

  • Real Talk

    Honestly, I wasn't impressed with the album. I was pretty iffy when I saw the vd of J.Cole saying he made 80% of the beats or whatever. I'm not a fan of rappers making their own beats, unless your Kanye or Timbaland or something. All the beats & song topics sound the same on the album. And he's not really talking about too much. I like Friday Night Lights best. It was more of a versatile album/mixtape too. I honeslty only like one song and thats Sideline story. Everything else is mediocore. Sorry Cole, but this is not a good album bro.

    • Real Talk

      Your a dumbass. I dont even fuck with lil wayne. I obviously fuck with real hip hop cause I fucks with J Cole. But, comparing this album to The Blow Up and Friday Night Lights, this shit doesnt live up to it. Its a straight album, not classic. Most of the beats sound like they were made on the computer with Pro Tools. Friday Night Lights is his best work so far. You fucking dumbasses

    • fool

      pop your lil wayne disc in and shut up


      caught the video with trey this morning song cool to me

    • Anonymous

      How is he not talking about much? You obviously just heard like the Trey Songz joint and that's it. All you people act like a dude ain't hot when he gets popular.

  • lordlamicktheemperor

    Supporting Cole

  • J. Coal

    The album is solid, but it sounds to me like that he put his best work on his mixtapes. It should be the other way around. A good debut though.

  • Check the Hate Vol. 1

    Lol I swear yall hate popular rappers. As soon as the guy gets popular, the comments section is 90% negativity 10% positive.

    • goo

      This is a serious problem now a days. You all rooting for Cole to be mos def or kweli,. themm dudes couldnt make the jump to mainstream ,. so what they hip hop purists,. Cole is an artist and he chose his lane,.. respect this man and his work , .he gon gie us somethign to look forward too.

    • Anonymous

      cause most of these dudes sell their souls to be popular

  • abr

    Just placed my pre-order. I won't listen to the leak

  • Anonymous

    And anyone who says he's only talking about hoes and bitches haven't heard "Lost Ones", "Sideline Story", or "Cole World". Don't believe these ignorant fucks.

  • Anonymous

    Don't believe the haters. They always criticize when someone blows up because they ain't the only one who knows about the dude. Album's sick. Go cop that shit.

  • Prettty Boy

    im goin to get the shit right now check it out if goood willl cop that shit

  • C

    check out the Review of Cole World: Sideline Story by #nextinshow http://www.nextinshow.com/2011/09/j-cole-cole-world-sideline-story-leaks.html

  • Anonymous

    Dont worry Cole I'm still coppin your shit.

  • Anonymous

    yea ive been a huge j cole fan from the come up and im i am not impressed where are the songs like farewell i get up lil ghetto nigga cant cry? not bad just had huge expactions! not hating just stating facts only like 3 songs that i feel the rest will get played for a month then never again and its sad lost ones been out but some deep shit....god's gift beat gives me chills cheer up and rise and shines best song on the album

  • Octavian Johnson

    I just hope he didnt pull a Lasers like Lupe did...make a big deal about an album and then it sucks when it comes out....Lasers really let me down

  • Bwhizz

    I heard this his mixtapes and was impressed, but after hearing this.. I can see there is no more to him. He got about 3 topics.. Nikka anit be thru no real shit and it shows! Thats why he talk bad on shit he dont understand. Downloadable.. but not worth a blank CD. He a sheep.. throw him to the wolves.

  • Do the Abba Zaba


  • J Cole

    Call me J Kale Cause them white folks love me

  • Anonymous

    As far as sales he's sitting between WTT and C4 right now on itunes so we'll see what thats hitten for tommorow in the weekly sales. These are just the diehard fans that cant wait on it. I know people gonna take they ass to the store too. Diehard fans with a goal get you Lupe numbers even when they not fucking wit the quality of the music. They literally are fanatics so they support the artist

  • Anonymous

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  • shadyaftermath

    yo this album is dope. j.cole got album of the year with this one. cole world! go get that album.



  • dgd

    Album is nice, though alot of rapping about women, songs dont really sound the same every song is good except mr. nice watch. Break Down, Never Told, Rise and Shine, Dollar and a Dream 3 show why he is not an average rapper though he may rap about average things

  • Anonymous

    This is alright. 3rd best of the year behind Shabazz Palaces and Ferrari Boys.

  • IT

    disappointed with the lyrics. too much repetitive talk about bitches. rhyme about some real shit cole.

  • Jermaine Lamarr Cole

    Yeezy aint got nutn on me... Imma be next Jay wingman.. Promise u that... cop my shit 9/27

  • mike johnson


  • JG

    im way more excited about the new boyz 2 men. Jcole is a fag

    • j.cole himself

      exited ? lol pussy fuck boiiii, only Fag nigga is yo,u boyz 2 men? fucking faggot ass nigga i will murk you bitch cole world cop dat and stay broke hoe hahaha look at me i mad it bitch it cost me a lot big chains it cost me a lot.....

  • Damn

    fuck J.COLE fuck all you niggaz im a fucking faggot and i listen to LIL B the basegod please pick me up from you concert and i will gladly pull out your dick from you skinny leopard jeans and slowly place it in my anus ughhh im jacking off right now scroll down more for my comments

  • Jason

    Hahahahaha This muthafucka leaking his own album so when it goes triple waxpaper all his stans can go "naw man, that shit woulda been triple plat if it hadn't leaked". Delusional muthafuckas wish they was Tunechi fans so they man would get that paper. Weezy!!!!!!!!!!! Its ya boy Jason aka El Chupacabra preachin ya gospel, throwing ya pearls down before all these swine!!! Young Money!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • PUSSY ass PUNK cop

      boy i shur wood liek two stic my peg up malik's and chrissy's asses. they stinky so much like durty green child shit, but what du i care i'm a pig anywhay!

    • Suck My Dick

      Damn is VEST 38?? Typing like that, dude must not have been able to read a day before 10 years old

    • Jason

      Come on, Weezy ain't takin me to Mexico; he's taking me to Dick-aragua!!!!!! Hahahahahahahaha Weezy got that geographical cock, gone fill up my Panama Canal!!!!! A Man A Plan Anal Panama!!! He gone ease my seat back like Van Halen, nahmsayin!!!!!!! Weezy!!!!!!

    • VEST


    • Jason


    • wat fuck is a tunechi a faggot like you

      nigga fuck you and lil wayne u fucking faggot bet u wear womans jeans like him bitch ass faggot supporting a nigga that fucks his step dad.WEEZY FUCKING BABY

    • wow

      more like throwing weezy's "pearls" down your throat, or whatever you homo's call that niggas balls, so gay you be naming his shits. weezy's album wasnt that good and its dumbasses like you that accept the whole thing, he had like 3 good tracks.

  • weeedpusha

    cole shit gonna get old fast because he's shit iz very simple and sticks in your head so it gets boring ,he doesnt have that fresh sound like jay,kanye,nas,etec that shit you go back an d listen for long time , most of you niggaz calling it a classic wont even be bumping it in a week.believe dat niggaz

  • bkstylz

    Nice....DX basically is telling it's readers to go download it now if you really want it.

  • we

    album is decent not something extra special not a classic that's for sure.but it deserves notthing less than a 4 if we consider all the mixtapes cole dropped . go out and support this nigga cuz i can't can i?

  • Anonymous

    This isn't a classic and neither was section 80. J cole and kendrick Lamar = the most overrated mc's of this generation. It's average, just like section 80. Best album of the year is still all 6's and 7's...

    • Ganjarelli

      I dig my man Tech, I've been following him for a minute now. 6's & 7's is dope, but in my opinion nowhere near good as K.O.D. or even Sickology 101, but def better than the Gates Mixed Plate. Cole and Lamar have pretty fleshed out and complete albums, while Tech's offering of songs is more, ......eclectic, but I think that was the point of the album in the first place right? Worldwide Choppers & Mental Giant are my personal favs (wish F.A.N.S. had made the cut) and Fuck Food has some club appeal but other than that I'm not too impressed. I'll add in I Love Music cause Kendrick on it and Mama Nem cause I personally like the tribute (but not as much as F.A.N.S.) So, while I agree Nina can't really make a bad record (mixtapes different situation) he didn't have as impressive showing as Cole or Lamar, according to me. 1. Section .80 2. Cole World 3. Hell: The Sequel 4. Return of 4Eva 5. All 6's & 7's This is my personal list of course, and reflects my own tastes. I also enjoyed Watch The Throne, Success is Certain and The RED Album, as well as a few songs of Tha Carter IV, just not as much as the others listed above.

    • J.jizzle

      the man is right he dont rap about the hood or anything relevant ,nigga only niggas dat like dat nigga i dunno even know his name are some disturbed ass skateboarding ass adopted by the white parents dont fit in niggas

    • Anonymous

      For sick fucks? Are you mentally retarded? Go listen to ed sheeran if you want a deep subject matter that eclipses that of j cole and kendrick. They are both overrated. They spit about as bad/good as drake. Kendrick is a little more skilled.

    • shit on niggaz cuz i love it

      that weird ass shit for fucking sick fucks fuck out of here mechanic ass niggga cole shits on dat nigga 10x and dont even bring mah nigga kendrick in it cuz he gonn shit on him 20x

  • Damn

    when i heard Mr nice watch, i won't lie, i was ready to hate on this nigga like hell... just downloaded his album (yes i don't give a fuck), ONE OF THE BEST... DAMN I'M REALLY IMPRESSED... And to know that dude produced almost every song... Fuck... this nigga is a real talent. I'm officially a fan

    • Damn

      HAHAHAHAHAHA... If the song is wack i gotta admitted... @fake damn, c'mon son, get off the basement and read a book... I bet thats the only shit a broke azz nigga like u could do.... Suck sum dick 4 money and buy the cd u fuck... Cole World...

    • Damn

      cole is a bitch just like all you niggas but that don mean i dont like the guy

    • damn

      i know guys im a fag last night i sucked my dads dick and listened to mr cock guy

    • @damn fuck you nigga

      nigga you a bitch ass faggot how can you be a cole fan and be ready to hate on his shit u fucking pussy ass hating bitch you soft like yo momma tittie

    • Anonymous

      I dont know why Jay would pick that song to hop onto, any other beat would of been amazing, that song doesnt really even fit in the album

    • nigga

      co fucking sign everytang that niqqa "Damn" said

    • LOL

      I've a cole fan since ur daddy fucked ur mama... I just didn't fuck with mr nice watch thats all... u DUMB FUCK... hahahahahaha... so stupid

    • Goochie

      nigga u just heard about him ?wtf you missed out on all da mixtapes better dl dat shit asap dumb ass under the rock living ass geiko commerical actor ass cave man ass nigga

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  • Sean Conway Mullins

    Second best album this year to Section 80 by Kendrick Lamar.

  • LOL @ these comments

    Don't even answer! I'm ghost! LOL!

  • Young King

    I'll listen to it when it drops, should be dope got no problems buying the album. unlike a lot of ya'll cheap asses.

  • ha

    i like how this site posts this as they leak practicly his whole album

  • LOL @ these comments

    The dumbest thing you people say to describe something new that you like is that it's classic! Do you even realized how dumb and ignorant you look? Do yourself a favor and stop making yourself look bad! No one can tell what's classic off of one listen! Half of you say classic even before you heard it! Nothing made the last year is classic! Stop confusing like-able and hot at the moment as being classic! You look stupid, not the person correcting you!

    • yooooo

      lol at u! yes nigga u can tell when something is timeless or classic...when illmatic came out it was the first album to get a 5 star rating from the source as a instant classic! whats the definition of a classic something thats timeless that will last forever so yes when something is that good u can tell it will never get old and it will be played forever...im not saying this album is classic but u can tell when a album is a classic in one listen

    • LOL @ these comments

      So you mean to try and tell me that you don't know what will happen to yourself an hour from now or better yet the end of the week but you know what people will be listening to 10 years from now? LOL!

    • LOL @ these comments

      People said it was a GOOD album, not a CLASSIC! So YOU can tell what will still be played ten years, 20 years from now off of one listen? Please tell me Rakim knew he was making classic songs when he did them! LOL!

    • yoooo

      lol at u u can listen to an album once and tell if its a instant classic it only took one listen to illmatic for everyone to say it was a classic as well as various other albums

  • Anonymous

    We dont need no more of this preppy shit

  • LOL

    I only download for free first when I wanna know if I'm gonna waste my money or not. If you bought an album first day and heard how shitty is was, wouldn't you be fucking pissed? I know I would. If it's nice then I'll buy.

  • money

    time to illegally download and bootleg

  • RTJ00

    Dont care if they leaked it im still going to buy it.

  • Phuck Yiu

    if you want hip hop to be good again stop whining and buy the album

  • Anonymous

    I feel u fam ..Rise And Shine ,Nobody's Perfect Ft Missy ..has some solid production ..

  • Anonymous

    This Album is Solid ..what the hell are yall listening to..definately worth the Buy ..I would rather pay for this b4 the Carter 4 and Im a Young Money Fan

  • Paul

    Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it

  • Matt Dee Cee

    The people who disagree with this album being great, classic, 5 mics whatever, they're forgetting the vital point of this debut....PRODUCTION BY THE ARTIST! Thats where this album gets the +1

  • 666

    uhm..uhm i downloaded the shit..and uhm..uhm.. well its ayt, just needed a bit more features,and less talk about bitches and shit not much variety.some.i think with features from Kayne,Em ect. and one or two producers like Swiss or pharrel etc.

    • Anonymous

      the best albums have limited features....its their album not every other rapper.....only artist like lil wayne n rick ross put every1 n there momma on their albums.

  • Vanno Davis

    personally i think friday night lights was better than his album but i will do what i did with drake i will buy the album and pretend i am paying for his mixtape

  • Patrick Nomvia

    The only reason why J.Cole album is gonna flop is because all these so called real hip hop fans won't even put a cent in that album...they will download it instead, and right after that leave stupid comments on the internet regretting the golden era of HIP-HOP, blamin' the industry, the white man, the Illuminati etc...That's so fuckin hypocrite. If your favorite rapper turned pop it's simply because you niggaz don't buy shit, white people do...Think about it BUY THAT SHIT OR GO FUCK YOURSELF!

    • Patrick Nomvia

      Well that's exactlly what i'am talkin about :"balme it on the white man". Seems like lot of you didn't understand the point behind my statement, i don't want to do no fuckin' politics : if you want someone to be the next best thing, cop his album, period. U think Jcole album is a classic, it's no use staying behind your computer ratin' is thang a classic and not buyin it...just put some money on it. For the supremacy of one race over another, that's a whole another topic...

    • Savior

      Because majority white people have the so called "money". Do you see a large ratio of white people staying in the hood and being patrolled by police officers every 2 hours? I thought so, so if I were you, I would analyze the situation carefully because clearly the chosen ones are put in a fucked up position because a certain group of people are jealous of the minorities (majority) natural strength and ability to continue to shine even during the rough times. Food for thought for you. Quit trying to brainwash the minorities (majority) into thinking that they can't amount to anything when it's the majority (minority) who are just scared and try to throw out statistics when the statistics are completely false. See the light.

    • Patrick Nomvia

      you do what you want you do with yo life man what i wanted to express was the fact that some rappers tend to sound more "POP-Ish" because they want to attract a larger audience than their original one, and since there are 72.4% of white peeps in america, they are the right target if you wanna sell numbers (ex: Jay-z with Collision Course, Usher making house music and so on...)

    • Anonymous

      im white and i sure aint paying for this album

    • Patrick Nomvia

      Oops Seems like i hurt someone's feelings...That's the problem with the truth...

    • Anonymous

      shut up you bumder

  • Anonymous

    Naw its not as edgy as his early efforts on mixtapes, but I'm still glad he kept some honest/real material in their for us...The 'worst' songs(although they're pretty good) are the ones made for that pop audience. Everything else is solid. Not a classic, but the best I've heard this year, including WTT. Too bad he probably won't sell very much, but I'll be buying it.

  • da1

    I'm not suprised at the final product I wasn't expecting a FOOD & LIQUOR. Alot of bars about fucking bitches and what not. Let this be a lesson whenever someone is hyped alot then be cautious of how there album is going to sound. The only person I can think of that had a ridiculous amount of hype before their debut and came correct was 50 cent and his GRODT. He aint shit now but thats the last artist I can think of that had alot of co-signs and hype and had a great album to back it up. I'm not a hater I'm just a rater. And i rate this album yarn. As in I'm about to start counting sheep pretty soon.

    • bruin

      thank you for reminding me about Food & Liquor, havent bumped that album in a hot minute. We should all go to our itunes and listen to food & liquor instead of Cole World. You'd be much better off

  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    ‎"A album is 10 dollars, u act like its 10 G's... This food for thought costs the same a two number 3's" if you like it support it COLE WORLD! http://hulkshare.com/44y8y0x7jk95#disqus_thread

  • hip hop fan

    already listened to the album and it's classic, end of story. matter of fact, only classic album released this year without doubt. red album, watch the throne, c4 and the others are just bullshit compared to this album. just go out and listen before you insult without any reason or i'm a dickrider, as usual.

    • hip hop fan

      @ cole worlllld I disagree with you, an album should have some radio songs, and can't get enough, work out, cheer up, in the morning are good for that. To me a good album has real content songs, radio songs, ladies songs and street songs (depending if the artist came from the streets, obviously not the case of rick ross and drake). And this album has it all, good songs for each topic cause j. cole isn't a street rapper too.

    • cole worlllld

      @ Anonymous just because its the best album of the year, does not meen its a fukin classic, people need 2 stop using that word so much, cole world: the sideline story is a quality album but its not classic, with tracks like in the morning, cant get enough, lights please...even tho i like them tracks, an album with them on couldnt be classic get rid of work out, cant get enough, lights please, in the morning, mr nice watch (worst track on the album) and put in return of simba, grown simba, before im gone, relaxation and see world.......then you have yourself a classic i downloaded it 2day when it leaked, but ill stil be buyin it when it comes out, nice lp

    • Hip Hop Fan

      well I wasn't a fan of j. cole music even though I liked some of his songs but this album is just great, not 1 skipable song yeah the word "classic" is too much used but to me this is the only classic album released in a year and I don't call classic albums too much

    • Anonymous

      if its the best album this year its a classic buddy. Watch the Throne is a classic by any standerd so with that said its a classic

    • blackula

      Throughout hip hop history very few albums, if any are given classic status the day it drops. From the few songs i've heard, this isn't one of them. FOH with that.

    • cole worllld

      NO, im a big j. cole fan BUT its not a classic, its a sik album, my favourite of this year, but that dosent make it a classic, that word gets thrown around far 2 much, p.s legendary weapons was a quality album, easily the 2nd best album of 2011, in my opinion ...

  • Anonymous

    i got the leak..its dope..im still gonna go out and buy thats how good it is.

  • Ganjarelli

    Been waitin on this all year, and now that I've heard it I'm slightly disappointed. Not that it's bad, J. Cole's lyrics are usually on point, and I don't have a problem that 3 or 4 of the tracks on the album are somewhat dated. What bugs me personally is that I wish Cole's new material measured up to his previous efforts. I find myself wishing he would have included a few more songs I've already heard (Return of Simba, Disgusting and See it to Believe it would have been great candidates) rather than some of the new, unheard material, especially that Mr. Nice Watch shit. The more I listen to it the more I like it though, and I think it's definently worth paying money for rather than just pirating. In fact I would probably have called this my Album of the Year if not for Mr. Lamar. But after listening to Section .80, almost everything else I've listened to falls short. And unless Crooked I ends up dropping Million Dollar Story sometime this year, I feel confident that Kendrick will hold 1st place with Cole as runner-up in my unofficial 2011 rankings. Would be nice to hear some new Slaughterhouse though. That would potentially shake things up. Also, to a few anonymous commentators. Do a google search using a few of these potential keywords [artist/album name] zip (or) rar (file extension). Mediafire or Hulkshare work fine. Some sites show file removed for violation. Just retry on same site using a slightly different search name (i.e.: Cole World Zip Mediafire to J. Cole Sideline Story Rar Mediafire, etc.....)

    • Smitty

      I dont know what everybody heard in section 80 i liked it it was alright but i forgot about it in a month and i think watch the throne was better tammy's song no makeup fuck your ethnicity were all good songs i just didn't like the other ones

    • bruin

      better than R.E.D.?

  • cole world

    j. cole wont sell as much as shitty wayne, FACT, he might not even sell over 40/50k 1st week.... that dosent meen his lp is shit, iv listened 2 it all and its sik, not a classic but still....a sik album ITS HIS 1ST ALBUM, ofcourse he aint guna sell fuk loads 1st week, but in 5years time or whatever when hes made 5 or 6 albums, people will see how sik he is and go back 2 the foundation and buy his 1st lp and listen 2 the mixtapes i do not give a fuk if he dosent sell alot 1st week, he sells more albums than anyone commentin on this site peace, rise and shine

    • JG

      to all these J.cole dicksuckers, post the fuckin link to the leak cuz as of now I aint checkin for Jcole other than all these niggas sayin the album is hot. He makes music for bitches

    • cole world.

      thank you soo much for your input, i also missed a 'g' on the end of commenting... -the more you know

    • Anonymous

      fyi siCk and fuCk are spelled with the letter c before the letter k -the more you know

  • boom8978

    That Cole album is wassup. Didn't let me down with this one. Now wainting to see what Styles gonna do, and that Wu-Block album.

  • Anonymous

    That Joint with Missy is my Shizzzzzzzzz..in my *Kanye Voice** Dat Beat Crae....Album is a problem ..no hype

  • Anonymous

    anybody got a link to that album leak. somebody was posting tha carter 3 album leak link awhile ago and it was the deluxe version of it maybe he'll post it for jcole

  • Anonymous

    sad thing is this guy is going to do big sean / game numbers even with a jay-z co-sign

    • JG

      lmao word thats stupid logic. I am a huge Game fan, the nigga makes good music and R.E.D. was by my ranking the hottest shit of the year...but i aint gonna buy it and put more money in the pocket of a nigga who already has more money than I can ever dream of, so I can support his numbers? Fuck dat

    • Anonymous

      why would i pay for an album full of songs about rappers talking about how much money they have and how rich they are?? not saying cole raps like dat but most of these niggas do and they wonder why everyone downloads it

    • Eduardo Traconis

      rapper doent go gold anymore because people just download music for free unless they true fans then they go buy the album other wise they just get it for free

    • Anonymous

      who has Jay-z co-signed these days that give them good numbers? lol. Bleek? J.coles buzz aint even that great, Game already has a fan base, coles lucky to get his numbers. He aint got no buzz like Drake, no one does. Barely anyone goes gold anymore, so 100k first week for cole? that would be pretty amazing.


    if its hot im buying it if he pull a drake with some r&b tracks no buy

  • Mandy Sandy

    fuck all u haterz hatin on j cole. hiz mixtapez were on sum classic shit, so u know diz iz gon continue wit dat heat. y'all must b stuck on dat gay carter 4. RNGMB BITCH! COLE WORLD 9/27 NIGGAZ!

  • ham1313

    Perfect album! 5 stars Cole world did not disappoint at all... Glad I got it a week early couldn't wait any longer still gonna buy my copy though

  • Anonymous

    19 tracks 3 features ..Now thats how you show the game confidence in your lyricism and craft ...

  • cole

    Go support the nigga Cole on 9/27! Def a classic keep the hate pussy ass niggas!

  • Anonymous

    Nigga you are a pu$$y azz nigg@

  • Jason

    whats soo great about this dude? no distinction in his voice. hes not a Mef, Busta, or Cube. just talking on the mic more cliche shit wow


      Now U Know Ur A Old When Ur Comparing J.Cole To Mef, Busta An Them This Is New Raps An Honestly He's Lyrical Not Rappin Bout The Bullshit Now Go Back To Listening To Ur Old Tapes An Have A Seat. Let The Legends Stay In There Time Where They Had It On Lock Times Have Changed So Much. Let The Young Cats Get Their Shine POINT BLANK

    • Eduardo Traconis

      really mef,busta or cube? seriously, you going to compare J.Cole to them? whats wrong with you?

    • Anonymous

      because hes bringing mainstream lyricism back and also hes mainstream

  • j. riot

    good album, gonna wait for it to come out on vinyl like true hip hop fan, but deffs worth the purchase

  • J-Marr

    i fucks wit j cole i jus downloaded the album but im def gone buy it da 27th, cole world bitches

  • JG

    smart niggas dont pay for music


      Don't U Mean Broke Niggas Don't Pay For Albums? Downloading Someones Album Just Shows How Broke Muthafuckaz Really Are! So Poor U Can't Afford To Pay For One SMH But I Bet He Tells People Hows He's Ballin' LoL

    • smart

      Actually people who are smart make decent - good money. Which then aren't too poor to bootleg and not support the industry.

  • Anonymous

    Y'all bullshittin if y'all think this album ain't fire.... Y'all must be listenin to soulja boy album instead

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone have the link ?

  • Anonymous

    Havent heard it yet but I plan to check it out Problem is the label he's on, the whole Roc Nation/GOOD music family is so stuck up its own ass these days, all they make is uptight, self righteous Hipster music and I have the bad feeling thats the direction Jay & Kanye have geared him towards

    • yoooo

      just heard the whole album and let me be the first to tell u it might just be a classic the only knock is that it might be alittle too long but for a 19 track album it hardly has any filler...not one terrible song

  • GOW

    Album is mediocre nothing special

  • Jerz Inevitable Success Davis

    I been playin this album all day on super repeat an i'm still gonna buy this shit. Best hip-hop album of the year hands down. CHECK OUT THE MUSIC http://soundcloud.com/inevitable-success/sets/taste-of-success

  • Truthenola

    i guess,. i was gonna buy , probably wont listen to the leaks

  • illness

    as usual the fucking music industry killed a promising young artist with the average ass record that cole dropped...his ep's and mixtapes were so fire but his commercial shit is just fucking weak...hip hop is dying for real...want some real shit, go cop that all 9th wonder produced phonte when it drops...that album is dope as fuck

    • Mr Flamboyant

      He's off the rocker... you understand it. Yeah that's the issue with this overrated J Cole nigga. It's already bad that he's gassed up... the other issue, and current issue, is that he isn't staying in his lane or just being himself. We don't want to hear records that aren't genuine and are more reaching for the charts and record spins on radio. Just make quality music and it will speak for itself. This nigga is overrated as hell. As is Drake. It's not like they are doing anything mad special and even new. And what else kills him is the Jiggaman. Evidence is the best LP dropping on next Tuesday. Get it when you can.

    • anonymous2

      @He's off the rocker, agreed... entirely. I heard his first mixtape over some classic beats and I thought, alright he has potential. For a heavy dedicated rap demographic then you hear his track with Jay-Z and you can't help but notice he's aiming for a wider audience too quickly. Not smart. He just needs to keep a consistent fan base for now but you got guys like anonymous, gassing him, which I love that word, without any analysis of his value to the game.

    • anonymous2

      @anonymous, you're an idiot, even commercialized dick riders have love for 9th. That's probably the only album I'll buy since Pharoahe Monche's W.A.R. album which I had on nonstop for about 3 months straight. Learning...

    • he's off the rocker

      yeah ain't nobody checking for those dope groups anymore but question is 'who's checking for J-Cole?'. You guys just continue to pathetically gas this J.Cole dude up like he's something great but he's just good at best. Yes his album is finally coming out but he's not gonna do nothing spectacular. He might as well just stay completely away from the pop world because he's already shown how terrible he is when it comes to making commercial music so why try so hard. He might as well leave that lane to Drake because Drake is already killin' J.Cole in that pop lane so J.Cole should just leave it alone. If J.Cole continues to aim for a pop audience then you can kiss his rap career goodbye early because he won't be able to find a pop audience that's interested in him like Drake.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ lol at 9th beats are repetitive same tired argument. its called his signature. in thaat case, all primos beats sound the same too, as do pete rock, dre, etc

    • truth

      aint nobody buying 9th wonder stupid,. yeah his beats are cool , but there repetative. you aint seling if you model your sales plan after dope groups liek slum village ,. talib , mos def,. little brotha,. pharoh monch , none of them..aint nobody checkign for that no more

    • Atlien

      Yeah the 9th wonder album is sick, but the problem is real hiphop just doesn't sell. You have to make this commercialized garbage to sell records.

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