Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter IV" Nears Platinum In Its First Week

UPDATE: Contrary to earlier reports, Wayne sold just shy of one million copies.

Lil Wayne has earned a platinum plaque thanks to the first-week sales of his latest album Tha Carter IV.

According to Hits Daily Double, Weezy sold 1,000,690 copies of his newest offering since hitting stores last week. The album previously broke the iTunes record for most digital albums sold within the first four days of its availability.

His 2008 release, Tha Carter III, achieved the same accomplishment as its successor, moving 1,005,545 units in its first week.

UPDATE: According to, Tha Carter IV will debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 this week with 964,000 copies sold, contrary to prior reports.

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  • Anonymous

    lil wayne make music insist of hater congraulate

  • kuku

    in terms of sales, eminem is the goat in rap over 100 million records sold (two albums also sold at least 1 mill first week)

  • Anonymous

    LOL 964,000 people need a hearing aid.

  • Osiel Salas

    Birdman is full of shit! he bought 1/3 of those CD's himself

  • Benfranks

    "2 shots" of watever...that song alone made the album platinum! i support you tunechi! we need the haters...they gon on dat HATERAIDE lol! I'm buyin 4 more Carter 4 albums friday when i get paid...smell the haters when i came in here! Keep it up you LAY M's...LAMES! i cant even see in my circumference!

  • Benson Milien

    so many haters.... you know what they say... the more haters you have... the better you are. congrats weezy... something a hater cant say

  • The Conformist

    Even if it didn't go platinum first week, I can't say I'm happy about it selling 900,000+ considering the quality of the album... When C3 went platinum first week I didn't mind it all that much because that album had more than a couple good songs on it, granted it wasn't a classic by any means but there were hundreds of other albums that were less deserving of such a distinction. Meanwhile this album just came off as lazy and uninspired, yet managed to sell almost just as well first week... Oh well. Congrats, Weezy.

  • Anonymous

    Worst thing that ever happened to HIP HOP! A fuckin joke. Remember people "RECORD SALES DO NOT DETERMINE HOW GOOD AN EMCEE IS." This dude is garbage.

  • Anonymous

    joke of the year who the fuck support worst rapper of all time??!! only gays & dumb kids

  • Anonymous

    Where did I talk about the quality? I know that only the music matters, haven't bought one single Wayne album in my life, but Saigon's ''Greatest Story Never Told'', Reks' ''R.E.K.S.''and Vakill's ''Armor Of God'' (compared to all you guys who claim to rep real Hip Hop on this site and YouTube, otherwise we would've seen these albums on the charts, aside from Saigon's 11.000 sales), but that is FUCKING amazing in these times. I'm an underground fan, but even I acknoweledge this, come on, yeah, they other rapperrs had sales, YEARS ago where EVERYBODY could sell. It's unbelievable that he was able to move these units in 2011.

  • Anonymous


  • Fintch

    Wow you guys are fucking funny, If this whole baby thing buying cd's to help lil wayne go platinum then why hasn't watch the throne gone platinum. Those are 2 of the biggest artist in the rap game and they aren't platinum yet. So lets be real now to all the haters. The reason that lil wayne sold so cause he has fans. He never stops making music even if it is sometimes garbage and he collabs with many artists to get his name out there. So tell your fav rapper they should do the same and stop slacking cause its funny watching you all hate cause you can't handle the truth. Props to jayz, kanye, game, em, and royce on their albums.

  • Myie

    sad day in hip hop when trash lke this sells..... I do beleive Baby bought some copies. thEres been reports labels have manipulated sells in the past.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO @ "BABY BOUGHT THE ALBUMS" you dumbasses really think that the industry would allow somebody like Lil Wayne to illegitimately leap frog every pop artist in the country in sales ??? and it would go unannounced ? I hate Lil Wayne's music and even I have enough common sense to know that "buying albums in bulk" theory is far fetched.

    • Anonymous

      lil baby wayne wouldn't buy the copies himself; it would be too easy to pinpoint where the "flood" of sales originated (iTunes for example, shows you sales based on region, etc). It's well known on the "inside" that cashmoney has teams all across the country/world that help to "pad" sales. The reason for the groups all over the place is so that it isn't obvious that all sales came from ATL. You spread it out, it looks like fans just buying up the shit. However, this record is unremarkable AND it leaked, yet it still sold over a million? Come on now... you know bruvas aint gonna spend their hard earned dollar after they already downloaded the leaked version.

    • Anonymous

      but he's kinda right, sort of. The industry would allow Wayne's label to buy that many records ? selling more than Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and all those pop artists ?

    • Mylie

      your just another wayne fan posing like you hate him. nobodys fooled idiot. record labels have been doing this for a while. look at reports on google.

  • world is fucked

    this is soo fucked up.. tha carter 4 sucks -.-


    they dont like to see they fav rapper get outsold so they say things like the label brought the album if labels/rappers buy albums why did game do 90k

    • Jeremy ThequietGuy Orr

      yea im hearing that on other blogsites that Baby bought the albums..if thats the case why dont everyone on Def Jam or the major labels go platinum.thats true hate! While I agree with some that the Carter 4 isnt as strong as the previous its still good material and but the notion that Baby bought these albums are just silly

    • WTT

      Because he doesn't kiss a man on the outh worth 400 million dollars!!!!

  • RTJ00

    Lil Wayne fans are fucking sheep!! Lil Wayne can make the most garbage ass songs and they will sit there and act like its gold. I dont hate Lil Wayne I hate his faggot ass fans.

  • what

    RIP hip hop fuck this generation for letting this happen

  • Anonymous


    • Essex

      Exactly. 500,000 x 10$ is 5000000$. you only get like .10 cents for every record sold. so he would only make $5000 dummies. Don't make sense. The "bulk buy" is a myth

    • Jeremy ThequietGuy Orr

      LOL lets say Baby bought 500,000 copies at say $10 a pop....why in the HELL would he spend 5million dollars on his own artist cd when he already spent a certain amount to make it!! #cmonson

  • Kaan Özel

    1 mil idiots

  • Vimal

    Man are you guys serious? haha seriously y'all are a joke C4 is a good album Wayne is a good metaphoric rapper and people like that clearly. Just because he isn't what you want him to be, you're going to talk shit to him? SMH that's ridiculous Look I am an eminem fan but even I realize that wayne is a good rapper just because he isn't a super lyricist doesn't make him bad he has a different style of rap and a different image. that's how you make it in the game man, and that's what you don't understand. You think tyler the creator would have gottan as much hype if he didn't each a cockroach diss B.o.B, bruno mars, hayley williams, and kill himself in Yonkers? the answer is that he wouldn't get as much hype you all need to stop being so ignorant ... And realize why you're actually mad, it's because wayne has a different style and flow then your favorite rapper and it's clearly working for him on sales and touring so you're mad... Even I can realize this and I don't yell out "YMCMB" all day learn how to have a(excuse my language) fucking smart logical conversation about hiphop I used to live in the ghetto yet I don't talk shit like a jackass on this site...Anyone, Opinions? feel free to reply...

    • JG3

      Finally!! Someone that ACTUALLY thinks. I couldn't have said it any better. Like Vimal, I'm not a "Lil Wayne" fan...I DO NOT HAVE A FAVORITE ARTIST/RAPPER...I'm a fan of MUSIC. The only reason I can see why those who hate Lil Wayne hate him is because they have a right to. BUT is that logical? The comments they leave about him are comical. He's successful point blank, they fail to realize that dude appeals to different generations. Which sets him apart from a lot of people in the game right now. Its funny how they hate the guy, yet he's even more successful. Again, congrats Lil Wayne on the success of Carter 4.

  • Jersey Finest Kings

    I feel sorry for the 1,000,690 zombies that wasted their hard earned money on pure garbage....


    C4 bitches haters still posting the same comments since C4 drop

  • sah313

    as an emcee he sucks there are a lot of ppl better than him but hes good at what he does: making hits

  • Anonymous

    universal is a big fuckin machine baby dont have to by shit they own nbc disney land universal studios its very easy for them to inflate these numbers when harry potter was in the movies they had a promo for this album carter 4 coming soon smh

  • skippy81

    hiphop is dead wackest mc ever

  • Anonymous

    unbelievable how many dumbasses bought this album. people like lil wayne are responsble for the downfall of hiphop

  • Anonymous

    damn and the red album flops wow what planet is this again?

  • wouzi


  • D

    Minus the 2 days that the album leaked so if you check in 2 more days after this update which is on thursday the 8th. You'll see his actual sells.

  • D

    Well there are 311 million ppl in the US. It's possible over 900k bought his album within the last week.

  • Neffite Davis

    hey the haters got a point. No lil wayne not up there with Jay Z and Em with records sales but he own the highest grossing Rap Tour!!!! Thats where he is killing the game!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    lil gay worst rapper alive vs eminem or jay-z or nas or royce 1 mill gay eminem freestyle > lil gay career this nigga can't rap R.I.P HIPHOP

    • Anonymous

      at the end of the day none of us will see any money from this but i know for a fact not opinion this album sucks

    • Doug Nichols

      Rakim in a coma is still better than Lil Wayne.



  • Dibbi

    wht dat ilexx cat wrote was an eye opener for me.. i never understood Waynes appeal but now i finally know what it means when he says he's working so hard.. he once said "we dont approach this like we da best.. we just work hard".. seems that grind is payin off now and da haters is lookin at him on top of the charts with a frown like he made a fucked up decision.. haters gon hate.. that's the way(ne) of the world

  • YES


  • Gizzle

    Y'all niggas are so fucking stupid, there's no way birdman or whoever bought so many copies, who gives a fuck about dick riders, how many copies sold, how fucking popular, who sold more, wat ever y'all niggas really gotta b like 11. If u like the music word, if u don't get the fuck outa here, I'm so sick or reading "o your a dick rider or o bird man bought half the copies" niggas is lame ..o ya and the niggas sittin there saying o go to school learn how to spell shut the fuck up, there r things called typos and just cause niggas can't spell who gives a fuck....90% of y'all niggas on here can eat a dick

  • Anonymous

    Wayne has the second largest fanbase(Behind Em), As simple as that !

  • Rolando Mercado

    people in rap have been buying up their own albums for a long time. it is a old technique that they do and have done. But at the same time they don't buy up more then 50k-100k of the albums depending on how much they expect to sell. so in this case they were predicting 850,000 first week, but in the middle of the week the numbers boosted to 925-975 and he ended up around 964k which is around the 100k max. but to buy up 500k of your own album is ridiculous! that would mean the label spent over 5 million dollars just to boost sales? lil wayne would be bankrupt if he did that.

  • KapDiva

    ok, lil wayne beat me, because i hate him but ended up buying carter 4. i got to give him props for rapping his ass off and bringing true emotion on that shit. i could hear the realness in his voice as well as tech 9, dre 3000, bun b, nas, shyne po and especially busta. i was wrong about you wayne and i admit it. you now have a new fan in KapDiva.

  • Kaveh Emami

    you haters gonna hate!!! LIL WAYNE BEST RAPPER ALIVE! NUMBERS DONT LIE

  • ilexx

    I am sick and tired of reading comments about Birdman buying albums and all dat bullshit. I am not here with proof that he didnt or did buy some albums and neither do any other u. If somebody could even come up with a logical explanation of how they would write-off those expenses then I would be willing to hear you out, if somebody could even just tell me how they physically or digitally accomplished that feat then MAYBE I could hear u out. Em sells 700k and the story isnt that Shady or Aftermath bought his records.... Ppl still have excuses though, instead its that he is white and so obviously he is gonna sell. Wayne is black so its almost unfathomable to most of you ignorant fucks that Wayne could possibly have sold more than than Em. I am sorry to say but it is possible because Em does what he does without touring but Wayne tours his ass off..... By 9/11 Wayne will have hit the stage 65 times on his I Am Still Music Tour.... That was all in promotion of C4. Each show ranging from 5k-15k, thats around 325k-975k ppl who saw him perform live... this year alone. If its still hard for you to see him him doing 964k in album sales lets continue.... I Am Not A Human Being did 110k first week digital sales only! So in the 1st week 110k ppl bought that album digitally alone and two weeks later it released physically and did 125k after it had been out and about for 2 weeks. They announced that they were gonna release this album no more than 2 months before the release date and there was no major promotion as Wayne was in jail at the time. To date I Am Not A Human Being has sold 925k in the US ALONE..... During the time Wayne was in jail his label released TWO platinum artists in Nicki and Drake whose COMBINED sales (Thank Me Later+Pink Friday) to date is 3 mil+ in the US alone, meaning they have 3 million ppl between them that bought their albums in the past year. What did you think Lil Wayne would do with a full budget and promotion/marketing plan behind him? Wayne and YMCMB have the digital marketing game on lock and thats a fact.... The power is in the numbers. FB fans Wayne - 31 million Drake - 19 million Nicki - 13 million Combined - 63 million ppl who give a fuck about 3 ppl Twitter followers Wayne - 3 million Drake - 3 million Nicki - 5.5 million Combined - 11.5 million ppl who get updated on what they do daily.. During the middle of his promotional run for C4 and on the break between legs of the I Am Still Music tour he released a FREE MIXTAPE to hold over fans aswell as promote his album if you really think about it.... Millions of ppl downloaded that album all over the net, you know it and I know it... It just simply showed that MILLIONS of ppl still gave a fuck about Lil Wayne's music. Still think Wayne's 1st week sales dont make sense? The man's album was marketed all over MTV as going on sale right after the VMA's and then the VMA's went on to set record numbers in viewership, like 17+ million (or something to that effect I believe) and that's just 17+ million ppl who saw Wayne perform the night before his album dropped, whether they liked him or not....... Ppl knew his album was coming out. Still think the numbers dont make sense? The most important fact in the world is this, if they dont ship the records you cant possibly sell them. Simple concept, you cant go Gold in one week if your label didnt ship 500k of your albums out. Birdman did a interview where he stated that they were trying to do a milli for the 1st week of Tha Carter IV and that the label shipped out 2 million. When he said 2 mil I was shocked because I couldnt believe he thought he was actually gonna do a million in a week... but the fact is that Baby/Slim/Cash Money/Universal obviously believe he could do a milli again and they shipped out 2 million albums.... meaning the album was available where eva u can find music on sale. Just because u dont like Wayne or his music doesnt mean there arent a bunch of other ppl out there who give a fuck.... Wayne certainly put in the work for it, I just think if u like him or not you cant deny that him selling this much is good for Hip Hop...... It means there is still loads of money to be made in the industry, its an example of the amount of ppl who are still interested in supporting one of their fav. artists. P.S. Lil Wayne is also the MOST HATED RAPPER in the industry and that might also add to why he can sell as much as he can.... U guys make him relevant *smh*

    • wu4lyf

      Numbers don't equal talent. MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice sold fuck loads. Are they good rappers? Everyone knows that Lil Wayne was at his best with the hot boys. Do you actually listen to his lyrics on C4???? It's also a shame that the best verses on the album came from guests....

    • Colo Colo Congo

      when the writing is good, people read from front to finish--no matter how many paragraphs lol. respect


      @ilex he dropped a mixtape for his fans ok that was nice of him except for that that mixtape was awful every Wayne fan knows that and every Wayne fan even said they didn't liked it and you know wat else after every Wayne stan on here says he sold a mil they also follow that up by saying his album was mediocre all of his singles weren't even that good compared to all of his previous work Drake had the biggest hype and all of his songs were on the top 10 billboard list and yet his album barely went gold with first week sales Wayne's last two album rebirth and IANAHB both didn't sell nearly half as much as this with first week sales so yes it is possible that there is suspicion that birdman bought a lot of copies also having an internet hype and having the most followings on Twitter doesn't make you reasonable to sell that much and if it did and everything related to who has the most Twitter following has to be the most successful then all of Ashton Kutchers films must of all been a box office phenomenal success

    • crazy_d

      what you just said was like god like!

    • KapDiva

      brilliant article you have here!! you must be a professional writer, because your shit is flawless. i'm just wondering which one you are. anyway, i agree with everything you said. if your not a pro, you should think about starting your own magazine, because you write better than julia beverly.....wink wink. is this you julia?

    • Kaveh Emami

      YMCMB! you speak the truth!

    • Andre Cooper

      Best post i read in a min. I wish that people could get the hate out and just respect the hustle.

  • RealHipHopKy

    People Keep Sayin that theres No Way Wayne Could Sell This Many Records again, Why Not? Have you Gone to Your Local Record Store Where the Carter Was on Sale and Looked to See if there was a Bunch on the Shelves? I Went to a Couple of Stores and The Album was Sold out! And if you Think the Label Bought them, thats just Stupid, because the Label Makes Money off Sales and if they Bought the Album they would Lose Money. So Stop the Hate, Wayne May not Be Top 5 Lyrically, But He is the Most Popular Rapper outside of Eminem, So he can and Did Pull this Off Again! A Mili A Mili! lol

  • Anon1

    This is the realest comment I've read in a while > Eli: All yall mafuckers on this website arguing about record sales and numbers are the reason why real music is suffering. I remember a time when numbers didnt mean shit... the fans actually cared about the quality of music. Record sales should only matter to the artist. This is hip-hop its not a swag fest, or an accounting class. Postedan hour ago | Reply »

  • damnhomeY

    so your telling me my favorite fucking rapper worships the damn devil??? WTF that shit is deep right there... I was gonna start clowning on this nigga but than I did some research and all that shit was fucking soooo I'm kinda trippen out right now... damn homeY

    • rapaintdead

      Weezy is a good ass rapperr my nigga.. but he is def into some dark shit... If ya'll check out his video for "ON FIRE" that shit is straight satanic... demonic.. evil as fuck... you can't even argue that.. snakes, deamons are fallon angels and thats the entire video... plus at the end of the song 4:01 exactly Wayne says 666... cmon how the fuck anyone gonna argue that...

  • jesussaves

    "What good is it if you gain the whole world, but loose your soul in the process" Wayne you satanic lil puppet... BIRDMAN is the puppet master... there plan to help divide, and destroy the earth... Ya'll better wake up before its too late... you have the right to listen to whomever you want... just know EVERYTIME you listen to LIL WAYNE, JAYZ, KANYE WEST, 3-6 MAFIA, TECH N9NE, EMINEM you ARE listening to Devil worshippers!!! BIRDMAN- master of Lil Wayne JAYZ---- master to Kanye, Rihanna, Beyonce AKON--- master of T-Pain, Lady Gaga JIMMY IOVINE-- master of Dr Dre, Eminem, Suge Knight, Puffy PUFFY-- sacrificed BIggie SUGE-- sacrificed Pac DRE-- sacrificed his son KANYE--sacrificed his mother EMINEM--sacrificed his best friend

  • Anonymous

    Young milli milli milli milli haha lol at them haters

  • aarontodavis

    dis is big for Wayne who jus keeps "winning" all day..I wudn't be surprised if he didnt win a Grammy (dis or WTT r da 2 only options jus to be real)even tho it isnt dat good. He's & YM or da Miami Heat of Hip-Hop except 4 dey win all da time lol #respectdahustle

  • Anonymous

    A mili, a mili, a mili, ...

  • Andre Cooper

    You know what the carterIV was a decent album but half you so called hiphop fans wanna lie and trash the album like it didn't have cuts on it.... Go ahead and live in that imaginary world where baby is buying 500k of wayne's album..... Oh yeah 900k just says he is popular and guess what??? You don't have to buy the album.... People can make what ever choice that want to make and if they wanna buy the carterIV so be it... But hey if you buy a nas can't pay his child support.... Lupe called our president a terrorist smh....So who really is dumb for buying waynes album.... All wayne did was take care of his kids and sell albums and came out of jail somber and is making you doubters who said he couldn't do it take a L again. So fuck what you hating ass faggots gotta say he black and successful.... something that i can't say about you hating faggots. Have fun because hiphop is alive and living through wayne. Deal with it!!!!

    • Ihavea?

      @Andre can u please tell me exactly how much of lil waynes dick is up your ass and after that tell me if he put on some women tights like he did on the VMA's and did he kiss baby afterwards when he told him he bought most of c4 but most importantly wat lube did he use before he stuck his dick up all in your ass

    • Ken Kaniff

      Your picture is too distracting Andre.. Your long pathetic rant only turns me on.. I'm feelin you right now, cock boy. Just pretend I'm Wayne..

    • hellrazor

      you sound like the fucking faggot named jason. you 2 would make quite the couple

  • Anonymous

    You know how big a company Univeral is?? HUGE

  • Anonymous

    I listened to the Carter IV, i like it. Wayne is the most popular rapper in the states practically but there is not way in hell he sold this much. No hate just don't believe they didn't buy a few hundred thousand copies them selves, its obvious

  • Eric Thomas

    on god i cant wait to come on here and look at the hate lmao. some of yall i know are retarded. face it waynes gonna sell, stop knockin the dudes hustle whether u like em or not smfh.

    • JG

      your wack, the carter 3 was a defining rap album of the new millenium

    • Anonymous

      No sir I will definetly knock someone's hustle when they lure in little boys and girls with diamond encrusted spandex to sell sell albums.There's got to be a violation somewhere like child abuse or non-statutory rape. I don't like him or his hustle. The only thing he did decent to me was a few songs on the carter 3 and a couple singles.I don't really think anybody can say much more than that.

  • Eli

    All yall mafuckers on this website arguing about record sales and numbers are the reason why real music is suffering. I remember a time when numbers didnt mean shit... the fans actually cared about the quality of music. Record sales should only matter to the artist. This is hip-hop its not a swag fest, or an accounting class.

  • uhhhh...

    y'all do know that the whole "buying your albums" technique is, and has always been, a myth. It's an old-wive's-tale. Like a stone cold, lol-at-these-n*ggas-thinking-this-shit-is-real myth. It's not real. It never happened. ever. No record company would ever buy large quantities of their own product to make it "look good" on billboard. All that money spent has to be taxed, written off and eventually recouped. To do it once would be stupid, to do it twice would be insane and honestly fiscally impossible. It doesn't work. No matter how much the artist tours or how much he or she would later sell, they would never recoup spending what would amount to billions of dollars to buy millions of albums just for the fuck of it. Seriously. You sound stupid for even thinking such a thing were possible as a long term technique toward success. Wayne has a rabid fanbase...that's it, that's all. deal with it.

    • hiphophead

      Uhhh... IDK Y you make statements like you know WTF your talking about.. music companies have been buying there own products to boost they sales since beginning of time... in the early 2000's nelly got caught... JAYZ has been buying his own albums since Reasonable Doubt... he has been boosting his sales since day 1.. come on man

    • Anonymous

      I disagree with your logic. actually labels buy albums all the time, or at least fudged the number to make the artist look better. The idea is to get people talking, and then they will go out and buy the album. If it seems like an artist is falling off, it becomes a domino effect, and a lot of things start declining along with the sales. Furthermore, Lil Wayne is the biggest artist on the label, therefore they need his outlook to be great for the sake of the label. Also, record labels spend millions on making big name album (for example Kanye West- def jam spent upwards of $20 something million). All a label need to do is factor a fraction of the albums budget into buying albums, and they still come out on the same; better if the tactic works. Look at it this way also, how is it that he sells a million in a week, but only end up selling 3 million total, when everyone else who sell that much in a week goes on to sell more than 7 million copies.

    • malco

      yea it is stupid but your kinda ruining a lil wayne roast at the moment..Point is its a state of emergency for hip hop for this gremlin to sell like this..there are obviously politics(to some degree) involved in all huge album releases by the way. I think everybody is saying enough with these bullsh*t pop stars and and this "illuminati" industry..let the MUSIC speak for itself..and this album was....ass, so of course he's gonna get sh*t for selling so much. c'mon son

    • jeff

      I don't know about the actual record companies but i know that sponsors buy a lot. I saw a video of a crooks and castles representative buy out a whole stock of Drake albums from best buy.

  • malco's all good they can sell those numbers for now cus when we all find out that when Game was talking about: "there are several rappers that are in the closet and gay" ,and that he was refering to Lil Wayne and YMCB, he might not sell too well after that...IJS...we all know lil wayne got a foot out the closet kissing men and wearing luxurious nut huggers

  • Juxx

    I don't understand why people care so much about album sales... its that only suppose to effect the artist. I don't know any fans getting paid from how many sales this shit does. I doesn't make the music any better. "Men lie, women lie, numbers don't lie." Im pretty sure men and women are in control of those numbers. People that concern themselves with these numbers are followers and only like the music if its popular. They have to make sure that what they are listening to is in trend or not. The last time i was bumping a song in my whip i don't remember thinking about how many other people bout that shit.

  • Jimmy Capo

    Im not gonna front I may have bought 64000 copies. I heard birdman bought 700k, drizzy bought 200k, and mack main almost had enough to buy a copy himself. Tough luck mack, next time man. That just leaves the rest, i know i bought mad copies.

  • Biọlá Giwa

    hiphop is really dead.

  • Anonymous

    This dude needs to stop buying his own albums up just to stay on top. That's a stupid ass technique if I've ever heard of one. The Birdman is stupid for still trying to do this again. Why doesn't Wayne face the fact that he doesn't have a large enough fanbase like Eminem does. Eminem doesn't need to buy his own albums to stay relevant because his fans trust him. Too bad Wayne doesn't have that type of magnitude and I hope he doesn't believe that buying his way towards Platinum is gonna help the album sell more because if Wayne believes that then he truly is a delusional martian and he's not a human being. Don't think buying your own albums is gonna help go double platinum because ain't no buying that garbage Carter IV album so stop making yourself go Platinum and stop lying to your fans and the people because they all know what your doing. Don't let Baby give you more money problems just because you dying and trying so hard just to fit up in Hov's shoe. Not even Jay-Z buys his own albums so Jay does got more money than you Wayne and at least his lady got lady money when your ugly ass don't even got a lady on you because the ladies don't want nothing to do with your martian ass. Your a martian and you don't even know what having a wife is.

    • Andre Cooper

      Sounds like a troll to me.... You trying to hard.....You mad bro? How about some tissue? (Laughing very hard at your post smh)

  • Anonymous

    I smell something fishy here....something not adding up

  • Anonymous

    It is what it is...when the majority of his fans are white girls and suspect dudes of course he's gonna sell N'sync, Back Street Boy, and Brittney and Bieber numbers...He has no respect from me...His fans get no respect from me only people with real talent should sell this much. Real music fans just got to big up the good artists out there like Kendrick, Jay Electronica, Lupe, etc...These people who support this clown are ruining the music I love...even got mighty Mos Def changing his name and sh*t..

  • Weezy F

    Yo Jay Looks Like I got you and your lady's money (First Week Sales)

  • Anonymous

    blueprint series>>>>>>>>>>>carter series in my life series>>>>>>>>>>>carter series ""Sooner or later I take you up on your offer, n put you back in your place like I'm replacing your father. You're talkin' to the author, the architect of "the blueprint". My DNA in your music, mutha!!a you stupid ???"

  • Dark71

    Young people don't be brain washed these record companies mainly Universal is owned by the Elite so they gonna push propaganda. Lil Wayne is a puppet that thinks he is a rock star and the best rapper alive get the f**ck out of here he aint in the top twenty neitherless the top ten.

  • Ye

    Damn weezy, lil girls can't be your only hustle..

  • Really?

    This actually surprised me. His last two albums (rebirth and I am not a human being) did not do so well. I don't care much about Wayne, but I guess his popularity did not die down as he claimed or the fans did.

  • Hovi's Home

    FUCK LIL WAYNE. No straight up. He will never get the real respect as an MC because he straight garbage: 1) He's a faggot ass nigga wearing tight jeans like a bitch. No real niggaz wearin that. 2) No originality, concepts swagga jacks everything from clothes to the dumb shit he put it in his rhymes. 3) The little arrogant fuck had the nerve to disrespect 2Pac saying he wasn't a good rapper. 4) He got a shitload of ghost writers feeding him that nonsensical bullshit he raps: "I'm straight, my girl's a faggot" WTF? 5) He's a fake ass blood, paid his way into the gang cuz he pussy. He'd get his ass beat in a real fight. If you actually believe this weasel can scrap? Kill yoself!!! 6) He suck dick and take it in his ass. Birdman been raping this nigga since he was 9 years old AND taking his money. He kiss Birdman all n' his mouth. WHO THE FUCK GON RESPECT YOU IN HIP HOP IF RUNNIN AROUND KISSING NIGGAZ? THAT BITCH ASS NIGGA just want attention that's why he screaming he the best rapper alive. Fuck outta here.

  • The Company Man

    Wayne needs a new sound. He needs a Madlib behind him.

  • That Nigga In His Basement

    Pure evil. Sheep. I shouldn't have to explain this one. WAKE UP

  • Anom

    And guess who gets none of that money? PRODUCERS.

  • Anonymous

    Repeat after me: Record sales don't correlate with quality

  • crack muzik


  • Sean

    who the hell bought that bullcrap?That shit is cra.Congrats 2 Wayne.

  • Beyonce

    No Amber stop lying With my baby, Jay-Z's "baby money line I knew my husband wouldnt sell a thing. Why? Because while he was saying Birdman and Wayne don't have my money, he failed to realize HE himself doesn't have my money. Yes I said it, Jay himself don't even have "his lady money" and I proved it by buying so many Watch the Throne albums so HA

    • Look Here

      Jay-Z-450 million Beyonce- 300 million Lil Wayne-85 million Record sales do not equate into your net worth, because money is not made off of album sales. The money comes from touring and business ventures.

  • Amber Rose

    Hey guys... stop saying Birdman bought all of Tha Carter IV albums I bought 400,000 copies of Watch The Throne the first week :( helped them break the itunes record

    • Amber Rose

      Hey sir saying I have Wiz money It's evident seeing as I couldnt by a million coppies of Watch The Throne just 400,000 and to guy above me I completely agree Watch the Throne was a shit album I just bought them all to support my ex cuz Jay is a no go and i still failed :(

    • Hahahahaaa!!!

      Birdman does it again just like he helped Wayne with The Carter III. If you believe this bullsh-t of Wayne going Platinum in a week again then you are delusional. Sorry but politics are definitely involved. If Hov and Ye' can't go Platinum in a week with Watch The Throne then how the fuck can Wayne go Platinum in week with The Carter IV. Wayne is just a jealous little ET martian that will do whatever it takes to stay on top. Now you already know that Birdman sneakingly had something to do with this so don't be stupid. Wayne can't pull something off like this without the sneaky business tactics of Birdman being involved. Now you know damn well ain't no million people bought that garbage Carter IV up in one week without politics being involved. Attention and fame is like crack to Lil Wayne. He'll do what's best to keep it.

    • Anonymous

      11 HAHAH he cant afford a million dollar lifestyle he made 11 million dollars like i said wiz cant buy shit

    • Anonymous

      wiz is 11th on forbes hip hop list. so you fail.

    • Anonymous

      bitch you got wiz money you cant buy shit

  • mourning hip-hop

    society is officially brainwashed


    First off let me start out by saying I am not a LIL WAYNE fan in the least. I have never spent a dime on any of his material. Although I can admit that some of his stuff is good. He is to hit or miss with me, I either like it..or I can stomach his shit....there is no inbetween. NOw that I got that out of the way....let me tell ya'll in my opinion why I think he sold this many copies in the first week. LIL Wayne is the MOST versatile hip hop artist when it comes to Marketing and his image. He has managed to appeal to a WIDE demographic or fanbase. Now before you Lil wayne "non fans" cuss me out let me explain. In the last 6 year he has managed to evovle his image rapidly. He claims Blood gang...and talks enough street shit to appeal to street niggaz. THEY INDENTIFY WITH HIM. He also has managed to drop a Rock and Roll/rap cd...which did pretty well considering its not his specialty. By doing that he grabbed some rock and roll fans/ white people. He has managed to do a damn feature with everyone from Britney Spears to Nas. Now he has become somewhat of a skater and he dresses like one. NOW SKATERS AND THAT CROWD AND FANS INDENTIFY WITH HIM. It was by no conicendence in the couple of weeks leading up to this album that all these storys about him skating and hurting himself skating came out. That is another whole fan base. And he does JUST enough songs for the ladies and strippers for them to like and adore him. So lets say 250,000 street niggaz bought his shit plus 250,000 rock fans plus 300,000 females..200,000 random miscellaneous pop crowd. With that said..I can not think of any other HIP HOP artist that can appeal to this WIDE FAN BASE. LIL wayne sold off of his image and marketing. Not his music...this album was not that great..but Lil wayne has alot of fans that IDENTIFY WITH HIM is what it is. hope i clear this up for ya'll. I'm going back to bumbin BIG KRIT!!! LOL

    • Wutangiz4thebabies!

      @aNdUsAyChIcItY. I'd like to know where this mentality comes from that if your listen to pop. Pop music is mostly for kids, teenagers, and adults trying to be cool with their kids and teenagers (regardless of race). Do you know how many people in this range there are? Yet, some people just aren't afraid to express there taste in music. This is coming from a white boy who thought "Oneirology", "Apollo Kid", and "Gas Mask" were the three sickest albums to come out within the last year. Yes, I do think Wayne is good at marketing his music to different demographics.

    • aNdUsAyChIcItY

      Wow, nice to see an intelligent comment for once lol. Ur right, he does appeal to a wide range of people and he has great marketing and A&R. I, however, do not think 250,000 street niggas bought his shit, that shit got downloaded by the hood or bought bootleg, we have better shit to spend our money on. I think females and white people are the major demographic that bought this album. "How to Love" got the females, "6'7'"got the the hood, and the rest of the shit got white people and pop fans that buy the most mainstream hip hop there is.

    • Anonymous

      I feel pretty much the same about him (when he's good he's great but he's rarely good) but I don't know if I buy the rock album aspect of your argument. He's still done a good job of expanding his fanbase and keeping his name in the news, but every rock person mocked Rebirth. There is no way he added 250,000 fans through that. I'd chalk up the sales figures for that to a rabid fan base more than grabbing some of the rock market.

  • JAY-Z CHILD ABUSE "you LIL niggas aint deep you dumb you aint gangsta you gum" i cant stand you LIL niggas haahhaha

  • kingrichard1

    wayne may nt sold all those records wit sum slickness behind da scenes shyt but he's da most "popular" hip hop artist rite nw whether u agree or nt & there's no way he's even close 2 da worst rapper,like chris hosey said hip-hop fans are either die hard stans or haters.he's a superstar nw & has 2 b mainstream & sumtymes waterdown cuz unbiased folks no he may say dumb stuff quite a bit but he is skilled at muzik.Y no1 ever complained wen michael jackson crossed over frm motown & became da "king of pop"? he wz doin doin r&b at 1st!!!!!! but y'all overlook dat..

  • Anonymous


  • kingrichard1

  • kingrichard1

    wayne may nt sold all those records wit sum slickness behind da scenes shyt but he's da most "popular" hip hop artist rite nw whether u agree or nt & there's no way he's even close 2 da worst rapper,like chris hosey said hip-hop fans are either die hard stans or haters.he's a superstar nw & has 2 b mainstream & sumtymes waterdown cuz unbiased folks no he may say dumb stuff quite a bit but he is skilled at muzik.Y no1 ever complained wen michael jackson crossed over frm motown & became da "king of pop"? he wz doin doin r&b at 1st!!!!!! but y'all overlook dat...

  • Brendon Silver

    man i hate white kids

  • 50-cent


    • 50-cent

      nigga my last album went gold the album before that platinum and a 2xplatinum single faggot HFM2 is better than carter 4 and the red album anyday my nigga banks got a gold certified indie single dead you crazy the game is dead in sales and wayne music is for fags

    • Lupe Espinoza

      G-Unit is dead.

    • 50-cent


  • justb84

    i bought Carter 1 and 2...I listened to the entire album...has no replay value...if he does a carter 5 it's over...he needs a new idea/concept because he ran this shit into the ground...and WTF was Shyne doing?? lmfao

  • Anonymous

    Wayne sold music. My life is over.

  • Anonymous

    of course they can buy albums they dont pay for beats

  • Anthony Smith

    Nearly 1 million idiots.

    • Anonymous

      @ Chris Hossey Or ade some fans actually like those records and dont consider them bullshit Get off your high horse

    • Chris Hosey

      And that means what as it equates to skill. Absolutely nothing. The cd is barely mediocre and the content from song to song is practically identical you take the verses off the beat and swap them around they fit why cause his flow is the same on every song and his content is the same. I'm by no means a Wayne "hater" but fans need to man up and say when they artists are delivering sub-par work. I know wayne can do better and we should expect it other than excepting the bullshit he been giving lately. Same goes for Em and Jay and insert your favorite rapper name in anywhere. These artists get rich and complacent and just throw music on a cd and this new age hip hop fans just eat it up. Fans need to grow up and hold these artists accountable for the bullshit they put out. Instead of being a stan or a hater

  • Kevandre RackedUp Thompson

    fuck hip hop jay z and kanye make an album with dope lyrics and powerful songs to uplift the black community and niggaz go support this clown me n boy were arguing he said he thinks jay stupid cuz he doesn't put out any mix tapes .... why the fuck would a 38 vet put out a mix tape also he called me a hater also .. I don't think imma hater i think wayne dick just moved to far down his throat its like this nigga kissed a man were tight ass clothes and nigga still respect him i will never understand

    • Anonymous

      ye and jay also didnt have 4 songs on the radio either. Their whole marketing strategy was different than the average promotion thats done for an album. They had Otis out but that wasnt killing the radio like John, She Will, 6'7, or How to love. And also you cant forget that even if jay and ye put out a good album, there are still a lot of people that that refuse to have anything to do with Kanye after the Taylor Swift thing. Its not that the album was better, its just that Waynes fan base is more likely to spend their money on his album the week it comes out while jay and ye's fanbase will buy it in due time

  • Anonymous

    Nerd voice: If my calculations are correct, Little Wayne is right under a million sold. Therefore the data in this article is misleading at best. Hold on.... YES OF COURSE I forgot to carry the 1. Hypothesis is complete, young mula baby!

  • Chris Hosey

    Don't like the album or his music. I gave up on hip-hop a long time ago. Not cause I miss the "golden era" but because hip-hop fans are either die hard stans or haters. There is no in between what happened to the days when you can say well this cd is whack without a million stans calling you a hater. I dont have to acknowledge wayne is anything other than a smart man who knows how to market and cater to different demographics all artists do it. Wayne just happens to do it better. In my eyes he still trash "the best rapper alive" wayne died after the carter 2. But congrats to the numbers but sales doesn't and never did equal skill or place on the greatest of all time list least not to me.

  • Triz

    I don't see why people hate on Weezy. His album was chill as fuck. Not my type of music, but I'd sure as hell rather blast that in my car than Watch The Throne.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Wait til Drake drops, yawl's heads are going to explode! LOLOLOLOLO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    You motherfuckers got me LMAO. LOL! Motherfuckers mad at Wayne. Shits funny. BABY DID IT! LOLOLOLLOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Damn, Cash Money buying their records anint right...

  • Anonymous

    he got beyonce,50mil records sold 13 grammys 17 platinum or gold SINGLES 17 17 wow almost a billionare and 12 number one albums in a row yeah WAYNE IS ON HIS ASS NOW lmaoooooo 37mil dollars in a year>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>platinum album in a week

  • The Future

    It's funny because if Wayne's album didn't only did 200K then it's a failure but because he did right under a mill, everyone says it's not about the the #'s. The reality is this while Watch the Throne was a great album it is Jay that says, "men lie, woman lie, and numbers don't" and while I don't agree with Wayne responding to Jay's HAM with calling Beyonce out of her name and wanting to kidnap her, this is hip-hop and he was not affraid to step up to the challenge and even admit what he said. And lastly while Tha Carter 4 is a decent album but still probably the worse out of the series the NUMBERS really don't lie. I mean only Eminem has sold back to back first week mill #'s and Wayne is right there. What I find even more impressive is Wayne is doing this in climate where we consider 200K is impressive. Now I have to call it how I see it and Lil Wayne has officially become the Biggest Artist in Hip Hop. I mean he's doing Lady Gaga's #. I sorry but he's even bigger then Eminem. Em's last album did 702K first week, 965K is big difference!!!!!

    • Tony Yayo Is Gay

      wayne is not even close to being bigger than eminem, recovery is at 5.4 million sold. Carter IV wont make it past 3 million, if it even gets close to that.

    • Anonymous

      what challenge?jay home fuckin a bitch with more than baby money you really think jay wont beat wayne in a battle?

  • mac

    If Wayne is such trash as you guys say he is, why does your favorite rapper want to work with him. All these guys who you think can rap, they work with Wayne. Give the man his credit, and stop with this dumb ass stuff about Baby buying his cd's. Do you know how dumb that sounds, how impossible that is? But it doesn't matter to the hater, they just want to hate.

    • mac

      It may not mean anything, but I they think the guy can rap. Plain and simple. I'm not some stan of Wayne, cat can spit though. Moving that many units is big in this climate. Also, everyone made a huge deal about him going at Jay, he was just responding to something that was said about him. No one asked Kayne why he was on song with Jay like they did with Drake and Kiss. Give them man his props... Jay is a much better rapper than Wayne, but doesn't mean wayne is trash.

    • Tiaaz

      Not trying to bash on you but c'mon use your brain, it's called music industry. It's a business. Wayne is hot so therefor alot of them wanna work with him. Of course there's some who respects him and might even be fans but most of them are just swinging on trends so to speak. It happens all the time doesn't mean anything.

  • 123

    shouldn't they wait till tomorrow to tell us this? HUH? LIKE EVERY OTHER WEEK? just saying congrats weezy f

  • Anonymous

    YO DAWG! BABY BOUGHT DEM SHITS SON FOR REAL! Yo Son niggas is illumenati son, NAHMEAN! Shits ill my nigga, Wayne can't rap son, Gudda wrote dem shits son, I was there son! That's my word! Yo check it out boom! That nigga bought that shit son on ma' momma! It's a Cole world, we in here WATCH! Yo Wayne can I get a feature?

  • Kanye

    I'm very happy for you Weezy, Ima let you win this, but Watch The Throne was one of the greatest albums of all time... of all time!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Buuuulllllllshit if u believe them numbers ur retarded..after it leaked and sold 300k online right.jay z and em can't even do these numbers gtfoh


    The International DIAMOND CLUB is elite group of rappers who have sold 10+ Million not only in the U.S. but, world wide. Including 50 Cent, Will Smith, Tupac, The Notorious BIG, Eminem & Outkast. Some of you may be thinking what about Nelly, Lauryn Hill, Kanye West and many other Muti-Platinum selling artist? International sales did not scan 10+ Million. To this date 50 Cent's 2003 debut Get Rich Or Die Tryin' has sold over 15,915,010 world wide. 8,489,000 copies sold in the U.S. alone. Will Smith's 1997 album Big Willie Style which spawed the hit's "Gettin Jiggy Wit It" & "Miami" has sold over 16,085,250 copies and ove 9 Million in the United States. Tupac & The Notorious B.I.G both have sold well over 19 Million records world wide. Tupac's All Eyes On Me and The Notorious B.I.G's Life After Death. The 2003 album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below became Outkast' bigges album todate coming in at over 13 million sold as of August of 2010. The Marshall Mathers LP was Eminems second studio album going on to sell over 25 Million copies world wide, making him the highest selling artist in rap/hip-hop. Side Note: 50 Cent and eminem are the only rappers on the list to have TWO albums reach Diamond status worldwide so wayne still best rapper alive how? lmao his numbers aint shit and the album sucks

    • Anonymous

      wtf climate man stfu

    • The Future

      His number aint shit? The thing you forgot is all those # were in a climate where everyone was selling records. Now while those numbers by Em and 50 were impressive they weren't the only artist to do this, Brittney Spears, Nsync, Backstreet Boys were doing this in their sleep. The fact that Wayne has moved a 1mill almost twice during the this music climate is pretty dame impressive. Also, besides Pac and Biggie what is 50, Nelly, selling now? The only hip hop artist that comes close to these sells still is Em. Wayne is competing with Lady Gaga who today is the biggest artist!!!! FYI when u compare sales, make sure u put it in the proper perspective!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      what album did kanye sale 10mil in the states alone with hahah this is talking about selling 10mil copies in the united states and oustside going diamond in 2 different countries you a stupid fucker wayne fans cant read for shit no wonder you like that bullshit he spit

    • Anonymous

      YOOOOO you right son, wow my nigga! You--You like a genius with them words dawg. Fo real homie, Diamond club, I feel you. Yoooo like YOOOOOOO, like check it out BOOM! Diamonds niggaaaaaaa.....

    • Anonymous

      kanye has gone 10X in the states..yousa dumbass

    • Anonymous

      as you can see 50 cent is doing wayne career numbers outside the country off 1 album no need to bring up the massacre numbers that went plat in FOUR DAYS

  • niggaz

    lil gay fanbase = 70% gays + 30% kids

  • Anonymous

    worst rapper alive sold 960k !


  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      he got beyonce,50mil records sold 13 grammys 17 platinum or gold SINGLES 17 17 wow almost a billionare and 12 number one albums in a row yeah WAYNE IS ON HIS ASS NOW lmaoooooo 20mil dollars in a week>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>platinum album in a week

    • Lol

      Yeah lol, a collabo album with Kanye West was probably his best chance for a milli first week but they released Otis as lead single...

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but he kept his dignity as well as his shirt on while selling albums.

  • 100

    Man yawl DO NOT understand how huge Wayne is. Go outside, go beyond your block and get the truth. This dude is a rock star now. A cultural icon. It really doesn't matter what you try to label him as. It is what it is.

  • nas

    hell yeah niqqas! weezy >>> G to the o to the a to the fucking T!!

  • 50-CENT

    i went over platinum in 4 days alone with the massacre!!!! whats the big fuckin deal

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      No ur just bein's a known fact labels buy maaad copies of albums in the hundreds of thousands to fudge the numbers..if u believe Wayne sold a mil in a week after it leaked, sold 300k digital copies and has mad shitty reviews then ur just dumb. No one has sold a mil in a week in years it even takes em 2 weeks to go plat now and he'll always be more popular then wayne

    • Anonymous

      LOL! Nice comment. So true.

  • Anonymous

    You need to correct the article, it didnt sell a milli, the official numbers are 964,000 Still great numbers but he didnt push a million

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I've been gone too long, true or false, right or wrong, hello Weezy welcome home...

  • martello

    "if you sell a million copys it has nothing to do with luck it just means a million people are stupid as fuck"-immortal technique

    • Andre Cooper

      great line....but it is what it is....Wayne won and the haterz just hate....Opinions are like assholes everyone has one same shit

  • Andre Cooper


    • The B

      Percee P is nice as hell but Lord finesse is just a lil bit more slicker with the verbs. But if D.I.T.C. or KOOL G. RAP ever sell more than lil fag I mean wayne it'll be the happiest period in Hiphop!!!!! Cause he damn sure aint better than none of them!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Lol my favorites percee p..the day percee p sells a mil in a week or gets beat by Wayne on the mic I'll cry.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah 2 of my favorite rappers including my absolute favorite have outsold wayne (Em & Jay-Z.) And its not about the money people are mad because this dude has little to no skill and is considered the best rapper alive by millions of people. Sales do not show skills they show trends. Now waiting for some moron to say "Well u like jay-z and jay said numbers dont lie!!111!!!!" well I disagree with Jay.

    • Anonymous

      My favorite rapper has outsold Wayne by 10's of Millions, lol

    • Andre Cooper

      Awemy bad dog.....You mad? You need tissue? Boo hoo lol

    • Not you again...

      Is your caps lock broken nigga? Shit annoying as hell.

  • 4I2


  • Anonymous

    damn we all knew weezy had selling power and that sales dont mean shit anymore.. but looks like this guy has more weight than even eminem in the mainstream world.. maybe if em stuck to doing him and not pop songs?

    • Anonymous

      Uh the difference is hip hop fans got bills and Wayne fans just beg their parents to go buy the cd..

    • Anonymous

      Blah Blagh Blah Without those songs Em would've probably sold half of what he did This aint 2002 anymore, lol, you dont make a pop song you dont even get on the radio

  • Tears

    Why don't you lying cheap motherfuckers stop downloading shit for FREE and support who you SAY you like so their numbers can look better. You think these cats just record shit at no cost? All the "stupid" Wayne fans are real fans. They go to the shows, buy the music, the videos, the shirts. All yawl do is criticize. Go join the Tea Party and have a ball bitches.

  • The B

    Females and Faggots have alot of buying power don't they...SMFH

  • Cole

    Nothing against Wayne, but can you guys really compare him to Jay & Em, and hail him the best rapper alive when a large amount of his music isn't even about anything? Credit were it's due, he's good at punchlines, but what are songs like 6 Foot 7 Foot about?

  • Leo Tavarez

    Good album but not classic.

  • Whatever

    There's no conspiracy behind his sells. Wayne is not really a hip hop artist anymore people he is a rock and a pop star. So he attracts both groups from the rockers and kddie bop teens. Songs like how to love appeal to the taylor swift and justin bebiber crowds, and his dress code screams glam rock. Perfect marketing of one's self.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    if Birdman really did buy 500k or whatver, we will find out soon enough because CNN and the rest of media will be all over this shit. A rapper selling 1 million in a week is a big deal, and they'll get to the bottom of it.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats Wayne. Do ya' thing boy! Congrats Jigga and Ye, love the album!

  • Waaahhhh

    Is like ALL the stupid people commenting at DX these days? Cry me a river. Sorry Wayne cats on DX said you're not allowed to go platinum only their favorite MC. Because they know real hip-hop. LOL!

  • LOL

    Birdman doesn't have the money to buy half a million records you dumb fucks. It broke the itunes records did birdman do that too? Stop fucking hating. Clearly people wanted the CD im sure it sold like half on itunes and half in store.

    • Anonymous

      The dumbest comment I've ever read..he doesn't have enough money? Lmao yea cuss he's paying full price of every copy of an album his company put and he gotta go driven around to get them..and why couldn't he have bought 100k digital copies...?

  • Anonymous


  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    first week sales are over rated i think if an artist goes platinum no matter how many weeks it takes its a great accomplishment congrats to wayne

  • Anonymous

    The second week sales will be the tell all. If it does almost a 90% drop in sales like lady gagas album did in the second week then we'll know this isnt gonna sell like C3

  • Kenneth Thomas

  • Tha Truth

    I think it's embarrassing as fuck that these labels buy their own CD's they put out, trying to BS people that they've got a huge hit in their hands. Wack as fuck, and makes you not want to fuck with their products at all (good thing the product in this case is garbage I wouldn't fuck with anyway!).

    • 4i2

      Everybody i know downloaded for free. Baby is buyin the albums to make people think they really makin sells

    • never lies

      yo...the labels aint buyin this album. everybody i kno that listens to rap/hiphop bought this album. whether they like it or not, is not up for me to decide. stop hatin on the nigga for makin music that sells. wayne is breakin records in this shit. the numbers dont lie bruh. peace dumbass.

  • its OK ... I understand..

    its sad that all the haters have to hang their hats on is a conspiracy that Birdman bought the albums lmao ... pathetic looool.

  • tee-dogg

    Wayne is very successful at attracting white fans with his new rock "swag" his new fans weren't aware of him during his earlier Cash Money days..wearing women leggins on the VMA's marketing..Wayne is the first rock star that started as a rapper from the streets and has transitioned to a new plateau..I was working at his show in Irvine, CA recently and I was able to get an extra pass for my teen son..who's a fan mind you..his words exactly "why is he acting white" response.."son look around..what do you see" anybody that knows southern cali knows that orange county, especially Irvine is mostly upper class white..there were basically no blacks or mexicans from santa ana..maybe a handful..congrats Wayne keep your nose clean!

  • Anonymous

    you know wayne fans are stupid when 10mil carreer sales is bigger than 50mil and 13 grammys AND 17 MULTI PLATINUM or gold singles

  • ADream

    YES!!! The death of hip hop, now dubstep can takeover

  • Anonymous

    Wow good for him I didn't really like the album though

  • BlazeDatishUp

    It's obvious that his bed buddy label head bought 90% of those albums... He is and always will be a glorified crackhead... It's a damn shame that real hip hop music gets no shine though.. I'll stay bumping my 2Pac, Biggie, Nas, Method Man and other artists who actually make good music...

  • Nation

    This shocked me. This album didnt have half the buzz of Carter III which barely got a milli and reviews were mediocre at best. Dont know how it managed to sell a milli in week one.

  • Anonymous

    Not the official numbers are in, It sold 964000 albums instead of more than a million. He almost did it again and he didn't cheat like lady gaga

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Internet haters WAYNE IS The BEST RAPPER ALIVE

    • never lies

      wayne def isnt the best, but hes up there. he knows how to sell music. simple as that. man can make money. he isnt the best tho. i still bump C4 tho.

    • Anonymous

      how buy numbers sold?it has to be because the album sucks if you go by the numbers you dont really know how many rappers he has to pass on that list let alone jay-z or eminem

    • Old School since 1985

      when his last cds tanked, he is thankful now to appear on the Carter IV. Even Busta Rhymes is bragging about being the last voice heard on the Carter IV.

    • Really?

      When did Nas die?

  • Killuminati


  • Anonymous

    With only 1 huge single i have reason to doubt this. Especially in a time where music doesn't sell that much..

  • Lupe Espinoza

    Hahaha hater where ya at? xD


    STRAIGHT TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • God

    Aiite listen up mother fuckers. If you think album was shit then its your opinion but as you can see hes pullin the most sales so number-wise the album is killin everything. I know this may not be the best album around but it is not as bad as people think it is. Couple of songs are bawse. Stop hating. Fuck baby tho. Hate that piece of shit who thinks hes richer than hes not even richer than Beyonce's baby thats not even born yet.

  • Original Hip-hop fan

    I bought it. Bought WTT too. Bought MBDTF too. Bought Section 80 too. Bought Recovery, bought BP3, bought Thank Me Later, bought Teflon Don, bought HFM2 as well. I ENJOYED all these albums. I support who I like and respect the work put into creating this shit. Stop bitching new schoolers, it's not healthy.

    • Anonymous

      the reason i dont download shit from i-tunes if i like album i go by the cd because it takes alot of man power to get that cd stocked those are jobs people need the truck drivers the press plant for the cd itself and the people who work at retail

    • New Schooler

      Nah nigga i didn't say you went broke. But why give money to niggas that already rich? I only buy that underground shit and download the rest. PLUS 20 BUCKS IS MAD MONEY FAM! THAT'S FOOD FOR A WEEK UP HERE LMAO!

    • Anonymous

      nah im a album junkie from wayback i cant miss a beat wont tell my age haah i have a serious collection its not hard to buy a album every 2weeks it breaks down to about 2 dollars a day oh yeah and rick ross stop rhyming over the same track hahhha but i didnt buy this album im to grown for this WTT slain album red half of it THURZ AND HONKEY KONG ARE THE BEST TO BE RELEASED SO FAR

    • Original Hip-hop fan

      LOLOLOL!!! Wow you lil' niggas think I went broke over buying some CDs?? LOL! I bet you think $20 is a lot of money. Grow up that's fucking lunch money or tip money depending on where you go. And to Anon- I'm a grown man what the fuck do I care if someone "gives two fucks" about me. Are U serious? Is your mom still tucking you in at night?

    • Anonymous

      This dude is a sucka!!! Damn dog, you wasted your money and you braggin cause you supporting artists that don't give TWO FUCKS about you?? This dickhead...

    • New Schooler

      No way you bought all that shit. In this economy? Fuck outta here download that shit for free NIGGA!

  • mased

    I'm sure cash money did buy a lot of this shit, i know he shipped 2 million, maybe those numbers are caught up in there somewhere,because i cant see this bubble gum rapper selling that , but then again thats what these lil niggaz like to listen too.....

  • alerteddie

    its very obvious that birdman bought thousands of this album,just watch next wk numbers is going to fall.the album is not even near classic

  • Anonymous

    Hate this dude. But can't lie, pretty impressive numbers. It's a shame that Gaga who sold her album for 99cents for a short while outsold him. He done well (sales-wise). Album is still poor though.

  • Anonymous

    DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince are much better than lil wayne

  • LOL

    This album should have been called Carter H-IV Not because it's ill, only because nobody wants it.

  • Anonymous

    im not even hating when I say 90% of the people who bought these shits are fucking CHILDREN, they buy it like its a new video game.

  • Anonymous

    hahahahahahahahahahaha weezy fucking baby shuting up the haters

  • ateam219

    How is That wen i went to taget n BESTbuy in philly it was still full of his cds.. hmmmmmmmm.. n i dont hear anyone thumping it it hmmmmmmmm

  • blitzlegga

    don't believe the hype people. numbers do lie. i'm sure baby bought over a half mill of those albums. i'm thinking weezy probably really sold about 300-400k his first week. he probably did "watch the throne" numbers.

  • Anonymous

    did he pay for the beats yet hahah

  • 50-CENT

    grodt kills your career sales homie

  • Anonymous

    Not a wayne fan but congrats to him

  • Anonymous

    this article = one angry gathering of Eminem and Jay fans.

    • Anonymous

      @C4_Boom Wayne hardly sells as well outside of the U.S., so it'll take him a decades to catch up with Jay and Em far as record sells in total. Jay and Em are bigger than Wayne internationally. Jay has also headlined a all rock fesitival in the UK, let's see if wayne can pull that off.

    • Anonymous

      Jay with 40 mili :)

    • #C4_Boom

      Actually He Doin Better Than Jay-Z Numbers Only Wayne & Eminem Has Gone A Milli Twice In One Week Get Yo Facts Str8

    • SutterKane

      LOL, who's angry, all I see is people giving opinions This would be anger: FUCK LIL WAYNE I HATE THAT FAGGOT!!!!!! nobody on here has done that, just pointing out the obvious facts that his sales are no where close to Jay or Em Its not hating its a fact But either way congrats to wayne, not a fan but I love hip hop and I'm glad to see somebody making big moves

  • Flynt

    P A Y O L A. muffuckas!!!

  • Anonymous

    worst album of the year goes platinum in a week

  • Its Only music CHILL

    Before I read the comments I already know it's a bunch of Wayne haters going ape. Probably some top 5 lists and male fashion critics too. Then you'll have a bunch of nerds saying Eminem sells more but at the same time say sales don't matter. At some point "hip-hop" fans forgot how to listen to more than one style of rap.

  • Anonymous

    Lil Wayne's music = cigarettes.

  • Anonymous

    cheddar bob strikes again

  • Anonymous

    i rather have a five mic album go gold than a shitty one go platinum

  • Twilight Sparkle

    Props to Wayne doin numbers in these times but real talk don't no one bump this soft ass album in Equestria. real talk aint nopony got somethin good to say bout waynes homoerotic ass. my homegirl rainbow dash doin 25 to life after droppin somepony out of sheer hatred for this album. Niggas aint feelin this new fag ass wayne. My nigga spike deleted this bullshit the same day he downloaded it. Ponyville Killaz all day erryday come at us bitch WHAT

  • Big mike

    I bet this album doesn't reach 2.5 mil cuz baby brought all the albums upfront nobody really listening to this shit

  • Anonymous

    im gonna fucking BAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRF ... wtf ? reaaaaaaaaaalllllllly ? gimme a fucking brake.

  • Congrats

    Numbers don't lie. And Weezy IS a very talented MC. Only you kids on this site are insecure enough to deny it.

  • jay-z

    only 40 mil and 13 grammys to go catch me if you can haah hova

  • Anonymous

    its actually 1.5 million, not 1 million ...

  • Hip-hop is dead

    Lil Wayne has single-handedly killed hip-hop. I'm gonna go listen to some Jazz, fuck this.

  • Anonymous


  • Shame

    Its like my nigga Immortal Technique said "fuck the records you sold cuz if you go platinum, it's got nothing to do with luck it just means that a million people are stupid as fuck"

  • Wow

    That's awesome wayne! Now all you need is two certified hip hop classics to be among the greats. No people, to hip hop standards Carter 1 and 2 are not classics, they are just great albums. Fuck sales for real and just drop a critically acclaimed album already.

  • Anonymous

    ok wich lucky dick rider will get some of the profits

  • Bro

    I wonder what Birdman is gonna do with all those copies of C4 he bought...

  • wow

    damn not the biggest wayne fan either and a lot of the shit he puts out is garbage now, but ya'll are some hatin ass dudes! get off the dudes dick and let him live.

  • Lil Wayne sucks

    Amazing what running on stage in women's jeggings can do to one's career.

  • Anonymous

    he only sold one multi plat album in his career but dickriders are gonna eat this up hahha where is joe he jerkin off to these numbers

  • New Prince of Pop is born

    Excellent marketing effort by cash money and young money camps. See as you see you don't need a critically acclaimed album or quality music for that matter to sell records like hot cakes. Now let's prepare for the flood of shitty music to come because of the success of this album. God bless us all, hip hop is in some deep doodoo.

  • Lima

    wow....I just...I just...don't get it am i in hell?

  • Shawn Williams

    Weezy wins again! Team YMCMB!

  • Anonymous

    Im pretty sure that birdman bought a bunch of these albums. Lil Wayne's singles have all been weaksauce except for how to love. I know for sure that How to love single prompted one million people to go and purchase this album.

  • LOL

    *cough* BIRDMAN BOUGHT 800,000 COPIES *cough*

  • Anonymous

    not bad wayne you got about 40mil to go to pass jay keep up the good work

  • Vanno Davis

    wow alot of people dont know what good music is

  • Men, Lie Woman Lie ...

    how does that Jay-Z quote go again ?

  • simonsez

    LOOOL Im not a weezy fan, but i like the fact that it sold a Milli in first week even if his album has leaked. Not like Gay-z and kanye watch the trone, with theiiiirrr STRONG efforts for not leaking their album.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    A million rejects bought this album.

  • naz

    who buys this guys shit ? even eminem cant sell a mill in a week !!

  • Seed

    Feel sorry for the million people that payed12+ bucks for this.

  • Ray

    There's no doubt in my mind this is bullshit... A MILLION people found this shit good enough to go out and purchase a physical copy the first week.... No... Not likely at all... I'm sure Birdman will get his thank you for buying all those albums later on tonight... Behind closed doors

    • Anonymous

      Wow ironic you call us retards and dumbasses yet you can't spell debt... Spell check dumb fuck and get your head outta wayne's twat... Its beyond not likely for him to sell that many of that shit album... now go kill yourself

    • johnn

      birdman wouldnt buy the copies u bunch of retards. hes happier then lil wayne that the carter 4 sold that much so he could pay off all his dedts lol. white peeps and peeps who have a life outside of blogging that just like having fun bought it retards stfu dumbasses

    • Anonymous

      Sorry homie... I'm about logic and reason and this doing as good as C3 in any capacity is bullshit... Not likely at all... Soulja Boy is more likely to have bought that Jet than Wayne selling a million albums legitimately

    • #C4_Boom


  • yo moma

    i bet this make die hard wayne haters want to puke lol

  • Damn

    Well I guess Hip Hop is officially dead.. unless Cole World beats that.. which is unlikely.

    • Damn

      @ #C4 BOOM - I don't hate Lil Wayne, I just don't think his music deserves to sell as much as it does. + My favorite rapper is Nas, and ironically Wayne sent him a song to jump on for Carter 4...

    • Anonymous

      Cole's will probably sell only 200,000 if even that. Its sad, that albums gunna be fucking good and then you got this mediocre/bad album going platinum in a week? sadd worlld goes to say talent is not represented by sales people

    • #C4_Boom


    • Anonymous

      because J Cole is actually a new school MC with mic skills....#sadbuttrue

  • ISpeakTheTruth, BE MAD

    60. “All about my riches/ My name should be Richard” (From “Blunt Blowin”) 59. “Swagger down pat/ Call my shit Patricia” (From “6 Foot 7 Foot”) 58. “All I had to do was put two and two together/ But that just makes four, but not ‘four-ever’” (From “How To Hate”) 57. “Don’t call me ‘sir’/ Call me ‘sir-vivor’” (From: “Nightmares Of The Bottom”) 56. “Some people hang you out to dry/ Like a towel rack” (From “She Will”) 55. “I put up a wall/ And they just wallpaper” (From “Blunt Blowin”) 54. “Weezy F. Baby/ And the ‘F’ ain’t for fear” (From: “Nightmares Of The Bottom”) 53. “You don’t want to start Weezy/ Cause the ‘F’ is for finisher” (From “6 Foot 7 Foot”) 52. “Weezy F./ For ‘Fuck you’” (From “How To Hate”) 51. “The ‘F’ is for ‘Fuck yourself’” (From: “Nightmares Of The Bottom”) ​50.”I put it down like my hand’s hurtin’” (From “Blunt Blowin”) 49. “The weed too loud/ Turn up the volume” (From “I Like The View) 48. “The weed loud/ Like a lion’s roar” (From “Intro”) 47. “You know that money talk/ I am the ventriloquist” (From “Megaman”) 46. “Married to the money/ A true love story” (From: “Nightmares Of The Bottom”) 45. “If time is money/ I’m an hour past paid” (From “Blunt Blowin”) 44. “I get money to kill time/ Dead clocks” (From “John”) 43. “I don’t need a watch/The time is now or never” (From “Intro”) 42. “Times have changed/ Well fuck it get a new watch” (From “Blunt Blowin”) 41. “I tried to pay attention/ But attention paid me” (From “She Will”) 40.”How you niggas want to have it your way/ Burger King?” (From “Megaman”) 39. “I’m trying to walk a straight line/ But the line crooked” (From “Abortion”) 38. “I just touched down/ Kicked a motherfucking field goal” (From “It’s Good”) 37. “I’m all about ‘I’/ Give the rest of the vowels back” (From “She Will”) 36. “You faker than some titties/You get titty-fucked” (From “Intro”) 35. “Eat her ’til she cry/ Call that wine and dine” (From “She Will”) 34. “Just sit on my grill/ That’s that tailgate for ya” (From “So Special”) 33. “I make her come first/ Then I follow the leader” (From “So Special”) 32. “Been fuckin the world/ And nigga I ain’t come yet” (From “John”) 31. “I tried to fuck the world/ And couldn’t even get aroused” (From “President Carter”) 30. “You can sit right on my middle finger for the night” (From “How To Hate”) 29. “I get deep in that pussy/ Dig her out, surgery” (From “Megaman”) 28. “I already know that life is deep/ But I still dig her” (From “She Will”) 27. “When the shit get deep/ I’m never afraid to dive” (From “President Carter”) 26. “I talk shit, I hope it matters/ We climax, without the ladder” (From “So Special”) 25. “If real shit is dead/ Then nigga I’m a bastard” (From “President Carter”) 24. “Bullshit for lunch/ Brown bag nigga” (From “President Carter”) 23.”You don’t need a bus pass/ You need to bust your ass” (From “Blunt Blowin”) 22. “Tools on deck/ Home Depot nigga” (From “Megaman”) 21. “Tote tools like mechanics/ Mechanisms” (From “President Carter”) 20. “I’m beneficial/ I’ve been official” (From “President Carter”) 19. “Boy I’m going in/ Like my water broke.” (From “Intro”) 18. “I’ve been at the top for a while/ And I ain’t jumped yet” (From “She Will”) 17. “I’m 100/ Like a fastball” (From “Megaman”) 16. “I say you rappers sweet/ I pay the incidentals” (From “President Carter”) 15. “I’m shooting for the stars/ Astronauts dodge bullets” (From “Abortion”) 14. “Reality’s a bitch/ And I’ma dance with her” (From “President Carter”) 13. “If life is a bitch/ Then mine a gold digger” (From “Megaman”) 12. “All my bitches nasty like a cold dinner” (From “Megaman”) 11. “Two bitches at the same time/ Synchronized swimmers” (From “6 Foot 7 Foot”) 10. “Nothing standing in my way/ Like nothing’s my security” (From: “Nightmares Of The Bottom”) 9. “Mind so sharp I fuck around and cut my head off” (From “6 Foot 7 Foot”) 8. “I got through that sentence like a subject and a predicate” (From “6 Foot 7 Foot”) 7. “I keep some bud/ like Rudy Huxtable” (From “Intro”) 6. “Boy I send them bloods at your ass/ Like a tampon” (From “Megaman”) 5. “I woke up this morning, dick rock hard/ Ashed my blunt in my Grammy award” (From “Abortion”) 4. “We jack son then light up that ‘L’/ Samuel” (From “Megaman”) 3. “Real G’s move in silence like lasagna.” (From “6 Foot 7 Foot”) 2. “All hail Weezy/ Call it bad weather” (From “Blunt Blowin”) 1. “Don’t fuck up with Wayne/ ‘Cause when it Waynes it pours.” (From “How To Hate”)

  • Anonymous

    this goes to show that you don't need talent to go platinum...just strong marketing skills!

    • Anonymous

      uh this is only first week sales... lets see in a month lol probably drop like gaga's did to barley anything

    • #C4_Boom

      Naw This Just Shows Only Wayne Can Do This Not Jay Not Kanye Not Eminem Not Cole Not Drake Not Nobody Just Wayne You Fuckin Hater Tell Yo Favorite Rapper To Get His Sells Up..... Promotion For this Album Was Horrible Nigga You Hater Wayne That Nigga Point Blank Period

  • president carter

    A MILLI!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Good For Him, but lets see what his 2nd week looks like Lady Gaga sold a Millie the first week, then dropped 90% and the album isnt even Double Platinum in the US yet, its at like 1.7 or summin I dont see this selling as well as C3 when its all said and done, but congrats to him nonetheless

  • #C4_Boom

    Now Let Tha Hatin Begin Once Again Aye You Watch The Throne Niggaz Tha Carter IV Out-Sold Watch The Throne 4 Week Total In ONE WEEK!!! Fuck Whoever Hate On This Nigga

  • im shocked

    wow im sooooo surprised...

  • Anonymous

    how does that song go again ??? oh yeah ... AMILLI AMILLI AMILLI AMILLI ... what else ? AMILLI AMILLI AMILLI etc.

  • Anonymous

    well that gives something to the haters to speak about

  • Lilworm

    lol he does it again, but don't mix talent with sales people....

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