It has been just a few short days since Lil Wayne‘s Tha Carter 3 [click to read] was
released to retailers around the globe, and already the Louisiana born
and raised rapper is close to rounding off a million copies sold.

According to the Nielsen SoundScan‘s Building Charts, Tha Carter 3,
which was released last Tuesday (June 10th) was set to reach it’s
million-copies-sold peak by last evening, which is when
Soundscan closes its trackings. On it’s first day alone, Tha Carter
‘s sales stood at 423,00 copies sold [click to read], and as of June 13th, the
album has sold roughly 630,000 copies.

Tha Carter 3 is
toe-to-toe with Kanye West‘s Graduation [click to read], which sold nearly 600,000
copies it’s first day of release. Lil Wayne, who is still currently
signed to Cash Money/Universal Motown Records, has a lot more to boast about,
as his smash single, “Lolipop” still sits at number one on the singles

Reported by Ges Miyashiro.