J. Cole Speaks On His Previous Rap Name, "Therapist"

The Sideline Kid explains that his name was too much like that of a wrestler, and he wanted to go with something that better suited him.

J. Cole recently spoke on his previous rap moniker, Therapist, explaining that he wouldn't change it again because he feels like his current name suits him best. During an interview with Trace Urban, the Roc Nation rapper recalled how he got the nickname and why he decided to drop it.

"I won’t change my name again, because now it’s right. It’s perfect, it feels good," he said. "The reason why I changed it was because the other name, Therapist, was when I was younger. First of all, it was given to me by my mentor. I was really just a kid. Thye gave me a name and I was like, ‘Aight, y’all like it? I like it.’ I came to love it, I learned to love it, because it really became my style and who I was. At the end of the day, it always felt like a wrestler name. [...] I had to do something more like my name. Jermaine Cole, J. Cole."

J. Cole is currently gearing up for the release of his debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story, dropping September 27th.

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  • Trife Niggas Suk

    This nigga called himself "Therapist". Think about it. ANNOUNCER: Welcome everybody, here is.... the rapist! (Confusion and shock from the audience) ANNOUNCER: Oh, therapist, fuck

  • JermaineLamar

    claudio da barber is greezyyyyy gottoo get faded by him soon stylll.

  • benz

    ye claudio ferreira is j.coles t.o nigga. illest barber in the dot. he gon be running t.o soon, mans 19 and we working at the forum with drakes barber jmac

  • marcus

    Claudio ferreira that works at the forum barber parlour is j.coles barber?

  • john

    i wish i was in toronto to get faded by claudio the barber again. even j.cole went to get a haircut by him wen he went to t.dot

  • Espi

    Cole dropped some pretty hot mix-tapes and I think he has star potential with his beats, lyrics and overall persona but it just hasn't really manifested yet. I think just being signed to ROCnation has put him on a big platform but holds this high expectation over his head which is difficult for any new artist to reach. I also think that is why Jay-Z distances him self. Jay made that mistake with Bleek. I think Cole is dope. I try to look at him as an artist not a "ROCnation artist" so I can appreciate his music as his and not Jay-Z's apprentices' music. Besides Kanye is already on his nuts enough. As far as I am concerned, Jay and ROCnation help get my attention on Cole and that's about it. From there on out, I just base my opinion of his music on the music alone and disassociate everything else. Cole is a dope artist and I like his music. I don't expect a classic album but I do expect a good album. Oh and the name "Therapist" is ridiculous, but the name don't make the artist.

  • asher1985

    am i a jcole fan? no. am i going to listen to the album and give my honest opinion? of course, thats what any true rap fan would do. but in my opinion this guy is extremely overrated maybe this album will prove me wrong, we'll see.

  • Really Cole World

    Really Cole World

  • You Know

    Sept 27 gonna be great. J. Cole, Krit, Phonte, n 9th Wonder albums all on the same day bout as good as it gets

  • Maura

    The countown begins! 9/27! For those of you who can't wait for the release, I just found an iTunes link where you can buy "Work Out" http://bit.ly/qWwLdx. Another cool thing Cole is doing is releasing tracks every Sunday night that either didn't make his new album or that are being re-released. Very cool!! Check it out at his blog, http://bit.ly/okreUE.

  • Octavian Johnson

    Whenever someone has an album about to come out they get an ass of articles on here. With that said Cole better not dissapoint with this one

  • Anonymous

    THE RAPIST, thats classic

  • Anonymous

    down syndrome ass having fool used to call him self the rapist?

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