Steve Stoute Says Jay-Z Is Above Beef With Lil Wayne

The Commissioner explains that Hov is "so much bigger" than sparring with other rappers.

Lil Wayne tossed a few barbs at Jay-Z with his diss track "It's Good," but Hov's business partner Steve Stoute says that he likely won't respond. During an interview with JasFly (via UHTN), the Commissioner explained that Jay is above beefing with other rappers and that he doesn't see the beef moving forward.

"For Jay-Z to do ANYTHING that resembles moving backwards right now would be insane," he said. "And a Jay-Z beef is moving backwards. Jay is SO MUCH bigger than rap at this point. He’s a movement. And THAT’S where his head is at. That’s where his focus is. And NO ONE is on his level, even worthy of him battling with. No one. So you probably won’t see that happen."

On the track, Wayne responds to Jay's dig at Baby on "H.A.M.," rapping, "Talkin’ ‘bout baby money, I gotcha baby money / Kidnap your bitch get that how much you love your lady money / I know you fake, nigga / Press your brakes, nigga."

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  • Anonymous

    there is a difference between money and talent and both of them have none (talent) listen to my music if you like odd future, because they pretty much stole my style except mines better jbird gettin all up in that ass

  • baby started it

    birdman kept saying that wayne had more money (which is a lie look it up) and was a better rapper (that's your opinion) so jay-z said something back its that simple

  • Anonymous

    Niggers always going at it.

  • NuffRespect...

    Beef been around in Hip Hop since the beginning, and it'll be here when we all gone... If J decide to step this one out, that's his option, it might be a smart one, I ain't mad at him... What bug me out is Stout saying J is bigger than Rap, that shocked me, don't ever forget where you come from sun....

  • Anonymous

    Jay already responded. Fail lol

  • Bobby

    If Jay is way bigger than beef right now then why did he say that shit in HAM?? lol

  • LukeSoup12

    Actually Birdman started the whole thing saying Wayne had more money than Jay-Z which is obviously not true. Jay-Z responded to a question saying that they had baby money. Wayne dissed him. I personally think they both sold out but at least Jay ain't singing songs like "how to love" ya know?

  • Anonymous

    what you dummies dont understand is that steve is saying jay is more mature than to engage in every single beef that comes his way(GAME, beanie sigel) and hes right. the worst thing jay could do to wayne right now is to simply ignore him, and continue making good music, and make more money. That hurts more than some petty diss record.

  • Kevin

    It's not even a diss line... Lil' Wayne is just being fucking stupid. It's not "Nigga you got Baby money," it's "Nigga you got baby money," as in your money is small... kinda like Lil Wayne's in comparison to Jay's. There's a reason why Jay has had ELEVEN consecutive platinum albums.

  • Muhammed Ali

    fuck jay z da pussy ass nigga.. dont start what you cant finish punk ass nigga.. wonder how much he sold his soul for

  • FullofSHit

    hey mr. stout to bad jay started it so u look like a retard REAL RAP>>>>>DON'T START NUTTIN WON'T BE NUTTIN.................

  • rhythm hub

    Head over to Global Grind..(Russell's site) and you will see Baby started this whole thing..Of course it looks like Jay started it but there is video footage of Baby talkin not Wayne..Wayne supposed to hold his camp up..even though we know Baby is a Bird when it comes to rappin so of course he ain't gonna lyrically go at HOV...The dust will settle on this and Wayne and HOV will clear it..HOV ain't responding though..Game went at him..and Beans...Battling and Rap Beef are not like it was back in the day...Sorry fans pick a side and wait..

  • iSmokeKush

    Hova is a bitch. The dude's last relevant album was The Black Album and that was back in 2003. He's not a movement. He's a bitch ass nigga. And I used to be a big Hov fan starting with Reasonable Doubt. He might make more money than Wayne but who cares. Weezy's shots at Jay were dope & I don't think Hov wants any part of Wayne. Nas ethered his ass and Birdman Jr will do the same.

    • Anonymous

      U can tell ur to damn young to have been picking up reasonable doubt when it was new. I have every hov album. How are u gonna claim to be a hov fan and then say the fucking retarded shit everyone on here says nas etherd him..u obviously were young when ether came out cuusss the takeover shiiits on every line of ether..why the fuck u idiots think nas went v and hov went ^? I love ether but if u think nas won that beef...u were in elementary school when it was going on. And lil waynes bars were sick? Ur kidding right shit doesn't rhyme or sound good hardly a diss bar..

    • Anonymous

      agreed, the black album was a classic and Jov hasn't done much since. Talk about how many albums jay has and in lil wayne's young career, he has made more and had more creativity - a rock album, hot boy albums etc. You all may not want to hear it or recognize it, but Lil wayne has been around for a minute and doesn't seem to be losing popularity or going anywhere, just like Jay. Lil Wayne has been a top player for a while just like Jay. Hate all you want, but the dude is legitimate.

  • trouble

    thats bullshit man this man too much on jay-z's dick a rapper gotta respond when someone disses him

  • Realtalk

    Jay is just scared. He shouldn't have said anything in the first place and now that wayne responded he is scared.

  • Yeah

    Faggot ass HHDX cocksuckas be erasin' post.

  • Anonymous

    never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference

    • Anonymous

      Jay started the was interview stuff and Jay could have just gone after baby, but he was calling out their whole click. Jay has messed up. his only army is kanye west?!?! he's fucked over everyone else from Beans to Dame and he's had his weakest because he thought he could do it alone. This is when your army comes in handy. Lil Wayne has one. He has talented folks at his disposal and Jada to Rick Ross to Drake, etc. Jay should learn he needs other folks or he's exposed to attack.





    • Anonymous

      I agree with you. I don't like that statement. How can any rapper be bigger than the movement that gave them life? Really don't like that at all.

  • Nas Gcwabe

    why did he start beefing if he dont wanna go backwards then, insane!!!!

  • Shallow

    Not sure if this is real. Apparently, it's recorded but unreleased. Regardless, Wayne stands no chance. "I’m a polished barrel, nigga, you just a young gunner Bitch, wipe your baby spit, before I float the runner Stop weezin nigga, what we talking bout, your health? You wanna fuck with jigga, don’t make me spread the wealth Fuck paying for it, ho… I’ll do the shit myself I’m bout to pull your card, with that same hand you dealt You say you stunting hard, yeah… I hardly see you stunting Bitch tell your babysitter, you ain’t kidnapping nothing I make it rain nigga, you only make it drizzle Why you screaming war, yall can’t afford the missiles So you should stay away, put that shit on layaway I own the throne nigga… the price you have to pay Oh, and by the way, they hyped you just for air play I’ll clip your wings nigga… May Day, May Day I see the birdie coming, this nigga up to something Like my nigga said, we going Good Will Hunting “It’s Good” my niggas… wow, yall ain’t saying nothin I’ll put you on a payment plan so you can keep on stuntin It’s my throne you wanting Young Blood…well, come and get it Don’t bang on it nigga…next time just come with it Fuck all that kiddie talk, I’m letting Barbie walk I’m pulling Drake and Wayne up to the Bean Stalk So you can dream bigger, cuz I’m a giant niggas Next time you take a shot, you better pull the trigger You took a stab at it, but you just cut your fingers I’m a rap artist, you niggas fuckin singers If I sent you to a barber you wouldn’t fade harder Yeah, drop the Carter IV, but I’m the only Carter Let’s keep it real nigga I’m the man of steel, I’m the King of Dis I kill at Will nigga Blow you a Jadakiss"

    • Anonymous

      you wrote this...haa..but its cool, but its not jay's flow...he talks rather than raps...has interior ryhming schemes like ryhmeA-begin ryhmeb-begin ryhmeb-end ryhmeA-end but it was creative and cool metaphors

    • Antoine Peoples

      clearly not Jay. He would never say nigga so many times and he wouldnt take a shot at Jadakiss just for being on the song. Also, those lyrics are weak to say the least.

    • Anonymous

      this doesn't sound like hov but it's really really dope.


    Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive it seems now

  • Anonymous

    He know weezy gone get in that ass

  • Anonymous

    yawl in here trying you best to knock Jay back. Give up you sound wierd.

  • jason

    I was at Target and Best Buy today, and wow, the album was flying off the shelves in both places. Tha Carter IV is gonna do major numbers for 1st week sales. Projections are 700-850k Purchased 2 copies, one for myself and one for my bro

  • Optimus Rhyme

    Jay is so much bigger than hip hop!? Stoute is buggin'. If that's the case Jay needs to hang it up. Nobody is bigger than the profession they do. I'm not a Wayne fan at all, but I recall him gettin' dogged years back for not responding to shots fired in his direction and now he's actually stepping up to the plate. Battling has been an essential part of hip hop since 73'. If you can't deal with that, get the fuck out.

    • Yeah Man..

      @Gasman - somebody must of gassed you up because if any of those people you named were bigger than their industry's then these industries couldn't be successful without them. How many times has Jay & Jordan retired? And yet both b-ball & the rap game still lives on... think about it. Plus how Jay can't let it go only means his rap career is a great source of income AND he can't live without the game, fame, and money it brings.

    • gasman

      Hmmm, Jordan was bigger than the NBA, MJ was bigger than pop, Jay bigger than rap

    • Anonymous

      What about Pac? He could have and more than likely woulda been something bigger...

    • Optimus Rhyme

      edit: bigger than rap. either way Stoute buggin'.

  • Anonymous

    jay, hip-hop was built on batteling and "beef".. you thinkin your above that shit, means you think your above hip-hop... "press your brakes bigga"

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Gay Z.. it's his money not yourz Whorez!

    • real talk

      for real... hop off his sausage that niggaa ain't giving ya'll shit but his bullshit raps FOH fuck both these closet faggot niggas

  • Philipe Arelious Coutur

    See new money aint about shit...One good year for cash money...and now ooooooooooooohhh Wanye wanye wayne......we talkin bout JAY FUCKIN z

  • Philipe Arelious Coutur

    Ball so hard motherfuckers wanna find me.................

    • Lo

      Its actually .....mafuckas wanna FINE me dumbass and still Jay got too much of a big head right now. Wayne should just keep killing him in rap.. IF u want the the THRONE u have to protect it

  • Philipe Arelious Coutur

    Yall fuckin remember this, Jay signed Rick Ross and could very easily buy Universal Records, and own Wayne and Baby.....if he wanted Universal is strugglin....READ BITCHES

    • Lemar Green

      U gotta be out yo damn mind bruh, Jay got cake but I doubt he can afford Universal. Remember UMG owns Def Jam. Jigga WAS president... didn't mean he owned (or could afford) shyt. As a matter of fact, No single entity owns a major label at this point, corporations run that shyt.

    • Anonymous

      U gotta be out yo damn mind bruh, Jay got cake but I doubt he can afford Universal. Remember UMG owns Def Jam. Jigga WAS president... didn't mean he owned (or could afford) shyt. As a matter of fact, No single entity owns a major label at this point, corporations run that shyt.

  • Philipe Arelious Coutur

    First off Jay came into rap 900k strong, from bein on the block sellin dope and watever...Runs a company and put other niggas on..Never fell off...Wayne never stood on noones block, never sold drugs and never grew up in L.A., hence BLOOD....Come on yall salute my guy, chasing the beatles, married to B, 700 mill strong, number one in 28 countries....I tell yall what when wayne put out atleast platinum recors ina row...we will discuss this shit....This argument is like u arguing in your neighborhood, would the shit be the same if u was in someone else neighboorhood, lets say PARIS>>>>>

  • Mynas

    I agree Jay is a movement. He should put this dude in his place though. To make it a beef instead of a lesson is a waste of time.

  • rukky

    jayz scared after what nas did to him

    • YouSerious?

      what, you mean like signing onto Def Jam when Jay was president of it? As far as I'm concerned, you only win a "beef" if you forever put a stain on or ruin your opponent's career (50 cent to Ja Rule) because otherwise, there's always some doubt to who really won a beef. Either way, Nas and Jay are both great artists so who cares?

  • IgnitMuFucka

    if he's so much bigger than rap, then he should quit rapping.

  • Gemstar

    Wayne's response was weak as fuck. I'm sick of his lame ass "punchlines" that are barely relevant and not clever at all. Kiss was the only thing that made the track worth listening to at all.

  • YouSerious?

    Lil Wayne is washed up and Jay-Z is too lazy to make an effort towards making a great song now. This "beef" won't amount to anything.

    • Atl2Trill

      Very true. Thread killa!!!! llh

    • sdfgasdgf

      CO SIGN!!! the game vs kanye j cole vs drake that would be some shit. Would love to see kanye stick up for HOV and get a little gritty. Would do alot of good for Rap. Drake would be challanged by j cole and finally turn his lyrical abbilities in for the better of rap. who knows some day... waittttt, my stoned as my mind tells me Kendrick should go at Drake. AH YEAH SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY

    • Duke

      exactly! co-sign.

  • nope

    fuck this ugly nigga i bet jay asked him to say this so he can run and hide

  • Anonymous

    Jay always been bigger than rap, came in the game and pratically payola to new levels. When it came to provin his clout as God mc had to bring in beanie and state property to defend against Jaz O who mentored him and took him overseas. Then tryed to destroy Prodigys credibility by showing a crowd at summer jam a picture of him when he was six. Was so jealous of Nas that he crept with his ex- baby mother and spoke about it on record. Camron and Jim jones were making records and videos clownin the negroe, even at the hight of his cerear. With the fans begging him to smash on these niggas lyrically he announced some show where he was supposed to air certain rappers in the industry out, turned out to be some type of properganda, instead jumped on the hostet track of that summer which was by Jim Jones called "ballin" which was'nt even a diss track but a very big diappointment to the fans. As usual he brought in another thug to handle his business, which was Tru-life to go at Dipset. Currentley he is doing time hard time in jail while hova disociates himself from street talk or aggressive rap altogether

  • Yeah Man

    Man, ya'll Jay-Z fanatics need to the shut the fuck up! You would think this dude was ya'll father or family the way ya'll take up for em'. Then ya'll carry on like dude will eat every rapper in the Universe alive! Then when said rapper disses them, you make excuses on why he too good to battle or make a diss record. Next niggas gonna say some irrelevant shit defending jigga like - oh Jay-Z can't diss cops anymore in his lyrics, he just bought a Dunkin Donuts across the treat from the precinct, lol. If he does it'll be bad for business... Or Jay-Z doesn't cuss in his lyrics because he just signed an album collaboration deal with Justin Beiber on Disney's record label. Its fuckin crazy nowadays cuz everybody thinks they're a critic, a reality star or a fuckin CEO! Hiphop is about saying whatever fuck is on your mind - no bars held and the spirit of it deals with competition! Being "politically correct" is popstar shit! Fuck outta here stans!

    • YouSerious?

      @4real You're the one who seems so offended that Jay-Z has fans and shit, you're the one who posted the same exact shit more than once because you feel so obligated to straight bitch about Jay, I think people like Nas are better than Jay but that doesn't mean I'm gonna hate on Jay or his fans because Jay has had a great career lol.

    • the_truth

      RCW, you make a valid point. But you have to consider, Why do all these rappers diss Jay when they have an album on the table?Jay-Z does not want to be nobodies Marketing Plan... Game disses him (check when Game's album is coming out.... Lil Wayne disses him ( check when the album is coming out) One thing Jay learned from Beefing with Nas, If Jay responds, your sells goes up... best response is no response... which if you think about it is the biggest diss ever....

    • 4real

      Anon was me, I forgot to type my name. Yes, you're lame because you could of simply ignored it instead of commenting on it. And who's saying anything about Jay-Z and ass pains? Man, I wish ya'll quit this gay fantasy shit... And lastly you came into my discussion, your post is underneath mine once again, you could of ignored my post. Get lost!

    • YouSerious?

      So I'm lame for reading the comments and noticing this dude's ass hurts because of Jay-Z? Yeah alright, thanks for being lame enough to be a part of the discussion with all the other "lame" bastards on here lol

    • Anonymous

      @YouSerious - I didn't know HHDX posted it the 1st time BUT you're a lame bitch for reading it twice, haha...

    • YouSerious?

      You're pretty lame for copying a message and posting it multiple times in the same article...

    • 4real

      @lookhereboi - that sounds like some lazy shit my man @ "Jay-Z can stay winning without doing anything. If he was to diss Wayne back (even tho I doubt it) he should address Wayne while Cole annihilate drake fake crybaby looking ass.

    • lookhereboi

      This is what JayZ should do: let J Cole respond to Wayne, it'll get j cole buzz up, im 99percent sure cole will destroy lil wayne and jayz will staying winning with out doing anything

  • Jesus

    Jay-z is king of one line knockouts of rappers. the "sensitive thugs, y'all need hugs" is still on Games posts. if HOV responded. i think wayne wouldnt recover.

    • dante wizzy gat i.q haters

      hehe buhahaha hmmn jay didnt recover from the train nas crushed him wit either, the ugli mutherfucker gay z just scared, the train is gon come again, if he touches the mic when WEEZY AROUND. SU WOO. WEEZY F F. 4K HATE.RZ

  • noneother19

    Yo u stupid because he did say that he was bigger than rap. what I dont get is that Hov take it to wax first and then dont think no one is gonna respond back. I love Hov but Im glad that Wayne did respond back. Now watch Hov dont respond back but if he do then its gonna be a subliminal again..... Dont start shit and say you bigger than rap if your not gonna go at it. but that shit was for record sales and they are gonna do another song together.... Youll see!!!

  • HBrown

    Jay was technically the first to take it to wax. Wayne responded to a line, he didn't throw the first punch. How can we assume Jay-Z is to large to respond, when he's already responded to Baby on H.A.M.? He'll throw a slick punch or two.

  • otto

    Em would destroy Jay-z no doubt about that. So I don't know about jay being untouchable. EM would MURDER jay.

  • christopher tracy

    do some of u even read the article before u post your comments??? Steve Stoute never said Jay Z was bigger than rap. He said he was bigger than a rap beef with Lil Wayne! What can Lil Wayne actually diss Jay Z on??? Jay's 12 number 1 albums only 2nd to "Elvis"? Jay's estimated $450 million net worth? his marriage to Beyonce? his minority share of the Nets? His 40/40 clubs? All Jay Z does is win!! Ether would of ended most rappers careers but what did it do to Jay? It staggered him but Jay got right back up & has released 6 #1 albums since then. Reasonable Doubt was released 15 years ago & Jay is still top 5 if not 3 in the game today. Lets see if Wayne is still relevant in 15 years!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe this will open up a slot for Memphis Bleek to finally get on another Jay-z solo album...That dudes been doing low budget videos in dirty elevators lately. Im sure hell be more than ready to drop 1000 bars on Lil Wayne.

  • JG

    this isnt a beef, and if they beef it would be stupid and not worhtwhile. Both camps would lose a lot of money from collabos that cudve been..

  • Anonymous

    This nigga thinks Hov to big to get his hands dirty. I guess your thinking, hov should hire somone else to do the job uh!

  • Anonymous

    The fact is, jay has'nt got a movement, he adapts to whatever's going on in the industry and reinvents almost to the point of sounding contradictory, uses other artists to further himself in this cerear then drops them when they are no longer of value. Thats not a movement, a movent involves a person going through hard times with a team or family and shows the real value of that person and real charactor not all the glamour and glizt, thats not reality but selling a dream He does'nt set the tone, or experiment with music like Wayne or RZA, but has talent so it's easy for him to make a top ten billboard tune instead of spitting the truth.

  • Anonymous

    That's exactly what I've been trying to tell you kids. Yeah a beef between two of hip hop's heavyweights may be exciting but Jay won't do it. Jay doesn't do beefs anymore. When he was younger, he would spar with anyone to keep the top spot. But he's a fucckin living legend right now. He doesn't need to reinforce himself as the best. People already know it.

  • hmm

    steve stoute created the jay-z you yougns know now. jay-z used to be just another new york rapper and frankly, he was very hated outside america. the rebranding they did worked very well, the whole mogul motif is PART of the time u say jay-z is a great business man, make sure u know wtf ur talking get deeper but i'll stop here..

  • jnr

    Steve stoute, shut the fuck up. Weren't you bigger than puffy when you were his boss? Then you ended up working for him and he was your BOSS, so do us a favour and shut the fuck up. If Jay-Z is too bigger than anyone in hiphop then he shouldn't be rapping anymore but sit at a desk and think of how he is going to be babysitting soon when Beyonce is on tour.


    jay-z 'A movement'sounds good in theory!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!



  • christopher tracy

    i respect everyone's opinion on this topic but lets be real for a minute The real king of rap is EMINEM! Lil wayne, Jay z or who ever yall can think of does not want to see Marshall in a battle! Yall are so quick to instigate a beef btwn 2 prominate black rappers in Jay & Wayne but its Eminem who has the crown so Y doesnt Weezy throw shots @ Em if he wants the crown???? Its simple cause Weezy career would be right where Ja Rules is now! I love rap & yes i am black but I give credit where credit is due & Eminem is the King of Rap! With Weezy runnin around in skin tight jeAns, wearing floresent Vans & calln himself a Piru Blood Eminem, would make a mockery of that poor boy & destroy him quicker than 50 destroyed Ja Rule!

    • LOL @ these comments

      And you lost all credibility by saying you respect all other's opinions, then tried to shove your Eminem opinion on everybody as fact!

    • JG

      lmao honestly man none of these big rappers (Em, Ye, Weezy, Jigga, Rozay) want it with each other cuz theyll just be losing money one their big collabo tracks (forever, john, all i do is win) ..i would love to see a beef between Wayne and Em for who runs the rap game but it aint gonna happen. Jay-Z is just plain old and wack tho, you cant just claim you too good to battle other niggas. He aint a movement hes a pussy

    • Anonymous

      hear it from stan... your real best preacher of this rap shit

  • thought dog

    Should anybody really take the opinion of a man wearing a silk vest with dad pants seriously?

  • rcw

    Know one is on his level ya that's cuz Eminem is a way bigger movement than him. And he doesn't even a business man, or own clubs or hangs with celebs or own a pro sports team. He's just way bigger and a bigger brand cuz he has more talent as an artist. Oh yeah and Jay would get slaughter by Em worse than he did bye Nas. Don't believe me ask both of them.

    • Yeah Man

      Man, ya'll Eminem and Jay-Z fanatics need to the shut the fuck up! You would think these dudes was ya'll fathers or family the way ya'll take up for em'. Then ya'll carry on like the niggas will eat every rapper in the Universe alive! Then when said rapper disses them, you make excuses on why they're too good to battle or make a diss record. Next niggas gonna say some irrelevant shit defending jigga like - oh Jay-Z can't diss cops anymore in his lyrics, he just bought a Dunkin Donuts across the treat from the precinct, lol. If he does it'll be bad for business... Or Jay-Z doesn't cuss in his lyrics because he just signed an album collaboration deal with Justin Beiber on Disney's record label. Its fuckin crazy nowadays cuz everybody thinks they're a critic, a reality star or a fuckin CEO! Hiphop is about saying whatever fuck is on your mind - no bars held and the spirit of it deals with competition! Being "political correct" is popstar shit! Fuck outta here stans!

    • rap

      to the guy tlkn bout rick ross takin shot at Em and Em not respondin REALLY???....who would even care about ross gettin slaughtered it wuld b irrelevant.. Em Dont have to respond to ppl like him.. Yu see at first Rick ross was on Em d**k den he just flipped da script when he started makin sellin More Albums

    • please shut the fuck up

      yeah sure buddy, but i remember RICK ROSS taking a shot at Em and what did he do? I'll pause for a moment...... OH YEAH HE DIDNT RESPOND. Your argument for EM being the best is invalid. Fucking idiot.

  • christopher tracy

    Jay Z may have lost the battle to Nas but Jay Z has definitely won the war! Who cares about a rap battle when you worth an estimated $450 million, have 12 number 1 albums & married to Beyonce...Even Micheal Jordan got his ankles broken by Allen Iverson once upon a time & now A.I. is playing in Turkey damn near broke while MJ owns a NBA team & still makes millions off his sneakers.... So you see the Moral of this story boys & girls is: The sun even shines on a dogs ass some days!

  • Anonymous

    B-Ball so HARD motherfuckers want to fine me but first they gotta' FIND me- that shit cray. Ain't it Jay.

  • MusicDaDon

    Its funny how when Jay-Z made that shot at Birdman N Wayne everybody was like oooh its just Jay-Z taking subliminal shots like he always do scared to say a nigga name he took shots at Wayne before n Wayne never responded, like u guys were saying Birdman was asked a question n he answered i mean what was he suppose to say "ooo yea we the best but Jay Z got more money" come on yall he said the right thing Wayne is his son he is the hottest rapper on planet earth so if he felt like they got the most money than let it be, but jay z felt a threat from that comment so he decided to take shot a Wayne who didnt say shit it was Birdman who said that but he know Birdman a real street nigga so now that Wayne came back wit a hot line with a shot heard around the world and everybody blowing the shit up both of them making money and let them be

    • Anonymous

      Wow... Everyone thinks it was a diss at Birdman. When Jay is talking "baby money" he is saying they are small-time or rather what I really think, CHILD SUPPORT money. Jay just threw it in there as baby money for something to rhyme with "lady money". He has also done a good job of fuckin with your minds.

    • A foolish comment

      I swear I never do this but son, if u listen HAM there is no way u can distinguish whether it was Wayne or Birdman who J fired at. So think before u mumble any shit outta ur mouth again so long as Wayne's dick is in it.............#Jussayin

  • Anonymous

    i thought he responded pretty good by doing the vma's as a surprise performance the crowd loved it and thats all they was talking about him and beyonce thats how you go at a nigga hit his pockets up.with a poor performance by wayne and terrible album reviews why kick a dog when he down.wayne is still in beef mode but the battle is already over.


    I get what he's saying, I don't like it, but I understand. The best way for hip-hop to humble Jay-Z (LORD KNOWS HE NEEDS IT) is to ignore him, let his new crowd have him.

    • DR Jam

      I agree. I think Jay-Z thinks that longevity, means everything. A student becomes a teachers, some teachers become masters, few masters become legends, no how high you ascend, you still have peers. Jay-Z is not bigger than rap, rap made him, and rap is keeping him alive. And don't tell me Jay is a movement as if rap/hip-hop isn't and never was. That's just ignorant. I understand it would counterproductive for him to respond, but saying that he's bigger than rap... please. Anyway, is lil'Wayne talking about hip-hop, money, or Beyonce?

  • Savehiphop

    Jayz's chance for GOAT ended the day NAS dropped Illmatic. Which means he never had a chance.

  • Big J

    Stoute's comments are very very dangerous that 'BIGGER THAN RAP" comment can be interpreted a lotta ways. Jay Z himself said that he "DUMBED DOWN TO DOUBLE HIS DOLLARS". That used to be called selling your creative soul or for short "SELLING OUT" now fast forward a couple of decades its considered good business SMH. Jay Z is the best rapper out there cuz RAP is something you DO. But hes not the best EMCEE cuz emcees seek to break new ground, take risks broaden their creative horizons even if it means career suicide, because as an artist/emcee you do it cuz it needs to be done PERIOD that's HIPHOP! and Jay is NOT HIPHOP, he seeks to be safe and distance himself from real hiphop and align himself with the same ppl that caused the depravity in the neighborhoods where hipohop was created and became the voice of the voiceless. Jay you keep makin that bread homie keep sittin with Bloomberg while NYPD keeps shootin young black men for sport in NY keep your mouth closed and make that bread family keep thinkin cuz you rappin at Yankee Stadium that's actually changing things on the ground, dude is NOT a movement, he just knows how to tell us what to spend our money on better than anybody else, so for that Jay Z is not the GOAT he is the GSOAT (Greatest Salesmen of All TIme. ONE

  • jwill

    who the fuck is steve stoute to say what jay-z is to hiphop???? i hope jay dont see it that way cuz if he do he should keep his ass home and count his money instead of dropping luke warm albums! stoute needs to have another meeting with puffy's champagne bottle arogant bitch

  • Dolla

    Why is people acting like he (Jay) is some kind of god, or he can't be touched??? Also, people is blowing up this situation about Wayne dissing Jay like this is new and they have been throwing jabs at each other for the longest... Wayne specifically said in his MTV interview that he would capitalize and play off what Jay said in H.A.M. so this shouldn't come off as a surprise...

  • 4real

    Steve need 2 cut that out! Jay-Z or no man on this earth is above criticism or dissing no matter how much money he earns! Everybody defending him after he gets dissed is the reason why Jay-Z went from a lyrically sharp mc to being dull as a butter knife now! Don't nobody need 2 speak for Jay-Z except Jay-Z. Secondly, this is ain't beef! Biggie told ya'll what beef is. This is just a friendly competition between 2 rap heavy weights. Wayne and Jay will see each other - maybe dap up & perform with no problems.

    • Dolla

      I agree... its the media and the fans who is trying to make it out to be a beef when its just competition....

  • jason

    Gay-Z won't respond because he's a little pussy. Nothing he can say will do anything to change the fact that Wayne killed his ass with one bar

  • jason

    LOL, then why did the camel diss Wayne in the 1st place? What a fucking idiot. Gay-Z is the faggot who started the dissing - not Wayne.

    • Anonymous

      do your fucking research idiot...Jay dissed all of them...he was talking to their whole crew. you're just concentrating one baby money line and even in that line he says "y'all" as in Cash money folks, not baby. Second since Jay won't man up and say names but takes swipes at folks subliminally, if Wayne takes it as him talking about the whole click as I do, or even if wayne stands up for his folks, at least he man-ed up and took it to Jay unlike jay talking sideways.

    • Kill yourself jason

      How can you call Jay-Z gay so nonchalantly, when your idol Weezy kissed another man in the mouth? Who's really the gay one? Ask yourself that.

    • Kill yourself jason

      Jason you fucking idiot do some research before you talk. Jay dissed BIRDMAN NOT WAYNE. Wayne got his feelings hurt because his lover got insulted. Stupid ass niggas these days.

    • roboi

      That's where the whole " baby money" came from.. how is jay dissing wayne in anyway? Birdman says they gross more and in an interview last october with angie martinez jay says we can look at the accounts Birdman started it all jay responded to him not Wayne

    • rocboi!

      You dumb shit, jay isnt talking bout who is better in the song h.a.m, hes addressing the issue about money.. because baby says Wayne has more money than jay...

    • jason

      Also, if you admit that Gay-Z responded to Birdman's "diss", doesn't that contradict what Steve Stoute is saying? If Jay-Z is above beef, why respond to Birdman at all? That makes no sense.

    • 905

      Ya that's fucked up, jay disses baby then this goof starts talking about "jay's above the beef" what a bird.

    • jason

      Birdman never dissed Gay-Z you fucking idiot. He was asked who is better between Gay-Z and Wayne and he said Wayne and gave his reasons why. In no way is that a diss. He was asked a question, and answered it, and didn't say anything bad about Gay-Z Gay-Z went and recorded a diss in a SONG, not some interview.

    • your stupid

      birdman dissed jay z first dumbass. then jay z dissed birdman in HAM. then lil wayne dissed jay z to try to improve record sales..end of story idiot

  • HEAT

    @ Blastmaster and Mindreader, excellent post, very on point

  • Anonymous

    A wise man told me don't argue with fools cause people from a distance can't see who is who

  • BlastMaster

    The Commissioner's comments will most definitely be taken the wrong way, by those who are seeking the worst connotation or better yet those afflicted with the haters mindset. However there are many of us who understand completely where he's coming from. It would most defintely be a step back for Jay to respond to any rappers diss, not because he's better or above anyone but because his career is in a different place. He also like it or not is in a leadership position in this Hip Hop Game and with this leadership comes some grown up responsibilities.Whether he wants it or not, his mega succes has made it part of his job to represent Hip Hop in a respectable manner. I understand there are those diehard rap battle/beef fans are there that love nothin more than the drama to jump off, but i'm here to say Hip Hop is in a growing stage. Love it or hate it, evolution must take place. It's in our nature to evolve. Beef has run its course.Beef is pure and simple, played out and real corny right now. I wish all rappers MEGA SUCCESS and would never hold it against him because of it. It only makes the culture I love look good and attest to the power of it.

    • Big Jun

      First off Jay Z is NOT in a leadership position in Hiphop hes a beast on the mic yes, he sells a lotta records yes. But he's not a movement he's a money machine, he didnt pioneer anything, owned his own label? Been done. Sell records? Been done. Bring out credible artists?? NOPE. Kanye doesnt count cuz he blew up DESPITE being discouraged by Jay and Dame to go out on his own, Kanye is more of a musical leader and a movement than Jay Z is. At least GOOD MUSIC actually puts out artists and does GOOD MUSIC at least Kanye can executive produce albums like BE and make it a classic. Jay Z is corporate america's URBAN POSTERBOY FOR CONSUMERISM and as for him being "bigger than RAP" as Stoute so aptly put it, I think Jay Z is Bigger than RAP. But he's lower than real hiphop that seeks to transcend illuminate and break new ground creatively, Jay has always been an IN THE BOX Rapper with an OUT THE BOX FLOW. He's played it safe his whole career and has admittedly DUMBED DOWN TO DOUBLE HIS DOLLARS That aint hiphop. ONE

    • 4real

      Dude cut that out! Jay-Z or no man on this earth is above criticism or dissing no matter how much money he earns! Everybody defending him after he gets dissed is the reason why Jay-Z went from a lyrically sharp mc to being dull as a butter knife now! Don't nobody need 2 speak for Jay-Z except Jay-Z. Secondly, this is ain't beef! Biggie told ya'll what beef is. This is just a friendly competition between 2 rap heavy weights. Wayne and Jay will see each other - maybe dap up & perform with no problems.

  • 490717

    So wait..Jay Z is not too big to send out a subliminal diss on somebody...but he is too big to respond when they come back at him? He pulled a carmelo, threw a punch and ran thats what he did.

  • mindrelated

    *slick things he talks about*

  • mindrelated

    Again all you people talking age are hypocrites as Jay is not the only old rapper in the game. You do not have 11 #1 albums if you suck and can not make music, point blank period. The dude makes good music and the person who said they have not heard a good line from Jay in three years, your dreaming or to uneducated to catch some of the slick things he is talk. What would be the point in beefing with Lil Wayne? How does Jay benefit from battling anyone but Nas again? He doesn't! I tell you we hate people when they make it, Love them when they dirt broke. For example, these dudes been throwing up the Roc sign since they were still in the hood trying get things going and no one talked that the man is rich and powerful he is now apart of a secret society. It is a shame we have been so jaded and taught to think a person with brown skin who has made it either sold his soul, sells dope or is playing some type of sport. Insanity.

    • L-Boogie

      I feel what you saying about fans loving there rapper when there the underdog and dirt broke, but come on man Jay has been spittin sub par verses for a while now. He's just living off of his name now and has ran out of stuff to rap about. Jay-z hasn't dropped a classic album since The Black album, American Gangster was a good album but Jay just stopped trying after that.

  • bloody bastard

    your'e above Beef, but you started the beef? C'mon, Son! Tired of the subliminals....GTFOHWTB

  • Bwhizz

    Ether to Steve and JayZ.. We all know the real. That being said, If my son turnt out like lil wayne, im jumping off the roof neck first. HipHOP is DEAD! Time to change the name of this site..

  • Buzz

    I'm not a fan of lil wayne but I doubt if he said that to create a buzz, right now he's the top rap artist he going to sell regardless

  • FuckSteveStoute

    NOBODY is bigger than rap or the culture. Regardless of how much money they have. Fuck out here with that bullshit. See, we've got simple minded nigguz like Stoute in the game as executives. No wonder the the jews run the business and nigguz tap dance on stages.

    • 4real

      100% muthafucken cosign! Fuck Steve Stoute! It's a reason why him and Nas parted ways & now he's "best friends forever" with Jay. Smh @ sellout minded niggas.

    • Anonymous

      Jay Z is not larger than a culture. Someone needs to bring them back down to reality!

  • Foomän

    Man Jay-z aint a rapper

  • AboveNoOne

    How you gonna say no one is on his level when he hasn't made a decent album in 3 years?

  • Anonymous


  • CmonSon85

    Jay-Z above any rapper? Really? He is a rapper? So how in the hell can he be above a RAP beef not a fight just lyrics. Jay must really suck as rapper then if he can't get at Wayne, Wayne is iight he aint all that but really miss me wit dude being above the rap beef when he eats off rap because he is a RAPPER. Graffiti ARTISTS are ARTISTS, JAY Z IS A RAPPER PEOPLE nothing more. Get off his jock cuz Watch the Throne shown that Kanye is better anyway and Remember NAS-ETHER? okay then...Jay is a bum

    • feedback

      a bum...w/ a lot of money. he doesnt have to battle anyone cause he's set with the paper. he shouldve done a graceful bow out after black album. he single handedly killed NY hiphop (by not retiring and screwing def jam artists while he was boss there)

  • Isssue

    H.A.M. is a techno song. Fuck outta here. FUCK WATCH THE THRONE

  • Al-B

    Shut the fuck up Steve Stout. He's so big now that he should leave rap alone IMO now that he's help to over commercialize the shit and dilute it to the point where-in niggaz don't even have to try right now. Jay gets away with a lot of lackluster shit now because of who he is not because the shit is crazy hot. He shouldn't address Wayne because he is a better/more mature person not because he's got more business & money than Wayne, BUT he's already shown that he's not but so mature because he's the one that started this whole shit with that "Baby money" comment so......!

  • hater

    Jay-z is an artist not a rapper.why shoudl he beef with wayne , wayne is wack

  • weswes

    jay-z is what all your favorite rappers wanna be when they're 42.

    • Anonymous

      @feedback, dudes will do what they have the talent to sell. I don't believe all that bullshit rappers say sometimes, hiding behind some image of hip hop purity that most have already tried and failed to expand upon.

    • feedback

      maybe they want to be financially where he's at, but i think thats about it... the hottest line ive heard has not been 'wanna stay rapping 'till im 42'

  • Anonymous

    Battling has always been a party of hip hop. Go ahead and retire so you can watch your mutual funds and different brands of liqour Jay-Z. Let people that actually enjoy creating the music do it.

  • Jake

    Jay-Z my ass. Can't even reply back to Game. Smh...

  • suggamatic

    He wasn't above dissing when he was talking shit about weezy in the first place. Steve stout is a bitch and so is jay-z.

  • Dustin

    Lil Wayne will make more in the rap game than any other rapper ever has. Remember I said "rap game". Lets stick to the subject here, yeah Bill Gates is ballin but that dont make him the best rapper alive. Jay-Z might have more money but that doesnt automatically make him better than Weezy.

    • jason

      In no way does Gay-Z's catalogue shit on Weeezy's. Weezy has FIVE classics (Tha Carter, Tha Carter 2, Dedication 2, Da Drought 3, No Ceilings). Does Gay-Z have 5 classics? Nope, didn't think so.

    • Al-B

      At this point and in the future Jay's catalog shits on Weezey's so let's just dead that right now. Wayne will not have more money than Jay because Wayne has allowed Baby to rape him for much of his worth for the majority of his career AND Wayne has allowed himself to become more of a fad/character rather someone to be taken seriously on the business side because of his image. Jay been clean and reasonably well spoken and he let a lot of the bullshit that would hender his growth go. Seriously, Wayne ain't on Jay's level and I doubt that he'll have Jay's longevity.

    • Anonymous

      At this point and in the future Jay's catalog shits on Weezey's so let's just dead that right now. Wayne will not have more money than Jay because Wayne has allowed Baby to rape him for much of his worth for the majority of his career AND Wayne has allowed himself to become more of a fad/character rather someone to be taken seriously on the business side because of his image. Jay been clean and reasonably well spoken and he let a lot of the bullshit that would hender his growth go. Seriously, Wayne ain't on Jay's level and I doubt that he'll have Jay's longevity.

  • 7Cities

    well put Commissioner Stoute!...if Jay responds, it'll be fun to him...but we ALL know wayne NEEDED buzz to promote his album he and baby will kiss each other and celebrate if Hov says something

  • Anonymous

    u re making that shit jay untouchable. fuck his ladies money. tunechi is the best

  • Anonymous

    Steve Stoute can just shut up!!!! Bumpy Knucks exposed his bitch ass years ago!!! lmfao

  • Steve is a bitch

    Steve is sucking Jay hard body with that worthy shit. Jay-Z ain't more "worthy" than anybody. He just got cash. P.S. Fuck Lil Wayne.

  • RedontheMP

    Jay-Z is in that position for a reason. Everybody always wants to name a rapper that can out battle Jay... who cares. I mean, for the sake of the culture sure. But nobody gives a shit about "beef" & who can out rap who for fans argument. Get a fucking life. Peace.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    If he's such above sparring with other rappers, then why does he always spark stuff with subliminals and flat out call outs? The Wayne line was a RESPONSE to what Jigga said. Man the amount of dick riding, cock blowing, and simple stupidity based from group think and bandwagon faggotry is at an all time high. Didn't this nigga Stoute become infamous for rolling with Nas? Now Nas isn't "hot" as told by the industry brainwashed and he's all on Jigga's "movement" or whatever the f he states? I got a champagne bottle or two for this nigga's skull. It's like he forgot who he is, what he's become, and what he always will be. A bitch ass nigga. Retarded clown.

  • weswes

    the day that game and wayne and other rappers stop takin shots at hov, is the day jigga is no longer relevant. till then? lookout for his next album. "im home on these charts, these niggaz visiting"- jay-z.

  • hmmm

    Em and Jay are good friends... hence the home and home. Why he got brought up in this I don't know. He said himself that he is done with all that. Pay attention.

  • Anonymous


  • jake

    yea no one is on his level bank account wise, but lyrically in a BATTLE in 2011?!?! I can literally name 50-100 emcees that would tear the almost 42 year old a new A-hole. Elzhi, Crooked I (and anyone in SH @ their best...Em too if he comes like he did on THE WARNING), Tonedeff, Juice, Percee-P, Black Thought, Kool G Rap, One Be Lo, Louis Logic, Diabolic, Lowkey, Possessed from Rhyme Asylum, Sean Price @ his best, Nas, Pharoahe Monch, Jean Grae, Chino XL, Andre 3000, Common, Mos/Talib, Vakill, Copywrite, Apathy are a few that come to mind. Reasonable Doubt is classic from 96 and Jay has some gems after that as well after Black Album is his last B+ or better album b-c "He dumbed down his audience to double my dollars" Legend, but let's not act like he's some untouchable genius stevie stoute. Big Pun, Big L (7 min freestyle), Nas, Em (97-02/03), Black Thought, Kool G Rap, Elzhi, Andre 3000 (96-2000), Pac/Big @ their best (although jay is technically better with double entredres, multis when @ his best), Masta Ace, Phaorahe Monch, Kweli are all better than Jay to me even though Jay (for his best work alone) is in my top 15-25 somewhere.

    • 7Cities

      @ Jake, lyrically MANY people can hang with/defeat Jay-Z...i AGREE with most of your list... -but the INDUSTRY is based off of making complete SONGS...and NONE of them can consistently make better music than Hova -my personal 5=Royce, Styles, Rakim, MosDef & Jay Electronica....NONE of them can consistently make better SONGS then Jay

    • Anonymous

      @jake: I dont think everyone on your list could handle Jay lyrically but I see your point. I have said time and time again just because Jay is the most successful doesnt mean he is the best lyrically. I also find it funny that anytime a rapper or just a fan point out some negative truths about Jay people get upset like Jay is above being dissed. Yes Jay is getting his paper big time but his shit stinks just like everybody else. Great comment Jake!!!

    • Anonymous

      You sound like an idiot. No one who puts out subpar music would last as long as Hov has. And obviously you don't listen to his lyrics, cause he hasn't "dumbed down" anything.

    • Anonymous

      @Jake get a life and you for got Vanilla Ice and Mc Hammer, you are so stupid, nigga Please, keep hating that what hater do.


    what beef? the media making something out of nothing

  • President Carter

    exactly, if he is bigger then beef, then why the fuck he startin shit. he said jay dont reply to beef, then why he replyin to whatever birdman be sayin. stupid ass dude.! this shit stupid buh i hope jay replies cuz if he gon start shit then not finish then he aint no fuckin movement he a punk

  • Kendall Walters

    oh wait it was to help market the album, forgot this is WWF. Everyone hates on 50 cent for doing it, but everyone does it now.

  • Kendall Walters

    Then why did Jay-Z throw jabs at Baby for no reason?

    • CL

      For no reason? Wasnt Baby talking smack about how he and Lil Wayne make more money than Jay-Z? Jay-Z responded and Baby took it personal because it was the truth, then sends lil wayne to throw the shots. DIG A HOLE!

    • Anonymous

      where is the jag at baby from cash money at stupid, if every rap say a word with baby in it lil wayne going to get mad, its stupid baby is a word that is so offend you in general, baby this baby that, sweet baby little baby, crazy baby, baby baby, little lil wayne scien to be a cry lil baby lol

  • AAAA

    If Eminem did a cold diss record to Jay...Jay would HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVE to respond....but thats the only person.

    • Em v Jay

      Really did you just say that?! Not being funny but do you know Em's background he came up on battle raps he was destroy and I mean DESTROY Jay in a battle round for round and again like I said im a fan of both

    • Anonymous

      Were not talking about features here...were talking about hip hop battles. Eminem has never battled an mc with real skill and won.

    • EM v Jay

      Em doesn't diss skilled mc because he knows better?!! hahaha why does he need to when just for a small example, he gets featured on a track and kill off the other mc?! say like renegades?! Em left jay for dust and don't get me wrong i'm a fan off both but theres a difference jay is business now and Em is back to basics concentrating on flows and lyrical content


      EM goes at boy bands and pop stars

    • Anonymous

      Eminem doesn't diss skilled mcs anyways. He knows better.

    • Anonymous

      But unlike lil wayne, Eminem is a grown man, and it is unlikely he would do something like diss a fellow legendary hip-hop figure for now reason.

  • Blow

    Even though I know Hov won't respond, I just wish he would crush Wayne and end his career.

    • 7Cities

      @ Boweser: Lil Wayne would destroy who? Himself! LOL REMINDER: lil wayne avoided-Gillie Da Kid (who wrote and TAUGHT lil wayne his new style)...Clipse (Clipse called out baby & wayne kissing after wayne dissed Pharrell & Clipse), 50 Cent (lil wayne said he didn't want any problems) wayne only wanted to get buzz for his album

    • Boweser

      See, thats the problem. Jay Z can't respond, because he's not on Lil Wayne's level. Lil Wayne would destroy him. Jay Z was destroyed by Nas. He should stay out of rap fueds forever, it is pathetic. And Kanye carried him on Watch the Throne. Jay Z should stick to producing and being a business man. He's no where near one of the best rappers alive.

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