Red Hot Chili Peppers Toss Kreayshawn-Directed Video

RHCP nixes the Bay Area artist's video treatment.

Though off-kilter California artist Kreayshwn may be blowing up as a result of her song "Gucci Gucci," but she won't be adding work with the Red Hot Chili Peppers to her resume.

A Berkeley Digital Film Institute Dropout, Kreayshawn looked forward to directing the video for the funk rock band's new single, "The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie."

“We had one sort of failed attempt at making a video for this song, which was indoors and just kind of dark and dank and not really fun or anything, so we thought, ‘Let’s go with the opposite of that,' and the opposite of that was a rooftop," said lead singer Anthony Kiedis, speaking with MTV News.

Watch the interview below:

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  • anonymous

    kreayshawn reminds me of the dumb bitch off the movie black and white.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, Kreayshawn is a very good video editor/director. You have to remember those videos on her youtube page are of local bay area artists, who are independant and don't have the money to spend of an extravagant video. Her's were basically done on a shoe string budget. Also, the video RHCP decided to go with really isn't that impressive visually. It's just footage shot on the rooftop of a building while they perform the song. It would've been nice to at least see Kreayshawn's version for comparison.

  • MandOe Escobedo

    i saw them film that at venice beach by the medical kush beach club on the board walk

  • KapDiva

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    • Anonymous

      Yeah they decided to fire her because she's a stupid bitch that uses the n word.

    • KapDiva

      People need to stop making everything about race, because it's not. The Chili Peppers just decided that she wasn't what they wanted to use. Leave at that and please stop using the race card, because it doesn't apply. Thank you

  • KapDiva

    Her being associated with saying the "N word", didn't have nothing to with it. White executives and fans don't care about stars saying the "N word". Do you honestly think that was what really happened. This is a country were, if there is any famous white person using that word, they would get more money for doing it. Eminem called black people "moon people" and the "N word". Guess what happened when that info came out? He got even more popular. So, please stop with the fantasies that calling black people the "N word", that it will end your career. It's not cool to use that word, but if you are white, nobody is going to bash you for it.

    • WTF

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    • Whaaaat

      It's obvious you are some white girl fan of this loser cuz no one who knows anything bout hip hop or the hood would talk shit like that. EM said that shit when he was a kid and he was already the most popular rapper in the world when shit came to light. Kreayshawn and her "crew" are trying to create controversy by using the word so ppl will listen to their shitty music. Problem is, their music is so shitty, no one will listen to it for longer than a few minutes. Except for idiots like you who wish they were black.

    • Manotti

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  • anon

    hipster ass hoebag can't rap.

  • Ddot

    I hope this bitch chokes on a fuckin chicken bone....talentless hoe...

  • Anonymous

    they probably saw that video of her 'freestyling' and caught so much second hand embarrassment they decided to never associate themselves with her again

  • Mark

    Best news i've read all week!

  • Anonymous

    she really overstepped with that one. But you cant blame her for challenging herself. What would be amazing is if she blew up and then theres always that story of them ditching that video.

  • its...

    weird that they even enlisted her to direct their video.

  • Anonymous

    I think you are all right but also add on top of it that she is very limited as a director. Check her music videos on Youtube they are average. Not professional.

  • Anonymous

    Calling this girl an artist is pushing it. Gucci Gucci and Bumpin are not art. She's lucky the beat is even listenable which is why Wayne even jumped on it. But her? She's awful, and V-nasty is a joke

    • Manotti

      I agree Wayne only jumped on that beat because lets be honest it's an hot beat, not to Wayne made it even hotter....I thought the beat was orginaly Waynes shit to be honest because I never heard of this female before

  • SutterKane

    RHCP been at this shit nearly 30 years, you know what really happened They stepped back, looked at Kreayshawn as an artist and said to themselves: "Do we really wanna attach are brand to a fad that people will be laughing at like vanilla ice in 2 years"??? ......And then they deaded the video

    • Legacy

      And that's the problem! Their PR peeps must have been like "Look, this chick is directing videos and is making waves, let's get in on that." I agree with the both of you, they must have realized at the last minute like "Do we want to be those guys? We have a solid fan base, and now we need to associate with what's hot to re-introduce ourselves?" And just bc MTV were all over her ovaries...Smh...She has been getting a bit big headed, especially with that sorry excuse of a sis of hers...

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I'm thinkin the same. They seen the n-word buzz that v-nasty is causing her and said 'fuck that'. you know they didn't wanna get rapped up in that. plus people still think she's the one thats actually saying it. i seen so many people on flea's twitter saying 'dont associate with her! she's using the n word' get your girl in line kreay, she's white traaaash

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