Donald Trump Brands Mac Miller "The Next Eminem"

The mogul expresses his support for Mac after his song named after him logged 20 million views.

Donald Trump has given Mac Miller his co-sign, branding the up-and-coming rapper “the next Eminem.” After the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania emcee’s song “Donald Trump” passed the 20 million views mark on YouTube, the “Celebrity Apprentice” host posted his own video congratulating the Rostrum Records signee.

“A lot of people are calling me about the Mac Miller rap song. Now, it’s named ‘Donald Trump.’ Maybe you should pay me a lot of money, but it just did over 20 million people, tuning into Mac Miller. So in one way, I’m proud of him. I haven’t actually seen the language, it’s a little hard to understand on the song itself. Probably, it’s not the cleanest language you’ve ever heard, but this kid is the new Eminem. Everybody says he’s fantastic. Let’s see what it is. But the ‘Donald Trump’ song just hit over 20 million, that’s not so bad. I’m very proud of him.”

Watch Trump give his co-sign below.

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  • skill

    You are all retarded. You hear Trump comparing their music/style. I hear Trump comparing their popularity, that's all. Go find something else to whine about. Retards.

  • chris

  • sirenite86

    bur in a ditch for that type of bullshit.. hes way different then eminem.. lyrics,flow, an his out on music? do not make eminem look like a fool with this bullshit pleas.. i like him an all dont get me wrong.. by he waaaaaaaay far from eminem an what he will ever be..

    • Erikaa

      Just cause they both white does not mean shit fuck that Mac miller and emienem are different they rap about different things I lovee both but Mac miller is better and hotter i lovee you Mac miller

  • George Hotz

    Mac Miller the NEXT eminem???!!Fucking kiddin Me!! Bitch ass Old man don know shit bout hip hop. These fuckin white racist rich old mooks don't know shit about hip hop comparing some generic ass rapper with McDonald arches for eyebrows with a Legend just cause they both white. And fuck HipHopDX for posting these dumbass articles.


    whitepower you stupid monkeys!!!!!!!!!

    • Fuck KKK

      Get yo bitchass outta here ku klux clan motherfucker!!! Go on down to you broke down trailer park and fuck yo sister u imbreded fucks

  • Sam St Clair

    This guy is a Fuckin' idiot! Lmao at his statement. Fuckin racist!

  • Acesun

    Really? This is HipHop news? FUCK DONALD TRUMP! He will cosign anything that isn't African-American rooted. Tell him to suck my balls through my draws.

  • JFranks

    Fuck you Donald Trump.

  • Morgan

    Hahahah what's this old mAn gonna say next? Wiz khalifa the next tupac?? Hahaha dumbass white people don't know shit bout hip hop!!

    • Morgan

      Fuk you bitchass cracker!! I ain't say shit bout Em in my comment other than that redneck sumbitxh Donald trump comparing him to some wackass cracker that bitin wiz style just cuz they both white. It's like callin Lil B the next 2pac just because they both niggas.

    • Sam St Clair

      "Dumb ass white people"... Wrong.. Umm. Who was just crowned KING OF HIP HOP.. Not Lil Wayne, Not Drake, Not Big Sean, J. Cole. Not any rapper you can think of other than Eminem, who just so happens to be white... So what does that say about your logical statement?? I think the correct term is "ignorant racists" like Donald Trump, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Rielly, and dumbass George W. Bush. Now IDK about you but I grew up on the Eastside of Las Vegas where there is no white people. Im white, and know a lot about HIP HOP. I just feel sorry for your ignorance.. smh

  • mike

    loool, im not even gunna take this seriously cuz trumps an idiot. mac miller isnt shit compared to eminem there only comparing them cuz hes white... secondly the style is 100% different, macs all about smoking weed and shit, his style is narrow as fuck eminem is on another level always will

  • BlackJay

    Kids nowhere close to Eminem. Stop comparing every white rapper to eminem for christ sake

  • r

    Mac Miller aint nothin like Em. This just some outside guy who dont no the 1st thing bout hiphop comparing cos why.. oh cos hes white. Mac miller sucks anyway

  • Myke Hawk

    I'm pretty sure Mac would also say "He's just comparing me to Eminem cause i'm white."

  • King of Kingz

    P.S - You want the new future of HipHop - J.Cole - Last Stretch Freestyle - put ur support behind my man!

  • King of Kingz

    Shout out to "Truth Talks" down below - dude understands, I just hope you black nigga, coz otherwise i might change my mind.....

  • King of Kingz

    This is whats fucking wrong with the INDUSTRY!!!!! DX you gotta be fucking kiddin' me, news or no news, what tha fuck does Donald Trump know about HipHop. And for those who comment saying...he aint the industry but he is a MOney Man....r u kidding me???serious???? First off why are we taking this guys opinion, everything he represents is the complete fucking opposite of HipHop. Its not like i got mad hate for Trump, dude is an insipiration in the corporate and business world. But I got hate that more n more ppl are coming into the music industry with an opinion - and these ppl know NOTHING ABOUT the industry - this is the reason why sales are low, why standards are going down, why MTV is not MUSIC TELEVISION anymore, but a shady reality tv station, shit ahs got NOTHING to do with Music no more. Since when does Trump no anything about music industry let alone Hiphop....u ppl are DUMB for evening putting this shit on a hiphop site. REason being... - IF Trump new NAYTHING about hiphop, he'd know that Em CANNOT and WILL not ever be touched on the mic. Eminem isnt even my favorite rapper of ALL TIme, but i'd put a dolla or two to say that he IS one of the BEST OF all TIME. Lyrically nobody alive touches Eminem - DX you should know this shit. Mac Miller is the NExt Eminem he says???Im not saying this kid doesnt ahve bars, but he sounds more black then white....YE I SAID IT!!! Kid sounds more blakc than his own colour, like he trying to put on an accent or something. You know why Eminem IS and SHOULD be considered one of the best of all time....coz he sounds what he is. Em is white...he knows he is...and he has never tried to be black - and in sticking to who he is, he has comepletely solidified and AMBASSADORS CHAIR in HipHop royalty, for being one of the BEST. His authenticity has proved that Hiphop no longer is a "Black Genre", and this mindset only happened since Em came on the scene. PLZ PLZ PLZ, dont ever put any other rappers name on the same sentence as Eminem, and please dont be posting stories of ppl saying - "he is the next eminem" jsut coz a dude wud be white. They said the same thing about asher roth....HAHAHAHAHA GTFO. Eminem IS hipHop, which is more than i can say for alot of black rappers. And dont be posting no more shit about Trump talking about music. Unless he starts his own label, or unless u need him for financial advice...DONT!

  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    Why cant he be the next Snoop Dogg, Donald?

  • Phil Paddock

    he obviously is very ignorant. mac and em aren't really similar lol.

  • Josue Silva

    congrats for the success, but as a rapper..i'm talkin lyrically, metaphorically with the rhyme schemes and whatever he ain't shit like eminem, r.a. the rugged man, apathy, brother ali, slug, evidence, ill bill and others

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Donald,Mac miller and shady white ppl looking out for whites



  • Evan Nielson

    Didn't you guys know? Donald's rap roots go deep... Go to 1:19 lol.

  • Anonymous

    he might not be in the music industry...but hes in the money industry and thats a pretty big co sign

  • smh

    now people will hate that kid

  • Keezie

    HA! I'm the next Jay-Z. I got BARS son! FOHWTBS!!!!!

  • Vanno Davis

    i am sorrynot to the fact that i dont think that mac miller is anywhere close to eminem but i'm just saying can never be anothoer eminem

  • Da1

    Fuck Donald Trump there will never be another Eminem.

  • Jason Nash

    Asher Roth, Yelawolf >>>>>>Mac Miller. i heard 3 mac miller mix tapes.....all cool and stuff but mostly all his tracks r around the same thing......chilling,smoking weed,eating frozen pizzas...... Asher Roth's knowledge and vocabulary puts him on another level. no white rapper will ever achieve wut em has.....face the facts.

    • Anonymous

      don't give me that crap. just having fun smfh. doesn't matter if hes 19, there are other way better people better than him @ his age.

    • yeah

      macs also only 19.. asher roth just turned 26, and yelawolf is 32... macs just havin fun, he hasnt gone to college/university like roth did... hence the difference..

  • Zing

    Yawwwwn...It's like people think that Eminem was the first caucasian to touch the mic. I mean, he's probably the best, but I still think RA and Cage are up there...Record sales not counting. So whenever an upcoming white rapper is noticed, all they can say is "the next Eminem." Please, and besides, how can someone be the next one when the one is still killing shit?

  • Anonymous


  • LOL

    I'm richer than Donald Trump.

  • Anonymous

    When I want to hear someone who has been bankrupt talk about hip-hop, I'll go to the gas station MC Hammer works at

    • Money First

      I guess you don't pay attention to what's going on in the world! Why you speak of MC Hammer dude has several interests in Silicon Valley as well as a technology company of his own that is doing VERY well! People are funny tho' especially the uninformed!!

  • Anonymous

    haha yeah right, wtf does trump know about rap. next eminem my ass, miller is a shit rapper

  • SuperGucciRap

    LOL Mac Miller sucks. Want real talented white emcees? Listen to Vinnie Paz, ICP, Necro, MattyBRaps, Christian Beadles, Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber aka Shawty Mane not faggots like Eminem, Mac Miller, Sam Adams, Asher Roth, Beastie Boys, Drake (he's half jew), Atmosphere, Paul Wall, Pitbull or Yelawolf. It's Gucci Time!

  • Nope

    There will NEVER be another of the GOAT can't be easily duplicated, come on son

  • Anonymous

    This dude got a bust of JFK in his office and he rides for the Tea Party. SMH. Fuck outta' here you fake.

    • Anonymous

      Shut the fuck up apologizing for this tea Party bitch. Republicans have gotten REAL stupid co-signing this clown.

    • Anonymous

      he isnt runny on tea party platform dipshit he is running as a true republican. and maybe he finds jfk inspirational? all because someone is from the right doesn't mean they can't admire someone from the left

  • Truth Talk

    This is the problem with white CORPORATE America, always needing to categorize EVERYTHING by race. Hip-hop was doing just fine with no airplay or crossover hits (80's-90's). But here comes Mc Hammer doing Taco Bell commercials, Vannila Ice claiming he street, Marky Mark sagging for Gap ads, etc. Gotta' sell it to the masses instead of the masses coming to hip-hop. Then it gets big and here comes the blame for EVERYTHING that's wrong in life. Everything that's going on today in America and the world was ALREADY predicted by KRS One and Public Enemy, EVERYTHING! But it was just deemed jungle music and niggas wining about conspiracies. Meanwhile cats like WIll Smith, Russell Simmons, and Diddy became legit movie, music and fashion moguls. Must be illuminate right? Jay Z, 50 Cent, flipped their rap money into major business deals such as V-Water, Sports ownership, fashion, etc. But that requires brains, must be illuminate right? Queen Latifah, LL Cool J, Ice T all have been on long running TV shows and run other side ventures that never get mentioned. Young Money, Maybach Music two new SELF OWNED labels are doing exactly what has been preached to blacks for decades, taking care of BUSINESS! But look at the tatoos- so what! Look at Tommy fucking Lee's tattoos! People think blacks hate on Eminem, what????? Fuck outta' here Black hip-hop fans crowned that nigga dope A LOOONGG time ago and BET awarded him best rap artist one year. Miss me with the reverse racism bullshit. Donald Trump wants to tell us who's hot in hip-hop, really dawg? AND finally young black people, yawl are on some real bullshit with this illuminate shit. You young niggas are an embarrassment period. Dropping out of school, flash mobbing, STILL killing eachother, and are allergic to books. Don't believe me, visit Worldstarrdotcom AKA coon central. Yawl niggas aren't BLACK you're niggers. An album like WTT makes you uncomfortable because reaching that status requires HARD ASS WORK and a brain. The original hip-hop movement included blacks and whites and we were about REAL shit! Civil rights, economics, politics in general. But we did it gracefully and honestly. Now...SMH. All I see is bitch made cornballs talking shit behind a keyboard. Em the GOAT! Jay the GOAT! PAC is the realist! WHAT THE FUCK EVER! 90% of you can't even decipher what HOV is even saying let alone Rakim. And when did Bloods and Crips pop up in NY?? I know they got dope boys but bangers, fuck outta' here. Rappers got skills these days, they flip words like a motherfucker but a lot of these cats got NO substance.

    • Anonymous

      just like your comment. you flip a lot of words and say a lot of shit but no substance. if you don't know what illuminati is do your fucking homework instead of talking ignorant shit. Youre talking about real hip hop being about "Civil rights, economics, politics in general" and at the same time you praise WTT as an album

    • Anonymous

      Some good points but its illuminati not illuminate.

    • Edon Kastrati

      Thank you for the comment! AMEN!

    • alex

      perfect.. this comment needs to be seen by everyone who listens to rap music.

  • Hip Hop Head

    WOW! Holy shit, this is fuckin' retarded. Mac Miller next Eminem? Thats like sayin' Soulja Boy is the next Tupac.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Donald fag Trump. Fuck you even commenting on Hip-hop for old man.

  • thatruth

    This is just plain wack. Yea, i like eminem, yea, i like mac miller. neither one is like the other. SMH When did Donald Trump gain credibility in the hip hop industry? GTFO dumass hairpiece wearin ugly like his momma need to brush his teeth, wrinkly ass old man.

  • William Rake

    they should kill themselves for posting such bullshit. Mac Miller compared to Eminem is dog shit

  • Dwayne Campbell

    i hate how good white rapper get instant fame...but a good black rapper has dumb it down like a motherfucka to get radio play...smh. fuck donald trump

  • war22

    the NEXT EMINEM is HOPSIN... bottom line

  • Shad Miller

    Congrats Mac Miller...I remember when we graduated high school back in 1992 and you said you were gonna be a star one day. Hard work, patience and perseverence has paid off man. Good work bro!

    • hudes

      who gives a fuck how old he is. he sucks. should go to

    • Shad Miller

      Wow, I guess Myspace is now a registered database of legit birthdate information. It's commonplace in the music/movie industry to lie about an entertainers age. I went to high school with the guy. He was definitely not born in 92 lol. You kids need to learn about how the industry actually works.

    • Anonymous

      no hes really a 39 year old man pretending to be a hip white rapper to steal your money and your soul

    • clown

      bahaha suckkkaaa

    • Big R

      WTF r u talkin bout shad? The dude was born January 19, 1992.... Says so on his myspace and facebook. So one of you is full of shit, I'm gonna "guess" it's you and not him. He graduated in 92? That would make him almost 40 yrs old which he is not, dumbass.

    • Shad Miller

      Are you retarded? He graduated high school in 1992...How the fuck can he be born the same year he graduated?

    • AAA

      He was born in 92', are you retarded shad?

    • Shad Miller

      Yeah You must not understand how imaging/marketing in the music industry works huh?

    • hudes

      this mother fucker was born in '92 what the fuck you talking about?

  • Anonymous

    Oh man... Please. He's feeding off Mac Miller's hype? How pathetic and desperate. On both sides. These are two men who are aching for status in a meritocratic world where neither of them has any merit to their name besides materialism. Mac Miller's trying to keep this casual laid back delivery that Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa are trying to master, Devin the Dude is the epitome of it though, while keeping a modest front. You shouldn't buy into it and nobody else should. This Hip Hop game is as politically dense as the business world and if you could read through the front of a rapper's gimmick you could read through the front of a cliche businessman's gimmick.

  • Anonymous

    Why is it when everytime a another white rapper puts out a new song he automatically gets compared to Eminem ? Everybody knows that Eminem is exceptionally good & that there probably never will be any rapper spittin rhymes on his level and just that has made the life imposible for every white rapper to put out a song , No mac miller is not the next Eminem , so what , he's a decent rapper and I personally like the song , stop comparing and just listen to the music

  • vmuser9124

    Mac Miller who ??!!! zionist ass fag

  • Andrew J. Brisport

    i hate donald thrump

  • D Tom

    Okay.... so Donald Trump knows nothing about music. Mac is weak, he is on that Wiz Khalifa shit. No verses and just hooks. Go listen to "Syllables" by Eminem Mac and learn something.

  • Anonymous

    Being called "The Next..." anybody is the hip hop kiss of death

  • Anonymous




  • Anonymous

    steven, how much is his label paying you to post multiple articles about this kid every day

  • Because...

    Because Donald Trump obviously knows rap music right? I'dda never guessed one rich white guy (knowing probably next to nothing about hip hop) would compare a white kid (who he probably wouldn't even know existed had he not named his song after him) to one of the more famous rappers in the World (who also just so happens to be white)...big surprise here. why is this even news?

  • Anonymous

    old ass rich whitey dont know shit about hip hop, hes only saying that cause this little faggot named a song after him

  • daddyfatsax

    I bet that fucker hasnt even listen to the song

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